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The world has gone slightly crazy this year, as if it wasn't crazy enough. Just in the last weeks former Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe was murdered (or it was staged for him to go into a witness protection programme as Benjamin Fulford alluded), the Georgia Guidestones were damaged in a bombing and then removed, Spain has instituted a bank tax to raise money for helping citizens that struggle with the increased cost of living (let other countries follow), we saw uprisings and setting fire to the presidential palace in Ceylon / Sri Lanka and storming of the parliament in Iraq, Donald Trump intervened in a critical situation that developed near Taiwan when Nancy Pelosi's clone visited the country to avert an uncontrolled escalation, Alex Jones of Infowars has been slammed with a compensation order and a fine worth millions of dollars for putting out disinformation, and then Corey Goode comes out with a series of videos that apparently question just about the whole lightworker community. Boy, there is a stir alright.

今年的世界有点疯狂,似乎还不够疯狂。就在上周,日本前首相安倍晋三(Shinzo Abe)被谋杀(或者像本杰明•富尔福德(Benjamin Fulford)所暗示的那样,是为了让他参加证人保护计划而设计的) ,佐治亚引导石在一次爆炸中被损坏,随后被移除,西班牙开始征收银行税,以筹集资金,帮助那些在生活成本上涨中挣扎的公民(让其他国家效仿),我们目睹了锡兰/斯里兰卡的起义,放火焚烧总统府,以及伊拉克国会的冲击,唐纳德 · 特朗普介入了台湾附近的一个危急局势,当时南希 · 佩洛西的克隆人访问了台湾,以避免不受控制的冲突升级,Infowars 的亚历克斯 · 琼斯因散布虚假信息而受到了赔偿令和数百万美元的罚款,然后科里 · 古德(Corey Goode)发布了一系列视频,这些视频显然质疑了整个光之工作者群体。好家伙,真是一场轰动。

As for Shinzo Abe, he assisted the Cabal to skyrocket the national debt of Japan to astronomical heights (now at 234% of GDP) with his government stimulus packages to name one thing, so if he's dead I am not sorry. The Georgia Guidestones are well known in the community of truth seekers and freedom fighters; at first glance the texts on the stones were sounding rather wellmeaning, but upon closer inspection you have to draw the conclusion that the Cabal's intentions to decimate the world population of "useless eaters" and enslave the rest with the tools of World War III and the Agenda 2030 Hunger Games are perfectly aligned with the texts on the Georgia Guidestones. But of course, it is all a question of perception. Spain is the first country that I know of that has had the courage to introduce the Robin Hood "steal from the rich and give to the poor" tax, where others have only contemplated it. In some countries the mere financial and economical conditions leave people little choice but to rise up against their government now that global developments have pushed up food prices and energy prices everywhere. In other countries such as Libya, Iraq and Somalia that have been laid to waste as a result of foreign interventions and internal division crises and uproar are also to be expected. I asked a market merchant in cheese what is the matter with prices of dairy products going up so excessively, and she replied it's because of both transportation costs and costs of animal fodder going up strongly. This has everything to do with the globalized production chain, where a lof of fodder nowadays is imported from South America into Europe; the effects of fuel price increases hit the dairy market extra hard as a result.

至于安倍晋三(Shinzo Abe) ,他通过政府刺激方案,帮助秘社将日本国债飙升至天文数字(目前为 GDP 的234%) ,所以如果他死了,我并不感到遗憾。佐治亚引导石在寻求真理和自由斗士的圈子里是众所周知的; 乍看之下,这些石头上的文字听起来相当善意,但仔细观察你就会得出结论,阴谋集团的意图是大量消灭世界上的“无用食客”,并利用第三次世界大战和《2030年饥饿游戏议程》的工具奴役其他人,这与佐治亚引导石上的文字完全一致。当然,这完全是一个感知的问题。据我所知,西班牙是第一个有勇气引入罗宾汉式的“从富人那里偷东西,然后捐给穷人”税的国家,而其他国家只是在考虑这种税。在一些国家,仅仅是金融和经济条件就让人们别无选择,只能起来反对他们的政府,因为全球的发展已经推高了世界各地的食品价格和能源价格。在其他国家,如利比亚、伊拉克和索马里,由于外国干预和内部分裂危机和骚乱而变成废墟,这也是可以预料的。我问一位奶酪市场商人,乳制品价格上涨过快是怎么回事,她回答说,这是因为运输成本和动物饲料成本都在强劲上涨。这与全球化的生产链息息相关,如今大量饲料从南美进口到欧洲,燃料价格上涨的影响对乳制品市场的冲击尤为严重。

Then Alex Jones has been made into a scapegoat for the Cabal to put out the message that anyone with an audience that puts out counternarrative info can be next to be prosecuted and ruined. Regarding the material that Corey Goode is sharing and will be updating more in the coming weeks, I will give my full analysis on that once his series is completely published.


2022-08-07: 坚如磐石|xekleidoma


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