2023年5月31日: 战争的转折点|星际飞船地球

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 May 31, 2023
星际飞船地球: 大图2023年5月31日

2023年5月31日: 战争的转折点|星际飞船地球

The chatter is indicating that June 1 will be the beginning… of the more visible developments. The storm’s intensity will be increasing. Perhaps the war will no longer be invisible to so many people.


A lot is happening, but not all of it is for us, the awake and aware. Don’t be mislead, however—we still have a lot of waking up to do. Regardless of how much we think we know, we will be bowled over by some of what is revealed in the coming months, perhaps years. It gives us something to look forward to with both positive and negative anticipation. It won’t all be easy.


2023年5月31日: 战争的转折点|星际飞船地球

The world we thought we knew and had grown somewhat comfortable in, is going to change. Completely.


We’ve heard a lot about whistleblowers lately.


CIA Agent Confesses On Deathbed: ‘I Killed Bob Marley’

中情局特工在临终前坦白: “我杀了鲍勃 · 马利”

A 79-year-old retired officer of the CIA, Bill Oxley, has made a series of stunning confessions since he was admitted to the Mercy Hospital in Maine on Monday and told he has weeks to live. He claims he committed 17 assassinations for the American government between 1974 and 1985, including the music icon Bob Marley.

79岁的中央情报局退休官员比尔 · 奥克斯利(Bill Oxley)周一被送进缅因州的仁爱医院(Mercy Hospital) ,并被告知他还有几周的生命。自那以来,他做出了一系列令人震惊的供述。他声称自己在1974年至1985年间为美国政府实施了17起暗杀行动,其中包括音乐偶像鲍勃 · 马利(Bob Marley)。

Some may be doubtful about the prognostications like a banking collapse/financial reset and subsequent chaos and hullabaloo but I would be surprised if it could be done without disruption and discomfort. I DO believe it will be minimized as much as possible but is a key tool in the gradual wakeup process for the masses; like a cattle prod.


The media is not going to tell us that banks are having difficulties or that they are insolvent—at least not until the White Hats decide it’s time. When? White House Grampa posted the following image on May 30 on Truth Social and told us to enjoy the week ahead.

媒体不会告诉我们银行遇到了困难或者资不抵债ーー至少在白帽子(White Hats)决定是时候这么做之前不会。什么时候?5月30日,白宫爷爷在“真相社交”上发布了以下图片,并告诉我们要享受接下来的一周。

2023年5月31日: 战争的转折点|星际飞船地球

We can see the assault unfolding on the FBI/CIA and the narrative building for international relations to fail and explode into war. That, too, would probably get the attention of most of the normies.


I got stuck on the Capt. Kyle telegram channel at 2:30 am last night like fly paper and couldn’t get off for half an hour. There is great stuff on Telegram. Some of it is intelligence-related; some tugged at the heartstrings, like this: video at the link.

我昨天凌晨2:30像苍蝇纸一样卡在凯尔上尉的电报频道上,半个小时都下不了班。电报上有很多好东西。有些是与智力有关的,有些是牵动心弦的,像这样: 视频链接。

A baby is injected with 24 diseases by the age of 24 weeks.


“No vaccine has ever been proven safe
No vaccine has ever been proven effective.
No two vaccines have ever been tested together for their efficacy. Or their reaction between them and then babies get 24 in very short time.”



So why are we jabbing our pets? If they can create “safe” vaccines for our companion animals then why wouldn’t they do that for Humans? They can’t, because it’s not part of their agenda. They create the suffering for which we pay dearly to remedy. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to remedy in the current consciousness.


2023年5月31日: 战争的转折点|星际飞船地球

Just in case… we have been advised for some time to prepare for supply chain interruptions; food, water, daily essentials, meds, pet supplies, cash, fuel, candles/batteries, a way to cook… and keep the gas tank in your vehicle over half. How long you prepare for is up to you. It sounds like a minimum of 10 days is advisable. Those who cannot afford to stock up will be taken care of; if not by friends and neighbours then via other means.

为了以防万一... ... 我们已经被建议一段时间来准备供应链中断: 食物,水,日常必需品,药品,宠物用品,现金,燃料,蜡烛/电池,一种烹饪方法... ... 并保持你的汽车油箱超过一半。你要准备多久就看你自己了。听起来最少10天是可取的。那些买不起食品的人将得到照顾; 如果不是由朋友和邻居照顾,那么就通过其他方式。

2023年5月31日: 战争的转折点|星际飞船地球

When will they tell the world about the tunnels and DUMBs? Link to Telegram.

他们什么时候把隧道和哑巴的事告诉全世界? 链接到电报。



10,000 Deep Underground Military Bases (D.U.M.B.s) Concealed Across the Globe!


Prepare for the Unveiling of the Unthinkable!


Did you know that the United States alone houses a staggering 1,800 of these labyrinthine structures? Fixing this inconceivable mess is no simple task. It requires a monumental effort to eliminate this global network of nefarious control.


Within these sinister depths, unimaginable variables lurk—human captives, innocent children, insidious weapons, weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), bio-facilities, nightmarish clone factories, and even engineered super soldiers. The complexity is mind-boggling, with kill switches, treacherous traps, and much more awaiting discovery.


Yet, amidst this darkness, there remains a glimmer of hope—FAITH.


Let’s consider the shocking statistics:


➡️ Earth’s population: 7.7 billion souls 地球人口: 77亿
➡️ The SUPER ELITE: A minuscule 0.02% totaling a jaw-dropping 1,540,000 million individuals超级精英: 微不足道的0.02% ,总人数达1540000000
➡️ The Elite: Representing a mere 1% with a staggering count of 77,000,000 million members精英: 仅占1% ,拥有770亿会员
➡️ The Million Elites: An astonishing figure of 10% equating to 770,000,000 million souls 百万精英: 10% 的惊人数字相当于770,000,000,000,000个灵魂
➡️The Global Military and Intelligence Complex: A colossal force exceeding 800,000,000 million strong, spread across various countries, infiltrating corrupted police forces, news stations, management positions, militias, mercenary organizations, and underground Blackwater soldiers. They extend their web of influence to include doctors, lawyers, scientists, officials, pharmaceutical companies, and the insidious Big Tech industry, ensnaring over 190 nations worldwide!全球军事情报综合体: 一支超过8亿人的庞大力量,遍布各国,渗透到腐败的警察部队、新闻机构、管理部门、民兵组织、雇佣兵组织和地下黑水军队中。他们的势力范围扩大到包括医生、律师、科学家、官员、制药公司和阴险的大型科技产业,在全世界190多个国家设下圈套!

To dismantle this impenetrable web of control meticulously crafted over 1,400 years by the Khazarian bloodline, the Rothschilds, and the Rockefellers—the overlords of world banks—we face an astronomical challenge.


Let us not forget the Vatican’s historical grip on 70 nations and the far-reaching tentacles of Obama, Gates, the Bushes, the CCP, and countless others entangled in this macabre game of power.


In the face of this daunting reality, the valiant White Hats within the military tirelessly work to minimize casualties and bring justice to a world plagued by darkness.


The time for complacency is over. Buckle up, for we are on the precipice of unimaginable events! Remember, it’s the events that matter, not the dates!


Cease the futile bickering and infighting among yourselves. Unite in purpose, for the time has come to defy their malevolent control.


Join The Official Telegram Channel of Patrick Bouvier Kennedy加入帕特里克·布维尔·肯尼迪的官方电报频道
@PatrickKennedy777 @ Patrick Kennedy 777

Time for a comedy break. NASA [Never A Straight Answer] or [Not A Space Agency] had a live this morning. It’s pathetic; just more pretending that they don’t know anything about the UAPs—like they’re nearly all ours! Morons. I couldn’t even listen to their drivel. Video at the link.

现在是喜剧休息时间。美国国家航空航天局(从来没有一个直接的答案)或者不是太空机构今天早上进行了现场直播。这太可悲了,只不过更多的是假装他们对 UAP 一无所知ーー好像它们几乎都是我们的一样!白痴。我甚至不能听他们胡说八道。链接上有视频。


Frankly, since our planet was infested by off-planet entities thousands of years ago who are controlling us and the planet with their hybrids and using us as food, they are not going to tell us aliens exist. Just common sense.


The truth is more like this:


Michael Scaglione on Twitter: "It's a hoax/distraction. The government does not willingly share information like this, the empire is crumbling and they will pull out all the stops to hold it together. pic.twitter.com/4qOQ8x9Taa / Twitter"

It's a hoax/distraction. The government does not willingly share information like this, the empire is crumbling and they will pull out all the stops to hold it together. pic.twitter.com/4qOQ8x9Taa

What we DO know is that nothing is what it seems. Since the advent of Q and President Trump I have had the distinct impression and faith that a massive plan is unfolding that is less 3D than anything else. A simplistic explanation might be that the benevolent powers are reverse-engineering this construct which was corrupted by our captors with their evil spells and wizardry.

我们所知道的是,没有什么事情是表面看起来的那样。自从 Q 和特朗普总统出现以来,我就有了一种明显的印象和信念,即一个巨大的计划正在展开,而这个计划与其他任何计划相比都不是3D 的。一个简单的解释可能是,仁慈的力量正在逆向工程这个构造被我们的俘虏者用他们的邪恶咒语和巫术腐蚀。

What we see is only slightly representative of the grand plan and serves to distract us and groom us for the higher dimensional life we will soon enjoy. The politics, social engineering, science, etc. are what we understand. The bulk of The Plan involves far more than we can see or understand. They can’t really explain it to us. Not most of us, anyway, because we don’t innerstand time or timelines.


My belief from some of the intelligence we have had so far is that the Alliance is cancelling out what the dark ones have done. It’s similar in principle to noise-cancelling headphones where an equal and opposite sound wave cancels out the unwanted noise.


2023年5月31日: 战争的转折点|星际飞船地球

The crew encapsulated a fascinating example of what is unfolding at the hands of the White Hats that may make some sense. Give it a whirl.


Sean David Morton speaks我是 Sean David Morton
of altering timelines in a wave-like fashion…that an equal and opposite wave must be created以波浪的形式改变时间线,必须创造出相等的反向波
A trigger触发器
A miracle event一个奇迹
caused the sinking of the Spanish fleet which allowed导致了西班牙舰队的沉没
Britain and France to colonize英国和法国去殖民
spreading literature and freedom传播文学和自由
An English merchant ship was blown by strange winds一艘英国商船被奇怪的风吹走了
into the side of进入... 的侧面
a Spanish Man-O-war西班牙战士
thereby sinking it把它沉了
ending their invasion plans结束他们的入侵计划
To change timelines改变时间线
a timeline altering wave is created.创造了一个改变波形的时间线。
A Trigger event can be seen as触发事件可以看作
initiating or commencing the启动或开始
mass wave质量波
White hats signed up Kid Rock years白帽子帮摇滚小子签了几年的合同
ago when he visited the Trump posse at the Whitehouse当他在白宫拜访特朗普一伙的时候
His role recently appears to be他最近的角色似乎是
as initiator or “trigger” for an作为启动器或“触发器”
equal and opposite wave相等和相反的波
against the transification timeline与转化时间表相对照
Kid Rock kicked it off摇滚小子开球了
(traditional hunting at sunrise)(传统的日出狩猎)
Machine gunning a table of Bud cans机枪扫射一桌啤酒罐
With that image as starter以这个形象作为开始
the boycott grew and spread抵制的声音越来越大
People are voting with their dollars人们用他们的钱投票
at the beer store在啤酒店
rather than (peacefully) burning而不是(和平地)燃烧
the place down那个地方
Creating a wave制造波浪
(opposite to the Alinsky)(对面的 Alinsky)
We can draw comparison between我们可以比较
Kid Rock busting Bud cans open摇滚小子打开百威啤酒罐
and the English merchant ship还有英国商船
busting open a Man-O-war打开一个战争机器人
Changing of the timelines更改时间线
was planned with stored energy released the proper way by被计划用适当的方式释放储存的能量
hunting (at sunrise)(日出时)打猎

I don’t believe we need to fully grasp what is happening. We were told to enjoy the show. The surface noise is just a distraction. The meaningful, impactful events that have swung this war in our favour to vanquish the psychopaths is in the hands of the higher-ups. I fully trust they know what they are doing, and one day, so shall we. To explain it would be like speaking Greek to an American.


There is definitely an other-worldly feel to it all, from my perspective. It’s fascinating, exciting, inspiring, historic. All we really need to know is, “Where we go one, we go all.”


One thing we can understand is a rigged election, and the Arizona/Maricopa County saga is getting juicier by the day. As we know, “fraud vitiates everything”.


New Evidence Found in Maricopa: Tabulators Had Wrong Data Base and Machine Behavior Settings During 2022 Election

在马里科帕发现的新证据: 2022年大选期间制表人有错误的数据库和机器行为设置

It’s not only Arizona. Link to Telegram.


Florida Election Illusion?


The People’s Audit is a system to find voter roll manipulation state wide.


In Florida we can clearly see large scale manipulations of the voter rolls and the wide spread abuse of mail-in ballots.


We can see voters are added months in advance as a forecast and then voter are changed for the final count to generate the predetermined outcome. They add, delete and switch votes.


Do you really think Biden got 81 million votes?


Why do you think DeSantis brags about how fast they are able to announce the election results in Florida? That is because they are all designed ahead of time.


Do you think DeSantis could beat Trump in a fair election?


We are participating in the greatest illusion of all time.


Full Presentation:

演讲全文: https://floridarepublicanassembly.org/2023/05/29/floridas-election-illusion/

Follow @thepeoplesaudit

关注@thepeople 审计

That’s just a fraction of what is unfolding. We also heard Trump will be back on Twitter in 72 hours. Will he say it? “My fellow Americans…”???

这只是正在发生的事情的一小部分。我们还听说特朗普将在72小时内回到 Twitter 上。他会说吗?“我的美国同胞们...”?

What—you want the intel? One moment please.

什么,你想要情报? 请稍等。

Capt. Kyle posted the following Telegram today:




Military issued satellite phones to the Senate in the coming COMMUNICATION BLACKOUT EVENT,.在即将到来的通讯中断事件中,军方向参议院发放了卫星电话。
> This comes on the heals of China Spy Balloons and China merging with Russia on tactical War defense operations.中国间谍气球和中国与俄罗斯在战术战争防御行动上的合并正在愈合。
> 4 star General Keane issued a warning四星级以上的基恩将军发出了警告
“China will attack our Homeland quite massively using cyber Capabilities to attack ,defeat our electrical grid , oil gas distribution even the financial sector.” …. Gen. Keane goes on to say China will try to defeat the u.s. inside the U.S. and Pacific regions“中国将利用网络能力大规模攻击我们的国土,攻击我们的电网、油气输送甚至金融业。”....基恩将军接着说,中国将试图在美国和太平洋地区击败美国

_this all comes as Russia makes its BRICS alliance这一切都发生在俄罗斯结成金砖国家联盟的时候
, And tells the alliance that he will nuclear arm them,并告诉联盟,他将核武器他们
Of they wish to join forces against the western regimen.他们希望联合起来反对西方政权。
>At the same time china issues Warning To CIA> 与此同时,中国向美国中央情报局发出警告
_The international community needs to stay on high alert against cyber attack activities conducted by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the United States around the world, and the United States must stop using cyber weapons to carry out espionage and cyber attacks, a Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson said on Thursday. Mao Ning _CHINA中国外交部发言人周四表示,国际社会需要对美国中央情报局(CIA)在世界各地进行的网络攻击活动保持高度警惕,美国必须停止使用网络武器进行间谍活动和网络攻击。毛宁 _ 中国
( So far TRUMP. RFKJR. PUTIN. XI all have publicly attacked the CIA for world corruption…. (到目前为止,特朗普十一世都曾公开抨击中央情报局在世界范围内的腐败行为... ...)。 ?…. What’s happening behind the scenes? 幕后发生了什么? ? )
The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) says it has spent $290 million on a drug to treat radiation sickness in the event of a nuclear emergency美国卫生与公众服务部(HHS)表示,他们已经花费2.9亿美元购买了一种治疗核紧急情况下辐射病的药物

>WHO updates critical medicines list for radiological and nuclear emergencies> 世卫组织更新放射性和核紧急情况关键药物清单
Remember in 2017 …fema ( cia) were doing Operation Gotham Shield exercises conducted by the United States Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) which tested civil defense response capabilities to a nuclear weapons attack against the New York City metropolitan area with the national guard.还记得在2017年... 联邦应急管理局(FEMA)正在进行“哥谭盾牌行动”演习,该演习由美国联邦应急管理局(FEMA)主持,旨在测试民防反应能力,以应对针对纽约市国民警卫队的核武器攻击城市群。

As we come into the SCARE NECESSARY _EVENT
And NUCLEAR STANDOFF it’s important to remember THERE ARE BACK CHANNELS that connect The Real Chief and Commander, Cheyenne mnt. To Russian White hats. Chinese white hats.

当我们进入恐怖的必要事件 重要的是要记住,真正的首领和夏安指挥官之间是有秘密渠道的。敬俄罗斯白帽子。中国白帽子。 世界上所有的白帽子都与中情局(洛克菲勒/[ DS ] ECT)政策有关。


Q 警告过你。

it all leads to一切都指向
WIRES>]; The CIA/FBI DEEP STATE are getting ready to pull off the CYBER-ATTACK of the century and getting ready to blame PATRIOTS and label them white supremacists ( remember the media ,the fake Biden have said the biggest threat to the U.S. is white supremacists….. They did this because they are going to blame the COMMUNICATION BLACKOUT on MAGA…..)////美国中央情报局(CIA)/联邦调查局(FBI)“深层国家”(DEEP STATE)正准备实施本世纪最大的网络攻击,并准备指责爱国者,给他们贴上白人至上主义者的标签(记住媒体报道,假冒的拜登曾说过,美国面临的最大威胁是白人至上主义者... ..。他们这样做是因为他们将把通讯中断归咎于 MAGA...)////
_ [ they] want to end the investigations into EPSTEIN.他们想结束对爱泼斯坦的调查。
>.][ They][ know the dismantling of the FBI.CIA ROCKEFELLERS ECT in the U.S. is happening and they are planning to stop the internet. SHUT DOWN THE GRID TO CAUSE MAJOR CHAOS.>.][他们][知道解散联邦调查局中情局洛克菲勒电休克在美国正在发生,他们计划停止互联网。关闭电网,造成大混乱。


> 濒死的文明 _ 事件正在发生



This was all over Telegram last night. Comms. No question. Enjoy the show.


2023年5月31日: 战争的转折点|星际飞船地球


This Truth is screaming for attention. When Trump assigns a nickname, there is a reason. We know Kayleigh is truly a patriot, and this is all for show. He mispelled milquetoast. As we know if we’ve been following Q, spelling matters. If there is a misspelling, 99% of the time it is intentional, unless they acknowledge and correct it. Here’s one Telegram post about the above Truth Social remark from Trump. That post also refers to “34”, which is THE Q drop everyone is waiting to see on Twitter.

这个真理在呼唤着关注。特朗普给别人起外号是有原因的。我们知道凯丽是个真正的爱国者这一切都是为了表演。他拼错了胆小鬼。如果我们一直关注 Q 的话,我们知道拼写很重要。如果有拼写错误,99% 的情况下是故意的,除非他们承认并纠正它。这里有一个来自特朗普的关于上述真相社会评论的电报帖子。这篇文章也提到了“34”,这是每个人都在等待在 Twitter 上看到的 Q 下降。

Q Clearance Patriot
My fellow Americans, over the course of the next several days you will undoubtedly realize that we are taking back our great country (the land of the free) from the evil tyrants that wish to do us harm and destroy the last remaining refuge of shining light. On POTUS’ order, we have initiated certain fail-safes that shall safeguard the public from the primary fallout which is slated to occur 11.3 upon the arrest announcement of Mr. Podesta (actionable 11.4). Confirmation (to the public) of what is occurring will then be revealed and will not be openly accepted.

我的美国同胞们,在接下来的几天里,你们将毫无疑问地意识到,我们正在从邪恶的暴君手中夺回我们伟大的国家(自由的土地) ,这些暴君想要伤害我们,摧毁我们仅存的光明的庇护所。根据总统的命令,我们已经启动了某些自动防故障装置,以保护公众免受波德斯塔先生被捕后预计将发生的11.3级主要后果的影响(可操作性11.4级)。(对公众)对正在发生的事情的确认将会被揭露出来,而不会被公开接受。

If you’ve been kicking around with us for a couple of years you probably saw me draw the physical connection between Kayleigh and Carolyn Bessett Kennedy. Someone posted the following on Telegram, too, saying it’s Kayleigh and Dad.  No question who “Dad” is.

如果你已经跟我们混了几年,你可能看到我把凯莉和卡罗琳 · 贝塞特 · 肯尼迪之间的身体联系画出来了。有人也在电报上发布了以下内容说是凯莉和爸爸。毫无疑问“爸爸”是谁。

2023年5月31日: 战争的转折点|星际飞船地球

The benevolent families have been changing their names and hiding just like the Khazarian mafia has.


And there is this post… Link to Telegram.

还有这个帖子... 链接到电报。

Trump calls Kayleigh McEnany MILKTOAST, but Trump misspelled it?

Trump 称 Kayleigh McEnany 为 MILKTOAST,但 Trump 拼错了

The correct spelling is MilQuetoast

正确的拼写是 MilQuetoast ー > QUE

Trump is telling us that Kayleigh McEnany is PART OF Q!! ???

Trump 在告诉我们 Kayleigh McEnany 是“ Q 的一部分”! !

(I mean we kinda already knew ?)


The Kennedy family is all over it. Revenge time.


Miscellaneous news…


We have National Guard from many states ready to do their duty, whatever that may entail. This is probably cover for deploying the military to control the situation in the coming days as Q predicted, not necessarily for the border situation.

我们有来自许多州的国民警卫队随时准备履行他们的职责,不管这意味着什么。这可能是为了像 Q 预测的那样在未来几天部署军队来控制局势,而不一定是为了边境局势。

Youngkin sends National Guard troops to border, joining growing list of red states


And regarding the border situation, some of us are wondering if the masses of “military age Chinese men” said to be part of the “caravans” are actually going to have a specific purpose here reporting to the White Hats. Interesting, yes? We don’t believe the thousands of “illegal aliens” were allowed to enter the country unchecked, undocumented, unknown. I believe “the patriots are in control”. The entire world are in league to take out the enemy.


JUST IN – Belarus president Alexander Lukashenko ‘rushed to hospital’ after holding a meeting with Putin, Daily Mail reports


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There is hope for people waking up yet. Last night my other half had America’s Got Talent on when a choir of youngsters from South Africa made their debut and out of the blue he remarked, “Simon looks different.” Did we not hear that Simon Cowell had been replaced? I think he did look a little different from what I remember but we don’t usually watch that program.

人们还有醒来的希望。昨天晚上,我的另一半参加了《美国达人》 ,一群来自南非的年轻人首次登台,他突然说: “西蒙看起来不一样了。”我们没听说 Simon Cowell 被换掉了吗?我想他看起来确实和我记忆中的有些不同,但是我们通常不看那个节目。

2023年5月31日: 战争的转折点|星际飞船地球

Are you ready? How ready are you? Link to Telegram.

你准备好了吗? 你准备好了吗? 链接到电报。

Russian Summer starts it  June 1


And they have just posted Wagner.他们刚刚发布了瓦格纳的作品。





June 1st 1794. Last of the British troops removed from USA. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jay_Treaty

1794年6月1日最后一批英国军队撤离美国 en.wikipedia.org/wiki/jay_treaty

Gotta run and pick up a few last-minute things in preparation for… you know. Whatever. It’s getting very exciting.

我得去拿点最后的东西,准备... 随便啦,越来越刺激了。

Thank you to the crew, as always, for the terrific info.  ~ BP



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