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"They use all forms of persuasion to prevent people from speaking out,to silence people.Threats,intimidation,blackmail,financial deprivation.And all types of harassment such as put under intensive surveillance,telephone tapping,all of this.They pull out the stops and they have unlimited funds because those funds are supplied by the tax payer"—Andrea Davison,Former Intelligence Agent.


Whilst the global press is focusing on Prince Andrew's alleged involvement with Jefferey Epstein's child trafficking sex ring,this may,in fact,actually pale in comparison to other criminal activity involving children by the hands of the British Establishment.


Sonia Poulton,a British journalist,social commentator,and filmmaker,has been investigating the dark web of pedophilia for years that connects Margaret Thatcher,'Sir'Edward Heath,David Cameron,Theresa May and Jeremey Corbyn to the cover-up(and for some,the actual facilitation)of sex crimes against children.It is thought that this cover-up,may have been going on for at least 30 years.

英国记者、社会评论员和电影制作人 Sonia Poulton 多年来一直在调查恋童癖的黑暗网络,这个网络将撒切尔夫人·马丁、Edward Heath 爵士、David CameronTheresa May jermey Corbyn 与掩盖针对儿童的性犯罪联系在一起。人们认为这种掩盖行为,可能已经持续了至少30年。

Her documentary'Paedophiles in Parliament'is a shocking expose which links many MP's to child abuse.Sonia exposes how the British Royal Family is also tied into this.


Leon Brittan'Attended Paedophile Parties in Notorious Brothel'.


Prominent Royal members were openly well-known friends to the now-deceased and notoriously depraved pedophile Jimmy Saville


Curiously,it is said that he had access to the Palace whenever he liked.With MI5 and Scotland Yard having the job of'vetting'everyone around the Royals,it would have been known to them,that Jimmy Saville at the very least,had a very bad reputation and really was not'royal'material.


Yet,he had a very close relationship with Prince Charles,for decades.(Prince Charles often described Jimmy Savile as one of his best friends.He wanted Savile to be Prince Harry's godfather).


It is now alleged that there were at least 450 cases of abuse by the hands of Jimmy Saville and that 8 British police forces knew of this and did nothing about it.

现在据称,Jimmy Saville 至少有450起虐待案件,8名英国警察部队知道这一情况,但对此却置之不理。

The news of his sick and cruel acts was only made widely known after he died.There is also a similar story in regards to'Sir'Edward Heath,an ex-prime minister of the UK no less,who is also now known to have been an alleged pedophile.

直到他死后,有关他病态和残忍行为的消息才广为人知。英国前首相爱德华希斯爵士(Sir Edward Heath)也有类似的遭遇,他现在也被指控有恋童癖。

According to Anna Brees,Ex BBC Reporter,40 people came forward to report that Edward Heath had sexually abused them.

据前 BBC 记者 Anna Brees 报道,有40人站出来报告爱德华·希斯对他们进行了性虐待。

One of the victims,Michael Tarraga,UK,who tragically only has a few months to live due to severe COPD,claims he was'bought and sold'for sex and was trafficked from several different foster homes he grew up in.He recently published the book'Meat Rack Boy'detailing what had happened to him.The proceeds from his book go to helping others who have experienced horrific abused like he has.You can listen to a podcast with him where he explains how these rings operate here:

其中一名受害者,英国的迈克尔·塔拉加,由于严重的慢性阻塞性肺病只能活几个月,他声称自己被买卖来进行性交易,并且从几个不同的寄养家庭被贩卖出去。他最近出版了一本名为《肉架男孩》(Meat Rack Boy)的书,详细描述了他的遭遇。这本书的收益将用于帮助那些像他一样经历过可怕虐待的人。你可以和他一起收听一个播客,他解释了这些戒指是如何运作的:

Trevor Victor Norman Fortescue,CBE,also known known as Tim Fortescue,was a British politician.He was the Conservative Member of Parliament(MP)for Liverpool Garston from 1966 to 1974.


Fortescue was appointed by Edward Heath as an assistant whip under Francis Pym,served as a senior whip,Lord Commissioner of the Treasury from 1971 until he resigned in September 1973.According to him,as stated in the documentary above:


"For anyone with any sense,who was in trouble,would come to the whips and tell them the truth,and say now,I'm in a jam,can you help?It might be debt,it might be…a scandal involving small boys,or any kind of scandal in which,erm er,a member seemed likely to be mixed up in,they'd come and ask if we could help and if we could,we did.And we would do everything we can because we would store up brownie points…and if I mean,that sounds a pretty,pretty nasty reason,but it's one of the reasons because if we could get a chap out of trouble then,he will do as we ask forever more."


Lord Mountbatten,who was an Uncle to Prince Philip,and very close to Prince Charles,was allegedly assassinated in 1979 by the IRA.However,recently uncovered FBI files,which reference a 1944 interview with Elizabeth de la Poer Beresford,Baroness Decies,a friend of the royal family.The report stated:


"She states that in these circles Lord Louis Mountbatten and his wife are considered persons of extremely low morals.She stated that Lord Louis Mountbatten was known to be a homosexual with a perversion for young boys."


Lord Mountbatten was also good friends with Jimmy Saville.

路易斯·蒙巴顿,第一代缅甸的蒙巴顿伯爵也是 Jimmy Saville 的好朋友。

How'convenient'that this only ever comes out after these people die,you might say.


Jimmy is said to have not only been a vile abuser himself,but also a procurer of children to abuse for others.Who were these people that he helped bring innocent children to?


This kind of thing has been floating around out there for decades.For example,a member of the Royal family was claimed to be part of a suspected pedophile ring under investigation by the police in the late 1980s,a former police officer has said.The former Metropolitan Police officer said he was told by a detective sergeant that the investigation into the ring,which was also claimed to include an MP,was shut down for national security reasons.


"I was in a car with two other vice squad officers…The detective sergeant said he had just had a major child abuse investigation shut down by the CPS regarding a royal and an MP,"he told the Sunday Mirror newspaper."He did not mention names,but he said the CPS had said it was not in the public's interest because it'could destabilise national security'."

他告诉《星期日镜报》:"我当时和另外两名刑警在一辆车里......这名警探说,他刚刚接到皇家检察署关于一名皇室成员和一名议员的重大虐待儿童案件调查。""他没有提到姓名,但他说 CPS 说这不符合公众的利益,因为这'可能会破坏国家安全'"

Peter McKelvie,a former child protection chief in the UK,gained attention when he claimed that senior politicians,military figures and even people linked to the Royal Family were among the alleged abusers.While working in Hereford and Worcester,he helped to convict notorious child abuser Peter Righton,who was once one of the country's most respected authorities on child care.

英国前儿童保护主管彼得麦克尔维(Peter McKelvie)声称,据称施虐者中包括资深政客、军方人士,甚至与皇室有关的人士,这引起了人们的关注。在赫里福德和伍斯特工作期间,他帮助将臭名昭著的虐待儿童者彼得·瑞格顿定罪,瑞格顿曾是美国最受尊敬的儿童保育机构之一。

This highlights a great point,and something that I've come across multiple times in my research.Many people who work for national child care protection programs are directly involved in this type of thing.McKelvie is one of many who told the world that these types of powerful VIP pedophile rings have been running in secrecy for multiple years.

这突出了一个很重要的观点,也是我在研究中多次遇到的观点。许多为国家儿童保护项目工作的人都直接参与了这类事情。麦克尔维是众多告诉世界这些类型的强大的 VIP 恋童癖组织已经秘密运行多年的人之一。

Report:At least 20 high-profile members of the British Establishment formed a VIP paedophile ring that abused children for decades,a whistleblower claimed.Peter McKelvie,the former child protection manager,said senior politicians,military figures and even people linked to the Royal Family were among the alleged abusers.

报道:一名告密者称,至少20名英国权势集团的高调成员组成了一个虐待儿童数十年的恋童癖贵宾团伙。前儿童保护经理彼得麦克尔维(Peter McKelvie)表示,被指控的施虐者包括资深政客、军方人士,甚至与皇室有关的人士。

Anna Brees was recently interviewed by Shaun Atwood,a London based activist during a'true-crime podcast'and said that she has received information on some current MP's who have been sexually harming boys.


In another eye-opening interview,Shaun also spoke to an ex Scotland Yard Police Officer of 27 years,about how the police cover-up pedophile rings.Jon Wedger explains how easy it is for pedophiles in the UK to get around the law and gain access to victims through programs for'helping'children with special needs or those in foster care.The fact that the most vulnerable children in society are easy prey for these sick individuals to get regular access to is deeply disturbing.


Whilst this film certainly makes for uncomfortable viewing–it is indeed very hard to fathom what happens to innocent children,especially by those that are supposed to'care'for the public–but this is perhaps one of the most important topics that we are facing today.


In an era where corruption and power is at an all-time high,is this,in fact,the biggest cause as to what is holding us back from living in a free society?


Is it time to connect the dots and see what is really behind this widespread corruption,and that is,the hidden in plain sight systematic abuse of children by the hands of the powerful and those that are meant to protect us.





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