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大卫·科赫(David Koch)和他的兄弟查尔斯·科赫(Charles Koch)是世界上最富有的两个人。几十年来,他们一直把美国的政治体系视为自己的私人游乐场,也因为他们利用自己的巨额财富,建立了一个庞大的智囊团、基金会和政治团体,来传播他们小政府、自由市场的信息,从而创建了一个能与全国共和党的开支和规模相匹敌的网络。

A tersely worded highly classified"Of Special Importance"new Foreign Intelligence Service(SVR)report circulating in the Kremlin today appearing to confirm their 11 August warning that the fallout emanating from the murder of child sex slaver Jeffrey Epstein"will be able to be calculated by the death toll of former Obama-Clinton Regime officials,actual assassins and patsies",states that within 24-hours of Paris chief prosecutor Rémy Heitz opening a child rape inquiry linked to the Epstein case,he filed a formal notice with the International Criminal Police Organization(INTERPOL)to conduct"an immediate urgent investigation"into why the French chemical-fabric giant INVISTA made a$100 million transfer of funds from its joint-venture plant in Chalampé-France to three New York City banks on 12 August,just 48-hoursafter Epstein was confirmed dead—an exact amount of money,on 30 July,the SVR confirmed was being offered in the international murder for hire"hit contract"on Epstein's life to keep him from talking—whose apparent"hit contract"payment made by INVISTA now links Epstein's murder to the American-based global conglomerate Koch Industries that owns this French chemical-fabric giant—thus giving explanation as to why,over the past fortnight,a private Koch Industries jet carrying some of its top executives from its Georgia-Pacific division in California nearly lost their lives when this aircraft caught fire and exploded and why a number of Koch Industries food processing facilities in Mississippi employing illegal migrant slave laborers were raided—raids that Trump-loyal federal officials said were well deserved as Koch Industries"had a history of knowingly hiring and employing illegal aliens"—sees this multi-billion-dollar global company shockingly admitting"Koch does not have a separate,comprehensive verification process for evaluating and addressing the risks of human trafficking and slavery"—and who,beyond belief,actually forced the taxpayers of Mississippi to pay them millions-of-dollars to build and support the plants they used their slave labor in—all of which culminated in,a few hours ago,its being reported that Koch Industries multi-billionaire co-owner David Koch had suddenly died—a not unexpected death as David Koch was prominently listed in his fellow human slaver Jeffrey Epstein's"Black Book"of suspected child sex predators.[Note:Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

克里姆林宫今天流传着一份措辞简洁、高度机密的外国情报局(SVR)新报告,似乎证实了他们811日发出的警告,即杀害儿童性奴隶贩子杰弗里·爱泼斯坦(Jeffrey Epstein)的后果"可以通过计算前奥巴马-克林顿(Obama-Clinton)政权官员、真正的刺客和替罪羊的死亡人数"得出。报告称,在巴黎首席检察官 r my Heitz 启动与爱泼斯坦案有关的儿童强奸调查的24小时内,他向国际刑事警察组织(INTERPOL)递交了一份正式通知,要求对法国化纤巨头英威达(INVISTA)为何在812日将1亿美元的资金从其在 Chalampé-France 的合资工厂转移到3家纽约市银行进行"立即紧急调查"俄罗斯外交部证实,在这起国际谋杀案中,俄罗斯向爱普斯坦提供了一份"重磅合同",以阻止爱普斯坦开口。在过去两周里,INVISTA 支付给爱普斯坦的明显"重磅合同"报酬,将爱普斯坦的谋杀案与拥有这家法国化工织物巨头的美国跨国企业集团科赫工业(Koch Industries)联系起来,从而解释了其中的原因,科赫工业公司(Koch Industries)的一架私人飞机搭载着该公司位于加利福尼亚州乔治亚-太平洋分部的一些高管,当飞机起火并发生爆炸时,他们几乎丧失了生命,以及为什么科赫工业公司在密西西比州雇佣非法移民奴隶劳工的一些食品加工设施遭到突击搜查ーー忠于特朗普的联邦官员表示,这些突击搜查是科赫工业公司当之无愧的,因为科赫工业公司"有故意雇佣和雇佣非法外国人的历史"ーー看到这家价值数十亿美,令人难以置信的是,他们竟然迫使密西西比州的纳税人向他们支付数百万美元,用来建造和支持他们使用奴隶劳动力建造的核电站。几个小时前,科赫工业集团(Koch Industries)数十亿美元共同所有人大卫·科赫(David Koch)突然去世,这并不意外,因为大卫·科赫(David Koch)在他的同伴、人类奴隶贩子杰弗里·爱泼斯坦(Jeffrey Epstein)的《黑皮书》(Black Book)中被明确列为儿童性侵犯嫌疑人。:本报告引号中的一些单词和/或短语是英语中俄语单词/短语的近似形式,没有准确的对应词


According to the portions of this highly classified report we're permitted to reveal,David Koch and his brother Charles Koch are two of the richest people in the world who,for decades,have viewed and used the American political system as their own personal playground—and because of,has seen them vilified by Democrats for their role in politics that they used their vast wealth to build a sprawling array of think tanks,foundations and political groups to spread their small-government,free-market message to create a network that rivaled the spending and scope of the national Republican Party.

根据我们获准披露的这份高度机密的报告的部分内容,大卫·科赫(David Koch)和他的兄弟查尔斯·科赫(Charles Koch)是世界上最富有的两个人。几十年来,他们一直把美国的政治体系视为自己的私人游乐场,也因为他们利用自己的巨额财富,建立了一个庞大的智囊团、基金会和政治团体,来传播他们小政府、自由市场的信息,从而创建了一个能与全国共和党的开支和规模相匹敌的网络。

David Koch personally,this report details,was a"playboy billionaire"who built this political army with his brother to defend their fossil fuel empire that earned him the title of being the"Ultimate Climate Change Denier"—and in whose death has left a"terrifying legacy"because of the"toxic empire"he built without any regard to its human consequences—thus making it no surprise when former Democrat Party US Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid denounced both of them as"power-drunk billionaires"out"to buy the country"—and why today the leftist elites in Hollywood are celebrating the death of David Koch—and are hoping that his brother Charles dies soon,too.

这份报告详细描述了大卫科赫(David Koch)个人,他是一位"花花公子亿万富翁",为了捍卫自己的化石燃料帝国,他和兄弟一起建立了这支政治军队,为他赢得了"终极气候变化否认者"(Ultimate Climate Change Denier)的称号。他的死留下了"可怕的遗产",因为他建立了一个"有毒帝国",丝毫没有考虑其对人类造成的后果。因此,前民主党参议院多数党领袖哈里里德(Harry Reid)谴责他们两人是"醉酒于权力的亿万富翁",并称他们是"为了买下这个国家",这也就不足为奇了。


In 2016,this report continues,David Koch and his brother Charles Koch came up against the most formidable foe they'd ever encountered—New York City multi-billionaire global real estate tycoon Donald Trump—who quickly obliterated all of the Koch brothers'most favored candidates to become to the next US President—and upon taking power,quickly moved against the Kochs by attacking their illegal migrant slave labor scheme to fill their factories with cheap labor—as well as his moving against the trade polices that were making the Koch brothers billions at the expense of the American people who kept getting poorer—and is why both of them hated and detested Trump.



With the Koch brothers having failed to prevent Trump from winning and taking power,this report details,their fatal mistake was in believing they could use their bought and paid for Republican Party to control him—a failed notion that,instead,saw President Trump taking the Republican Party away from them and making it his own—which,in turn,then saw the Koch brothers joining forces with the world's most feared and despised leftist-socialist George Soros—an alliance made in Hell itself,and is best described as:

由于科赫兄弟未能阻止特朗普获胜并夺取政权,这份报告详细描述了他们的致命错误,即相信他们可以用买来的钱和花在共和党身上的钱来控制特朗普——这是一个失败的想法,相反,他们看到特朗普总统把共和党从他们手中夺走,把它变成了自己的东西——然后又看到科赫兄弟与世界上最令人敬畏和鄙视的左翼社会主义者乔治·索罗斯(George soros)联合起来——一个在地狱里建立起来的联盟,最好的描述是:

Over the years,the Koch brothers have been known to be the GOP mega-donors that provided financial support,to Republican Party leadership in Washington D.C.However,that support has since vanished when Donald Trump ran for President of the United States.


That is because,just as the Democrats'corporate and Hollywood mega-donors,the Koch Brothers support the same cause,and the same elitists,but do so while claiming a false-narrative of conservatism.


Left-wing corporate and Hollywood donors support the Democrat Elitists because they fight for the Progressive-Socialist,One-World ideology.


The Koch Brothers support the Establishment Republican Rinos because they fight for Fabian-Economic Socialism and One-World ideology.


Therefore,left-wing corporate donors,Hollywood elitists,and the Koch brothers all fight for different groups,but they fight for the same goals.


They fight for the same outcome.They fight for a socialist economy with a One-World communist government at the helm.One that creates two classes of people…The Elitists like themselves,and everybody else.


Therefore,President Trump stands for everything that the Koch Brothers are against.



As SVR intelligence operatives for years have documented the travels of"playboy billionaire"David Koch in New York City,this report notes,their note loggings showed him shuttling numerous times between his mansion at 110 East 76th Street and a Manhattan apartment building located at 301 East 66th Street just a few blocks away—a location put under high surveillance by the SVR due to former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak being a frequent visitor there—and is also where underage models,lawyers,and key players in Jeffrey Epstein's child sex-trafficking circle all live.

多年来,SVR 的情报人员一直在记录"花花公子亿万富翁"大卫·科赫(David Koch)在纽约市的旅行,这份报告指出,他们的笔记记录显示,科赫曾多次往返于他位于东76110号的豪宅和位于东66301号的曼哈顿公寓楼之间,两者之间只隔了几个街区——由于以色列前总理埃胡德·巴拉克(Ehud Barak)经常到访,这个地方一直处于 SVR 的高度监视之下——同时,未成年模特、律师和杰弗里·埃普斯坦(Jeffrey Epstein)的儿童性交易。

With it not being doubted that President Trump's intelligence operatives knew the same things as their SVR counterparts did about David Koch,this report points out,it didn't come as a shock to SVR intelligence analysts when,on 7 July,Trump ignited his"Sex Crime Firebomb"to incinerate all of the"Deep State"forces trying to bring him down by his having child sex slaver Jeffrey Epstein charged and arrested for his vile crimes—an action aided by the barely known William"Bill"Koch—the younger brother of the David and Charles Koch who had to watch helplessly as his two older siblings stole his inheritance—and whose revenge for has seen him doing everything in his considerable power to protect Trump and get him re-elected in 2020.

毫无疑问,特朗普总统的情报人员和他们的 SVR 同僚对大卫·科赫的了解是一样的,这份报告指出,77日,SVR 情报分析人员对此并不感到震惊,特朗普点燃了他的"性犯罪火焰弹"(Sex Crime Firebomb),烧毁了所有试图通过他的儿童性奴隶贩子杰弗里·爱泼斯坦(Jeffrey Epstein)起诉并逮捕他的"深州"势力——这一行动得到了鲜为人知的威廉·"比尔科赫(William"Bill"Koch)的支持。科赫是大卫和查尔斯·科赫(David and Charles Koch)兄弟的弟弟,他不得不眼睁睁地看着自己的两个哥哥偷走了他的遗产。而他们的复仇让他竭尽全力保护特朗普,让他在2020年再次当选。


David and Charles Koch ordered their leftist media minions to begin attacking their younger brother William"Bill"Koch because he told President Trump all of their family's dark secrets


Most critical to note about the death of David Koch,this report concludes,is that within an hour of it being announced,President Trump unleashed his full fury on Communist China and ordered all American companies to begin making plans on leaving there—a trade war that enraged the Koch brothers and saw them breaking all contact with Trump—but whom Trump is no longer in fear of as a US Federal Grand Jury continues forcing witnesses to Epstein's death to talk—a death the lawyer for many of Epstein's girl child sex slaves is openly calling a murder that he has evidence to prove—but whose full facts about are being kept from the American people because the reporters trying to tell the truth about satanic pedophile Epstein are now finding severed cat heads at their homes meant as a black magic demonic warning to"stop or else"—and as one would fully expect in a country whose factions are fighting a Good vs.Evil war to the death.




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