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约书亚|现在觉醒进入现实Humanity is on a roll! The collective awakening process, in which you are all fully engaged, is moving along quite beautifully, as is to be expected because it is God’s divine will.


The chaos and confusion planet-wide are themselves signs of your awakening as people start to become more fully aware of the corruption and dishonesty that has always been an aspect of the illusion that is life in form.


The illusion was constructed to experience a sense of freedom, and was established to allow an ‘apparent’ movement away from Love, and for each individual to live without consideration for others if he so chose.


Those in families and tribes did support each other, but could also be banished if their behavior was judged unacceptable for whatever reason. Thus it became necessary to consider individual survival above all other human needs.


The realization that All are One was forgotten, hidden from awareness, and the human life being lived was understood to be a one time event that had to be used to the full in order to make the most of the seemingly limited resources available for the individual during the few years of a human life span.


Over the last few hundred years increased awareness has been growing of your interdependence on each other, and on the planet which lovingly provides all you need for your human survival.


This awareness has expanded most dramatically over the last four or five decades as you cannot fail to have noticed, and increasing numbers of humans have been living their lives to be at least partially in service to your collective awakening, even though they are probably not consciously aware that they have been doing this. They just considered what they were doing to be normal human nature, the right thing to do.


This intent to be of service has meant that many have ceased to just do their jobs and collect their paychecks, but have also looked into the activities of the organizations that employ them – small businesses, large corporations, other large organizations, and, of course, governments – to see if they were in fact honoring humanity and the planet.


This increase in curiosity into as opposed to unthinking acceptance of the activities of large organizations has become progressively more effective in bringing into the public domain information regarding damaging and corrupt activities that need first to be massively curtailed, and then brought to an end to allow human and planetary healing to take place, as the numbers of you paying attention have increased.


Consequentially preparation for your awakening, which has been ongoing since the moment you constructed and engaged with your illusory reality, is now nearing completion and will allow and encourage your awakening to come into full bloom.


You will awaken into knowing and experiencing the joy of being Oneness, of being One with M/F/G, the Source of Love from which separation has never occurred.

你将觉醒,体验到成为合一的喜悦,成为与 M/F/G 合一的喜悦,这爱的源头从未发生过分离。

Keep reminding yourselves of this divine truth:


Separation never happened!


Life in form, although seeming intensely and unequivocally real, is not Reality, it is a moment of confusion, a dream or imaginary state in which momentary experiences can overwhelm you emotionally and psychologically and escort you into words and actions in that state that lead you or others into intense pain and suffering.


Yes, there may also be moments of happiness, but mostly you spend your human lives seeking happiness, never ending happiness, and never finding it, a state that resonates with you and which you sense or intuit should be your natural state. And of course it is, but you have lost awareness of it, and the pain of that loss remains with you leading you to seek outside yourselves for what has always been present within you.


You are One, you are Love, because that is how you were created, and what God creates cannot change, being already perfect as divinely intended.


Within the illusion, where you are experiencing life in human form, that does not seem to be true. That is because life in form was constructed – imagined into being – in order to experience a non real state, and that is what you are experiencing.


However, you can choose to return to complete wakefulness – REALITY – just by setting the intent to do so, because you are very powerful divine beings.


Doing this is what the awakening process is all about, so make the choice now to wake up. You have the absolute right to make this choice, and in order to awaken you must completely freely – by your own utterly free will – make and set this intent.


No one else can do it for you, because you are sovereign beings on whom nothing can be imposed.


Awaken now into the Love that you are, and share and extend that Love with all of humanity, because that is why you incarnated to be present in human form at this moment in humanity’s collective spiritual evolution – your AWAKENING into REALITY!


So, I emphasize and repeat yet again, it is absolutely essential that you take time daily – numerous times if you can – to go within to your holy inner sanctuaries and invite Love into your hearts to embrace you, and from there flow abundantly out from you to all sentient life where it will be felt – experienced – most powerfully.


That is, as I said above, why you are here NOW! Remember, there are NO accidents or coincidences, everything has a divine purpose. Yours is to awaken, and to assist others to do likewise – not by proselytization, argument, or persuasion – just by most beautifully demonstrating love in action simply by being you. That is your divine purpose as a human in this and, as long as time continues to flow, every moment.


You can do it.


You incarnated to do it.


And you have the infinite and most powerful support and enthusiastic encouragement from those in the non physical realms who are watching over you constantly, ever ready to respond whenever you choose to call on them for further assistance.


Your loving brother, Jesus.


**Channel: John Smallman

* * 频道: John Smallman



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