瑞典银河真理报|第262期 十字路口

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瑞典银河真理报|第262期 十字路口Crossroads


1st October 2020


By Therese Zumi Sumner

作者:Therese Zumi Sumner

Thérèse is there really any point in making an attempt at a synopsis of our situation at this point?Surely everyone can now clearly see their own'vision/synopsis'of what has been taking place,in the war between the Light and dark forces these past two years or so and have a fair idea of where we are?


Yet I am feeling urged to attempt a final synopsis of our situation.Why final?


1)Well I'm thinking that if we all have a greater clarity regarding our present situation,it could hopefully help us to know better where we need to place our priorities right now.


2)When we see more clearly just how far we have come,we ought to be able to use our intuition in the coming months,to choose the right steps forward on our own unique path ahead.


3)I cannot even imagine that there might be need of another synopsis later on when we are so close to Victory of the Light.


Many of you will now find yourself at crossroads in your life.It truly is decision making time.If we hesitate in taking steps forward...steps leading us closer to our true heart's desire and calling...there is a risk of stagnation taking place.Stagnation comes about when our fears hold us back from making changes in our lives.


The fears can be"what on Earth will people say","my family will reject me","can I really make such a selfish choice"{selfish because you are finally putting your own life choices in first place}.


The fears could be of another kind,"am I crazy to give up the security that I know for a situation that is completely strange and unknown","what if I'm fooling myself and making a completely crazy choice that cannot even be realised".


So what has my attempt at a final synopsis of the war between Light and dark forces got to do with you making decisions about your life?


Maybe it's because I feel that I myself am at some kind of crossroads.For a long time I have felt an ambiguity about reporting on the darker aspects of our reality.I have felt that the focus ought to be more on the positive and provide us with energy to keep moving forward.Yet the whole truth~the real truth~needed to surface too.It's been a balancing act for me.We cannot merely focus on Light and Love and pretend that dark structures don't exist.However right now I really do not feel,that as far as the dark ones are concerned,that they can come up with more new dark plans than those which we are already aware of.


It is my hope,desire and intention that after writing this synopsis,I will focus my energy upon where I...where we are going.I will shortly be taking a break away to immerse myself in the beauty of art and nature.In my heart I am preparing myself for a time on this planet very soon,when people will no longer have to spend their lives fighting to survive but will be able to seek the joy and development and learning that the world of art,music and nature can provide.


Recently I had a chat with an old colleague from my language teaching days.Because she is a broad minded person,I found myself talking about the synopsis details of the Secret Space Program that I have just shared with you some days ago.


When describing the types of dark entities brought here from the Rigel star system during the 3rd archon invasion in 1996,entities such as the Chimera spiders and their sizes etc.I had to stop and laugh and say,"I feel like I'm describing a crazier worst case scenario than any science fiction film could possibly dream up and yet I know this to be the truth."

在描述1996年执政官第三次入侵期间从 Rigel 星系带来的黑暗实体的类型时,诸如奇美拉蜘蛛和它们的大小等实体。我不得不停下来笑着说,"我觉得我描述的是一个比任何科幻电影都要疯狂的最糟糕的情节,但我知道这是事实。"

The fact is that when the truth of our reality does emerge{albeit adapted carefully to a wide and shocked audience}those who will NOT be so shocked would number somewhere between 1/4 to 1/2% {One Quarter to One Half percent} of the world's population-no more.


瑞典银河真理报|第262期 十字路口

Artist Victoria Brooks~Press to Enlarge 艺术家维多利亚·布鲁克斯

My God...those who have religiously followed COBRA's reports from the Resistance Movement will know more about darkness on this planet than all others.Of that I am completely sure.Others might know a hell of a lot about darkness in its various forms but the whole truth~the entire BIGGER picture can only be seen by those who have taken the time and the energy to study these past 8 years of reporting by our dear friend Cobra.There are simply no other Light worker bloggers whose work covers the scope of information that we find on The Portal.

我的上帝...那些虔诚地追随 COBRA 抵抗运动报告的人将比其他人更了解这个星球上的黑暗。这一点我完全肯定。其他人可能知道很多关于黑暗的各种形式的地狱,但整个真相----整个更大的图片只能被那些花时间和精力研究我们亲爱的朋友柯博拉过去8年的报告的人看到。只是没有其他光工作者博客作者的作品涵盖了我们在传送门上发现的信息的范围。

Don't Forget We Have Already Won!


We had to see all of the darkness clearly...we can see exactly what their plans are for a dystopian society with'mark of the beast'patches on our bodies used to see if we are vaccinated,what our immunity passport looks like,and eventually what our'worth'is in crypto currency.We see their plans for totally controlling us building up with the continued lies of the spread of this virus.


Every country is controlled to some degree by their globalist mass media.


They have created all wars.They have usurped the worlds wealth through these wars.We are in the midst of WW3 right now.It is being fought with controlling us via this virus and the high technological solutions they have planned for totally controlling our every move.


Enough of us are awake now!!!


Look at what just took place in Berlin.See#253 for all the details.Cobra has then given us the amazing details as to just how important this VICTORY IS in#258


Watch now as the numbers of awakened people grow.Do not choose any heroes or people to hate.That's allowing advantages to their divide and conquer method.Like C suggests regarding Trump don't hate don't love just OBSERVE.


OBSERVE and SEE the change taking place...yes,the increase of the madness is becoming all too clear...their dystopian society plans coming all too close...at the same time WE NOW KNOW WITHOUT A SHADOW OF A DOUBT THAT WE HAVE WON.


We don't know exactly how this will play out!!But it will end.The plans are in place if you take the time to study them.The plans for the Delta Option were already in place two years ago.However back then we knew that if Delta Option were to take place there could then be a slow difficult road forward to the Event.


That was two years ago,the situation was very different then...So much progress has taken place as you will see in my next update#263 which will follow this message.


Amazing Advantages of This Pandemic


I see it everywhere.I see a much greater interaction between people because of this pandemic and the restrictions.Here in Sweden there has been a big interest in people returning to their roots and nature and community.Many have taken the opportunity to move to rural locations due to being able to(forced to)work from home.There is a'return to nature'type development that is very strong.


Neighbours are actually communicating better than ever before through a shared understanding of one another's situations and experiences.There is such a willingness to help and support one another...this has come about despite the'overuse'of technology.


There is a growing awareness coming about surrounding the dangers of dependency upon digital social networking(social media),which we know has its pros and cons and there is more focus on physical interaction.It's strange but it's as if the lack of freedom to physically meet and gather and communicate has in fact created the opposite.It has strengthened people's desire to prioritize physically getting together in some way or other.


All physical connection between people bonds people.There is a truth and a deeper connection that builds a greater loyalty to one another when we engage in personal meetings with others.


Finally I see that this pandemic has created a desire in so many people to create artistically in one way or another.The creation of art and music is on the rise.Peoples desire to create beauty around them is a sign that Gaia's beautiful new Light Grid is growing ever stronger every day and the Light is inspiring people to be their most creative self and join with others in creative endeavours.Loving Communication Is the Only Way Forward!




A synopsis of our present situation and developments over the past 18 months will follow this article.



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