X22报道|第3120集: 央行被迫向民众展示,另一个先例即将开创

2023年7月20日16:00:29最新动态X22报道|第3120集: 央行被迫向民众展示,另一个先例即将开创已关闭评论1001阅读模式

[DS] 已经部署了所有资产,他们将在选举前继续起诉他,并可能逮捕他。他们想让他屈膝,但他不会。

X22报道|第3120集: 央行被迫向民众展示,另一个先例即将开创

Ep. 3120a – Climate Propaganda Continues To Fall Apart, [CB] Forced To Show The People Their Agenda

气候宣传继续分崩离析,[ CB ]被迫向人民展示他们的议程

Ep. 3120b – Another Precedent Is About To Be Set, The Plan Is Coming Full Circle, Justice, United, Free


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Streamed on: Jul 19, 8:15 pm EDT

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The people can now see clearly that the green new deal is the opposite of what they are trying to do. They are cutting down 16 million trees to put windmills up. The recession is here and its going to get worse. The [CB] is showing the people step by step on how they will destroy their lives.

人们现在可以清楚地看到,绿色新政与他们正在努力做的事情背道而驰。他们正在砍伐1600万棵树来建造风车。经济衰退已经到来,而且还将继续恶化。[ CB ]正在一步一步地向人们展示他们将如何毁掉自己的生活。

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The [DS] has deployed all assets, they are going to continue to indict him leading up to the elections, they might arrest him. They want him to bend a knee but he won’t. The [DS] is being brought down a path and the path is war, Trump know they will try to manipulate the elections for postpone them most likely with a cyber attack, this will allow the military to be activated and they military will guard the elections. The peace maker will win over the people.

[DS] 已经部署了所有资产,他们将在选举前继续起诉他,并可能逮捕他。他们想让他屈膝,但他不会。副总统]正被引向一条道路,这条道路就是战争,特朗普知道他们会试图操纵选举,推迟选举,最有可能的是进行网络攻击,这样就可以启动军队,由军队来保卫选举。和平缔造者将赢得人民的支持。


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