柯博拉会议|巴黎2022年扬升会议: 个人笔记(第二天)

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柯博拉会议|巴黎2022年扬升会议: 个人笔记(第二天)


I was lucky enough to be able to participate in the ascension conference organized this month in Paris with the contactee Cobra. Here I share with you some of my notes from this workshop-conference as well as some of my thoughts. This text is in no way a report of the conference and does not reflect the exact words of the Cobra contactee. Everything written here constitutes my own interpretation of what was said or presented during the two days of this seminar. There will no doubt be other similar reports, and I invite you to consult them as well. The vast majority of information and tools presented in this seminar have already been the subject of publications and reports (in particular on this site).

我很幸运能够参加这个月在巴黎举办的与柯博拉联络员的升天会议。在这里,我与你们分享我在这次研讨会上的一些笔记以及我的一些想法。这篇文章绝不是会议的报告,也没有反映 Cobra 联络员的确切话语。这里所写的一切都构成了我自己对这两天研讨会上所说和所呈现内容的解释。毫无疑问,还会有其他类似的报告,我也邀请你们参考一下。本次研讨会上提供的绝大多数信息和工具已经成为出版物和报告的主题(特别是在本网站上)

This publication relates to the second day of the conference. The first day has been published here: https://revolutionvibratoire.fr/conference-de-lascension-paris-2022-notes-personnelles-premiere-journee/

第一天已经发表在这里: https://revolutionatoire.fr/conference-de-lascension-paris-2022-notes-personnelles-premiere-journee/


For French-speaking people who participated in this seminar, I invite you to send me your comments and any corrections.


In addition I specify that no photograph nor no recording can be made during these conferences, all thus rests on written notes. We have not been able to recover the visuals of the conference but have found some of them, in particular in the publications of Cobra.

此外,我明确指出,在这些会议期间,不能拍照,也不能录音,因此,一切都依赖于书面记录。我们还没有能够恢复会议的视觉效果,但是已经发现了一些,特别是在 Cobra 的出版物中。

A Radio Pléiades program is scheduled for Monday, December 19 at 9 p.m. Paris time on the Victoria Luminis vocal lounge to reproduce this second day of the conference: https://t.me/victorialuminis?voicechat

1219日,星期一,巴黎时间晚上9点,将有一个 Pléiades 广播节目在 Victoria Luminis 的发声休息室重播这次会议的第二天: https://t.me/victorialuminum? voicechat

Third half-day of the Paris conference – December 2022


Traditionally, to harmonize our various energies, we start the day with a tuning exercise where we will all together breathe light into all our successive bodies (physical body, then plasma, then etheric, then astral, then mental), to emanate this light from our different bodies all around us. Then follows directly a small session of questions and answers.

传统上,为了协调我们各种各样的能量,我们开始一天的调谐练习,我们将一起把光呼入我们所有相继的身体(物质身体,然后等离子体,然后以太,然后星体,然后精神) ,从我们周围不同的身体散发这种光。然后直接进行一小段问答。

Question : How do you ground Goddess energy? Answer : We are talking about this this afternoon but connecting the sexual energy with the energy of the heart is the key.

问题: 你如何接地女神的能量?回答: 我们今天下午讨论这个问题,但是将性能量和心灵的能量联系起来才是关键。

Question : where does the energy of the pillar of light come from? Answer : from the Source.

问题: 光柱的能量来自哪里? 答案: 来自源头。

Question : what about the Ranger? Answer : It will be easily dissolved it is not a big problem.

: Ranger 怎么样? 回答: 它很容易溶解,这不是什么大问题。

Note: the prowler is explained here https://revolutionvibratoire.fr/mise-a-jour-du-situation-planetaire-au-15-aout-2022/

注意: 这个潜行者在这里解释

Question : Properties of the Galactic Cintamani? Answer : it connects us to the galactic central sun and thus activates our evolution.

问题: 银河系如意意宝珠的属性?答: 它把我们和银河系的中心太阳连接起来,从而激活了我们的进化。

Question : how to bury a galactic Cintamani related to a tachyonized crystal? Answer : the same rules apply as with a classic Cintamani, there must be a minimum distance of 30 meters between the two.

问题: 如何埋一个与超光速晶体有关的银河如意宝珠?回答: 同样的规则适用于一个经典的如意宝珠,两者之间必须有至少30米的距离。

Question : what will be the place directly above the sun during the next great wave of light? Answer : we don't know.

问题: 在下一次大光波时,太阳正上方的位置是什么?答案: 我们不知道。

The term Great Reset became mainstream with Shadow communication. In reality the Cabal stole this concept from us to take over. On the light side, we've been talking about it for 10 years. The Great Reset is a geopolitical and astronomical necessity. The choices of the past have made this reset a certainty since August 2019.

术语大重置随着 Shadow 通信而成为主流。事实上,阴谋集团从我们这里偷走了这个概念来接管。光明的一面是,我们已经讨论了10年。大重置是地缘政治和天文学的必然。自20198月以来,过去的选择使这种重置成为必然。

The shadow used the pandemic for this. The shadow implemented different plans and it was the pandemic that worked to a degree. This pandemic would be partly the responsibility of lightworkers because of some stupid decisions that may have been made. These decisions have spawned chains of events that have brought us to this pandemic.


How does a society collapse? Cobra comments on the chart below:

一个社会是如何崩溃的? Cobra 评论如下:

柯博拉会议|巴黎2022年扬升会议: 个人笔记(第二天)

Editor's note: this visual has already been shared and commented on in the following Cobra publication https://revolutionvibratoire.fr/loption-delta-du-plan-de-liberation-planetaire-est-ce-ce-qui- behind-the-scenes/


A system experiences the first crises and destabilizations and temporarily achieves an apparent stability. In this buffer zone, one has the impression that nothing changes but the trust in the societal fabric is eroding. In this buffer phase, the smartest in society understand that something is afoot. It is increasingly incompetent people who rise to power, as well as psychopaths. They come to enjoy their 5 minutes of fame.


We are in this buffer phase. There was the shock of the pandemic, and that of the war in Ukraine. The great revival that we are experiencing could not have happened 2000 years ago. At the time, a barbarian invasion would have sufficed to destroy everything that could have brought us to understanding and liberation.


Today there are cracks in the Matrix, and the more the Cabal increases its control over society the less they know how society will react as the system is metastable. Everything is unpredictable, and the forces of Light are ready to intervene as soon as the conditions are favorable.


Editor's note: Metastability is the property of a state that appears to be stable but that a disturbance can quickly shift to a more stable or unstable state.

编者按: 编者注:亚稳态是一种状态的性质,它看起来是稳定的,但扰动可以迅速转变为更稳定或不稳定的状态。

But the equation is very complex and the forces of Light have no room for error. This is also the reason why it drags on. When we have reached a state of serious collapse the Forces of Light will intervene.


Cobra shows us a new graph to illustrate the societal trajectory in pre-crisis mode, which crosses, under the effects of social pressure and crises, a revolutionary trajectory. Crossing this threshold of revolutionary situation can lead to very different states: convalescence, great instability, complete collapse. There are plenty of possible trajectories and the Enlightenment forces are going to make sure it's the least bad for the surface population.

Cobra 向我们展示了一个新的图表来说明危机前模式中的社会轨迹,在社会压力和危机的影响下,这个模式跨越了一条革命轨迹。跨越这个革命状态的门槛可以导致非常不同的状态: 恢复期,巨大的不稳定,完全崩溃。有很多可能的轨迹,启蒙运动的力量将确保这对地表人口的危害最小。

柯博拉会议|巴黎2022年扬升会议: 个人笔记(第二天)

Editor's note: this visual has already been shared and commented on in the following Cobra publication https://revolutionvibratoire.fr/notes-de-la-conference-sur-lascension-de-taipei-du-30-novembre- and-1st-December-2019/


We will soon come to a time when the critical mass of the population will be fed up, there will necessarily be a minimum of chaos to endure. As we have been deeply programmed, we will also be deeply shocked. We will have to manage a violent realignment with reality because we were in a world where lies were the law.

我们很快就会到达这样一个时刻: 人口的临界质量将会受够,必然会有最低限度的混乱需要忍受。正如我们已经被深深地编入了程序,我们也会深深地震惊。我们将不得不面对现实,因为我们生活在一个谎言成为法律的世界里。

The pandemic has been an interesting model for the Light Forces, as they have been able to study our reaction to shock.


It is true that Cobra has been talking about this transition for ten years but the dark side was much more powerful than we had imagined. People aren't ready and won't be ready anyway. We can't be ready for what's to come after what we've been through. We will have to face it because anyway we are running out of time. The galaxy will not wait for us very long. It is important to stay aligned in the new situation, afterwards we will be much better and much better connected anyway.


Question : Lightworkers are deeply traumatized, what to do? Answer : before the event we must find our inner guidance and the best possible therapists. After the event we will receive a lot of help.

问题: 光之工作者深受创伤,该怎么办?回答: 在事件发生之前,我们必须找到我们内心的指引和最好的治疗师。事件结束后,我们会得到很多帮助。

Question : what role do tachyon chambers play in our evolution and encounters with extraterrestrial beings? Answer : The higher beings help us in the chamber as well as the Pleiadians.

问题: 超光速粒子室在我们的进化和与外星人的接触中扮演着什么样的角色?回答: 高等生物在密室中帮助我们,就像昴宿星人一样。

Question : how to work more together at the international level? Answer : light is the universal language, you have to use it, that's the key!

问题: 如何在国际一级更多地合作?答: 光是世界通用的语言,你必须使用它,这是关键!

Question : how to work on black holes? Answer : You have to work on dissolving the implants.

问题: 如何研究黑洞? 回答: 你必须研究如何溶解植入物

Question : when will we reach the critical mass that will lead to chaos? Answer : Each of us must do our mission. On average a warrior of light works at 10% of his capacities, and very few go beyond 50%. We can individually be a key if we know how to use our full potential.

问题: 我们什么时候会达到导致混乱的临界点?:我们每个人都必须完成自己的使命。光之战士的工作能力平均只有10%,很少能超过50%。如果我们知道如何充分发挥自己的潜力,我们每个人都可以成为一把钥匙。

Question : why are we doing this conference near the Eiffel Tower? Answer : Among the various possibilities, the one we have today is the best of all.

问题: 我们为什么要在艾菲尔铁塔附近开会?回答: 在各种可能性中,我们今天所拥有的是最好的。

Question : why does the Cabal continue to act as they do if they have knowledge of the polar shift? Answer : the Cabal is not rational and it is in its traumas.

问题: 如果阴谋集团知道极移,为什么他们还要继续这样做?回答: 秘社不是理性的,它正处于创伤中。

Question : the forces of Light did a good job but they suffered, what would be the key to improving the situation? Answer : We have already published many protection techniques. Improve your compassion, your understanding, it is up to each person to decide what they want to do.

问题: 光明势力做得很好,但是他们遭受了损失,改善这种状况的关键是什么?答: 我们已经发表了很多保护技术。提高你的同情心,你的理解力,这取决于每个人决定他们想要做什么。

We resume on the Reset. So there are two versions of the Great Reset. There is that of the World Economic Forum (WEF) which is talked about in the media: "you will not own anything but you will be happy". The Light Forces have a different version. These two versions clash but it is the light that will win because of physical laws and the second law of thermodynamics. There is a lot of misunderstanding around this law.

我们继续重启。所以有两个版本的大重置。世界经济论坛(WEF)就是这样一个例子,媒体都在谈论它: "你不会拥有任何东西,但你会感到幸福"。光明势力有不同的版本。这两个版本相互冲突,但是光将因为物理定律和热力学第二定律而获胜。这个定律存在很多误解。

The definition of entropy is wrong because they turned it upside down. A closed system does not exist and yet this is what the WEF would like to do. They want to maintain a heat pump to increase entropy (disorder) and serve a minority. They want to set up a feudal society. Any system naturally seeks to achieve a balance. In our case the Shadow consumes a lot of energy to try to maintain an imbalance.


The system is no longer closed, the black holes evaporate, we receive information from the outside and this process cannot be stopped. Moreover everything is entangled and we would have particles of our body (he did not specify whether physical or subtle body) which are entangled with the Ashtar Command.

系统不再关闭,黑洞蒸发,我们从外部接收信息,这个过程不能停止。此外,一切都是纠缠在一起的,我们身体的粒子(他没有具体说明是物理的还是精细的身体)将与 Ashtar 命令纠缠在一起。

The World Economic Forum wants to digitize society and it started with the use of smartphones. They want all our transactions to go through the mobile phone so they can control and spy on everything. Yet all of this is vulnerable. The Resistance movement has the best hackers in the world and they can literally hack anything. When the time is right they can do it.


Digital currency will not work. Even the Blockchain can be hacked. The financial system based on quantum computing can also be hacked. You can do it by changing the entanglement of the particles in the system and they won't even know it's been hacked.

数字货币不起作用。即使是 Blockchain 也可能被黑。基于量子计算的金融系统也可能被黑。你可以通过改变系统中粒子的纠缠度来做到这一点,他们甚至不会知道系统被黑客攻击了。

By correctly applying the second law of thermodynamics everything will be canceled.


They want our consciousness to be absorbed by cell phones and immersed in a false reality.


Since August 1971, the US dollar is no longer backed by gold. So a lot of debt was created. However, silently, the system is still backed by gold. Central banks know that if everything collapses, they can recreate a system based on gold. Of course this is not public.


Central banks even collect gold secretly. China does it a little less secretly, India does it through jewelry. The Forces of Light will use this gold, plus unofficial gold to create a transitional financial system.


The new post-event financial system will rely on gold, stolen-from-humanity assets, blockchain, and quantum computing.


It is true that many of us are waiting for this reset, but it is the future. We have to be in the present moment. The future will be easy. By acting now we can speed up the process, we must not wait. Few people actually do anything with their lives, it's up to you to think about what you want!


Cobra points out that he too is tired, yet he took the initiative to give this lecture.

Cobra 指出他也很累,但他还是主动做了这个演讲。

Our obsession with money is a way of controlling ourselves. Everything is done on purpose so that we don't have enough. In reality we have just enough to keep the Matrix running. But the purpose of life is not money, our real purpose is our LIFE MISSION.


There are stars made of diamonds! Let's not obsess over little jewelry. Gold is precious but there are asteroids stuffed with gold. We need to think about this from a new perspective!


He then shows us a graph which tends to prove that happiness can be bought: if we have more money then in general we are happier. In reality it is because with more money we can do more things. We have more options to act. But one must use one's money for higher purposes. There are very rich but clueless people and poor people with lots of creative ideas.

然后他给我们展示了一个图表,这个图表倾向于证明幸福是可以用钱买到的: 如果我们有更多的钱,那么我们通常会更幸福。事实上,这是因为有了更多的钱,我们可以做更多的事情。我们有更多的选择去行动。但是我们必须把钱用在更高的目的上。世界上有很多富有但是愚蠢的人,也有很多有创造性想法的穷人。

Here is an approximate graph of what he showed us with the annual income on the abscissa and the satisfaction scale on the ordinate for the main countries:


柯博拉会议|巴黎2022年扬升会议: 个人笔记(第二天)

Money will be released to certain warriors of light before the event for those who are very dedicated in their mission. Master Saint Germain would work there to make this possible!


Editor's personal note: this kind of information could tend to fuel fantasies around this issue and leave us inactive...


It is certain that the lack of money blocks the projects of Light. There is also a lot of poverty because there are great lacks of awareness. Humanity needs much healing and assistance.


Question : Can Mjolnir technology be used to dissolve implants? Answer : not yet. Individual Mjolnir technology will be available within several months.

提问:雷神之锤技术可以用来溶解植入物吗?答案: 目前还不能。个人雷神之锤技术将在几个月内面世。

Question : how can the warriors of Light do to keep the balance? Answer : The mass of humanity is caught up in two groups of influence, the Cabal on one side and the warriors of light on the other. In addition, solar activity is accelerating. We need to hold the Light and avoid traumatic collapse. Most will survive!

问题: 光之战士如何保持平衡?答: 人类的质量被困在两种影响力中,一边是阴谋集团,另一边是光明战士。此外,太阳活动正在加速。我们需要保持光明,避免创伤性崩溃。大多数人都会活下来!

Question : is it planned that Cobra will return to France to do the initiations of the rays? Answer : No, it is not planned.

: Cobra 是否计划返回法国进行光的启动仪式?答: 不,没有计划。

Question : is there a difference between burying a classic cintamani and a galactic cintamani? Answer : No, it's the same.

: 埋一个经典的如意宝珠和一个银河如意宝珠有什么区别吗?答案: 不,是一样的。

Question : there is a risk of the West collapsing because of the energy problem. Why could free energy not be released? Answer : it will be after the event. Energy is free in an open system, it must first free itself from the scalar system.

问题: 由于能源问题,西方有崩溃的危险。为什么不能释放免费的能源?答案是: 这将是在事件之后。能量在开放系统中是免费的,它必须首先从标量系统中解放出来。

Question: question on the proposed analogy of the scarf and the stone thrown on the scarf to illustrate the anomaly? Answer: It's not just a problem of gravity, it's also a problem of distortion of quantum fluctuations.


Question : we're running out of time for the new transitional system, how's that going to be? Answer : Cobra knows the directions but not the details, he only has some pieces of the puzzle. The sequence of events is undetermined, there are too many variables in play. The release plan was arranged 25 years ago and we've had failures before, but the overall plan hasn't changed. .

问题: 我们对于新的过渡系统已经没有时间了,那将会是怎样的呢?答: Cobra 知道方向,但不知道细节,他只知道一些拼图的碎片。事件的顺序是不确定的,有太多的变量在起作用。发布计划是25年前安排的,我们以前也遇到过失败,但是整个计划并没有改变。.

The change that happens is the manifestation of the intention of a group of people. We have seen this for a long time. Everything that we see in this materialized world is the result of past actions and decisions of small groups of people (note: those who have power whether positive or negative) .

所发生的变化是一群人意图的表现。我们已经看到了很长一段时间。我们在这个物化的世界中看到的一切都是一小群人过去行动和决定的结果(注意: 那些拥有权力的人,不管是积极的还是消极的)

What we are going to experience is already decided, it will be manifested through wormholes between the higher planes and our physical reality. Intention cancels out in a group that is not focused. Intention must be consistent and strong for it to manifest in reality. A strong idea creates a vortex of energy that creates a wormhole to manifest into matter.


Cobra then showed us the following visual (see translation in caption):

Cobra 然后向我们展示了以下视觉效果(见标题中的翻译) :

柯博拉会议|巴黎2022年扬升会议: 个人笔记(第二天)

Every thought, every action creates ripples through this infinite field of consciousness. You are much more powerful than you imagine. 每一个想法,每一个行动都会在这无限的意识领域中产生涟漪。你比你想象的要强大得多。

In general, we do not believe in our power and few people really want to change. We will see how France changed the course of history with very few people 250 years ago. In our turn we have a real opportunity. If we are a large group of warriors of Light who want the same thing then we draw the timeline!


Here Cobra shows us an elementary formula INTENTION + ACTION = MAGIC!

柯博拉向我们展示了一个基本公式: 意图 + 行动 = 魔法!

柯博拉会议|巴黎2022年扬升会议: 个人笔记(第二天)

One must persevere in one's intention until manifestation. Some stop at 80% and cancel their intention which cancels the possibilities of manifestation.

一个人必须坚持自己的意图,直到显化。有些人停留在80% ,并取消他们的意图,取消显化的可能性。

Then we move on to the question of the cancellation of soul contracts made with the Archons.


柯博拉会议|巴黎2022年扬升会议: 个人笔记(第二天)

It is now a question of doing the contract cancellation exercise. We give you the text to write preferably three times in a row.


"In the name of what "I Am that I Am", in the name of the divine presence of my soul that I am, in the name of all ascended Beings of Light, in the name of the Galactic Confederation, in the name of the Galactic Center , I decree and I order the cancellation and invalidation of all my past, present and future contracts and agreements made with any part of my Being with the dark forces.


All of these contracts and agreements and their consequences are now completely erased from my reality. I am now free and all the karma of my entire Being is cleared as well.


I am a sovereign Being, a Being of Light, from now on and for eternity.


So be it and so it is.


In Light."


Sign your name!


Then we come back to quantum physics.


Physical reality is the result of quantum foam. Our intention influences this quantum foam. This is called the collapse of the wave function. The quantum field is all around us. Focus increases the likelihood of something manifesting.


Editor's note: We talk about the "collapse" (or decoherence) of the quantum wave function in an attempt to describe what happens then. Because the measurement brings one does not really know how the quantum wave (which in general admits several positions and speeds) to collapse in an indeterminate way towards definitive values.

编者按: 我们谈论量子波函数的"崩溃"(或退相干) ,试图描述接下来会发生什么。因为测量带来了一个人并不真正知道量子波(一般承认几个位置和速度)是如何以一种不确定的方式崩溃到确定的值。

The "let it go" is a detachment from the quantum foam and the practical advice is based on quantum physics. Cobra then shows us a pattern of different intermingled vibrations of different frequencies. It's a visual similar to this one:

"顺其自然"是与量子泡沫的分离,实用的建议是基于量子物理学。然后 Cobra 向我们展示了不同频率的不同混合振动的模式。这是一个类似于下图的视觉效果:

柯博拉会议|巴黎2022年扬升会议: 个人笔记(第二天)

We will not be able to change all the vibrations immediately but our intention will tend to reorganize the quantum field. The quantum field will follow our harmonious intentions. It is also the basis of sacred geometry, it creates a resonance field in the quantum field.


In the example of the diagram, one can focus on the modification of the smallest and most immediate vibration, one should not focus too soon on the big problem. The alignment of the frequencies will be done gradually.


In the Renaissance we have, with Palmanova in Italy (illustration below), an example of a city organized according to the principles of sacred geometry. The center of Paris would be modeled on the palace of Louksor in Egypt. This is the reason why the Germans in World War II could not destroy Paris because of quantum field resonance. This science has been mostly lost.

在文艺复兴时期,我们有一个例子,意大利的 Palmanova (下图) ,一个按照神圣几何学原则组织起来的城市。巴黎的中心将模仿埃及的 Louksor 宫殿。这就是为什么二战中的德国人不能摧毁巴黎的原因,因为量子场共振。这门科学已经基本上失传了。

柯博拉会议|巴黎2022年扬升会议: 个人笔记(第二天)

Question : Have the I Qing symbols changed? Answer : no.

: 易经符号有变化吗? : 没有。

Question : Does performing an implant dissolving session remove black holes? Answer : Yes!

问题: 进行植入物溶解会话是否能消除黑洞? 答案: 是的!

Question about cloudships in Japan? Answer : There are more and more spawns to prepare for the transition, as with all cloud ships.


Question : is this galactic prophecy widespread? Answer : it has been known for millions of years. It is a vision that was given after the creation of Darkness in Orion. She is well known in the Galaxy and throughout the Universe. The whole universe is helping and assisting to make this prophecy come true. Every being in the universe has some responsibility.

: 这个银河系预言是否广为流传?回答: 这个预言已经被人们知道了几百万年了。这是在猎户座黑暗星球诞生之后才出现的景象。她在银河系乃至整个宇宙中都广为人知。整个宇宙都在帮助和帮助这个预言成真。宇宙中的每一个生物都有责任。

Fourth half-day of the Paris conference – December 2022


We are now talking about the spiritual perspective of the great galactic wave of light. This great galactic wave will not extend into the scalar field of the galaxy but it will appear throughout the galaxy (it will not spread). And it's not just the case of our Galaxy. The galactic field of love will invade us. It is the anomaly that prevents this from coming to us. When enough black holes are cleared we will be able to feel this energy.


柯博拉会议|巴黎2022年扬升会议: 个人笔记(第二天)

It is about the return of Goddess energy. In the Neolithic culture this goddess energy was preserved.


Cobra then shows us a map of the old equator before the previous polar reversal. There were many temples from the time of Atlantis. After some traditions have continued.


The first Archon would have arrived 5000 years ago and he destroyed everything. We have lived through 5000 years of wounds and almost everything has been forgotten. Now we have to remember. The real story has been erased. You have to visit these ancient sites. This memory will return with the reconnection to the Higher Self.


The cult of Isis Astara has been restored and was very active in ancient Egypt, during ancient Rome, the Renaissance and the 18th century. But some people haven't been pure enough to hold the light.


At this time Cobra invites the various leaders of Sisterhood of the Rose groups from all over the world to come on stage. A circular meditation is done. They visualize the essence of the Goddess above their head and invoke Isis to enter their body and energy field. Invitation to merge with their energy field, using the breath to include its presence and radiate its presence into the space.


Request to guide all groups on the planet to bring his presence back to the surface of the planet. All are invited to visualize the flow of her energy and each receives the blessing of Isis Astara.


Cobra reminds sorority groups of the need to physically meet regularly and in the same place, because it creates a rhythm. If you are well connected, it is possible to add things to the proposed protocols.

Cobra 提醒女生联谊会团体需要定期和在同一地点进行实际会面,因为这创造了一种节奏。如果你有良好的关系,就有可能在拟议的协议中增加一些东西。

The past two years have witnessed Cabal attacks on Goddess energy (the gentle and caring aspect). For cosmic balance both aspects of energy are needed, the hard and the soft. It's the same on the physical plane. Goddess energy brings physical beauty. The Cabal is about making everything ugly through modern art and modern architecture.


We need to bring this beauty back. Cobra then shows us an almost subliminal scrolling of faces that express the superior presence through different Renaissance figures.


Then he reveals for the first time the need to recreate physical temples of the goddess. Namely a public space that brings the energy of the Goddess to the public. You have to use art and make your place accessible to the public to do, for example, readings, initiations, meditations. We need to build Temples again!


Today there is only one left in England, without revealing the name. Before there were hundreds of them. Those who feel this connection with Goddess energy can do this!


Note: I have not found the illustration shown by Cobra to illustrate a Temple of the Goddess on the edge of the Mediterranean. I illustrate this aspect however with an old engraving of the Temple of Venus, before the statue of Venus was removed and replaced by that of a male Cupid at the Petit Trianon.

注意:我还没有找到柯博拉展示的地中海边缘的女神庙的插图。然而,在维纳斯雕像被移除之前,我用一个维纳斯神庙的旧版画来说明这一点,并在小 Trianon 上用一个男性丘比特的雕像代替。

柯博拉会议|巴黎2022年扬升会议: 个人笔记(第二天)

Question : Are Trump and Putin on the good side or the bad side? Answer : I leave it to your own judgment.

问题: 特朗普和普京是好的一面还是坏的一面?回答: 我让你自己来判断。

Question : after Isis the former companion of Cobra will there be a seventh high priestess? Answer : Apparently not.

问题: Isis 之后,柯博拉的前伴侣之后出现第七位女祭司吗? 答案: 显然不会。

Question : Why did the Dark Forces choose Earth as their headquarters? Answer : Because there are many stargates nearby, the Earth has many qualities, it is a good real estate investment.

: 为什么黑暗势力选择地球作为他们的总部?答: 因为附近有很多星门,地球有很多特性,是一个很好的房地产投资。

Question : what to do with the so-called Lightworkers who play the game of Shadow? Answer : just avoid them.

问题: 如何处理那些玩影子游戏的所谓光之工作者? 答案: 尽量避开他们。

Question : can the Cintamani stone be worn as a pendant or during meditation? Answer : Yes!

问题: 如意宝珠可以作为吊坠或者在冥想的时候佩戴吗? 回答: 可以!

Question : Does the Dreamland operation support the temples project? Answer : yes and of course money is needed but you don't have to wait for the reset to advance.

: "梦境行动"项目是否支持寺庙项目?回答: 是的,当然需要资金,但是你不必等到重置进行。

Question : what about sacred sexuality for the return of the energies of the goddess? Answer : Sacred sexual energy is the most manipulated energy on the surface of the planet, it is also the strongest and an aspect of Kundalini energy. Sexuality must be healed in women to reach a higher level for sororities. This is one of the keys to transformation. Cobra seems to have made a joke, almost unnoticed, that the Pleiadians will take care of us on this…

问题: 为了女神能量的回归,神圣的性行为又是怎样的呢?回答: 神圣的性能量是地球表面最受控制的能量,它也是昆达里尼能量最强大的一个方面。女性的性欲必须被治愈,才能达到女生联谊会的更高水平。这是转变的关键之一。柯博拉似乎开了一个玩笑,几乎没有人注意到,昴宿星人将在这一点上照顾我们......

Question : How to make contract dissolution exercises more powerful? Answer : for example by doing it in special places or by writing it by hand.

问题: 如何使合同解除运动更强大?回答: 比如在特殊的地方做,或者用手写。

Question : what is the Pleroma? Answer : This is the Gnostic name for the galactic central sun (this is the only time in the conference that Cobra will refer to the Gnostics).

问题: 什么是 Pleroma?答: 这是银河系中央太阳的灵知名称(这是 Cobra 在会议上唯一一次提到灵知)

The problem with lightworkers and sororities and everywhere is that people fight each other. The reason may be a reptilian attachment to the lower 3 chakras.


Note: as a small drawing is better than a long speech, Cobra then shows the following drawing that can be found in David Icke's book "The Biggest Secret":

注意: 由于小图胜过长篇演讲,Cobra 展示了 David Icke 的《最大的秘密》一书中的以下图片:

柯博拉会议|巴黎2022年扬升会议: 个人笔记(第二天)

Human adomombed by a reptilian


There are billions of reptilians around us. When light cleans black holes, there are reptilians that emerge from black holes. There is one reptilian per human, so you have to try to keep your will intact because they exaggerate our negative emotions. If we are more conscious, we manage to reduce this influence. The most evolved came out of these conflicts, out of the reptilian frequency. The reptilians create dramas before disappearing...


We're plugged into this Matrix and we don't want to be unplugged and that's one of the reasons it takes time. Some will even refuse to be unplugged. But anyway the Light will turn off all the matrix technologies at the event (television, internet…). Social networks will no longer work, except for personal messaging. A person then asks for Tiktok and Cobra reacts tit for tat, no TikTok will not work!


It is not enough to wake up to the consciousness of the Rothschilds. Coming out of the Matrix isn't just reading Cobra's blog. We must fully embody this change. We will be forced out of the Matrix. We are not the only ones who have had enough. The whole world is fed up, the animals, the ascended masters, even the galaxy is holding back its sneeze!


We are a bit like alcoholics who are going to have to go to rehab and there will be a healing crisis.


Question : how to disconnect from the Matrix if one works? Answer : you have to know how to keep your integrity and see your work from a different perspective.

问题: 如何断开与矩阵,如果一个工作?回答: 你必须知道如何保持你的完整性,从不同的角度看待你的工作。

Question : could we see the temples of the Goddess requested at creation as the premises of the islands of light? Answer : yes it is possible.

: 我们是否可以把女神的庙宇看作是光之岛的前提?答: 是的,这是可能的。

Question : what is the reason for these animals that start going around in circles? Answer : the Earth's magnetic field decreases and not only at the poles. Animals use the earth's magnetic field to orient themselves and when they lose it they start going around in circles.

: 这些动物开始绕圈的原因是什么?答案: 地球的磁场减弱了,而且不仅仅是在两极。动物利用地球的磁场来定位自己,当它们失去磁场时,它们就开始绕圈。

Question : where could we create a temple of the Goddess in China? Answer : Wherever you feel guided to do so, on China the effect will be very small.

: 在中国哪里可以建造一座女神庙?答: 无论你在哪里觉得这样做是有指导意义的,在中国这样做的影响将是非常小的。

Then two questions will be asked but will remain unanswered: where will the next Cobra conference take place and in which country in the world are women the most sexually satisfied?

然后将提出两个问题,但仍然没有答案: 下一次 Cobra 会议将在哪里举行? 世界上哪个国家的女性性满意度最高?

Question : there are supranational organizations such as the UN, WHO, how can lightworkers unite? Answer : yes it would be good indeed to have gatherings beyond the countries (he used the term regional gatherings).

问题: 有超国家组织,如联合国,世界卫生组织,光之工作者如何团结起来?答: 是的,在国家之外举行集会确实是件好事(他使用了区域集会这个术语)

Question : What about the Ascension blueprint and the 2025 portal? Answer : Each person will awaken individually. whoever can make that quantum leap will be part of it.

: "扬升"蓝图和2025年门户网站怎么样?回答: 每个人都会单独觉醒。谁能实现这个量子飞跃,谁就是其中的一部分。

Question : how to work with the connection with his soul family? Answer : book a plane ticket!

问题: 如何与他的灵魂家族建立联系? 答案: 订一张机票!

Question : why use the name of Isis which is one name among many others? Answer : Effectively it is the same being that is in question in other cultures.

问题: 为什么使用伊斯兰国的名称,这是许多其他名称中的一个?回答: 事实上,在其他文化中也存在同样的问题。

The 18th century was one of the most important in history. This is when the ascended beings created the most connection with the Light because they knew that after the dark side was going to hit hard. We have benefited from the harmony of the triangle of Neptune and Pluto for almost 100 years and this is very rare. This concerned the whole of the 18th century.


Paris is also called the city of light for this reason. There is a strong connection between Paris and Isis. There are two ancient temples in Paris, the crypt of Notre Dame and another 2 km to the west (note: he did not give the exact location) . The mysteries were brought to Paris but they never disappeared. There was a statue of Isis in a church in Paris in the 16th century until a Jesuit discovered it and had it destroyed. Secret groups kept these secrets.

因为这个原因,巴黎也被称为光之城。巴黎和伊斯兰国之间有着很强的联系。巴黎有两座古老的寺庙,一座是圣母院的地窖,另一座在西边2公里处(: 他没有给出确切的位置)。这些谜团被带到了巴黎,但它们从未消失。16世纪时,巴黎的一座教堂里有一尊伊斯兰国的雕像,直到一位耶稣会士发现并将其摧毁。秘密组织保守着这些秘密。

The architects of Louis XIV integrated some of these mysteries into their constructions. Some groups active today are working on these secrets. There are lots of symbols. He shows us images inviting us to guess… A person guesses that Cobra is showing us the photo of a Rosicrucian Temple. He shows us the photo of a shoe shop in rue Vivienne which presents the Zodiac of Dendera on the ceiling (note: also writes Dendera) . The original can be seen in the Louvre, which was stolen from a temple. This zodiac is a star map with Hathor sister goddess of Isis. This work reconnects to the energies of the Goddess.

路易十四的建筑师们将其中的一些秘密融入了他们的建筑中。今天一些活跃的团体正在研究这些秘密。有很多符号。他向我们展示了一些图片,让我们猜测... ... 一个人猜测柯博拉正在向我们展示玫瑰十字会寺庙的照片。他给我们看了 Vivienne 街一家鞋店的照片,照片上天花板上是 Dendera 的黄道十二宫(: Dendera 也写道)。原作可以在卢浮宫看到,卢浮宫是从一座寺庙偷来的。这幅黄道十二宫图是伊希斯女神哈索尔的姐妹星图。这项工作重新连接到女神的能量。

柯博拉会议|巴黎2022年扬升会议: 个人笔记(第二天)

But let's go back to the old equator passing through Paris. Paris was the place chosen by Master Saint Germain to activate the Paris-Versailles double vortex in the 18th century. Saint Germain brought together key people at the court of Louis XV in Paris and Versailles for this purpose. He mentions the fact that there was too much corruption in Paris that is why the court migrated to Versailles. It is the extension of this society that has created this double vortex.

让我们回到穿过巴黎的老赤道。巴黎是圣日耳曼大师(Master Saint Germain)18世纪选择的激活 Paris-Versailles 双重漩涡的地方。为此,圣日耳曼召集了路易十五在巴黎和凡尔赛宫的关键人物。他提到了这样一个事实,即巴黎有太多的腐败,这就是为什么法院迁移到凡尔赛。正是这个社会的延伸创造了这个双重漩涡。

This double vortex, it shows us the sign of infinity (a lying eight), anchors the energies of the goddess at the beginning of the 18th century with the harmony brought by Neptune and Pluto.

这个双重漩涡,它向我们展示了无限的符号(一个躺着的8) ,锚定了女神的能量在18世纪初由海王星和冥王星带来的和谐。

Saint Germain created two groups in Paris and in Versailles, he created two groups of sororities, but which were not called that before. There was a sign language that can be seen through the painting of this time (note: what we call mudras today) .

圣日耳曼在巴黎和凡尔赛创建了两个团体,他创建了两个玫瑰姐妹会团体,但以前不叫这个名字。在这个时代的绘画中可以看到一种手语(: 我们今天称之为手印)

Madame de Pompadour was the first high priestess but this was not a complete success. It enabled some changes to be activated. For example the expulsion of the Jesuits from the court in 1762, who were trying to suppress the Goddess energies. Madame de Pompadour gave some rights and models that still today constitute a certain barrier that prevents society from collapsing. She did not always follow Master Saint-Germain but followed him a lot.


After his death, the Princess of Lamballe took over. She brought the mysteries into Masonic groups. Freemasonry was very different from that of today. But in 1777 the Jesuits infiltrated Masonic groups. The Princess of Lamballe worked publicly and secretly, she created the first female Masonic lodge. He cites the "La Candeur" lodge, a key goddess lodge, and the "Rose and King Sisterhood" which was not a real sisterhood.

他死后,朗巴勒公主接管了这里。她把秘密带进了共济会。共济会与今天的共济会大不相同。但在1777年耶稣会渗透到共济会团体中。朗巴勒公主公开秘密地工作,她创建了第一个女性共济会小屋。他引用了" La Candeur"小屋,一个关键的女神小屋,和"玫瑰与国王姐妹会",这并不是一个真正的姐妹会。

柯博拉会议|巴黎2022年扬升会议: 个人笔记(第二天)

The Princess of Lamballe opened a portal in Paris and Versailles on November 21, 1775 which is connected to 2025. Her center of operations in Versailles was the Temple of Love ( note: formerly called Temple of Venus ) created in 1778 under the guidance of Saint Germain. The Princess of Lamballe was a very close friend of Queen Marie-Antoinette and it was through her that this was created.

17751121日,朗巴勒公主在巴黎和凡尔赛打开了一个入口,这个入口与2025年相连。她在凡尔赛的行动中心是爱神庙(: 原名维纳斯神庙) ,它于1778年在圣日耳曼的指导下建成。朗巴勒公主是玛丽 · 安托瓦内特女王非常亲密的朋友正是通过她创造了这一切。

Cobra then indicates that the room with moving mirrors, which is a room at the Petit Trianon, is a dimensional portal. It would be the most important place in France. The priestesses of the Agartha network would also have given instructions to the Princess of Lamballe.

Cobra 然后指出带有移动镜子的房间,也就是 Petit Trianon 的一个房间,是一个维度门户。这将是法国最重要的地方。阿加森网络的女祭司也会给朗巴勒公主下达指示。

Cobra then shows us a painting by the French Rococo painter François Boucher located at the headquarters of the Banque de France thirty meters above 2000 tons of gold: "Sylvie cures Philis of the sting of a bee". You can see this painting on the Banque de France website.

柯博拉随后向我们展示了法国洛可可画家弗朗索瓦-布歇(François Boucher)的一幅画,这幅画位于法国银行总部,距离2000吨黄金30米。"西尔维治好了菲利斯的蜜蜂之刺"。你可以在法国银行的网站上看到这幅画。

柯博拉会议|巴黎2022年扬升会议: 个人笔记(第二天)

François Boucher was initiated into the mysteries of the Goddess. He is a misunderstood painter even today and his paintings are full of symbols. He tells us that this painting of the Banque de France contains a code without specifying which one. He quotes codes "Love brings Abundance" and "Peace brings Abundance" (this is also the name of a painting by Boucher).

弗朗索瓦 · 布歇开始了解女神的奥秘。即使在今天,他仍然是一个被误解的画家,他的画作充满了符号。他告诉我们,这幅描绘法兰西银行的画作包含了一个代码,但没有具体说明是哪一个。他引用了代码"爱带来富足""和平带来富足"(这也是鲍彻的一幅画的名字)

Then he quotes a succession of dates:


  • 1774 Louis XVI becomes king


  • 1775 is the American Revolution


  • 1776, May 1 is the creation of the Bavarian Illuminati


    In 1775 the fate of the planet was sealed.


    Cagliostro's character is not the Balsamo account, contrary to what is said. The Jesuits did everything to block Cagliostro who traveled to Malta and the Orient and was initiated by Saint-Germain in London. Cagliostro notably created the Lodge of Isis, but after several weeks he was arrested. He will die imprisoned in Italy.


    The case of the necklace was created by the Shadow to disintegrate the French royal dynasty as the Bourbon dynasty supported the mysteries of the Goddess. Dark forces executed the Princess of Lamballe and destroyed the mysteries of the Goddess during the French Revolution.


    The Petit Trianon is the energetic place of the Queen. The Queen was educated by Saint-Germain and the Princess of Lamballe and created a special place there. He then shows us the Queen's octagonal token:

    Trianon 是女王充满活力的地方。女王受过圣日耳曼和朗巴勒公主的教育,并在那里创造了一个特殊的地方。然后他向我们展示了女王的八角形标记:

  • 柯博拉会议|巴黎2022年扬升会议: 个人笔记(第二天)

    This token was used to gain access to the Queen's House. Even the King himself could not freely access the Petit Trianon. He didn't know what was going on there.

    这个令牌被用来进入女王的宫殿。即使是国王本人也不能自由进入小 Trianon。他不知道那里发生了什么。

    The Ascension timeline was secured in 1775 at the Petit Trianon!

    扬升时间线在1775年的 Petit Trianon 被确保了!

    Cobra again shows us a visual of the park with the Temple of Venus. I could not find exactly the visual shown but this one is approaching. Cobra pointed out that one can feel through the painting the high vibrations that reigned there at that time:

    柯博拉再次向我们展示了维纳斯神庙公园的视觉效果。我找不到画面的准确位置,但这个正在接近。Cobra 指出,人们可以通过这幅画感受到当时主宰那里的高频振动:

  • 柯博拉会议|巴黎2022年扬升会议: 个人笔记(第二天)

    At the end of 1778, the Jesuits carried out a counter-attack from outside France. From the international Masonic convent of Wilhelmsbad in Germany in 1782, they infiltrated the French lodges. And with no apparent direct connection, Cobra then cites the current influence we are experiencing from the Woke ideology, presumably through lodge infiltration.

    1778年底,耶稣会士从法国境外发动了反击。1782年,他们从德国威廉姆斯巴德(Wilhelmsbad)的国际共济会修道院渗透进法国的小屋。在没有明显直接联系的情况下,Cobra 援引了我们目前正在经历的来自觉醒意识形态的影响,大概是通过小屋渗透。

    At the end of the 19th century the Jesuits returned to France and since then it's been a free fall. In a sorority in 1775 we would have 10,000 people, and today he asks the sororities of Paris and Versailles to come up on the platform, we have… 5 people for Paris and Versailles. It is now necessary to wake up the double vortex of Paris and Versailles, so he calls on people from the Paris or Versailles room to come and swell the ranks of these two sororities.

    19世纪末,耶稣会士回到了法国,从那以后就一落千丈。在1775年的玫瑰姐妹会上,我们有10000人,今天他邀请巴黎和凡尔赛的玫瑰姐妹会上台,我们有... 巴黎和凡尔赛的5人。现在有必要唤醒巴黎和凡尔赛的双重漩涡,所以他号召巴黎或凡尔赛的人们前来,扩大这两个姐妹会的队伍。

    The 2 newly created groups form two rounds like a double vortex. Cobra then specifies that the Princess of Lamballe is today embodied in the Resistance Movement. Marie Antoinette's soul would be incarnated on the surface of the planet but unaware of the process taking place.

    两个新创建的组形成两个像双漩涡一样的圆。柯博拉指出,朗巴勒公主今天是抵抗运动的一部分。玛丽 · 安托瓦内特的灵魂将化身在地球表面但不知道这个过程正在发生。

    Cobra then guides a meditation exercise for both groups, including visualizing the presence of the Goddess Isis to reactivate the double vortex. Isis Astara, the Princess of Lamballe and Saint Germain give their blessing. It now remains for the leaders of the 2 groups to contact people wishing to get involved in these sororities.


    He then talks about the star brotherhood group, they are advanced human beings, who if they are part of the Matrix they are quite free from it and they are trying to guide humanity. They are part of the secret Dreamland project whose next steps we will know in a few weeks.


    Ten members of this group are in Paris and do not reveal themselves to the public. This group works behind the curtain to bring in the new Renaissance with the support of astrological aspects. These astrological aspects will be stronger in 2023, then even stronger in 2024 with a peak in 2025.


    Cobra then shows us the visual of a SPA of the future carved in a white or pink rock crystal:

    柯博拉然后向我们展示了雕刻在白色或粉色岩石水晶中的未来 SPA 的视觉效果:柯博拉会议|巴黎2022年扬升会议: 个人笔记(第二天)


    He ends by telling us about his website: http://2012portal.blogspot.com/

    他最后向我们介绍了他的网站: http://2012portal.blogspot. com/

    We finally return to the Light after the fall of Atlantis. The aliens have already waved hello to us from their ships. We need to find our mission and reactivate ourselves. We do the impossible and it ends as it started with an image of Master Yoda wishing us good luck!

    亚特兰蒂斯沦陷后,我们终于重返光明。外星人已经从他们的飞船上向我们打招呼了。我们需要找到我们的任务,重新激活我们自己。我们完成不可能的任务,最后以尤达大师祝我们好运的形象开始!柯博拉会议|巴黎2022年扬升会议: 个人笔记(第二天)

Then the incredible happened… Cobra brings us this video below of the Victory of Light. He begins to sing and dance behind his microphone and the whole room explodes with joy and begins to dance to the sound of this music.

然后不可思议的事情发生了... Cobra 为我们带来了下面这段光之胜利的视频。他开始在他的麦克风后面唱歌和跳舞,整个房间爆发出欢乐,开始随着音乐的声音跳舞。

Editor's Note: An outburst of joy I've never experienced in a previous Ascension conference.

编者按: 在之前的扬升会议上,我从来没有体验过这种喜悦的爆发。

Victory is near!


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J'ai eu la chance de pouvoir participer à la conférence de l'ascension organisée ce mois-ci à Paris avec le contacté Cobra. Je partage ici avec vous certaines de mes notes de cet atelier-conférence ainsi que certaines de mes réflexions.

Vous trouverez ci-dessous des notes prises lors de la Conférence de l'Ascension de Taipei qui s'est tenue entre le 30 novembre et le 1er décembre 2019. Les notes ont été rédigées par les membres de l'équipe de "We Love Mass Meditation" qui ont participé à la conférence.

Il existe un alignement très intéressant de lieux de pouvoir qui sont très connectés à la création de la Nouvelle Atantide (New Atlantis). Avant de continuer, je dois vous expliquer ce que veut dire la Nouvelle Atlantide et donner une partie de son histoire.


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