X22报告|第2954集: 综合法案是对罪犯的贿赂,主张推翻政府

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X22报告|第2954集: 综合法案是对罪犯的贿赂,主张推翻政府

Ep. 2954a – [DS] Thinks The American People Are Stupid, Omnibus Bill Is The Payoff To Criminals

[ DS ]认为美国人民是愚蠢的,综合法案是对罪犯的回报

Ep. 2954b – FBI & Twitter Colluded In The 2020 Election, Advocating Overthrow Of Government




The [DS] is now paying off the criminals via the Omnibus Bill. If this bill was needed to just to keep the government running it would not need to be this big and it would not being giving money to other countries and have all these ridiculous earmarks.

[ DS ]现在正通过《综合法案》向犯罪分子付款。如果这个法案只是为了维持政府运转,它就不需要这么大,也不会给其他国家提供资金,不会有这些荒谬的专项拨款。



The [DS] is being brought down a path so the people see how they rigged the elections, not just 2020 but 2022. Trump began the process and now Twitter is revealing how certain agencies were colluding with Big Tech. Now Kari Lake’s trial is happening and it will show how those in Arizona colluded to rig the election. If the FBI was colluding with Twitter, they were probably colluding with other social media companies and the fake news, now people are seeing how they rigged the election on a small scale. Trump asks a question how do you remedy this type of situation. 18 U.S. Code § 2385. Advocating Overthrow Of Government.



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