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August 07, 2022 2022年8月7日

Happy Lions Gate. It's shaping up to be a momentous Lions Gate this year.


Many Anons believe that Real Raw News is a military insider intel site that lets us know what is happening behind the scenes. The latest RRN story - Nancy [P]elosi's husband Paul has been arrested by the military. The [D]eep [S]tate house of cards is tumbling. NOTHING Can Stop What Is Coming.

许多匿名者认为,真实原始新闻是一个军事内部情报网站,让我们知道发生了什么幕后。最新的 RRN 故事-南希佩洛西的丈夫保罗已被军方逮捕。美国深州政府的纸牌屋正在倒塌。没有什么能阻止即将到来的事情。


A Light Warrior friend received intel from someone within a large international Whales group (those of you who are following the RV/GCR will know what Whales means...) Here is the message:

一位光明战士的朋友从一个大型国际鲸鱼组织的某人那里得到了情报(你们中那些关注 RV/GCR 的人应该知道鲸鱼是什么意思... ...)以下是消息:

'The shit is going to hit the fan in 8-10 weeks. It's going to be rough and tough but it will be short-lived.'


This message aligns with intel from so many sources, on and off-planet. We know the deadline for the SHTF is the USA midterm election in November. Most Light Warriors believe that it will happen well before then. Cue telegraphed October in several drops: Hunt For Red October. We were also promised a Hot August - that is well underway.

这条信息与来自地球内外的各种情报来源相吻合。我们知道 SHTF 的最后期限是11月份的美国中期选举。大多数光明战士相信,在那之前一切都会好起来的。几个电报显示十月: 寻找红色十月。我们也被许诺了一个炎热的八月——这正在进行中。

Take a minute (literally) to watch Candace Owens BLAST the [D]eep [S]tate on Capitol Hill in a television interview. Brilliant.



UK politician Nigel Farage gave a passionate speech about freedom at the CPAC conference.

英国政治家奈杰尔 · 法拉奇在 CPAC 会议上发表了关于自由的热情洋溢的演讲。


'...To save Western civilization, THIS is the battle-ground. If America falls, we all fall...You are the foot soldiers, working on behalf of not just America but the free world...' (Nigel Farage)

为了拯救西方文明,这里是战场。如果美国失败了,我们都会失败... 你们就是步兵,不仅代表美国而且代表自由世界...”(奈杰尔 · 法拉奇)

We Light Warriors are all foot soldiers. Every single one of us is important to the plan.


A video reminder of what happened on the day of 9/11. On that day, George [B]ush sat in a school classroom while the teacher taught the children to 'spell' out loud these words: Plane...Hit...Steel. As a commenter says below the video, [B]ush is smirking because he knows the truth (no planes, all lies), and the

atanic teacher is putting a 'spell' on those children.

一段视频提醒我们911那天发生了什么。那天,乔治 · 布什坐在学校的教室里,老师教孩子们大声地拼出这些单词: 飞机... 撞击... 钢铁。正如一位评论者在视频下面所说的那样,布什正在傻笑,因为他知道真相(没有飞机,全是谎言) ,而这位疯狂的老师正在给这些孩子施“魔咒”。


Terry Cook, investigative researcher, predicted these current times of DS global genocide (right down to the implanted ID chip) in this 90's television interview. If only we had listened back then.

调查研究员特里 · 库克(Terry Cook)在本世纪90年代的电视采访中预言了目前 DS 全球种族灭绝的时代(包括植入的身份识别芯片)。要是我们当时听了就好了。


Always remember the lies told by [B]iden's administration that resulted in jab injuries and deaths for millions worldwide. They WILL pay. Justice is coming, or has already been served.



Mobs in Argentina tried to break into the car of the Economic Minister who is responsible for sky-rocketing inflation. Cue said: 'They won't be able to walk down the street...'

阿根廷的暴徒试图闯入经济部长的汽车,而这位经济部长正是导致通货膨胀飙升的罪魁祸首。Cue说: “他们将无法在街上行走... ...”


The newly-elected President of Costa Rica has made it ILLEGAL to impose jab mandates on anyone, effective immediately. The tide is turning. Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming.



Patience, my friends. The best thing you can do for your mental, emotional and spiritual health right now is practice EXTREME patience. It is patience way beyond what you ever thought you could manage before. It's possible to achieve it now because you are ascending out of 3D into 5D. You might be totally exhausted but you are developing the spiritual stamina to push through to the end.

耐心点,朋友们。现在你能为你的精神、情感和精神健康做的最好的事情就是练习极度的耐心。这种耐心远远超出了你以前的想象。现在有可能实现它,因为你正在从3D 提升到5D。你可能已经筋疲力尽,但是你正在发展精神上的耐力来推进到最后。

Finally, here is a wonderful NDE video (Near Death Experience). It's only about 15 minutes. This woman has the most amazing 'take home' message from her NDE. Our role on Earth is very simple and can be summed up in four words: 'Breathe and don't resist...'. 

最后,这里是一个美妙的濒死体验视频(濒死体验)。只有15分钟。这个女人从她的濒死体验中得到了最神奇的“带回家”的信息。我们在地球上的角色非常简单,可以用四个字来概括: “呼吸,不要抵抗... ...”。


That is my gift for you on 8:8 Lions Gate from here in New Zealand...'Breathe and don't resist...'. 




Thank you for reading this post. You are welcome to share it as long as you re-post it in its entirety, including the link to my blog site.


Where We Go One We Go All.


Love and Light 爱与光



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