本杰明报道|2022/12/19  中国解放了,百万基督教军队向西欧进发,印加人起义了

2022年12月22日15:39:45本杰明本杰明报道|2022/12/19  中国解放了,百万基督教军队向西欧进发,印加人起义了已关闭评论9892字数 20126阅读67分5秒阅读模式

本杰明报道|2022/12/19  中国解放了,百万基督教军队向西欧进发,印加人起义了

As the headline suggests, the planetary liberation alliance has begun a massive, simultaneous worldwide offensive against the Satanic Khazarian mafia. China has led the way by literally “following the science” and exposing the fake pandemic and fraudulent PCR tests as a massive KM bribery and mind control project. Now Russia along with their allies Serbia and Germany, are preparing a million-man (note to feminist brainwashees: man=human) army to move into Western Europe, including Switzerland. At the same time, this is happening, the Inca Empire is reviving after 500 years to liberate Peru from the KM.

正如标题所示,行星解放联盟已经开始了一场大规模的,同时在全球范围内针对撒旦哈扎尔黑手党的攻势。中国已经带头“跟随科学”,揭露了假的流行病和伪造的 PCR 测试,作为一个巨大的KM贿赂和精神控制项目。现在,俄罗斯连同他们的盟友塞尔维亚和德国,正在准备一支百万人(注意女权主义者的洗脑: 人 = 人)的军队进入西欧,包括瑞士。与此同时,这种情况正在发生,印加帝国在500年后复兴,将秘鲁从KM手中解放出来。

本杰明报道|2022/12/19  中国解放了,百万基督教军队向西欧进发,印加人起义了

In another sign a decisive turning point has been reached, Spanish and Italian media are reporting the fake Pope Francis is resigning.


“Ya he firmado mi renuncia” en caso de impedimento médico: Papa Francisco (eluniversal.com.mx)

“是他坚定地放弃了我”在医疗事故中: 旧金山教父( eluniversal.com.mx )

P3 Freemason sources say the Jesuits are avenging the murder of the real Pope Francis and have begun purging the Vatican of KM agents. “While CNN fake news is reporting a coup in the Vatican to dethrone Pope Francis, moved by so-called ‘unsubstantiated news’, inside sources close to me are confirming that the Pope is going to finally resign,” confirms P2 honcho Leo Zagami.

P3共济会消息人士称,耶稣会正在为杀害真正的教皇弗朗西斯报仇,并已开始清洗梵蒂冈的 KM 特工。“虽然 CNN 的假新闻报道了梵蒂冈的一场政变,旨在推翻教皇弗朗西斯,被所谓的‘未经证实的消息’所感动,但我身边的内部消息人士证实,教皇最终将辞职,”P2主席利奥 · 扎加米(Leo Zagami)证实。


There is a lot else to cover but, let us start with the situation in China. As this official Xinhua news agency article confirms, the Ministry of Transport is telling all officials in China that they must “strictly implement,” the rule that PCR tests are no longer required for travelers.

还有很多其他的问题需要讨论,但是,让我们从中国的情况开始。正如新华社的这篇官方文章所证实的那样,交通部告诉中国所有的官员,他们必须“严格执行”,即不再需要对旅客进行 PCR 检测的规定。


Here is what a Polish resident of China reports: “A few days ago…I woke up in a completely different reality. No more tests, no more code checking (the tracking system has been turned off), no lockdowns, and no isolation in case of #covid. You don’t even know if you have this covid or some kind of flu because there is no testing anyway and there is only a recommendation to stay home for 3 days. The fences from the estates are being removed. Entrance gates to buildings – the expensive ones for scanning health codes that were installed until a few weeks ago – are now disabled.”

以下是一位居住在中国的波兰人的报道: “几天前... ... 我在一个完全不同的现实中醒来。没有更多的测试,没有更多的代码检查(跟踪系统已经关闭) ,没有锁定,没有隔离的情况下 # 新冠病毒。你甚至不知道自己是否患有这种冠状病毒疾病或某种流感,因为无论如何都没有测试,而且只有一个建议,那就是呆在家里3天。庄园的围栏正在拆除。建筑物的入口大门——几周前安装的用于扫描健康密码的昂贵大门——现在已经关闭。”

本杰明报道|2022/12/19  中国解放了,百万基督教军队向西欧进发,印加人起义了

What happened was that Asian secret societies did real scientific testing and figured out the PCR tests and the Pandemic were a complete money laundering and mind control fraud by the KM. A massive purge of KM agents in China –including David Rockefellers’ 30+ bastard children- is now underway and China is being fully liberated.

事实是,亚洲秘密组织进行了真正的科学测试,并发现了 PCR 测试,而大流行完全是KM的洗钱和精神控制欺诈。大规模清洗KM代理人在中国-包括大卫洛克菲勒的30多个私生子-现在正在进行,中国是完全解放。

The next place to be liberated will be Western Europe. Pentagon sources say their intelligence sources indicate at least a 700,000-person strong army is poised to enter Ukraine “in the near future.” Polish intelligence sources independently confirm that on December 18th “the armed forces of the Republic of Belarus moved to the border with Ukraine.”


In a sign of how desperate the Satanic Ukrainian regime has become, they have been rounding up all the Orthodox priests and monks they can find to use as human shields, according to Russian FSB sources.


Despite this and despite efforts by Rockefeller bagman Henry Kissinger to buy time with a rewarmed version of the failed Minsk accords and threats to use “AI-controlled robots,”

尽管如此,尽管洛克菲勒的中间人亨利 · 基辛格试图通过重温失败的明斯克协议和威胁使用“人工智能控制的机器人”来争取时间


the Russians are not budging. As the Russian official Tass News agency reports: “Dialogue between Russia and NATO is out of the question amid the current developments…There is nothing behind French President Emmanuel Macron’s words about the need to provide security guarantees to Moscow.” In other words, it is all-out war.

俄国人没有让步。正如俄罗斯官方通讯社塔斯社报道的那样: “在目前的事态发展中,俄罗斯和北约之间的对话是不可能的... ... 法国总统埃马纽埃尔 · 马克龙(Emmanuel Macron)关于需要向莫斯科提供安全保障的言论背后没有任何东西。”换句话说,这是一场全面战争。


This is why according to P3 freemason sources:

这就是为什么根据 P3共济会的消息来源:

While Putin prepares nuclear missiles, Germany has run out of ammunition and can only fight for 2 days Germany’s military readiness collapsed…. real duration of what Germany is able to sustain in a war is just two days. If war is announced on Monday, in other words, Germany is over by Wednesday and is forced to surrender. The US, meanwhile, is also running out of military ammunition and weapons for the simple reason that it has sent most of its existing weapons to Ukraine. While all of this is happening, the Western media is going into a frenzy over Putin’s public deployment of YARS missile systems carrying nuclear warheads that can strike the United States. The United States cannot defend itself against Russian nuclear missiles because it is decades ahead of ours.

就在普京准备核导弹的时候,德国已经弹尽粮绝,只能战斗两天,德国的军事准备崩溃了... ..。德国在战争中的实际持续时间只有两天。换句话说,如果战争在周一宣布,德国将在周三结束,并被迫投降。与此同时,美国也正在耗尽军事弹药和武器,原因很简单: 美国已将大部分现有武器运往乌克兰。在这一切发生的同时,西方媒体对普京公开部署携带可以打击美国的核弹头的 YARS 导弹系统感到狂热。美国无法抵御俄罗斯的核导弹,因为它领先我们几十年。

The P3 also says that most of the satellites controlled by NATO have now been destroyed, completely blinding them.


Dmitry Medvedev says legitimate military targets for Russia may include the military-political leadership of the enemy country and the armed forces of other countries that are allies of the enemy country.



The Russian Embassy in London tweeted on November 30, 2022, quoting NATO spokesman Jamie Shea from 1999: Jamie Shea from #NATO, 1999: 70% of #Yugoslavia is without power. This shows that we have our finger on the button and that we can turn the electricity on and off where we need it and where we want it. NATO in 2022: Russia must stop attacking Ukraine’s energy infrastructure as it is inhumane.

2022年11月30日,俄罗斯驻伦敦大使馆在推特上引用了北约发言人杰米 · 谢伊(Jamie Shea)1999年的话: 杰米 · 谢伊来自 # 北约 # 1999: 南斯拉夫70% 的地区没有电力。这表明我们的手指在按钮上,我们可以在我们需要的地方和我们想要的地方打开和关闭电源。2022年的北约: 俄罗斯必须停止攻击乌克兰的能源基础设施,因为这是不人道的。

Meanwhile, German intelligence sources say the post-war occupation government is being removed and that Germany will ally with Russia to liberate Western Europe and conduct a joint military operation into Switzerland to remove the KM presence there in conjunction with Swiss patriots.


Also, Serbia has mobilized its 600,000-man reserves and is ready to get revenge for the destruction of Yugoslavia by the Rockefellers and Rothschilds. The reason Bill Clinton Rockefeller bombed and destroyed Yugoslavia was to create a puppet fake state called Kosovo and thus control more than 70 percent of Yugoslavia’s mineral extraction including gold, chrome, nickel, aluminum, copper, iron metals, lead-zinc and the world’s fifth-largest proven reserves of lignite.

此外,塞尔维亚已经动员了60万人的后备力量,准备为洛克菲勒家族和罗斯柴尔德家族对南斯拉夫的毁灭进行报复。比尔 · 克林顿 · 洛克菲勒(Bill Clinton Rockefeller)轰炸并摧毁南斯拉夫的原因是为了建立一个名为科索沃的傀儡国家,从而控制南斯拉夫70% 以上的矿产开采,包括黄金、铬、镍、铝、铜、铁金属、铅锌和世界第五大已探明褐煤储量。


The president of Serbia, A.Vusic, told his people: “We will not surrender. Serbia will win. We will never forsake our brothers. All Serbs are ready to give our lives for our homeland. For the first time since the breakup of Yugoslavia, I see the Serbian people so united. I am proud and grateful.”

塞尔维亚总统 A.Vusic 告诉他的人民: “我们不会投降。塞尔维亚会赢。我们永远不会抛弃我们的兄弟。所有的塞尔维亚人都准备为我们的祖国献出生命。自从南斯拉夫解体以来我第一次看到塞尔维亚人民如此团结。我感到骄傲和感激。”

The move to liberate Europe and the rest of the world has led the Inca Empire of South America to liberate their people from the colonial yoke for the first time in almost 500 years. The widely reported civilian unrest caused by the removal of President Pedro Castillo is really an Inca revival. 

解放欧洲和世界其他地区的行动使南美印加帝国在近500年来首次将其人民从殖民枷锁中解放出来。被广泛报道的总统佩德罗 · 卡斯蒂略下台引发的平民骚乱实际上是印加的复兴。 

On Thursday, his Twitter account posted a handwritten note which said U.S. Ambassador Lisa Kenna, a former longtime CIA agent gave “the order to take the troops out into the streets and massacre my defenseless people; and, incidentally, leave the way clear for mining exploitation, as in the case of CongaTía María, and others.”

周四,他的推特账号发布了一份手写的便条,上面写着美国大使丽莎 · 肯纳(Lisa Kenna) ,一位前中央情报局长期特工,“下令把军队带到街上,屠杀我手无寸铁的人民; 顺便说一句,为采矿开采扫清道路,就像刚果(Conga)、蒂亚 · 玛利亚(Tía María)和其他人一样。”


The fight is also continuing in Brazil too where the KM is on the ground staging false flag attacks to blame Bolsonaro supporters. The Brazilian armed forces, though, remain on the side of the people.


There is a common thread to the events in China, Russia, Yugoslavia, Peru Brazil etc. that involves the removal of the Earths’ mineral resources to entities located off world. The attacks on native governments around the world created regimes controlled by KM agents who funnel minerals and human slaves to Switzerland. Former Libyan strongman Gaddafi understood this as you can see from the video below:

中国、俄罗斯、南斯拉夫、秘鲁、巴西等国发生的事件有一条共同的线索,涉及将地球上的矿产资源转移到世界以外的实体。对世界各地土著政府的攻击建立了由 KM 特工控制的政权,他们将矿物和人类奴隶运往瑞士。前利比亚强人卡扎菲明白这一点,你可以从下面的视频中看到:

P3 Freemasons and other sources insist these minerals and slaves are then taken off-world.


What we know for sure, for example, is that all the gold held by the Manchu dynasty of China and the Tokugawa Shogunate of Japan was taken to Switzerland. We have repeatedly sent documents showing proof of ownership of this gold to the Swiss on behalf of the rightful owners only to be ignored.


The forensic trail leads to Mirjana Spoljaric Egger, head of the Red Cross. According to CIA sources, she is “part of the Swiss Federal Intelligence Service. She has been built up over the years in various government roles, including being Deputy Secretary General of the UN. She is associated with the Octagon Group…her Twitter account reads:

法医的线索指向 Mirjana Spoljaric Egger 红十字会的头头。根据中央情报局的消息,她是“瑞士联邦情报局的一员。多年来,她在政府部门担任各种职务,包括担任联合国副秘书长。她和八角集团有联系,她的推特上写着:

Mirjana Spoljaric @ICRCPresident…Be careful with her.”

Mirjana Spoljaric@ICRC 主席... 小心她

Well Ms. Egger, can you even prove that the Asian gold your people stole is still on this planet and are you willing to let it be used for humanitarian purposes? If not, we will arrest you.


In any case, we are sure that neither NATO nor KM, entrenched in their underground base complex on Lake Geneva, can get American forces to protect them.

无论如何,我们可以肯定的是,无论是北约还是位于日内瓦湖地下基地的 KM,都无法让美国军队保护他们。

In any case, we are sure that neither NATO nor KM, entrenched in their underground base complex on Lake Geneva, will be able to manipulate American forces into protecting them.

无论如何,我们可以肯定,无论是北约还是位于日内瓦湖地下基地的 KM,都无法操纵美国军队来保护他们。

The Pentagon is far too preoccupied with the implosion of social order in the US:


The mayors of New York, Los Angeles, Denver, etc. have declared states of emergency due to rising crime and homelessness.


Jeremy Cross, the president of International Recovery Systems in Pennsylvania, says he can’t find enough repo men or space to house all the cars his company has been hired to recover.”

宾夕法尼亚州国际回收系统公司(International Recovery Systems)总裁杰里米•克罗斯(Jeremy Cross)表示,他无法找到足够的回收人员或空间来容纳他的公司雇来回收的所有汽车


Hyperinflation is picking up speed: vegetable prices have risen by over 80% in the last 12 months, up 38% in November alone. The price of eggs has increased by 244%. The result is that 83% of Americans struggled to afford groceries.

恶性通货膨胀正在加速: 蔬菜价格在过去12个月中上涨了80% ,仅11月份就上涨了38% 。鸡蛋的价格上涨了244% 。结果是,83% 的美国人难以负担日常用品。

Food is plentiful in the US, but the KM does things like kill chickens to squeeze more money out of the sheep.


Here’s why:


The monthly federal deficit was a record $249 billion in November, up $57 billion from the same month last year.


https://www.activistpost.com/2022/12/us-vegetable-prices-increased-by-a-whopping-38-percent-in-november-but-they-say-inflation-is-under-control. html

This is happening while China, Japan and other countries are dumping US Treasuries at record prices.


本杰明报道|2022/12/19  中国解放了,百万基督教军队向西欧进发,印加人起义了

本杰明报道|2022/12/19  中国解放了,百万基督教军队向西欧进发,印加人起义了

本杰明报道|2022/12/19  中国解放了,百万基督教军队向西欧进发,印加人起义了

As the people who control the real economy stop spending, it is a mathematical certainty that the current financial system will collapse. According to the Institute of International Finance (IIF), the global debt-to-GDP ratio will reach 352% by the end of 2022. With over 90 central banks raising interest rates to an average of 5.5%, it means a complete global default as there is no money to pay off the debt.

随着控制实体经济的人停止消费,从数学上来说,当前的金融体系肯定会崩溃。根据国际金融协会(IIF)的数据,到2022年底,全球债务-GDP比将达到352% 。随着90多家央行将利率提高到平均5.5% ,这意味着全球完全违约,因为没有钱来偿还债务。


As this happens, the KM increases their suppression and mind control in a desperate attempt to stay in power.


The US and other governments have been captured by 5th Column enemies and are waging a hybrid/unconventional war against their own citizens. “High-level targets” are typically activists, dissidents, whistleblowers, patriots, intellectuals, people of conscience and integrity, constitutionalists, Christians, veterans, or anyone else whom the DHS-FBI fusion centers covertly identify as extremists, white supremacists “and/ or potential terrorist threat” and included in the “Program” out of court. The “Program” employs military-grade psychological and electronic warfare techniques and technologies against the “Targetes” to covertly destroy/kill/kill them imprison/”suicide”



Here’s an example of how your tax dollars are being used;


The FBI paid the leader of a satanic pedophile death cult $82,000 to take over the Nuclear Weapons Division and brainwash, drug and trap the young members


FBI agents used the media, illegal psychedelic drugs, and brainwashing techniques to turn a small group of friends in their teens to early 20s into boogeymen in what can only be described as psychological warfare.


https://www.veteranstoday.com/2022/12/15/the-fbi-paid-leader-of-satanic-pedophile-death-cult-82000-to-take-over-atomic-weapons-division-in- order-to-brainwash-drug-and-entrap-its-young-members/

Censorship has also reached levels I have never seen before.


Also, the censorship has reached a level I’ve never experienced before.


For example, Gordon Duff’s (Inteldrop) website was shut down to prevent this from happening:

例如,戈登 · 达夫(Gordon Duff)的网站(Inteldrop)被关闭,以防止这种情况发生:


to prevent, as well as to suppress the truth about Ukraine. Skype, Tutanota and Hotmail would not let me open the email from him with the link above. Eventually I was able to read them through Gmail. Google censors u-tube etc and is the enemy but in this case it looks like they’ve nailed it.

阻止,也是压制关于乌克兰的真相。Skype,Tutanota 和 Hotmail 不让我打开他发来的带有以上链接的电子邮件。最终我能够通过 Gmail 阅读它们。谷歌审查 u-tube 等,是敌人,但在这种情况下,它看起来像他们已经钉死了。

The reason the KM has tried so hard to censor this story is because it shows an organized attempt to take over and control the anti-vax and anti-pandemic narrative and get the opposition to acknowledge ” Supporting “anti-establishment” characters who still take orders from the KM.


The KM also uses a fake Trump as part of an elaborate psyop against the real President and Commander-in-Chief of the US Armed Forces Donald J. Trump.

KM机构还利用一个假特朗普作为精心策划的心理战的一部分,来对付真正的美国总统和美国武装部队的总司令唐纳德 · J · 特朗普。

Here are some examples of how the fake Trump is used to tarnish the real Trump’s reputation:


We’re fighting for the gay community, and we’re fighting and fighting hard,” Trump said. -… WHILE AMERICA GOES UP ON FIRE.

我们在为同性恋社区而战,我们在努力奋斗。”特朗普说。... 而美国在燃烧。


Donald J. Trump’s political opponents have long criticized him as something of a caricature. On Thursday, the former president made himself one – albeit with the aim of making a profit. In his first significant public move since opening his 2024 presidential campaign last month, Trump announced an online store that will sell $99 worth of digital trading cards featuring him as a superhero, an astronaut, a wild west sheriff, and a series show other fantastic characters .

唐纳德 · J · 特朗普(Donald J. Trump)的政治对手长期以来一直把他批评为一种讽刺。上周四,这位前总统为自己创造了一个机会——尽管他的目标是盈利。上个月,特朗普宣布开设一家网上商店,将出售价值99美元的数字交易卡,其中包括他扮演的超级英雄、宇航员、狂野西部的治安官,以及一系列展示其他神奇角色的卡片。这是他自2024年竞选总统以来的首次重大公开行动。


To be absolutely clear, the real, publicly visible Trump was replaced by a fake, opposition-controlled Trump after January 31, 2020. The real Trump, who has always been against Vax, is gearing up for his return.


本杰明报道|2022/12/19  中国解放了,百万基督教军队向西欧进发,印加人起义了

A question I’m often asked by readers – many of whom are Trump supporters – is what they personally can do to help. Here’s one thing they can do: Write a letter to the Supreme Court to support the case that the entire fake Biden regime is charged with treason:

许多读者都是特朗普的支持者,他们经常问我的一个问题是,他们个人能做些什么来提供帮助。他们能做的只有一件事: 给最高法院写一封信,支持整个假拜登政权被控叛国的说法:

1. Gather 2 envelopes, 2 stamps, and 2 sheets of paper.


2. Write the “9 Supreme Court Justices” on each piece of paper. Strongly support the Brunson v. Alma S. Adams et al lawsuit, No: 22-380. Sign your name and date. You can write more. As simple as that.

2.在每张纸上写上“9位最高法院大法官”。强烈支持 Brunson 诉 Alma S. Adams 等人的诉讼,第22-380号。签上你的名字和日期。你可以写更多。就这么简单。

Here is a link to a letter template that you can personalize/print out:


Here is a link to a letter template that you can personalize/print out:



3. You now have either 2 handwritten copies or 2 printed copies.

3. 你现在有两份手写本或两份打印本。

4. One copy will be placed in a postage-paid envelope addressed: Supreme Court of the United States, 1 First Street, NE, Washington, DC 20543.

4.一份副本将放置在邮资支付的信封地址: 美国最高法院,1第一街,东北,华盛顿特区,20543。

5. One copy should be addressed in a stamped envelope to: Loy & Raland Brunson, 4287 South Harrison Blvd, Apt. 132, Ogden, Utah 84403. Your letters are being counted! *Add $1 dollars as a thank you.

5.其中一份邮资封应寄至: 罗伊 & 拉兰德 · 布伦森律师事务所,South Harrison Blvd,4287号,132室,奥格登,犹他州,84403。你的信正在被清点!* 加1美元作为感谢。

6. URGENT, case scheduled for JANUARY 6th. Send off your letters!

6. 紧急情况,病例安排在1月6日。把你的信寄出去!

7. Share them with friends and family.

7. 与朋友和家人分享。

As we try to force the Supreme Court into action, we also hope that the Secret Space Program folks will finally come out of the blue and help liberate the planet.


The SSP this week showed us further evidence that we are dealing with extraterrestrials with elongated heads by pointing out that a Notre Dame sarcophagus was recently opened to reveal a knight with an elongated skull.

本周的 SSP 向我们展示了进一步的证据,我们正在处理的外星人与拉长的头部指出,巴黎圣母院石棺最近被打开,揭示了一个骑士与拉长的头骨。


They also sent us the following pictures:


1. Project Blue Beam spacecraft over Israel 12-2022

1. 以色列上空蓝光项目航天器12-2022

2. Otherworldly spherical plasma energy ship

2. 超自然球形等离子体能量飞船

3. Numerous off-world plasma energy ships

3. 众多的地外等离子能量飞船

4. Area 51 hangar with a blue beam ship deployed


本杰明报道|2022/12/19  中国解放了,百万基督教军队向西欧进发,印加人起义了

5. Unusual celestial phenomena observed around the world.

5. 世界各地观测到的不同寻常的天文现象。

本杰明报道|2022/12/19  中国解放了,百万基督教军队向西欧进发,印加人起义了

本杰明报道|2022/12/19  中国解放了,百万基督教军队向西欧进发,印加人起义了

I personally place more hope in the Supreme Court than in flying saucers coming to the rescue, but who knows?




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