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April 09, 2022 2022年4月9日

Bright Star, a medium, sent this channeling to Steve Beckow at the Golden Age of Gaia in March 2018. I transcribed it at the time. Much of this information aligns with other Event channelings. As always, please use your discernment as you read this excerpt.

Bright Star,一个媒介,在2018年3月的盖亚黄金时代将这个通灵发送给了 Steve Beckow。我当时把它抄录下来了。这些信息大部分与其他事件通灵相一致。和往常一样,请在阅读这篇摘录时运用你的洞察力。

Dust-like smoke of rainbow color, penetrating nature and each human - experienced and seen by every human being on Gaia, coming from everywhere (not merely from the sun). Beautiful but also scary mainly because you cannot figure out where the dust/smoke comes from or what it is - at first. 


In the moment when the dust/smoke hits, LOVE replaces all, and the internal change process begins. You feel extremely happy during the process and you don't want to stop it. Activate the process through breathing, enabling the heart to get filled with air. It needs much air as it is the engine that is in the lead of your internal transformation process. 


It could last for some hours up to some days. The latter is the rule for the majority - depending on which energy level you were before the process started. Breathing is ABSOLUTELY KEY!  Stop with everything you're doing. Try to relax after the first shock when you see the dust/smoke. Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing - and then let the LOVE wash you anew.


Lightworkers are in the same boat as all other human beings. Follow the same principle (stop what you are doing, relax and breathe). Lightworkers will complete the process faster, thereby being able to help others after the Lightworkers have finished their own process. There will be no contact with star family et al during the process. It is a very intimate time for each and every one.


It hits out of the blue and you cannot prepare. You've prepared over many lifetimes for this event...We will receive big help from our family behind the veil after the process is finished...

它突然出现,你无法准备。你们已经为这个事件准备了许多辈子... ... 在这个过程结束后,我们将在面纱后面接受来自我们家族的巨大帮助... ..。

(Bright Star)

This channeling echoes several other similar messages about the Event. There is a common theme... Something may 'hit' the entire planet simultaneously, affecting every living thing, humans, animals and plants. It will be absolutely shocking to everyone, including Light Warriors at first, because it is totally unexpected. There is no time to prepare. Light Warriors will quickly recover and be available to support shocked people around them.

这个通灵回应了其他几个关于这个事件的类似信息。有一个共同的主题... 某种东西可能同时“袭击”整个地球,影响每一个生物,包括人类、动物和植物。这绝对会让所有人震惊,包括一开始的轻武士,因为这是完全出乎意料的。没有时间准备了。轻型战士将很快恢复,并可以支持周围震惊的人。

My suggestion is to have a simple plan in case communications are down for a short while. Where will you go first? In my case, I would be supporting shocked neighbors first. Then I would travel 15 minutes to the house of a close Light Warrior friend where we will re-group together. We have had this plan in place for months. My loved ones know they can come to my house that evening, and every evening. I have some cash, petrol in the car, and food for 3-4 weeks. 


Q has often said, 'It's going to be BIBLICAL'. Here is a thought - and that is all it is - what about Easter? Three days of 'darkness' from Good Friday to Easter Sunday. Dark to Light. The crucifixion and the resurrection (of humanity). However it seems that if an Event as described in the channelings manifests, it will be BIBLICAL no matter the time of year.

Q 经常说,‘这将是圣经上的’。这里有一个想法——仅此而已——复活节怎么样?从耶稣受难日到复活节的三天黑暗。从黑暗到光明。钉死在十字架上和(人类的)复活。然而,似乎如果一个事件描述在通灵显化,它将是圣经无论每年的时间。

Will such an Event happen...? I have no idea. I honestly don't know anymore than you do. But there is a lot of information out there, and more coming in every day, that supports such a possibility.


The most important thing is don't go into fear. The Event is LOVE.


Thank you for reading this post. You are welcome to share it as long as you re-post it in its entirety, including the link to my blog site.


Where We Go One We Go All.


Love and Light




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