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报告(C-VINE 审核准确性)


Mandated Quarantine Is Really 强制隔离是真的

House Arrest,What Was The Crime?软禁----犯了什么罪?

我们为自由而战,我们为正义而战The 4th Amendment:"The right of the people to be secure in their persons,houses,papers,and effects,against unreasonable searches and seizures,shall not be violated,and no Warrants shall issue,but upon probable cause,supported by Oath or affirmation,and particularly describing the place to be searched,and the persons or things to be seized."


The lock-downs we are seeing in real time was all part of the Deep State's plan.They have done everything possible to take down our duly elected president but it has failed.Their last attempt of survival is to make certain Trump is not elected again.Their very lives are at stake.


People from around the country feel their rights have been violated.WA states'Gov.Inslee,is beginning to contact-trace citizens.If someone tests positive,they are mandated to give up names and businesses of where they have been.Restaurant personnel will be required to take customers'complete contact information in case there is a positive covid result.Isn't this an infringement privacy?


They will trace every person who was within close proximity,go to their homes and with the aid of the WA State National Guard,will forcibly remove and separate family members,if they do not comply.They will be taken to quarantine camps.


The Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution protect US citizens from tyranny.The corrupt government will continually impose violations if we do not know what our rights are.'Armor up!'


CA's Governor Newsom is threatening Martial Law if citizens don't comply with shelter in place..00006925%have tested positive for Covid-19 which means 99.9999931%are forced to remain in lockdown,no business,no life,liberty or pursuit of happiness.The majority of healthy people are being shamed because of the very few who have tested positive.


Tyrannical governors are not trying to decide when people can return to their former lives.They are shaming and guilting people into believing if they do,they will put other people's health at risk.Are they going to tell us to sell our cars and stop driving,too?Millions of people put others at risk every day on the roads and highways.This is insanity!Know your rights!


With all this declassified documentation,the DS will clogs the news with fake information to keep the REAL news from getting to the people.This is why they spread fake news,spin news,censor news and even block news.It is very important to visit reliable news websites in case social media giants cut us off.

有了所有这些解密的文件,DS 将用伪造的信息封锁新闻,以防真正的新闻传到民众手中。这就是为什么他们传播假新闻,编造新闻,审查新闻,甚至屏蔽新闻。访问可靠的新闻网站是非常重要的,以防社交媒体巨头切断我们的联系。

Judge Sullivan,the judge who denied General Flynn's exoneration,is part of the DS.He was told to get Flynn on perjury charges.The DS wants Trump to pardon Flynn so they can accuse him of being a dictator.It won't work.

否认弗林将军免罪的法官沙利文是 DS 的一部分。他被告知要以伪证罪起诉弗林。DS希望特朗普赦免弗林,这样他们就可以指责他是一个独裁者。没用的。

President Trump will oblige with Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador's(AMLO)request for information from the US Government regarding Barack Obama's,'Fast and Furious.'Obama allegedly instructed gun store owners to break the law and sell firearms to suspected criminals.Wasn't Obama's administration scandal-free?


President Trump often discusses his eagerness for a vaccine.This isn't necessarily about the vaccine by Bill Gates.He is very much for natural therapy,HCQ,etc.He tweeted,"…Vaccine work is looking VERY promising,before end of year.Likewise,other solutions!"He is steps ahead of the DS.

特朗普总统经常讨论他对疫苗的渴望。这未必与比尔·盖茨的疫苗有关。他非常喜欢自然疗法,HCQ 等等。他在推特上说,"......疫苗工作看起来非常有希望,在年底之前。同样,还有其它解决方案!"他领先于 DS

The QAnon movement is about Patriotism,love for country,exposing frauds.Anyone posing as an Anon,but displays acts of hate against our US Constitution is counterfeit.We are Patriots.We fight for Freedom,for Liberty and Justice for all!



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