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Dear Cosmic Community,


Back on March 29,2020,I wrote a blog post that went viral and was read by over 200,000 people,all about 2020-2030 The Impact of Coronavirus,The Biggest Shift in 10,000 Years In this blog post,I said that the COVID-19 pandemic was just the'soft-opening'in 2020–to something much bigger….


'The term'soft opening'or'soft launch'is often used by businesses who launch new ways of interacting and showing their offerings to a select few to begin with.This is done to test the waters,receive feedback and perfect the actual'hard opening or official launch'to the general public.It's the same as holding a series of'preview shows'prior to opening night in the theatrical world.It's all created to give us a chance to acclimatise and prepare for the new.'


Indeed,that'soft-open'effect has been the curtain raiser on what's to come for the remainder of 2020,and well into the next decade–a decade that sees our transition accelerate into The Aquarian Era of Light




And so,as I write this all-new blog post,we're now over two weeks into the mass protests and uprisings attended by tens of thousands(in both the US and globally)sparked by the death of George Floyd killed by police during an arrest in Minneapolis,USA.People are speaking out and demanding justice over police brutality,deaths in custody the wider Black Lives Matter movement,racism,and gender and social inequality in all of its forms–asking for the treatment of all sentient beings of the light as one.People are expressing centuries of locked in pain and suppression.They feel free to let it all out.They feel that they're actually being supported by like-minded souls and they're also allowing themselves to own their power.Souls who've woken up are asking for and acting upon recognition and validation of the precious souls that we all are.What's occurring,is a pronounced forward momentum and'action phase'after a prolonged period of COMPRESSION.


The Next Stage–Humanity Rises


Since March 2020,what's been occurring with millions of people staying at home globally and being under'quarantine/lock-down orders'is that they've been retreating from the 3D reality,going within and connecting with other like-minded souls.It's only when we take the time to be still and to turn away from our normal everyday life,that we give ourselves the opportunity to locate and experience the inner environment.And we've been so conditioned to be busy and distracted by our outer environment that many have forgotten where the true reality is–and that's within.

20203月以来,全球有数百万人待在家里,接受"隔离/禁闭令",他们一直在逃离3D 现实,走进其他志同道合的灵魂,与他们建立联系。只有当我们静下心来,远离日常生活时,我们才能给自己机会去定位和体验内心的环境。我们已经习惯于被外部环境所干扰,以至于很多人已经忘记了真正的现实在哪里——也就是在哪里。



You see,spending a prolonged amount of time contemplating,thinking,connecting online with others,reflecting and being physically still compresses one's energy–it can serve to build momentum and indeed,to'wake us up'.During the period before any great'wake-up experience'we'pull within'and look for meaning,our purpose,answers and personal truth.The process is much like the coil that is pushed down under pressure,when the pressure is released,the coil bounds back with great force and height–energy is expended and then accelerates.It's the same principle as momentum,which requires resistance to build.Resistance is always a sign that you're about to move ahead and with great force.I've written a whole chapter about momentum and resistance in my book Cosmic Messengers.


And this is exactly what's happening on Earth,as we approach mid-2020….


"We're past the'soft-open'and onto'the next stage of humanity's evolution"




What we see occurring now(globally)is a progression in the breakdown and dismantling of old,outmoded 3D control systems and institutions on Earth.This has been occurring slowly and sporadically throughout the 20th century and escalated at the year 2000(with the great conjunction,the meeting of Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius–which happens once again in December 2020).

我们现在(全球)看到的是地球上旧的、过时的3D 控制系统和机构的崩溃和解体的进程。在整个20世纪,这一现象一直缓慢而零星地发生,并在2000年逐步升级(伴随着土星和木星在宝瓶座的大会合——202012月再次发生)


In 2000,as a new millennia dawned,a great cycle of change began on Earth,as one great cosmic cycle completed and thrust us all into preparation for the fourth and fifth dimensional reality to come online.A new wave of feminine(yin)energy began to infiltrate Earth,serving as a balance and recoil to thousands of years of the yang(masculine)cycle on Earth.Have you had your wake-up call into the higher realms of spirit since 2000?So many in our community of light have.


4D into 5D


As our world has progressively become closer over the last 20 years,with the sharing of ideas and information now becoming near instant,the concept of'time'and the gap between'thought and thing'has diminished.The fourth dimensional level reality(of time)was reached back in 2010(the true 2012)and in the decade since,we've prepared for 5D(the dimensional reality of spirit).


This 5D level of awareness(a creational energy template)finally embedded around our planet back in June 2019.We had reached a critical mass of souls who had risen in consciousness to a high enough level,to bring the 5D reality in for all.

这种5D 意识水平(创造能量模板)终于在20196月植入我们的星球。我们已经达到了灵魂的临界质量,他们已经在意识中提升到了一个足够高的水平,为所有人带来了五维实相。

You see,what you do with your life once you'wake-up'does matter.It impacts us all.


The past 12 months–energy agitation


Living with a 5D influence for over 12 months now,has been agitating everyone.For indeed,when you're aware of and working with your spiritual reality(the fifth dimension of light)you accept'change'as being a fundamental foundation of spirit–of who you are.And as such,a wave and ever-increasing movement of change(addressing the imbalance of power)has been building upon Earth.

在过去的12个月里,能量的刺激到目前为止,5D 影响的生活已经持续了12个多月,这让每个人都感到不安。因为事实上,当你意识到并与你的精神实相(光的第五维度)一起工作时,你接受"改变"作为你是谁的精神基础。因此,一个波浪和不断增加的变化运动(解决力量的不平衡)已经在地球上建立起来。

"When we're energetically agitated we can sense that life is unsettled and that change is imminent"




As part of this great shift,the heart chakra of the world,the heart space within us all(the container of soul)needed a massive expansion,which came as the heart chakra of the planet(Uluru)ceased all foot traffic back in October 2019.The heart chakra of the world was no longer being walked over and this had a cataclysmic flow-on effect.I wrote about this in another of my blog posts that went viral,read by over 500,000 people in January 2020 on Australia's Wake-up Call and The Global Flow-on Effect


Back in June 2019,the devastating Australian bushfires began and continued right through into 2020,peaking in January.And from September 2019,the COVID-19 pandemic was brewing and growing.The loss of a billion native animals and over 46 million acres of native bush destroyed(over 6 times more then the Amazon fires)woke up millions around the globe.We were ready for the'soft-open'.




We were poised for 2020's next stages.For indeed,when the heart expands and opens,then energy can move up into the throat and be expressed via the voice.Then the energy of love(the heart–the fabric of 5D reality)can be expressed with compassion,higher wisdom and understanding.We've seen many millions of souls opening up,sharing and caring for one another and our planet since early 2020.Telepathy in particular has increased.I wrote about this in my last blog post in May on What's Really Happening in 2020?

我们为2020年的下一个阶段做好了准备。因为事实上,当心灵扩张和打开时,能量就可以上升到喉咙,并通过声音表达出来。然后,爱的能量(——5D 现实的结构)可以用同情、更高的智慧和理解来表达。自2020年初以来,我们已经看到数以百万计的灵魂敞开心扉,彼此分享,关心彼此和我们的星球。特别是心灵感应增加了。我在五月份的最后一篇博文《2020年到底发生了什么?

And what comes after the heart expands,compassion grows and wake-up calls increase?Why,of COURSE,the need and the great'unstoppable'impulse(full of momentum plus resistance)to take ACTION…




What we're seeing after the release from global quarantines is soul's who've started taking action.We've been gathering in numbers and aligning with our communities and groups.Like-minded souls have been collecting and finding those of similar vibration.People are primed to create the opportunities to be heard,especially where there is over-control to be addressed,harmony to ensue and imbalances to cease.And hence,this wave of global action in the way of rallies and protests will continue for some time.


And many millions of people(if not OUT on the streets)are taking action in their own way by pouring their energy into what they're for,rather than side-tracking and staying apathetic focusing on than what they're against.It's happening via our thoughts,in our jobs,in our communities,online,in person,in our families,with our friends with those we meet in everyday life.It's happening.


I know that when I woke up in the late 90's and then at the turn of 2000 as I became fully aware of my purpose and the soul's journey,I started taking action immediately.I shared everything I was learning each day to all who would listen–and I haven't stopped over the past 20 years,in particular,writing and speaking The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast every week since 2003.Indeed,in 2020 I'm seeing a HUGE increase in the numbers of people opening up and wanting MORE of my cosmic guidance.It's so exciting to be a part of this high-vibration shift and I'm so honoured(and happy)to have consistently been applying my teachings each day,by taking ACTION to help awaken thousands of souls.

我知道,当我在90年代后期醒来,然后在2000年之交,当我完全意识到我的目标和灵魂的旅程,我立即开始采取行动。我把我每天学到的东西分享给所有愿意聆听的人——在过去的20年里,我没有停下来,特别是自2003年以来,每周都在写和演讲《全球能量预测报告》(Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast)。事实上,在2020年,我看到越来越多的人敞开心扉,希望得到我更多的宇宙指引。成为这个高振动转变的一部分是如此令人兴奋,我很荣幸(也很高兴)能够每天坚持运用我的教导,采取行动,帮助唤醒成千上万的灵魂



Keep in mind that those who have far-sighted vision,who see within and then take their visions and manifest them into the physical state ARE taking ACTION by that very process.Action takes place in the non-physical and physical platforms.Together our actions are what is bringing about such accelerated positive change.The numbers are gathering with great speed.The global populace is calling for equity,equality and the championing of life.


"Your daily actions DO make a difference.Your actions are what have brought us to this moment and will continually moves us ahead"




The deeper unveiling of what we're seeing with the mass protesting in the US(and globally)is the rise of self-governance.Throughout 2019,I've been speaking to you about how important self-governance will become under a 5D New Earth.Back in October 2019,I spoke about the need for us to claim our own authority and how the world would be taking action.This was all detailed in my blog post The 5D New Earth and Current Global Unrest.I mentioned the need for self-responsibility first and foremost if we are ever to move to self-governance.This is some of what I said…

美国(乃至全球)的大规模抗议活动更深层次地揭示了自治的兴起。整个2019年,我一直在向你们讲述,在5D 新地球下,自我管理将变得多么重要。早在201910月,我就谈到我们需要主张自己的权威,以及世界将如何采取行动。这些都在我的博客文章《5D新地球和当前全球动荡》中有详细的描述。我提到,如果我们要走向自治,首先就需要有自我责任感。这是我说的一些话..

"The current global unrest is an outcropping of 1,000's of souls having a mass wake-up call.It is what Earth has needed and there's a distinct future focus to it and a cosmic reason behind it.Souls are deeply concerned about the future and what's happening to Earth and all sentient beings and they now know that their individual voice,energy and actions carry great weight.Consciousness has risen.Authority is being challenged when it does not provide for equality,peace and a conscious,sustainable future.Along with the rise in 5D consciousness,is our essential need to embody and exercise self-responsibility and self-governance."

"当前的全球动荡是1000个灵魂的集体觉醒。这正是地球所需要的,并且有一个明确的未来焦点和它背后的宇宙原因。灵魂们深深地关注着未来,关注着地球和所有众生身上发生的事情,他们现在知道他们个人的声音、能量和行动承载着巨大的重量。意识已经上升。当权威不能提供平等、和平和一个有意识的、可持续的未来时,它就受到了挑战。随着5D 意识的提高,体现和行使自我责任和自我管理是我们的根本需要。"

Interesting HINT:To read all of my blog posts with topics that interest YOU,simply type your topics of interest i.e.'self-governance'in the search bar at the top of my blog page and it will return to you every blog post,where I have mentioned that topic.




Another necessity in the successful implementation of self-governance is the dropping of JUDGMENT.Yes,we're all making assessments(each day)of who we are and who others are and where we all fit in within the cosmic dance of life.And that's healthy,as it keeps you in check and allows you to navigate your environment–wisely.


But,to judge another simply because they appear to be DIFFERENT to you(especially when you know nothing about them and are only making presumptions)is spiritually shortsighted and perpetuates the state of inequality on Earth.


It also perpetuates pain and suffering in your life and in the lives of others.This is part of the old 3D system,which is being dismantled.To help this along,consider how you judge others.Are you being harsh,shameful and baseless in your criticism?If so,then cease that activity now.One aspect of 5D reality that will help you,is to know that whatever you put forth(whatever you say or think)about someone else is reflected straight back to you and will affect your personal power with the same force as you gave out.There's NO hiding under 5D.You must be self-responsible,it will free you!

它也使你的生活和他人的生活中永远存在着痛苦和苦难。这是旧的3 d 系统的一部分,正在被拆除。为了帮助你做到这一点,考虑一下你是如何评价他人的。你是否在批评中表现得苛刻、可耻和毫无根据?如果是这样,那么现在就停止这种活动。5D 现实的一个方面将会帮助你,就是知道无论你对别人说了什么(无论你说了什么或者想了什么),都会直接反映到你身上,并且会以同样的力量影响你的个人力量。5D下没有隐藏的东西。你们必须自我负责,它会解放你们!光之灵魂



And in line with our ever-increasing levels of consciousness in 2020,there have been those whom I call'undercover souls of the light'who for years have been infiltrating the old 3D systems,by working within mainstream corporate business and government systems globally.They've been creating great environmental change within these structures simply by being AWAKE themselves,acting with spiritual integrity and self-responsibility and therefore,bringing their PRESENCE to bear where the energy is often low and negative.

随着我们在2020年意识水平的不断提高,已经有一些人,我称之为"光明的秘密灵魂",他们多年来通过在全球主流企业和政府系统中工作,渗透到旧的3D 系统中。他们已经在这些结构中创造了巨大的环境变化,仅仅是通过唤醒他们自己,以灵性的完整性和自我责任感行动,因此,把他们的存在带到能量通常很低和消极的地方。

Thousands of awake souls globally are creating cultural change in whatever field they're working in or whatever community they're influencing,simply by being their AWAKE selves.You don't need to be the head of an organisation or the head of a WEBSITE or business in order to be affecting us all.Everyone is doing their part on all levels.We salute you.


"No effort is too small in the acceleration of consciousness on Earth"


CONSCIOUS BUSINESS–the way of the future


And further to this,I predict that over the next decade the term'conscious business'will go mainstream and become part of our vernacular.I've already interacted in my personal sessions and mentoring programs with dozens of people worldwide(over the past ten years in particular)who are establishing conscious business.They're steering the direction of business into the realm of 5D by focusing on a fusion of higher purpose,validity and equality between people,the environment and all sentient beings of the light.These people include CEO'S,business owners,managers and those in administration roles.Everyone is important and having incredible impact.It warms my heart to see.


One could say that the next step will be having a COSMIC consciousness within business–although I feel this is some way off yet.That would mean that business as we know it would completely be dismantled and we would interact with one another based on our innate skills,as the energy exchange.All needs would be met and fulfilled.It's a future destination.




Navigating this 5D reality is simple at its core.You just need to understand that there is no separation between you and all others.You are everyone.Every other being(human,animal,mineral)is part of you.There's ONE soul in the universe being expressed in infinite ways.You ARE that ONE soul.Just as I am and all others are.From the framework of your human life and your personality,you feel distinct and individual,but on the more expansive,eternal level–we truly are all one–are of the ONE SOUL.


When you live like the soul that you are on Earth,you can't help but treat everyone(every being)EQUALLY.What we're asking for with our marches,actions,protests and voices is that people WAKE-UP and be responsible,for when they do,soul does the rest and pulls us each into line.




And so,where we head next is simply–up to you–up to each of us.Every soul's actions matter and will make all the difference.I invite you to look at your own life and see where you can refine and define your self-knowing.Educate yourself about who you are and the journey of the soul.See beyond the obvious and have the courage to dive into your inner landscape.Find yourself beloved and then consistently take action and express that divine being out in the world.For this,you will always be supported,cared for and loved…


You can take this opportunity and join with the thousands of awake and aware souls globally,who are successfully ascending on their spiritual path every week with The Tip-Off.It's a choice that I know,will empower you…




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