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(Natural News)A new study finds that cultivation and enrichment of microbes on the face can infiltrate the lungs through unconscious aspirations and cause inflammatory responses and advanced stage lung cancer.The nose and the mouth were designed to take in oxygen without strain,uninhibited.The oxygen travels down the trachea and splits off into two tubes called the bronchi.From there,the oxygen travels down a series of bronchioles until it reaches the alveoli,which are tiny air sacs covered with blood vessels.These air sacs take the oxygen directly to the heart,where it is dispersed throughout the body.


When a person exhales,the process is put in reverse and the lungs exhale carbon dioxide.This carbon dioxide gas is the vehicle that allows the organ systems to rid the body of wastes.When this process is obstructed or restrained for prolonged periods of time,the lungs and the heart struggle to nourish the rest of the body.Long term mask wearing also hinders the body's natural ability to detoxify wastes,creates an acidic environment,and slowly strains the organ systems throughout the body.


Masks are priming the lungs for inflammation and lung cancer pathology


A study published in the journal Cancer Discovery finds that lung cancer progresses when the lungs are forced to regurgitate microbes.Prolonged mask use creates a moist environment that cultivates microbes.This toxic environment not only forces the person to regurgitate their own wastes,but also inundates the lungs with microbes that cause a toxic environment that feeds lung cancer.


The researchers found that the lungs are not just a sterile environment.When microbes inundate the lungs,they can active an immune response.This causes inflammatory proteins such as the cytokine IL-17 to appear.

研究人员发现,肺部不仅仅是一个无菌环境。当微生物渗入肺部时,它们可以激活免疫反应。这导致炎症蛋白如细胞因子 IL-17的出现。

Microbes that are normally found in the mouth can make their way into the lungs."Given the known impact of IL-17 and inflammation on lung cancer,we were interested in determining if the enrichment of oral commensals in the lungs could drive an IL-17-type inflammation and influence lung cancer progression and prognosis,"said Leopoldo Segal,Director of the Lung Microbiome Program and Associate Professor of Medicine,New York University Grossman School of Medicine.(Related:Masked schoolchildren are harmed physically,psychologically,behaviorally and suffer from 24 distinct health issues.)

通常在口腔中发现的微生物可以进入肺部。美国纽约大学格罗斯曼医学院肺微生物项目主任、医学副教授利奥波尔多·西格尔说:"考虑到已知的 IL-17和炎症对肺癌的影响,我们有兴趣确定口腔共生物在肺中的富集是否可以驱动 IL-17型炎症并影响肺癌的进展和预后。"(相关报道:戴面具的学生在身体上、心理上、行为上都受到伤害,他们患有24种不同的健康问题。)

Masks cultivate and enrich microbes that infiltrate the lungs and cause immune suppression


The research team used diagnostic clinical bronchoscopies to analyze the lung microbiomes of 83 untreated adult patients who were diagnosed with lung cancer.They identified the composition of each microbial environment and documented which genes were expressed as a result.They found that lung tissue from patients with advanced state lung cancer(stages 3b-4)was more enriched with microbes than lung tissue of patients who had early stage disease.This increased enrichment of oral bacteria in the lungs was also associated with decreased chance of survival,no matter the stage of tumors.The bacteria colonies that caused the most damage was Veillonella,Prevotella,and Streptococcus bacteria,all of which are more readily cultivated in a mask.Tumor progression was associated with the enrichment of Veillonella,Prevotella,Streptococcus,and Rothia bacteria.The cultivated microbes infiltrate the lungs and affect genetic expression,namely the p53,PI3K/PTEN,ERK,and IL-6/IL-8 signaling pathways.

研究小组使用诊断性临床支气管镜检查,分析了83例未经治疗的肺癌患者的肺微生物组。他们确定了每个微生物环境的组成,并记录了哪些基因因此得以表达。他们发现晚期肺癌(3b-4)患者的肺组织比早期肺癌患者的肺组织富含更多的微生物。这种增加的口腔细菌在肺部的富集也与降低存活的机会,无论肿瘤的阶段。造成最大破坏的细菌菌落是 VeillonellaPrevotella 和链球菌,所有这些都更容易在面具中培养。肿瘤进展与 VeillonellaPrevotella、链球菌和罗斯菌的富集有关。培养的微生物浸润肺部,影响基因表达,即 p53PI3K/PTENERK IL-6/IL-8信号通路。

In further evaluation,the cultivation of Veillonella parvula in the lungs of mice led to expression of inflammatory proteins,increased expression of IL-17,and the presence of immune suppressing cells."Given the results of our study,it is possible that changes to the lung microbiome could be used as a biomarker to predict prognosis or to stratify patients for treatment,"said Segal.Prolonged mask wearing not only puts strain on the heart and lungs but also cultivates a microbial environment that is more likely to infiltrate the lungs and create an environment of cancer.

在进一步的评估中,在小鼠肺中培养微小静脉导致炎症蛋白的表达,IL-17的表达增加,免疫抑制细胞的存在。Segal :"根据我们的研究结果,肺微生物组的变化可能被用作预测预后或者分层治疗的生物标志物。"。长时间戴口罩不仅会对心脏和肺部造成压力,而且还会培养出一种更容易渗透到肺部并产生癌症的微生物环境。

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