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April 15,2021 2021415

Operation Disclosure|By Sierra(NZ),Contributing Writer


Submitted on April 15,2021


Charlie Chester,CNN Technical Director,admitted on hidden mic that CNN'got Trump out of office'.This explosive video is essential viewing.Congratulations to James O'Keefe at Project Veritas for brilliant investigative journalism.

美国有线电视新闻网技术总监查理·切斯特在麦克风上承认,CNN"把特朗普赶出了办公室"。这个爆炸性的视频是必不可少的观看。向真理计划的 James o'keefe 致以调查报导的祝贺。


Charlie Chester from CNN(excerpts from the video)…

来自 CNN 的查理·切斯特(视频节选).....

'Look what we did,we got Trump out.I am a hundred percent going to say it…Our focus was to get Trump out of office,right?Without saying it,that's what it was…I think that's propaganda.'


This damning video should go viral,ending the long reign of the[D]eep[S]tate mainstream media.Chester goes on to talk about[C]OVID fatigue…

这个该死的视频应该像病毒一样传播开来,结束了主流媒体的长期统治。切斯特接着谈到COVID 疲劳..

'I think there's like a[C]OVID fatigue…Climate change is going to be the next[C]OVID thing for CNN…It has longevity…we can milk it…'

"我认为这就像是COVID疲劳症......气候变化将成为 CNN 的下一件COVID事件......它具有长久性......我们可以利用它......"

CNN has also admitted that there was a propaganda campaign to discredit Republican Matt Gaetz.Cowboyw2b links these Project Veritas revelations about CNN propaganda to a Cue drop.

美国有线电视新闻网也承认,有一个宣传运动,以诋毁共和党马特盖茨。Cowboyw2b 将真理计划对 CNN 宣传的揭露与线索下降联系起来。

MSM'Propaganda'has finally been brought to LIGHT.

"What happens when corp media'knowingly'pushes false[PROPAGANDA]information?

What happens when corp media can no longer be trusted?"

MSM "宣传"终于被揭露出来了。"如果公司媒体'故意'传播虚假(宣传)信息,会发生什么情况?当公司媒体不再可信时,会发生什么?"

美国有线电视新闻网:我们把特朗普赶出了办公室|Sierra 星门通讯

Humanity must awaken to the heinous corruption that is mainstream media.CNN is CONTROLLED PROPAGANDA.CNN is broadcast in airport terminals around the world,including my local airport terminal.It is time for people to watch this video and see for themselves how they have been played for fools


Meanwhile,Washington DC is experiencing mysterious flooding.Sandbags have been placed around drainage ditches in National Mall.What is mysterious about the flooding is there has been NO rain.Anons are speculating that the tunnels and DUMBS are being flooded by diverting water from the nearby Potomac River.Interestingly,a military drill using explosives is being staged this week on the Potomac River.Hmmm.

与此同时,华盛顿正经历着神秘的洪水。国家购物中心的排水沟周围已经放置了沙袋。这次洪水的神秘之处在于没有下雨。无名氏们推测,这些隧道和 DUMBS 被从附近的波托马克河引来的水淹没了。有趣的是,一场使用爆炸物的军事演习本周正在波托马克河上演。嗯。

Starship Earth posted this online message from John Galt,whom some believe to be John Kennedy.As usual,please use your discernment.



From high level:[sounds like JfK:He's done a big part]


My fellow Patriots:it's been a pleasure working with you all!My purpose of this message is to let you know we won the war.Although,certain things must still play out in the movie.I can assure you it's all over,but the shouting.Best analogy I can give is this,"Imagine your team winning the football game in the 4th quarter 54-0 with 5 minutes remaining on the clock".Yes,you know with 100%certainty,you're winning the game but you simply have to let the clock tick to all zeros before celebrating.That is where we stand currently!If the movie was a pregnancy,we'd be 8.5 months along.But likely to come early!There are certain facets of the movie that need to"fully"play out in order for all Americans to grasp the magnitude of what really has happened and is happening.This is called the!Great Awakening!for a reason.So,remain patient as things will"appear"to get worse.My friends this is intentional!Otherwise,you will never truly understand the[agenda]of the Deep State if hadn't gone to this extensive length of exposure!You might not understand it all now but that will change soon I promise.Mr.Trump never will give his hand away.!!!!He is the greatest chess player of all time.!!!!He knew from the beginning who was with him and who wasn't on his team.He(tested)them all.Keep your friends close and your enemies closer!Full disclosure will shock you to your core.Gut wrenching as it may be it was completely necessary for each step to get played out to the[maximum]for everyone to appreciate what is forth coming in the near future.What we,as a country,are about to witness is going to blow you away!All those things you heard that you thought sounded crazy and virtually impossible to comprehend as truth were in fact all true and about to be revealed at the discretion of our[top leaders]via certain communications.So,buckle up for a little more turbulence before landing.But trust me this turbulence is peanuts compared to what the special ops endured!These brave men and women are true heroes!They saved so many children and adults.Again,my friends I reiterate to you with overwhelming confidence we won so don't lose sight of that no matter what narrative the Media pushes.Trust me it's all part of the script!You will all truly understand everything here shortly.You made it this far on the journey a little bit longer will not hurt you at all.Remain calm,be at peace,trust DJT and company,but most importantly trust Jesus my friends!God bless!

我的爱国者同胞们:和你们一起工作很愉快!我写这封信的目的是让你们知道我们赢得了战争。尽管如此,有些事情还是要在电影里演出。我可以向你保证一切都结束了。我能给出的最好的比喻是这样的,"想象一下你的球队在第四节540获胜,比赛还剩下5分钟。"。是的,你100%肯定地知道,你正在赢得这场游戏,但是在庆祝之前,你只需要让时钟滴答滴答地走到零。这就是我们目前的处境!如果电影是怀孕的话,我们已经怀孕8.5个月了。但很可能会提前到来!这部电影的某些方面需要"充分"展现出来,以便所有美国人都能理解到底发生了什么,正在发生什么。这叫做!大觉醒!是有原因的。所以,当事情"似乎"变得更糟时,要保持耐心。我的朋友们,这是故意的!否则,如果没有如此长时间的曝光,你将永远不会真正理解深州的[议程]!你可能现在还不能完全理解,但我保证,这种情况很快就会改变。特朗普先生永远不会放弃他的手。!!!!他是有史以来最伟大的棋手。!!!!他从一开始就知道谁和他在一起,谁不在他的团队里。他把它们都试了一遍。亲近你的朋友,亲近你的敌人!充分的披露会震惊你的核心。尽管这可能是痛苦的,但是对于每个人来说,在不久的将来尽最大努力去感激即将到来的一切是完全必要的。我们,作为一个国家,即将见证的将会让你们大吃一惊!所有你听到的那些你认为听起来很疯狂,几乎不可能理解的事情,因为事实上所有的真相都是真实的,而且即将通过某些沟通由我们的(最高领导人)判断性地揭示出来。所以,在着陆前系好安全带准备迎接更多的颠簸吧。但是相信我,与特种部队所忍受的相比,这次乱流只是小巫见大巫!这些勇敢的男男女女是真正的英雄!他们救了那么多的孩子和大人。再一次,我的朋友们,我以压倒性的信心向你们重申,我们赢了,所以不要忽视这一点,不管媒体怎么说。相信我,这都是剧本的一部分!你们很快就会真正理解这里的一切。你在旅途中坚持到现在,再坚持一会儿,你就不会受到任何伤害。保持冷静,平和,信任 DJT 和公司,但最重要的是信任耶稣我的朋友!上帝保佑!

[I hope you understand what is going on By Now.]jg


Finally,I have been informed that some of my post readers are concerned about my health after I wrote about my Ascension symptoms.For years I have experienced a wide variety of vague'symptoms'that come and go–vertigo,nausea,tiredness,headaches,sense of dislocation.These'symptoms'occur randomly and infrequently.If you don't subscribe to the concept of Ascension symptoms,it is understandable that you believe I am unwell.I am in perfect health.Trust me!Thank you though–I do appreciate your concern and good wishes.


Spirit always said that mainstream media would be the last to go.This CNN expose is great news for Light Warriors.TRUST the Alliance plan.All is well.

勇气号总是说主流媒体是最后一个走的。这次 CNN 的曝光对于光战士来说是个好消息。相信联盟的计划。一切都很好。

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Where We Go One We Go All.


Love and Light





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