X22报道|第2999集: 经济痛苦对人们来说是真实的,深层政府推动了无政府状态

2023年2月17日13:38:39最新动态X22报道|第2999集: 经济痛苦对人们来说是真实的,深层政府推动了无政府状态已关闭评论3161阅读模式


X22报道|第2999集: 经济痛苦对人们来说是真实的,深层政府推动了无政府状态

Ep. 2999a – Green New Deal Narrative Failing Fast, The Economic Pain Is Real For People


Ep. 2999b – Epstein, Snow White, Evidence Released, [DS] Pushes Anarchy, Quicksand, Trap Set

爱泼斯坦,白雪公主,证据公布,[ DS ]推动无政府状态,流沙,陷阱集



The green new deal is failing, the cars are to expensive and the people are not going to sacrifice so they can drive an electric car. The people will not continue to sacrifice as the [CB]/[WEF] push their agenda. The people will reach the precipice and push back.

绿色新政正在失败,汽车太贵了,人们不会为了开电动汽车而做出牺牲。人民不会继续为[ CB ]/[ WEF ]推动他们的议程而做出牺牲。人民会走到悬崖边,奋力反击。


The [DS] is now using anarchy and chaos to keep the news cycle clogged. The evidence is pouring out and they don’t know how to stop it. Epstein, money laundering, crimes against humanity are all on deck, the [DS] is fighting for their lives and the people are learning the truth. The [DS] is now pushing people to go up against Trump in the election, this will fail, Trump is watching the board to see who is loyal and who is not. These people will enter the quicksand never to be heard from again. 

[DS]现在正在利用无政府状态和混乱来阻碍新闻周期。证据不断涌现,但他们不知道如何阻止。爱泼斯坦,洗钱,反人类罪都已经准备好了, [DS]正在为他们的生命而战,人们正在了解真相。 [DS]现在正在推动人们在选举中与特朗普对抗,这将会失败,特朗普正在观察董事会,看看谁忠诚,谁不忠诚。这些人会进入流沙,再也没有音讯。 


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