X22报告|第3146集: 中央银行系统的奴隶,使用16年计划

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X22报告|第3146集: 中央银行系统的奴隶,使用16年计划

Ep. 3146a – People Are Now Realizing That They Are Now Slaves To The [CB] System, Change Is Coming

人们现在意识到他们现在是[ CB ]系统的奴隶,改变即将到来

Ep. 3146b – [16 Year Plan] Used Against [BO] & [HRC], WWIII, Cuban Missile Crisis, Stage Is Set

[16年计划]用于对付[ BO ]和[ HRC ] ,第三次世界大战,古巴导弹危机,阶段已经确定

X22 Report
Streamed on: Aug 22, 7:30 pm EDT

X22 ReportStreaming on: Aug 22,7:30 pm EDT X22报道于美国东部时间8月22日下午7:30播出



The [WEF] is pushing everything they have to convince the world that climate change is real, and the way they are doing this is with fire. The people are not buying this. 14 US cities are on board with GND, these are all left cities, this will fail. The people are now seeing that the [CB] enslaves them, they work to pay bills.

(世界经济论坛)正在竭尽全力让世界相信气候变化是真实存在的,而他们的做法就是用火。人们不会相信的。14个美国城市支持 GND,这些都是左边的城市,这将失败。人们现在看到(CB)奴役他们,他们工作是为了支付账单。

X22 Report
Streamed on: Aug 22, 8:00 pm EDT

X22 ReportStreaming on: Aug 22,8:00 pm EDT X22报道于美国东部时间8月22日晚8:00


Trump and the patriot’s are using the 16 year plan against the [DS], they started it and they thought they had the upper hand and now the patriots are showing the people their plan, their plan was suppose to lead us to WWIII, a nuclear war and this is exactly what Trump is about to do, he is going show the people the truth. As time goes on he is becoming more innocent and the people that accuse him are becoming more guilty, the final stage is being set. 



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