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 February 16, 2023
星际飞船地球: 大图2023年2月16日

2023年2月16日: 东到西,北到南ーー分散我们的注意力|星际飞船地球

You simply cannot make this up, folks. This “movie” is getting more insane by the day as the normies get a huge helping of disclosure to gag on. The cabal is waking the normies with their vicious attacks on Humanity.


Since the cabal owns everything of import, they have the resources to execute whatever events and distractions they choose. Look over here, not over there. Ignore our crimes, you people are dying.


The biggest story in America is probably the train derailments—plural—which aren’t yet over, by the way. Here’s today’s story—so far—in Michigan, which sounds fairly benign. It’s not far from Detroit, and therefore, relatively close to the Canadian border, Windsor, and the Great Lakes waterway. It doesn’t sound dire at this point.

顺便说一句,美国最大的新闻可能是火车出轨ーー多次出轨ーー事件尚未结束。以下是密歇根州今天的故事(目前为止) ,听起来相当温和。它离底特律不远,因此相对靠近加拿大边境,温莎和五大湖水道。现在听起来并不可怕。

ANOTHER TRAIN DERAILMENT: Crews On the Scene in Van Buren Township After Train Derails – At Least 6 Cars Off the Track (VIDEO)

另一列火车脱轨: 车组人员在 Van Buren Township 火车脱轨后赶到现场-至少有6节车厢脱轨(视频)

The Ohio train derailment is still top news, but perhaps not for the reasons we think. Some have questioned how there could have been dead fish in the streams immediately following the train derailment, particularly two miles away, if their facts were correct.


What a Qincidence that Q told us to “watch the water” in this 5-year delta.

Q 告诉我们在这个5年的三角洲“注意水”,这是多么巧合啊。

Feb 15, 2018 1:08:41 AM ESTFeb 15,20181:08:41 AM EST 2018年2月15日东部时间上午1:08:41
Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 276796 No. 382161问! UW.yye1fxo ID: 276796 No. 382161
Q :

Insider Paper on Twitter: "JUST IN ? New footage apparently shows highly contaminated water in East Palestine, Ohio after train derailment pic.twitter.com/KicmiI07WL / Twitter"

JUST IN ? New footage apparently shows highly contaminated water in East Palestine, Ohio after train derailment pic.twitter.com/KicmiI07WL

Ohio Secretary of State hopeful in the 2022 election, Tore Maras, posted on Telegram that the water in that area was bad. How did it get that way? Could the derailment have been cover for a nefarious environmental situation, like the Flint, Michigan water crimes? Sounds like she’s in Cleveland. Link to Telegram.

俄亥俄州有望参加2022年大选的国务卿托雷 · 马拉斯(ToreMaras)在电报中称,该地区的水质很差。怎么会这样?这次出轨是否可能是为了掩盖恶劣的环境状况,比如密歇根州弗林特市的水污染事件?听起来她在克利夫兰。链接到电报。

See NO ONE tested their WATER before derailment BUT THE water has been HORRIFIC for a while.
I tested my CLE water – it’s poison.
NOW everyone in panic is testing – and it’s bad. NO SHIT

没有人在出轨前测试他们的水,但是水已经可怕了一段时间。我检测了 CLE 的水,有毒。现在,每个人都在恐慌测试-这是不好的。不是吧

The residents of East Palestine are very angry and hopefully will get results. Heads need to roll if their water is tainted because there is no telling the depth and breadth of health issues that could result from toxic water, including birth defects.


The fact that the railroad representative cancelled last minute is unforgiveable. These folks have to get to the bottom of this situation fast because if it is a coverup, the initial problem still must be addressed as well. It may take time to place the appropriate blame. These folks should not sign anything until a thorough investigation has been done—and not by the railroad’s investigators. You can’t have the criminals investigating themselves. The cabal is famous for that. [FBI!!!]


Benny Johnson on Twitter: "The line to get into the East Palestine town hall tonight stretches for a half mile. THOUSANDS of people are PISSED and none of them trust what the government is telling them. Good. pic.twitter.com/lJcG79FM09 / Twitter"

The line to get into the East Palestine town hall tonight stretches for a half mile. THOUSANDS of people are PISSED and none of them trust what the government is telling them. Good. pic.twitter.com/lJcG79FM09

And then there is this…


2023年2月16日: 东到西,北到南ーー分散我们的注意力|星际飞船地球

For anyone new… we point out that the water on this plane[t] belongs to all of Humanity, as do the land, minerals and any other natural resources, like timber and wildlife.


The greedy criminals privatized the water, and now sell it back to us—and no one complained. Since they have been poisoning our air and food for a long time, it’s not a stretch to say they have been poisoning the water, too. Simple tests show it’s true.


People think bottled water is safe, pure, clean, and healthier than tap water and well water. Is it? Perhaps it is time to invest in a high quality water purification system. That’s a call we have to make individually.


The crew shared this helpful bit from Clif High. He is speaking about “activated charcoal”, the name normally on supplement packaging. It acts like a sponge and attracts and binds to toxins so they can be safely excreted by the body.


For affected Ohio area, You can get vinyl chloride out of water with activated carbon. Probably a hint to maybe chew on some as well. Clif High

对于受影响的俄亥俄州地区,你可以用活性炭把氯乙烯从水中提取出来。也许暗示我也该吃点。克里夫高中 https://twitter.com/clif_high/status/1626257877920026627

The fact that they made a movie involving a mirror scenario suggests their typical “predictive programming” where they give us a preview of what they have in store for us at a future date. These people are sick.


The crew mentioned they included the train wreck in their film, “White Noise”, which I had never seen. Here’s the jaw dropper: they used residents of East Palestine, Ohio as extras.

工作人员提到他们在他们的电影《白噪音》中包括了火车残骸,这部电影我从来没有看过。让人瞠目结舌的是: 他们用俄亥俄州东巴勒斯坦的居民作为临时演员。

FLASHBACK: Netflix Premiered Show “White Noise” in 2022 on Ohio Train Crash and Toxic Chemical Explosion, Included East Palestine Residents as Extras — TRAILER INCLUDED

回顾: Netflix 2022年首播的《白噪音》讲述了俄亥俄州的火车事故和有毒化学品爆炸,包括东巴勒斯坦居民作为临时演员ーー包括预告片

The odd fires continue.


BREAKING: Massive 5 acre fire has broken out a warehouse storing plastic plant pots in Kissimmee, Florida.

最新消息: 基西米一个储存塑料盆栽的仓库发生大火,火场面积达5英亩。

Hazmat teams are monitoring air quality due to the large amount of smoke coming from the burning plastics.


Residents with breathing issues should remain indoors.


The following is something interesting pertaining to earthquake locations. We’ll see what further investigation reveals, but we remind everyone that very little in our world happens naturally or by accident. The cabal always has a way to cover their crimes or to eliminate liabilities and profit from it—such as they did on 9/11 when they destroyed the twin towers and made millions from the insurance.


2023年2月16日: 东到西,北到南ーー分散我们的注意力|星际飞船地球

Unfortunately, moving isn’t the answer, but a short-term fix. We have to fix the root of the problem.


Residents are fleeing the state to Utah, Nevada and even Texas


California loses 500,000 residents in 2 years as Americans flee high costs, COVID restrictions


They failed to mention Idaho and Arizona as destinations in the article. We have had almost zero inventory for average homes for the past three or more years here in the Valley of the Sun, AZ and home prices have skyrocketed to ridiculous levels and generated bidding wars with sellers getting above asking price in some cases.

他们在文章中没有提到爱达荷州和亚利桑那州是目的地。在过去三年甚至更长的时间里,AZ 的普通住宅库存几乎为零,房价飙升至荒谬的水平,并引发了竞价战,在某些情况下,卖家的出价甚至高于要价。

Construction is booming in the Phoenix metroplex as it was in 2004 when we bought our home new in the East Valley. We sold to a couple from California at almost double the price in 2021 after doing a lot of improvements to the land and home but there was so little to choose from we wound up with a home we had to update to get the location and space we need.


Still updating two years later, and I’m still asking, “Are we on vacation or do we really live here?” It is paradise—unless we lose power mid-summer. Here in the Sonoran desert t A/C is mandatory and some Californians didn’t have it so they’ll be a lot more comfortable here. We need to get the election rigging sorted and get Kari Lake, Blake Masters, Abe Hamadeh and other good MAGA people in office to clean up the corruption.

两年后仍在更新,我仍在问: “我们是在度假还是真的住在这里?”这里是天堂除非我们在仲夏失去电力。在索诺兰沙漠这里,空调是强制性的,一些加利福尼亚人没有空调,所以他们在这里会舒服得多。我们需要解决选举舞弊问题,让 Kari Lake,Blake Masters,Abe Hamadeh 和其他 MAGA 的人在办公室里清理腐败。

2023年2月16日: 东到西,北到南ーー分散我们的注意力|星际飞船地球

There was another earthquake in Turkey today, again at 10 km depth. An “aftershock”, 11 days later? Is that normal?  Could be the White Hats in the tunnels…


Strong mag. 5.2 earthquake – Eastern Mediterranean, 30 km west of Antioch, Antakya İlçesi, Hatay, Turkey, on Thursday, Feb 16, 2023 at 9:47 pm (GMT +2) – 2 hours 43 minutes ago

强力弹夹。5.2地震-东地中海,安蒂奥克以西30公里,Antakya İlçesi,哈塔伊,土耳其,星期四,2023年2月16日晚上9:47(格林尼治时间 + 2)-2小时43分钟前

There’s no telling what this was about. Could have been good guys… or not.


Black Hawk Military Helicopter Crashes Near Alabama Highway, No Survivors: Authorities

黑鹰军用直升机在阿拉巴马公路附近坠毁,无生还者: 当局

It’s not over yet. You probably heard about the Trump Superbowl speech that wasn’t until Phil Godlewski read it on his live show. What does this mean? It’s a back-handed way to get it out there in the alt news community, if nothing else. True Patriots acknowledge, accept, and welcome the opportunity to be “used” by the Earth Alliance. Perhaps it’s what this is about, as per Kerry Cassidy.  Link to Telegram.

还没结束呢。你可能听说过特朗普超级碗的演讲直到菲尔 · 戈德莱夫斯基在他的现场节目上读到。这是什么意思?如果没有别的事,这是在另类新闻社区发布消息的一种间接手段。真正的爱国者承认、接受并欢迎被地球联盟“利用”的机会。也许就是因为这个,凯瑞 · 卡西迪说的。链接到电报。


这个故事的总结... . 这是巨大的... . 关于宣布 EBS 和逮捕深层国家成员..。

TRUMP’S SUPERBOWL ANNOUNCEMENT THAT NEVER CAME: The video BELOW is embedded from Rumble. It features master techie and broadcaster with a large following…Phil reading a TRUMP SPEECH that he claims was LEAKED to him. He claims that TRUMP was going to give a speech on mainstream news announcing the EBS happening and announcing the arrest of deep state members that was stopped because of a ‘CREDIBLE THREAT’ FROM THE DEEP STATE/CABAL.****

特朗普的超级碗宣言从未出现过: 下面的视频嵌入了来自隆博的视频。它的特点是技术大师和广播员拥有大量的追随者... 菲尔宣读了特朗普的讲话,他声称是泄露给他。他声称,特朗普将在主流新闻上发表演讲,宣布 EBS 的成立,并宣布逮捕深层政府成员,由于来自深层政府/阴谋集团的“可信威胁”而停止逮捕。****



It would now appear that all the train derailments are part of a building THREAT AGAINST THE PEOPLE AND THE WHITE HATS by the DEEP STATE/CABAL.


Re the TRUMP SPEECH LEAKED ….The white hat strategy is to USE PEOPLE WHO ARE ALREADY CONTROVERSIAL TO LEAK STUFF they can’t do in an upfront forum without getting killed…IT’S CALLED PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY…..

关于泄露的特朗普演讲白帽策略是利用那些已经有争议的人泄露他们不能在一个前沿论坛做的事情而不被杀死... 这叫做似是而非的否认..。

It doesn’t matter if the case against the person is true or false… as long as they have people split on both sides …polarized… this gives them plausible deniability to come forward and say they NEVER SAID IT OR DID IT… and blame the messenger who they hired and used to deliver the message!

不管对这个人的指控是真是假... 只要他们的人分成了两派... 两极分化... 这就给了他们似是而非的否认站出来说他们从来没有说过或者做过... 然后责怪他们雇佣和使用的传递信息的人!



IF this is TRUE …two days ago TRUMP TRIED TO TAKE THE OPPORTUNITY OF THE SUPER BOWL TO TELL THE PEOPLE THE REAL TRUTH …about the arrests of the Deep State operatives and roll-out the EBS and got shut down by the Illuminati Controllers…Probably threatening to kill half the population of the US or some other shit…. KEEP IN MIND THE TRAIN DERAILMENTS ARE SABOTAGE BY THE DEEP STATE AND ENGINEERED TO HAPPEN TO PROVE TO TRUMP AND THE WHITE HATS THEY ARE STILL IN CONTROL and have NO HESITATION ABOUT KILLING HUNDREDS IF NOT MILLIONS TO PROVE IT….

如果这是真的... ... 两天前,特朗普试图利用超级碗的机会告诉人们真相... ... 关于深州特工被捕和推出电子商务系统,并被光明会控制者关闭... ... 可能威胁要杀死美国一半的人口或其他狗屎... ..。请记住,列车脱轨是深层政府的蓄意破坏,他们正好证明了特朗普和白帽子仍然在他们的控制之下,并且毫不犹豫地杀死成百上千甚至上百万的人来证明这一点... ..。

Phil is not making this up…so someone (either the White hats or someone else) is trying to further discredit him… Like what a waste of time…OR it’s true and they are using him to LEAK IT because stupid people will only see the messenger (someone who is controversial and polarizing) and miss the TRUTH.

菲尔不是在编故事... ... 所以有人(不管是白帽子还是其他人)试图进一步诋毁他... ... 就像是在浪费时间... ... 或者这是真的,他们利用他来泄露消息,因为愚蠢的人只会看到信使(一个有争议和两极分化的人)而错过真相。



And if you really want to go down the rabbit hole the LEAK could easily have come from the Trump team in order to test the waters knowing it didn’t happen in order to see how people handle it and where it goes. There could be no such speech and Phil’s longtime trusted source could have deceived him OR his comm network could have been HACKED and the whole thing is a trick to further discredit Phil. You decide.





We have heard many times that an expected huge message from Trump was nixed because of disgusting threats from the cabal so… anything is possible. There’s more than one way to skin a cat, however.

我们已经听到很多次,特朗普发出的巨大信息被否决了,因为来自阴谋集团的恶心威胁,所以... 一切皆有可能。然而,剥猫皮的方法不止一种。

These are just more tales of murder and intrigue that accompany the Great Awakening and the Battle for Planet Earth.


If we see evidence of the predictive programming then we know not all these “disasters” were last minute schemes to thwart Trump’s announcement, yes?


A last message:


2023年2月16日: 东到西,北到南ーー分散我们的注意力|星际飞船地球

L – R: Former CIA/Sec. of State Mike Pompeo and former VP Mike Pence 前美国中央情报局/国务卿迈克 · 庞皮欧和前副总统迈克 · 彭斯

Link to Telegram.


We won’t forget these two traitors


Alert ? ‼️


U.S. Army executed Mike Pompeo under the order of VP19

美军根据 VP19的命令处决了 Mike Pompeo

Mission Complete! ✅


7:44 PM, Washington, D.C.


That would explain the rapid weight loss and the masks for Mike Pompeo. We heard rumours before.

这就可以解释为什么迈克 · 庞皮欧的体重迅速下降,而且戴上了面具。我们之前也听到过这样的传言。

I’ll leave you to ruminate over the above if you care to do so. It’s late. Gotta go.  ~ BP

如果你愿意的话,我就不打扰你反复思考上述问题了。很晚了。我得走了。~ BP

2023年2月16日: 东到西,北到南ーー分散我们的注意力|星际飞船地球


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