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Starship Earth:The Big Picture 星际飞船地球:大局

September 3,2021 202193


The terrorism is pumped up to overflowing with headlines they couldn't wait to publish yesterday,like this one from The Hill,just days before the 20 year anniversary of 911.


You can't make this up,folks.Look at the name on the building.The address is 111.This is deep state comms,with a 33-year-old passenger and I'm sure if you crunched the Gematria there would be more messages.Since we understand 7 out of 10 plane crashes are"targeted kills",we pay attention.

伙计们,这可不是你们编的。看看大楼上的名字。地址是111。这是一个33岁的乘客的深层国家通讯,我相信如果你仔细研究一下 Gematria,会有更多的信息。因为我们知道每10起飞机失事中就有7起是"定点清除",所以我们会关注。

Plane crashes into building in Connecticut


Coming up on News 8 at Noon, we are learning the names of the four victims in Thursday's horrible plane crash. @WTNH pic.twitter.com/mlOZam4aWe

Comms abound these days.You probably heard Sen/Col Wendy Rogers tell us that two members of the Cyber Ninjas helping to finalize the election audit results came down with Covid.That means they were dirty!They were cabal infiltrators,and may have been causal in the"delay".Covid is used as cover for many things.NOTHING IS WHAT IT SEEMS.Here's the decoder,again.

这些日子通讯很频繁。你可能听到森/上校温迪·罗杰斯告诉我们,网络忍者的两名成员帮助完成选举审计结果与Covid一起下来了。那就是说他们很肮脏!他们是阴谋集团的渗透者,可能是因果关系的"延迟"Covid 被用作许多东西的掩护。一切都不是表面看起来的那样。这是解码器,再一次。


New York is having extreme everything.This video was posted Thursday afternoon.Link to Telegram.

纽约正在发生一切极端的事情。这段视频是周四下午发布的。链接到 Telegram

Was that footage taken from a boat or a car?


BREAKING!New York City issues a travel ban for non-emergency vehicles until 5 a.m.Thursday due to flooding and heavy rain.


New York city has announced Due to severe weather,there is a travel ban in effect beginning now.


Unfortunately,the death toll is high,as well.Was the storm steered with malice?It wouldn't be the first time.This is war,and why we were warned to plan for every eventuality if possible;even those we may never have experienced where we live before,and don't believe is possible.Queen Romana of Canada cautioned us to store food above flood level.


Project Veritas Headquarters in New York Destroyed by Hurricane Ida's Remnants(VIDEO)


Cirsten W spoke about the"weather wars"in this riveting update with Gene Decode on Michael Jaco's channel,along with a lot of other intel.Gene confirmed my belief that there are many stunts the dark planned to pull off which have been blocked and did not come to fruition.The anniversary dates of hurricanes are mind-blowing and not subtle in the least;August 29,over and over.If that doesn't suggest weaponized weather,I don't know what would.

西尔斯滕 w 谈到"天气战争"在这个铆接更新与吉恩迈克尔杰克的频道,连同许多其他情报。吉恩证实了我的看法,即黑暗势力计划实施的许多阻碍已经被阻止,并且没有取得成果。飓风的周年纪念日令人兴奋,一点也不微妙;829日,一遍又一遍。如果这不意味着武器化的天气,我不知道什么会。

Cirsten W.Gene Decode and I destroy the Deep State lies and bring hope.

西斯顿 w 吉恩和我摧毁深州的谎言,带来希望

Tesla was the inventor of a powerful Energy creating machine that could create energy/electricity from air and point zero ground…..This technology was stolen by the Agents of the ROTHSCHILDs/Rockefeller's……


Later on this technology would be known as HAARP and be used to create warfare<<<

Link to Telegram.

特斯拉是一个强大的能量创造机器的发明者,可以从空气和零点地面创造能量/电力.....,这项技术被罗斯柴尔德/洛克菲勒的特工偷走了......后来这项技术被称为 HAARP,用于制造战争<<链接到电报>

After the above video last night I watched an alarming one from a doctor and was awake for hours afterward.Dr.Bryan Ardis tells us what he knows about Fauci's Remdesivir—which is partially from his personal experience.I'm really glad the crew shared this.


All his research was forwarded on at Dr.Reiner Fuellmich's request to the attorneys prosecuting the WHO,CDC,NIH,etc.for crimes against Humanity.


He says patients on this killer drug experience organ shutdown and wind up drowning in their own fluids.The hospitals ignore the fact that they're not fighting a"virus",and adding Remdesivir to the mix as an"anti-viral"is a prescription for murder when they are blocking the use of HCQ,Ivermectin,etc.

他说服用这种致命药物的病人会经历器官停止工作,最终溺死在自己的体液中。医院忽视了他们并不是在对抗"病毒"这一事实,在混合物中添加雷德西韦作为"抗病毒"药物是谋杀的处方,因为他们阻止了 HCQ、伊维菌素等药物的使用。

Does this mean all the doctors are trying to kill patients?No,it means that protocol was a directive from the"governing bodies"by way of Dr.Anthony Fauci and most are"just following orders",unfortunately,and don't question.


Do the hospital administrators know it's part of the genocide?Some do,because we know they were taking substantial bribes to admit everyone as Covid positive,and got bonuses for patients put on ventilators.More bribery took place to get coroners to put Covid on the death certificates for thousands of people who died of other serious,pre-existing conditions but had a positive Covid test from the rigged PCR tests.

医院管理人员知道这是种族屠杀的一部分吗?有些人确实这么做了,因为我们知道他们接受了巨额贿赂,让每个人都成为 Covid 阳性者,并为那些戴上呼吸机的病人获得奖金。更多的贿赂发生在验尸官身上,他们让验尸官把Covid列入死亡证明上,这些验尸官死于其他已经存在的严重疾病,但在非正规的 PCR 检测中,他们的Covid检测呈阳性。

After having a little HCQ,Ivermectin,zinc,high dose Vit C and extra D smuggled in to him,our friend at the Mayo is a little improved today after a better night,one lung getting air into it and higher O2 levels without assistance.I learned the Remdesivir has been discontinued,thankfully,but they are only doing some things on the MATH+protocol and possibly not in high enough doses,so he continues to get extra products added from his wife.

我们在梅奥的朋友在经历了一个美好的夜晚之后,今天有了一点改善,一个肺在没有帮助的情况下吸入了空气,氧气水平也有所提高。谢天谢地,我得知 remedesivir 已经停产了,但是他们只在 MATH+协议上做了一些事情,而且剂量可能不够大,所以他继续从他的妻子那里得到额外的产品。


Fauci tests negative for Covid;it's just a cold.Scarf lady Dr.Debra Birx thinks it's disgusting to wipe your nose on your sleeve.It almost looks like his wrists are bound together,doesn't it?


She was concerned about the bloodwork got a second opinion from another doctor who they felt it wasn't bad for the stage he's at,so that's encouraging.At least now she can compare what they are doing to the MATH+protocol as a gauge for quality of care.I just heard he may be discharged on Sat.or Sunday and if he is,we can take a more active role in his care.Having to smuggle in proven remedies is insane.

她很担心血液检查,从另一个医生那里得到了第二个意见,他们认为这对他现在的阶段并没有坏处,所以这是令人鼓舞的。至少现在她可以比较他们做的 MATH+协议作为衡量护理质量的标准。我刚听说他星期六可能会出院。或星期天,如果他是,我们可以采取一个更积极的角色,他的照顾。不得不走私已经证实有效的药物简直是疯了。

My task is to help source out nurses or doctors in the Valley who know about treating this pneumonia and are willing to help our patient heal and provide the proper care.At least we know there's a compounding pharmacy that will dispense HCQ and Ivermectin.We're checking with them to find out which doctors might be available to us.

我的任务是帮助寻找硅谷的护士或医生,他们知道如何治疗这种肺炎,愿意帮助我们的病人痊愈,并提供适当的护理。至少我们知道有一家复方药房可以配制 HCQ 和伊维菌素。我们正在和他们核对,看看哪些医生可以为我们提供帮助。

Dr.Ardis also provides solutions in the way of doctors who will free of charge write prescriptions for the meds that actually cure"Covid pneumonia",and attorneys that will call the hospital our loved ones are trapped in and tell them to cease and desist that protocol immediately or face legal repercussions.www.MyFreeDoctor.com 14 min.

阿迪斯医生还提供解决方案,医生可以免费开处方,开出真正治愈"停止并终止肺炎"的药物,律师可以称医院为我们所爱的人所在的医院,并告诉他们立即遵守协议,否则将面临法律后果。Www.myfreedoctor.com 14分钟。


布莱恩·阿迪斯医生-医院方案就是谋杀患有Covid /流感的病人

In early 2020 Dr. Ardis lost his Father-in-law because of ill-advised hospital protocols. Since that time, he has been on a mission to help educate the public about the dangers in many of our "institutes of health". . Download the video: http...

The words of BardsFM Scott Kesterson still echo in my ears,telling us many months ago that we had better be prepared to fight like hell to avoid the jab.The ones who simply hold out their arm and do no research will continue to sleep,I suppose.If they get sick or die,they won't be told it's the vaxxx that did it.The rest of us may have to double down unless we have help from patriotic governors who stand behind our constitutional rights.

BardsFM 斯科特·凯斯特森的话至今仍在我耳边回响,他在几个月前告诉我们,最好做好战斗的准备,以避免被注射。我想,那些只是伸出手臂不做任何研究的人会继续睡觉。如果他们生病或死亡,他们不会被告知是Covid造成的。我们其他人可能不得不加倍努力,除非我们得到支持我们宪法权利的爱国州长的帮助。

Pentagon Has'Range of Tools'to Compel Service Members to Get COVID-19 Vaccine:Spokesman 



U.S.Military Service Members with Natural Immunity File Lawsuit over COVID Vaccine Mandate 


Queen Romana outs the NWO scamdemic agenda:Link to Telegram

罗曼娜女王提出了 NWO 诈骗学术议程:链接到 Telegram


Here's the Pissositos game plans:


1)Injection#1,IF,he/she dies before 14 days after injection day classify the death as Coronavirus19 positive–unvaxxed.


2)Injection#2,IF,he/she dies before 14 days after injection day classify the death as Coronavirus19 positive–unvaxxed


3)Blame the unvaxxed people.


95%of people going to Hospitals now are Vaxxed people.5%unvaxxed.


Everyone who works at Hospitals know this fact.


I have been considering the electro-magnetic nature of our avatars and the theory that at the appropriate time,those exiting to the new world will be activated by the"trump"[et]frequency and turn into Human conductors and then exiting this matrix.If that theory is valid,then is it a bad thing to have this graphene in us?Just asking.


What if…the ones drawn to get the jab need that impetus to propel them out,whereas those of us not inclined to take it,don't need it and at the soul level we know that?What if that is how they will make it so that…WWG1WGA?Maybe I'm crazy.Link to Telegram.

如果......那些被吸引来接受刺拳的人需要那种推动力来推动他们出去,而我们这些不愿意接受注射的人,不需要注射,在灵魂层面上我们知道这一点,那又会怎样呢?如果这就是他们将如何做到...WWG1WGA?也许我疯了。链接到 Telegram

2021年9月3日:战时通讯和气象战争|星际飞船地球BQQQQQQQM 2021年9月3日:战时通讯和气象战争|星际飞船地球  Magnetic Graphite Found in Vaccine–PROOF


Graphite(/ˈɡræfˌaɪt/),archaically referred to as plumbago,is a crystalline form of the element carbon with its atoms arranged in a hexagonal structure.It occurs naturally in this form and is the most stable form of carbon under standard conditions.Under high pressures and temperatures it converts to diamond.Graphite is used in pencils and lubricants.It is a good conductor of heat and electricity.Its high conductivity makes it useful in electronic products such as electrodes,batteries,and solar panels

石墨(/ræf a t/),古称为铅,是碳元素的晶体形式,其原子排列呈六角形结构。它天然以这种形式存在,在标准条件下是最稳定的碳形式。在高压和高温下,它变成了钻石。石墨用于铅笔和润滑剂。它是热和电的良导体。它的高导电性使其可用于电极、电池和太阳能电池板等电子产品

This will go over like a lead balloon,but some folks may find a pill much less threatening than the jab?Strategic?


Pfizer is Developing a Twice-per-day COVID Pill to Take in Addition to Its Vaccine 

辉瑞公司正在开发一种每天两次的ovid 药片,除了疫苗之外还可以服用

As Vaccines Continue to Not Work as Promised–Ivermectin Continues to Work–This Secret is Getting Out 


This is another interesting post from Romana:Link to Telegram.


Q&A,Nuremberg Trial


Q:Queen Romana,is this true?

Nuremberg Tribunals2 are in full swing:2,700,000 executions have already been carried out.



1)Yes.The Nuremberg 2 Trials are in full swing correct.


2)The two million seven hundred thousand(2,700,000)executions were carried out by Military Tribunals that's been running in the background since 2017;separate from the Nuremberg 2 Trials…


3)The Military Tribunals continues to this very day.


Governor DeSantis has made monumental inroads to protect the people of Florida.


Florida to Start Fining Businesses$5,000 for Violations of Vaccine Passport Ban 


Here is some frank talk from Dr.Robert Malone who has been outspoken about this scamdemic info-war and the shots.


Dr.Robert Malone,mRNA Vaccine Inventor,on Latest COVID-19 Data,Booster Shots,and the Shattered Scientific'Consensus'(Part 1)

疫苗发明者 Robert Malone 博士,关于最新的美国2019冠状病毒疾病学会数据,加强注射,和粉碎的科学共识


Image source:https://irishblog-irishblog.blogspot.com/2012/11/pedo-auntie-beeb-rules-hearts-minds-uk.html

Ooops!I see"pedo"sneaked in there.What do you know?


Our friends in the UK may benefit from this article fresh out of the blogosphere about"Auntie Beeb"or the BBC,their scruples,or lack thereof,and aiding and abetting the Covid crimes.This is written by a critical resident who has been watching it all unfold.

我们在英国的朋友们可能会从这篇刚从博客圈出来的关于"比伯阿姨"或者 BBC 的文章中受益,他们的顾虑,或者缺乏顾虑,以及帮助和怂恿科维德犯罪。本文作者是一位一直关注这一切发展的批判性居民。

Covid 19-Lying to the Dead and Dying 


There is good news,however…Link to Telegram.

然而,有一个好消息...链接到 Telegram

JUST IN–UK's vaccine advisory body JCVI refuses to approve vaccinating healthy children aged 12-15 years,there is"insufficient"evidence to offer mass vaccination for this age group.

JUST IN-UK 的疫苗咨询机构 JCVI 拒绝批准为12-15岁的健康儿童接种疫苗,没有"足够"的证据为这个年龄组提供大规模疫苗接种。


I thought I'd try again to access the website for Sean Stone's"Satanic Empire"series which is set to air this weekend,and to my surprise,SatanicEmpire.org redirected to PedoEmpire.org and Robert David Steele.Coincidence?They are creating a tempest in a teacup around RDS so no one can possibly figure out what is what.Can we stop talking about this POS?I don't have to tell you this photo could be doctored but there's definitely a psyop going on.The crew sent the following:

我想我应该再试着访问一下 Sean Stone 的《撒旦帝国》系列的网站,这个系列将于本周末播出,让我惊讶的是,satanicempire.org 网站重定向到了 pedoempire 网站和罗伯特·大卫·斯蒂尔网站。巧合?他们在 RDS 周围的茶杯里制造了一场风暴,所以没有人可能知道什么是什么。我们能不谈这个 POS 吗?我不必告诉你这张照片可能被篡改了,但是肯定有一个心理活动正在进行。机组人员发送了以下信息:

Mcafee telegram channel posted this just over 3 hours ago.. ? pic.twitter.com/l4jl5q7npz

I prefer this subject material.


Anastasia Romanov's Granddaughter &The Queen of Russia#Revelation https://t.co/0OqMJPbGZA


Wow,I never thought of it that way.So we have a Queen of Russia,a Queen of Canada,Princess Diana Spencer soon to be unveiled…Never thought I'd see the day.I keep saying"never".Never say never.We just passed the anniversary of Diana's faked death on August 31st but I've been too preoccupied to remember it.



Bell Rock vortex,Sedona,AZ


I've always felt Arizona is a special place,but I didn't know why it might be until more recently.


The Sedona Vortexes are caused by massive underground crystals.#NEIOH This is from a giant Crystal Transmitter beneath the ground and IKAI and others will Activate the Frequency in the area. This is done for all Crystals but more often around Sedona NOW.https://t.co/f63VfuB9aq pic.twitter.com/pi4jRrFRce

That's a good video linked above;the latest from Mr.MBB333.Watch it here.

这是上面链接的一个很好的视频,来自 MBB333先生的最新视频。点击这里观看。

⭐️ Don't forget to subscribe, be safe out there...https://www.mrmbb333.comhttps://visitsedona.com/spiritual-wellness/what-is-a-vortex/

Some of the energies on the planet are not positive.The"riot cops"deployed to control the protests are getting increasingly violent and sometimes toward people who didn't warrant it.I'm expecting a lot more protests tomorrow.This party is just getting started.Link to Telegram.

这个星球上的一些能量是不正的。为了控制抗议活动而部署的"防暴警察"变得越来越暴力,有时还针对那些没有得到授权的人。我预计明天会有更多的抗议活动。派对才刚刚开始。链接到 Telegram

SLOVAKIA–During an anti-govt/anti-COV_ID protest in Bratislava on Sep 1,a man was shot in the neck with a rubber bullet,apparently for no reason.

斯洛伐克-91日,在伯拉第斯拉瓦的一场反政府/反对 covid 的抗议活动中,一名男子被橡皮子弹击中脖子,显然是无缘无故的。

In Europe,the fascist"guardians of the order"are becoming increasingly violent against people who openly oppose the NWO/COV_ID regime.

在欧洲,法西斯"秩序守护者"对公开反对 NWO/COVid 政权的人越来越暴力。

Gina Maria Colvin Hill discussed the recent mysterious aggressive and uncharacteristically argumentative behaviour of some people and the possible reasons for that,as well as the"bioluminescence"within us that scientists have recently detected.Yes,we are"Light Beings",for sure.


Have you been noticing ODD Behavior in People?


We know what's coming,thanks to the Q map.Link to Telegram.

感谢 Q 地图,我们知道将要发生什么。链接到 Telegram


>'Internet Apocalypse'


(Reported in many websites and Mainstream media//>Forbes breaks the story to fortune 500 members and ELITES)


[THEY]are building the narrative for BLACKING OUT THE INTERNET.




TRUTH AND REASON  2021年9月3日:战时通讯和气象战争|星际飞船地球

Narrative building,think economy,great reset,forensic audit,patriots know the playbook


Without Internet,I would have a bit of a holiday but I would miss you guys.Yes,I would,but I would probably decompress a little,do some yard work,and knit and drink vats of tea.Dark to Light.


That is the end of today's post.Things are getting interesting,to say the least.Keep sharing good information with good people and we will soon see the tide turn and the next phase of our liberation.


Thank you to the crew and everyone for the input.~BP




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