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Introduction to Important New Information on Veritas


13th April 2021


Therese Z here;it's the 13th April as I sit at my computer and begin this introductory article to additional updates to the webpage on Veritas entitled Dark Cabal Rulers.It truly saddens me right now that I have to bring more details of evil to your attention.

今天是413日,我坐在电脑前,开始撰写这篇介绍性文章,以更新名为"黑暗阴谋统治者" Veritas 网页。

I look around me and see some souls whose goal it is to only focus upon the Light and how the Light is growing and spreading and will conquer the darkness and a part of me is jealous of that more joyful role.


These fellow lightworkers do not spend hours delving into the darkness to bring forth an awareness of the insidious hideous truth that underlies our reality.But yes,I too believe what is written upon the message from Cobra at the top of this blog.I chose to put that message there exactly one year ago in April of 2020.


It reads"We will bring the Light in;we don't need to fight with them.We just bring the Light and the Light will do whatever needs to be done!I absolutely believe these words to be true!There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that these words are of truth!


Yet somewhere at some point in time,I made a decision to bring forth the truth about the darkness that controls us.And I am someone who hates doing things by half!And so now I have to bring more dark truths to your attention.I have asked Divine Mother"is this really necessary"-"haven't I written enough about darkness?"


It would seem however that the page that I call'Dark Cabal Rulers'was not complete.I am told that the recent as yet unpublished additions to this page have now made it complete.I have spent the last few weeks working on these complimentary texts that will be published today along with this introductory article.


Since its very beginning the Roman Catholic Church has always been in the controlling hands of the Archons that created it.Through this church they have controlled our destiny on this planet.The tentacles of this church have reached to every corner of the globe.Every single historic and bloody war for the past 17000 years has been a battle or war initiated in some way shape or form by this church!Oftentimes these wars were between rivalling groups within this church's control.All nicely arranged to bring ever more centralised control to the controllers.


The ruling bloodline Black Nobility Families were the families that the Archons mainly incarnated into from the Astral Planes where they had TOTAL CONTROL of every soul!These incarnated Archons very often became the Popes within the church.Some Archons incarnated beyond the church to become the inspiring new thinkers leading humanity ahead into the'modern'age.These inspirational new thinkers often inspired the human spirit to leave the confining space of religion.We imagined that we had more freedom in many of these movements however it was all designed to keep us very much within the confines of the Veil and the control of the Archons.


Now as the true Light of Source floods our planet's surface,more and more people are beginning to become somewhat more aware of their inherent divinity.That truth has been well and truly hidden from us.When the Veil has been completely removed and we find ourselves in the TRUE LIGHT OF DAY people will very soon be informed about this inherent divinity.This will all be a part of the Full Disclosure process.We will learn that we are ONE with Source.No longer will there be religious leaders of ANY CHURCH of ANY KIND controlling the lives of human beings ANYWHERE on this planet.




I grew up in a strict Catholic home in Ireland.Our local modern church had room for about 800 people to sit down during Sunday mass.Mass was available every hour from 6am to 12pm along with 2 afternoon masses each Sunday.That means that in my parish alone close to 4000 people went to mass every Sunday.There are about 200 parishes in Dublin.One could say that the entire Irish population went to mass at least once a week.That was back in the 50's and 60's and of course doesn't apply today.The control of the Irish people by the Catholic Church was total!TOTAL.Religion was a deep part of society on EVERY LEVEL.Our schools were run by religious groups.At least 50%of our teachers were nuns or brothers from some or other religious order.My school was run by the Dominican order and the badge on the pocket of my school uniform jacket said'Veritas'.Once I was brought to the head nun to be questioned as to where I was getting my strange ideas from!I had written an essay about poverty and homelessness in Dublin questioning why?This was seen as dangerous communist propaganda.I explained that my ideas came from Jesus love of all people.


From the cradle to the grave the Catholic Church controlled every aspect of life in Ireland.Upon moving to Sweden and seeing the seeming equality of the Swedish society and the taking care of everyone by the State from cradle to grave–no homelessness or seeming poverty anywhere here-I could see why churches were very much empty here.But the Swedish State has had its Archon controllers and Jesuit lackies in place too-just another version.


In the information that I will be providing you will see how statues of Mother Mary were erected at the gates of certain concentration camps.These were quickly removed by the Allies on arrival at these camps!


The core group of the Jesuits i.e.the Society of Jesus are among the darkest individuals on the planet.Using the name of our Beloved Brother Jesus Christ they serve only the controlling Archons.


They create the evillest of deeds using the names of Loving Light Beings.This is one of the reasons that I have chosen to do this work!


I am now going to take an excerpt from an article about the darkest possible evil imaginable.Sadly this information is a major part of the final updates added to Dark Cabal Rulers.




"Old treaties allowed Royal houses,descended from the Holy Roman Emperors to directly intervene in Papal(Pope)elections,but the destruction of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire during WW1 finally freed the Popes after nearly 500 years from these"outside influences".


For the first time in five centuries,The Catholic church now found itself free to follow its own course-without the fear of influence of Royal families,with One exception Germany.Once the German Royal family was destroyed-it would be completely free.


Another threat to the church was a strong movement for major social reform-the end of corrupt capitalism,the promotion of science,education and fair social values.


A World which if ever implemented would be one which the Roman Catholic church would not exist in.


So Pope Pius X1[Achille Ratti]made plans to create an immense Catholic apparatus worldwide-a giant political party that could elect its own leaders with absolute allegiance to Rome.

因此,教皇 Pius X1计划在全世界建立一个庞大的天主教机构——一个可以选举自己的领导人并绝对忠于罗马的庞大政党。

A Protege of Pope Pius,Eugenio Pacelli had already selected a suitable candidate for the church in Germany.A young fiercely Catholic intelligence officer named Adolf Hitler who Pacelli met once a week in the early years in Munich,as both Hitler's patron and financier as well as his controller."


The articles that are now available for those who so desire to have a deeper understanding of the depths of evil and how this has been propagated,are going to learn how the Roman Catholic Church was the absolute power behind the sacrifice of 18 million people to the Devil/Satan.


This same page will show you proof of the fact that the'BEAST'mentioned in the Book of Revelations is none other than this church.


Finally this newly updated page will show you absolute evidence that proves that right now today in the middle of Europe we have a person who has planned to create an even greater blood sacrifice to the Devil/Satan.


This European leader had planned a true Armageddon war down to the tiniest of details.This bloody carnage could very easily have taken place.However the truth of the evilest of plans was revealed by someone involved who was dying of Leukemia.


I have decided to call this person/leader'The Elephant in the Room'.


Here is a link to the newly updated Dark Cabal Ruler page.




PS:One last thing.I just need to say so that there is no misunderstanding that there are and always have been amazingly good people working within the various churches and religious organisations not in the least the Catholic church.I have personally been acquainted with some of them and they were true Lightworkers in every sense of the word.



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