2021年5月24日16:27:09最新动态X22报告|第2485集:经济系统即将升温,深州系统即将曝光已关闭评论1.1K7字数 1403阅读4分40秒阅读模式



Ep 2485a–[CB]Push Their Agenda,Nobody Is Listening,The Economic System Is Going To Heat Up

EP 2485a-[CB]推动他们的议程,没有人在听,经济体系将会升温

Ep 2485b–Fake News Prepares For The Fall Out,The[DS]System Is About To Be Exposed WW,AF1

EP 2485b-假新闻为跌落做准备,[DS]系统即将曝光WWAF1

The[CB]is now trying to prepare the people of the world of their new world.They are introducing how people will need to eat bugs because food will be too expensive.The people are now buying what they are selling.The other part of their agenda is to steer everyone away from alternative currencies.



The[DS]and fake news media know that their entire system is about to be exposed.The audits are moving forward and the patterns are being discovered and exposed.The panic is now off the charts and the fake news media is trying to convince the people that they must accept the outcome of the election and the audits are not necessary.Trump readies TF1.Once this is exposed those who[knowingly]manipulated the elections and were involved in the manipulation will be arrested.





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