本杰明|2021/7/12 欧洲王室拒绝罗斯柴尔德,人类的伟大胜利

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本杰明|2021/7/12 欧洲王室拒绝罗斯柴尔德,人类的伟大胜利

Major developments have been taking place behind the scenes recently as both the British Royals and the P3 Freemasons have declared war against the Rothschild family and the Swiss-based Octagon group,MI6 and P3 sources say.

英国皇室和 P3共济会已经向罗斯柴尔德家族和瑞士的八角集团宣战,军情六处和 P3消息人士称,最近在幕后发生了重大的事件

The liberation of the Jewish people being held hostage in Israel is also underway,Mossad sources say.When the dust settles this will completely change the UN,the IMF,the World Bank,and even the ruling hierarchy of monotheism itself.


That is why Queen Elizabeth told reporters to"take a picture and make history"when she met her cousin Angela Hitler(Merkel)on July 2nd,MI6 sources say.They explain that Merkel's iconic hand sign of a triangle is a sign to insiders that she is a member of the Saxe-Couborg Gotha clan.


军情六处消息人士称,这就是为什么伊丽莎白女王在72日遇到她的表妹安吉拉·希特勒(默克尔)时对记者说"拍张照片,创造历史"。他们解释说,默克尔标志性的三角形手势向内部人士表明她是 Saxe-Couborg Gotha 家族的一员。

本杰明|2021/7/12 欧洲王室拒绝罗斯柴尔德,人类的伟大胜利

The fact the Queen refused to make the sign signaled the British Royals had broken with their German cousins and would no longer obey their Swiss-based leadership,MI6 explains.



This means for the first time in about 200 years,the UK is free from Rothschild family rule.That is because the Rothschild family has been intimately intertwined with the Saxe-Couborg Gotha Royals since before the Napoleonic wars.The founder of the Rothschild banking clan,Mayer Amschel Rothschild got his big break by lending money to support Saxe-Couborg Gotha wars.His son Nathaniel famously took over the Bank of England via clever insider trading based on knowledge Napoleon had lost the battle of Waterloo.

这意味着大约200年来,英国第一次摆脱了罗斯柴尔德家族的统治。这是因为在拿破仑战争之前,罗斯柴尔德家族就与萨克森-库堡哥达皇室紧密地交织在一起。作为罗斯柴尔德银行家族的创始人,迈尔·阿姆谢尔·罗斯柴尔德通过贷款支持萨克森-库伯格哥达战争而获得了巨大的发展。他的儿子 Nathaniel 通过聪明的内幕交易接管了英格兰银行,他的内幕交易是建立在拿破仑失去了滑铁卢战役的基础上的。

While England may be free for the first time in 200 years since the Rothschilds claim to be descended from the Babylonian Tyrant Hammurabi,soon the Jewish people may be freed for the first time in 3,793 years.


This may seem like ancient history,but it intimately affects the fake pandemic and vaccine campaign going on right now.


Here is a bit more necessary background.Queen Victoria's mother was a Saxe-Couborg Gotha and she married her first cousin Albert,another member of this clan.Both Merkel and Queen Elizabeth are descendants of Queen Victoria and so is Hillary Clinton.


Many other members of this bloodline are in positions of power throughout the West.For example,Mossad sent us proof last week that Klaus Schwab,head of the Davos World Economic Forum,is a member of the Rothschild family.



本杰明|2021/7/12 欧洲王室拒绝罗斯柴尔德,人类的伟大胜利

Schwab,remember,is the proponent of the"great reset,"totalitarian take-over plan.Hitlery Clinton for her part is behind the fake U.S.Biden administration that is going door to door to try to vaccinate everybody with vaccines designed to permanently enslave humanity.


These people are powerful enough to remove Pope Francis and replace him with a rubber mask-wearing impostor who says all humans need to be vaccinated.



However,they have only managed to completely vaccinate 11.9%of the more than 7.8 billion people on earth,mainly in Western countries.This means the Khazarian Mafia's last-ditch attempt to use enslaving vaccinations to stay in power has failed.


I received a message from Africa that leaders haven't forgotten HIV and are aware of the current Covid-19 bioweapon eugenics program.Even after 4 prominent leaders who defied the WHO were murdered others remain defiant.


本杰明|2021/7/12 欧洲王室拒绝罗斯柴尔德,人类的伟大胜利

Furthermore,now that the P3 Freemasons behind the Vatican know their"Pope"has been replaced by an impostor,they have created an alliance even more powerful than the Octagon group in Switzerland.

此外,现在梵蒂冈背后的 P3共济会知道他们的"教皇"已经被一个骗子取代,他们已经建立了一个比瑞士的八角集团更强大的联盟。

A message from the ruling body of the P3 and the Black Sun organization sent last week says they now have the support of Russia,China,NATO,and the Pentagon to start a new Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal against the vaccinators.When asked about the Pentagon they said"Yes,don't worry;villa Farnese."These are the controllers of the Military-Industrial Complex.MI6 explains:


"The world is in an undeclared state of war now.Legal and forensic evidence has established the fact that an experimental medical device is being used in a state of war.We have advised the British Armed Forces to pivot to Military Martial Law to counter the illegal at international law medical martial law.We would fully support a Nuremberg trial on the vaccine stuff."


It is now certain the Rothschild/Rockefeller Khazarian Mafia group will have their control of the world's central banks and the fortune 500 companies taken away from them.

现在可以肯定的是,罗斯柴尔德/洛克菲勒/可萨黑手党集团(Rothschild/Rockefeller Khazarian Mafia group)将控制全球央行,并剥夺财富500强企业的控制权。

What is yet to be determined is exactly what will replace their rule.However,the following Nesara/Gesara proposals give a hint as to what to expect:

什么将取代他们的统治还有待确定。不过,以下 Nesara/Gesara的提议给出了一个暗示,即我们可以期待什么:

1.Zero out all credit card,mortgage,and other bank debt due to illegal banking and government activities 


2.Abolish the income tax.


3.Abolish the IRS.Employees of the IRS will be transferred into the U.S.Treasury national sales tax area.


4.Return Constitutional Law to all courts and legal matters.


5.Monitor elections and prevent illegal election activities of special interest groups.


6.Forbid the sale of American birth certificate records as chattel property bonds by the U.S.Department of Transportation.


7.Initiate new U.S.Treasury Bank System in alignment with Constitutional Law 


8.Cease all aggressive,U.S.government military actions worldwide.


9.Establish peace throughout the world.


10.Release enormous sums of money for humanitarian purposes.


11.Enable the release of over 6,000 patents of suppressed technologies that are being withheld from the public under the guise of national security,including free energy devices,antigravity,and sonic healing machines.


These U.S.-based proposals will be a central point of negotiations with the dragon family due to start this autumn,Asian secret society sources say.A key point will be the establishment of a new meritocratic and transparently run organization to make sure the trillions of dollars released for humanitarian purposes are used wisely.


In any case,these secret negotiations have already led to very visible changes in the world.This is especially true of the U.S.military,which is openly ending its support for the wars of the Khazarian mafia.Most obvious was the sudden withdrawal of U.S.troops from Afghanistan last week.The Taliban now claim to control 85 percent of Afghanistan.



This is just the tip of the iceberg.The U.S.also recently dismantled three huge logistics bases in Qatar.


There,27 warehouses of tanks,armored personnel carriers and other equipment were stored in this outpost in Qatar for U.S.supplies throughout the Middle East and as a backup storage facility in case hostilities break out with Iran.This shows that they no longer plan to wage war against Iran on behalf of Israel.There are also signs that some sort of regime change has taken place in Saudi Arabia.


For example,a worldwide freeze has been placed on the assets of Saad Aljabri,a former spy who has long worked directly with at least the CIA,FBI,Department of Homeland Security,White House,Department of State,and Department of the Treasury according to former CIA official Philip Mudd.



The Mossad-linked site Debka offered another clue when it reported:

与摩萨德有关的网站 Debka 在报道中提供了另一条线索:

The U.S.is intentionally warming relations with Jordan and Egypt as part of President Biden's plan to kick-start his predecessor Donald Trump's Middle East policy,which depended on the Abraham Accord between the Gulf Emirates,Saudi Arabia and Israel.

美国有意缓和与约旦和埃及的关系,这是拜登总统启动其前任唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)中东政策计划的一部分,该政策依赖于海湾酋长国、沙特阿拉伯和以色列之间的《亚伯拉罕协定》(Abraham Accord)

Bennett's trip to Amman fits Biden's plan for a Jordan-Egypt-Israel axis - DEBKAfile

US President Joe Biden is developing his own prescription for a US-backed Middle East alignment. A key element is a stable Jordan, whose regime badly needs shoring up.

Translation:Israel has lost control of the Gulf oil states and is now asking Jordan and Egypt for protection.In what is almost certainly a related development,a mysterious huge explosion rocked buildings throughout the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.


Initial reports spoke of the destruction of an oil tanker and photos showed an extensive out-of-control fire in Jebel Ali–the city's major commercial port.That fire came the day after a senior UAE oil official announced a split with longtime ally Saudi Arabia over OPEC oil production cuts.

最初的报道称一艘油轮被毁,照片显示 Jebel Ali-the city 主要商业港口发生了大规模失控的火灾。此前一天,阿联酋一位高级石油官员宣布,与长期盟友沙特阿拉伯在欧佩克减产问题上意见分歧。

Remember,the UAE was the Gulf state most publicly aligned with Israel.The corporate propaganda media is trying to attribute the withdrawal of U.S.military support for Israel as being due to China.The reality,however,is that troops are most needed in the U.S.to deal with the degenerating security situation there.


In Arizona,for example,a grassroots-led campaign to force a recount of votes has led to threats against the children of the people behind the recount,Pentagon sources in Arizona say.Corporate propaganda media is reporting that the Arizona Senate is calling for a third vote recount to keep the rigged Biden regime in power.


There is also an ongoing breakdown in civil order.This was most recently observed when looters brazenly attacked a department store in broad daylight in California.https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/san-francisco-looters-neiman-marcus-california


Rampant shoplifting in the state is also forcing retail chains like Target and Walgreens to either close or limit hours.



There is also a continuing breakdown of civil order.This was most recently observed when looters brazenly attacked a department store in broad daylight in California.



Rampant shoplifting in the state is also forcing retail chains like Target and Walgreens to either close or limit hours.



There is also an undeclared general strike as more Americans refuse to work in low-paying jobs,especially in the hospitality industry.




Accelerating inflation is another sign of regime collapse in the U.S.





There are widespread predictions this summer food and water shortages will feature,power outages,rising crime rates,uncontrollable wildfires,etc.



Hopefully the US military,the last institution trusted by US citizens,will get off its butt and take control.


To that end,we are getting several reliable reports that the US military is busy arresting Khazarian Mafia stooges and putting them on trial in Washington DC before they are either hanged or taken to prison complexes in Guantanamo and Thule Air Base in Greenland.

为此,我们得到了一些可靠的报道,美国军方正忙于逮捕可萨黑手党的傀儡,并在华盛顿特区对他们进行审判,之后他们要么被绞死,要么被带到格陵兰岛关塔那摩和 Thule Air Base 的监狱中。

A hot summer awaits.



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