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你们中的一些人对菲尔·戈德莱夫斯基关于血栓注射和 VAERS 的视频反应积极,想看看他的频道。他发布了一个新的视频(见下文),解决了许多人目前可悲的缺乏信仰的问题

Starship Earth:The Big Picture 星际飞船地球:大局

August 27,2021 2021827


We're back…and we made it to another Friday;the last one of August.


A number of you responded favourably to Phil Godlewski's video about the clot shot and VAERS and want to check out his channel.He put up a new video[see below]and it's addressing the sad lack of faith many people have currently,as well as some encouraging Q proofs,and a major announcement.The link below,[just above his video]which I put above nearly every video,will take you to the video platform for the respective vlogger so if you like that one and want to look for more,just click that link.

你们中的一些人对菲尔·戈德莱夫斯基关于血栓注射和 VAERS 的视频反应积极,想看看他的频道。他发布了一个新的视频(见下文),解决了许多人目前可悲的缺乏信仰的问题,还有一些令人鼓舞的 q 证明,以及一个重要的声明。下面的链接,[就在他的视频上面],我把几乎每个视频的上面,将带你到视频平台的各自的视频博客,所以如果你喜欢这一个,并希望看到更多,只需点击该链接。

Phil felt badly that so many are questioning the Earth Alliance and President Trump and took some of the blame,which I don't feel is necessary at all.People are responsible for their own thoughts and research and there are countless others on the Internet sharing the same message he is.I would think by now that most in the community would be able to reason and come to logical conclusions but I guess it's difficult to put ourselves in others'shoes.The inability of any one or collection of souls to make sense of this nonsensical world isn't the fault of any digital warrior.


You can show people the most compelling,irrefutable proof of something and if they're in denial,their opinion won't budge.For those who believe,no proof is necessary.For those who don't believe,none is possible.That's the way it works.We can clobber them over the head with facts,figures,photo proof and testimonials—but with some,all we'll get is an obstinate stance of crossed arms and closed ears and eyes.Some people like to revel in their negativity and they love to spread it around.


I know that a lot of Starship readers are ahead of me when it comes to research and more—and they totally get what's going on.There are a few who just can't understand that we truly are in a war.This isn't a game,and we're not going to be told what's going on—OR WE WOULD LOSE!Therefore,we have white lies,disinformation,and stories obfuscating the truth.We are given enough to show us that there are people fighting for us,and to have faith.



You can't tell the enemy what you're doing or are going to do and expect to have an advantage.That is just common sense.So…we enjoy decodes,connecting dots,sourcing trustworthy,knowledgeable insiders and those whom the White Hats have deemed worthy of sharing specific information with so they can pass it on to us.


Don't get me wrong:I don't go through all the decodes we're shown and do the math or delve into each Q proof.I'm strictly a"big picture"kind of girl.I don't have time to do the research I would like to do.It takes 5–7 hours to pull one post together for you and while I'm doing that,I'm sometimes trying to listen to a video or two to keep up—which is impossible.I never feel caught up.I'm listening to Phil's video while I'm typing.

不要误会我的意思:我不会仔细阅读所有我们看到的解码,也不会做数学运算或者深入研究每个 q 证明。我是一个严格意义上的"大局型"女孩。我没有时间做我想做的研究。为你整理一个帖子需要5-7个小时,当我这样做的时候,我有时候会试着听一两个视频来跟上进度——这是不可能的。我从来不觉得自己被困住了。我一边打字一边听菲尔的视频。


One of the biggest hurdles to understanding and accepting the current situation is FEAR.Some people appear to be in panic mode over the jab.I have been researching the situation on our planet for close to fifteen years and while I'm not always correct in my analyses,I'm usually right or very close and I don't believe everything I'm seeing and hearing.It's part of the process.We're watching a movie,Q told us.If you want to make it into a terrifying horror show,that's your choice,but it's not mine.

理解和接受现状的最大障碍之一就是恐惧。一些人似乎对注射疫苗感到恐慌。我已经研究地球上的情况近15年了,虽然我的分析并不总是正确的,但我通常是正确的或非常接近的,我不相信我所看到和听到的一切。这是过程的一部分。我们在看电影,q 告诉我们。如果你想把它拍成恐怖片,那是你的选择,但不是我的。

Regardless,I don't recommend anyone blindly adopt my opinions.I believe you should form your own based on the research you do and your intuition.That's why I bring you a wide variety of presenters and material every day.


Generally speaking,the longer you research,the better your intuition will be.This is a spiritual war in a 3D world we don't understand because we have been living a lie in every sense of the word.The good news is,a rescue mission is in progress.It's 5D in scope and we can't be expected to understand it all.



If you can't accept that President Trump,his closest allies,the Q Team,certain members of the military,and our other insiders are telling us what's going on without telling us what's going on,it must be a difficult journey for you.

如果你不能接受特朗普总统、他最亲密的盟友、q 团队、某些军方成员,以及我们的其他内部人士告诉我们正在发生什么,而不告诉我们正在发生什么,那么对你来说,这一定是一段艰难的旅程。

Phil does his best in the video below to show everyone why we can drop the fear and try to enjoy the show.I came to believe—after first discounting the Q drops—that there is no way this is not a massive undertaking to free Humanity.

菲尔在下面的视频中尽了最大的努力向大家展示了为什么我们可以放下恐惧,尽情享受这个节目。我开始相信,在第一次消除 q 值下降的影响之后,这不可能不是一项解放人类的巨大工程。

I don't believe everything they tell us,and I don't believe Trump is"just a guy".I've said that countless times.I am not religious,but I am spiritual and I feel we are in a very good place,generally speaking.I also believe"anything is possible".I have complete faith that Trump,Q,the star nations,the Earth Alliance,our Creator,angels,all the positive forces are moving mountains to work miracles.


Phil spends a lot of time showing us how it is impossible for this to be a prank to fool us and that Q and Trump are on the same team;our team.It's just logical thinking.Yet some will deny.He provides a great deal of excellent perspective on many levels,and even mentions Jordan Sather.

菲尔花了很多时间向我们展示,这不可能是一个愚弄我们的恶作剧,q 和特朗普是一个团队的,我们的团队。这只是逻辑思维。然而,有些人会否认。他在许多层面上提供了大量优秀的观点,甚至提到了 Jordan Sather

Q Proofs–August 26th,

2021 2021826

He's correct about our spending habits.I hope you will visit https://starvethebeast.com/ and consider changing what you buy and from whom so we can stop feeding the animals.

关于我们的消费习惯,他是正确的。我希望你能去 https://starvethebeast.com/,考虑改变你的购买方式和购买者,这样我们就可以停止喂养动物了。

Recently we have been exploring more of the Gematria and numerology behind current operations.I personally feel it provides one more facet that supports our involvement in a highly spiritual battle to the death that President Trump—or whoever he is at the soul level—and others are fighting on our behalf.Something"otherworldy"is going on.It's not possible for there to be so many coincidences.

最近,我们一直在探索目前操作背后的 Gematria 和数字命理学。我个人认为,它还提供了另一个方面,支持我们参与到一场高度精神层面的战斗中,直到特朗普总统(或者不管他在灵魂层面上是谁)和其他人为我们而战。一些"其他世界"的事情正在发生。不可能有这么多的巧合。

I'm continually gobsmacked by the information Tom Numbers,Negative 48/Michael Protzman and others share about the language of God,as they call it.Simon Parkes did a show with the above and it was worth listening to.There are too many coincidences for it not to be by intelligent design.


I also recall that Q told us"spellings matter"and I can't help but think Noah Webster knew what he was doing when he changed the American spellings of words.Link to Simon Parkes,Tom Numbers and Michael Protzman video from August 18.

我还记得 q 告诉我们"拼写很重要",我不禁想到诺亚·韦伯斯特在改变美式拼写时知道自己在做什么。链接到 Simon ParkesTom Numbers Michael Protzman 818日的视频。

We've talked about Star Seeds.We've brought you amazing videos from Jetson White explaining things I've not heard anyone else address and they resonate strongly with me.There is a network of Patriots,White Hats,etc.to keep us informed so we don't get into fear and can function optimally to do whatever it is awakened people can do to help.Many points in the network get attacked.Of course they do!Why would people doing good work for the benefit of Humanity get attacked?Because the enemy fights with disinformation.They believe weak-minded,ill-informed,fearful people will believe them.


Simon Parkes recently admitted that the Q Team recruited him.That was my take on it before he said it.Charlie Ward,the same.It was obvious.

西蒙·帕克斯最近承认 q 团队招募了他。这是我在他说之前的看法。查理·沃德也是。这很明显。

Scott Mowry is another one.Scott Kesterson another.Scott McKay has people giving him intel,and so does Phil Godlewski.Juan O'Savin is clearly very close to the top of the echelon and tells us things as best he can but we have to read between the lines no matter who we are listening to.


There are others,and there's a reason their followings are so vast.Some of them had to sign NDAs.They are given more information than they are given license to share with us and I am grateful for what they do tell us.That is so they have the knowledge and belief to have the conviction to keep going,and to share their confidence in The Plan with those who follow them.(More on The Plan below)


In addition,I know that those who are getting intel to share with us seem to be perpetuating the psyop.They are asked to give us specific information to get us to believe certain things or behave in a specific way.And that's fine if you realize it.We were given inside information about the operation but they don't want it splattered on every website,Gab account,etc.There is a purpose for the operation unfolding and the masses have to believe it for it to be effective.They need people to rise up and get out of their apathy,and stop believing that someone else is going to solve their problems for them.They must engage and do it themselves.



There is a reason why millions of people from all over the world latched onto Q and woke up.Some of what Q told us was for the Anons to research.Some posts contained messages for the cabal.The legions of benevolent Beings are doing everything they can to protect us while we fight these battles.We are safe.There will not be a nuclear event or WW3,and the plague is not going to kill us all.Nor is a shot in the arm,in my opinion.

这就是为什么来自世界各地的数以百万计的人们抓住了 q 并醒悟过来。Q 告诉我们的一些内容是供无名氏们研究的。一些帖子包含了秘密结社的信息。当我们在战斗的时候,大批仁慈的存有们正在尽他们所能来保护我们。我们安全了。不会有核事件或第三次世界大战,瘟疫也不会杀死我们所有人。在我看来,这也不是一剂强心针。

What we are watching is a military operation—but not just the US military.Not just Earth's military.It's a psyop.I told you Q is a psyop—but a GOOD psyop.They are changing the way Humans think and act so we can free ourselves.They use triggers in language to unlock our minds and our hearts.They reach deep inside us and pull out remnants of who we really are but have forgotten.They have an energetic component,I believe,that transcends language.

我们看到的是一场军事行动ーー但不仅仅是美国军方。不仅是地球的军事力量。这是心理战术。我告诉过你 q 是一个心理学家ーー但是一个很好的心理学家。它们正在改变人类思考和行为的方式,这样我们就可以解放自己。他们在语言中使用触发器来开启我们的思想和心灵。它们深入我们的内心深处,把我们遗忘的残余部分拉出来。我相信,它们有一种超越语言的能量成分。

Have you asked yourself why they didn't teach us Gematria,numerology or astrology in school?There are plenty of questions we could ask,like how could JRR Tolkien write his Hobbit trilogy with books like"The Two Towers"and"The Return of the King"?We know JFK Jr.'s friend referred to him as"King"for some reason so we await the future with bated breath.

你有没有问过自己为什么他们在学校没有教我们 Gematria 命理学或占星术?我们可以问很多问题,比如托尔金怎么可能用《双塔奇兵》和《王者归来》这样的书来写霍比特人三部曲呢?我们知道小肯尼迪的朋友出于某种原因称他为"国王",所以我们屏息以待未来。

It's important to listen closely to what Trump says.Something as benign as,"You'll find out" has fascinating implications in Gematria.

仔细倾听特朗普的言论很重要。像"你会发现"这样温和的说法,在 Gematria 有着引人入胜的含义。

"You'll find out"is equal to"sudden rapture",for one thing.

一方面,"You'll find out"等于"sudden rapture"

Most of us will be here for Ascension or"the rapture"and some people don't even believe in Ascension.I get that.It seems such a bizarre concept but based on what I have learned over the years,I am fully expecting it.


I believe we will finally be sprung from this cage we've been captive in for millennia due to the soul traps.This life is not what we were created to live.Who would create this?It's a train wreck.The sickness and disease,the deception,the greed,the selfishness,the destruction of a beautiful world and the creatures who dwell here.The predation.It's evil and it has to end.



Jetson White gets into fascinating things in his newest video,below.Some of this may seem a little"out there"and at one time I probably would have thought the same but now…Now I get it.


What we are embroiled in is far bigger than most of us know.It's not just about saving America.Or Hungary.Or Indonesia.It is literally about the saving of mankind and because of the mind wipes when we reincarnate again,and again,and again,we don't know who we are or that we are captives in a construct that is not the little blue marble NASA shows us.

我们所卷入的事情比我们大多数人所知道的要严重得多。这不仅仅是为了拯救美国。或者匈牙利。或者印度尼西亚。从字面上来说,这是关于拯救人类,因为当我们再次转世的时候,我们不知道我们是谁,也不知道我们是被囚禁在一个不是 NASA 展示给我们的蓝色小弹珠里的人。

That is where I'm at,and you will come to your own conclusions but I hope that enough research will enable everyone to realize we are in a good place,relatively speaking,and it's about to get a whole lot better.Beyond our imagination.Have faith.


The 144,000 Are Starseeds(Part II)


Within this war,the good guys get attacked.That's pretty much all the enemy has left.They don't want us learning the truth.They don't want this fabulous gig they've had for eons to end.They like having slaves.They are not like us,however.They feed on us,yes,but not only stealing our money,our life force,our land,resources,and creativity.They steal our children,and they do unspeakable things to innocent Humans who didn't know there was anyone on the planet who would do such a thing.


The good news is,the armies of the Light are growing exponentially.The"psyop"continues and the Earth Alliance and all our allies in the skies are coddling us a little as we dismantle the structures and systems the dark has created and thrived in.


After reading more on what's been happening,I found that Simon Parkes referred to the FDA jab approval as a Black Swan Event.I gave the wrong link to Simon's new website,sorry about that,and corrected it in yesterday's post.

在阅读了更多关于正在发生的事情之后,我发现西蒙·帕克斯将 FDA 批准的注射疫苗称为"黑天鹅事件"。我给了错误的链接到西蒙的新网站,对此我很抱歉,并在昨天的文章中更正了它。

Jim,the Unknown Lightwarrior updated me on the Black Swan situation in a newsletter,and he is one of our best sources for information on what's happening in"other realms"as well as here on the Earth plane.He said…

吉姆,不知名的 lightwarlor 通过新闻简报向我更新了关于黑天鹅的情况,他是我们了解"其他领域"以及地球上正在发生的事情的最好来源之一。他说..

It looks like the FDA has either been coerced(by Cabal panic)…or forced by the White Hats,to violate several MAJOR laws&health regulations by approving the Pfizer vaccine without the standard regulatory processes,such as:

看起来 FDA 要么被迫(阴谋集团的恐慌)......要么被白帽子强迫,违反了几个主要的法律和健康法规,批准了辉瑞公司的疫苗,而没有标准的监管程序,例如:

full hearings on all the data of all trials of the vaccine
proof that there's no other treatment available for'Corona'
and other such requirements legal professionals will know all about

对所有疫苗试验的数据进行全面听证,证明 Corona 没有其他可用的治疗方法,法律专业人士对此类要求一清二楚

This has[at the very least]created a legal entrapment for the FDA,that could easily result in serious nationwide legal action.

(至少) FDA 创造了一个合法的圈套,很容易导致严重的全国性的法律行动。

All this is almost certainly the'Black Swan'event Simon Parkes warned about on Sunday,with the mention of White Hat action by Wed or Thurs…which I'm assuming will be in the legal form mentioned above.


It's important to be aware that such things can lead to arrests of senior officials at the FDA,(ie,Cabal members).

重要的是要知道,这些事情可能导致逮捕高级官员在 FDA(即阴谋集团成员)

We'll have to wait&see.


One thing is for sure…the 144K DID ITS PART in raising the timeline to one where the FDA[Cabal]makes such a stupid mistake…really does get its ass sued…exposed…its big Parma controllers revealed…and possibly bringing about fundamental changes to health laws as a result.

有一件事是肯定的...144K 在提高时间线到一个 FDA[阴谋集团]犯了这样一个愚蠢的错误...真的让它的屁股起诉...暴露...其大帕尔马控制器揭露...并可能带来根本性的变化,卫生法律的结果。


Something odd came up on Simon's website.He got another YouTube strike and when I dig in,he says it was for wishing President Trump a happy birthday.Trump's birthday is June 14.Is that when the last strike happened?Maybe the comment didn't get updated.

西蒙的网站上出现了一些奇怪的东西。他在 YouTube 上又一次被攻击,当我开始挖掘的时候,他说这是为了祝特朗普总统生日快乐。特朗普的生日是614日。那是最后一次袭击发生的时间吗?也许评论没有更新。

Back on topic…I feel like a broken record.I could repost what I've published in the past and it would be as fresh and applicable today as it was four years ago.I can't say it too often:Nothing is what it seems.I think it's safe to say there have been countless sting operations for years.Infiltration.


It's important to remain on an even keel.What may appear to be bad news,may be another sting op—like allowing the deep state to steal the 2020 Presidential Election.Did it hurt?Oh,yeah.Sacrifices were made and we were led to believe that Trump was going to turn America red—and he did—but they wanted to be able to SHOW the People what they have been doing,how they've been doing it,and that their elections are not and never have been secure.The People of America know who they voted for and they know their voices were muted by the cabal's extreme election rigging.



The globalists have always lied and cheated and made it appear we have choices when we do not.They made sure their agenda was fulfilled.Now they are blocked—unless the White Hats make it part of"The Plan".

全球主义者总是撒谎和欺骗,让人们以为我们有选择,其实我们没有。他们确保他们的议程得以实现。现在,它们都被屏蔽了——除非"白帽子"(White Hats)将其列入"计划"

It's crazy at this point to take everything that happens at face value.Look deeper.Think logically.The Earth Alliance knows everything the cabal was going to do in advance.Whatever happens,they let them do it for good reason.Don't panic.



There are at least three purposes for the"intel"put out and the articles and videos published.One is to manage us,the awakened.Another is to manage the unawakened;the sleeping masses.It's also meant to manage the enemy.To expect it all to make sense is an exercise in futility.This is how an information war works.


The fact that Trump has recommended the vaccine and told us if we want to get it we should;it's our choice—is a major bone of contention that we all have to come to terms with in our own way.As I said,I'm not going to worry about it.It's like complaining.Why do it?It doesn't do any good anyway,my grandfather used to say.The best strategy is probably to muster up as much faith as you can and just go with it.All will be revealed in due time.In the interim,they ask us to remain positive,to bolster our resolve and keep our resonance high.We are winning.


Many of us are dealing with friends and family who think we're conspiracy theorists or alarmists and won't listen to our warnings about the jab.We can't make them.We can't save them,we can only do our best to provide information and hope they will wake up.It would be nice if we could reach the required(according to Juan O'Savin)80 per cent awakened tomorrow,but I don't think we're quite there.

我们中的许多人正在与朋友和家人打交道,他们认为我们是阴谋理论家或杞人忧天者,不会听从我们关于注射的警告。我们做不到。我们不能拯救他们,我们只能尽力提供信息,希望他们醒来。如果我们明天能达到80%的觉醒要求(胡安奥萨文(Juan o'savin)如是说)就好了,但我认为我们还没有达到这个要求。

I have only one person in my family who is awake—and he thinks we're doomed anyway.Not a spiritual person.I cling to Q's guarantee that,"Where we go one,we go all."Just because people refuse to wake up doesn't mean they don't deserve to be rescued from the matrix.They are victims of the mind control and programming.When the Ten Days of Darkness/Disclosure happens,a lot more will have their eyes pried open.

我家里只有一个人醒着,他认为我们无论如何都要完蛋了。不是一个精神上的人。我坚持 q 的保证:"我们去哪儿,我们全力以赴。"仅仅因为人们拒绝醒来并不意味着他们不值得从母体中被拯救。他们是精神控制和编程的受害者。当黑暗的十天/大揭露发生时,更多的人会睁开他们的眼睛。


Let's get back to"The Plan".For over four years we've been assured by Q and others that there is a grand Plan to take down the cabal.Simon Parkes told us he can understand why civilians don't blindly"trust the plan".Civilians aren't trained like soldiers to follow orders without question.Now…Charlie Ward,Ann Vandersteel,General Flynn and perhaps others are telling us there is no plan.LOL.Charlie says it's just"God's plan".After my dissertation above on"disinformation"I hope I don't need to dissect this strategy.

让我们回到"计划"上来。四年多以来,q 和其他人一直向我们保证,有一个打倒阴谋集团的宏伟计划。西蒙·帕克斯告诉我们,他能理解为什么平民不盲目地"相信这个计划"。平民不像士兵那样被训练去毫无疑问地服从命令。现在......查理·沃德、安·万德斯蒂尔、弗林将军或许还有其他人都在告诉我们没有计划。哈哈。查理说这只是"上帝的计划"。在我上面关于"虚假信息"的论文之后,我希望我不需要详细分析这个策略。

The Plan,the psyop,is to wake up the world.In many other countries we have seen humongous protests.Their people have woken up in a big way.Not all,but enough feel strongly that they have to get out on the streets and fight back.They have to let the powers-that-were know they are mad as hell and they're not going to take it any more.They have done their research,they know the truth,and they will not lie down and take the tyranny.To do this,they have to feel the threat;the pain.


It appears that the Patriots now want Americans to hit the streets in peaceful protest and show that they know the truth,and they will not tolerate any more totalitarian tactics.They still have their guns—lots of them—and they will stand en masse to protect their republic;their families,their property,and their God-given rights according to the Constitution.


We don't want any violence on the streets of America like we've seen in France,Germany,Australia,and Canada(G20 in 2010),or in Portland,Washington,etc.Where does one draw the line when a riot cop is about to beat you for being on the street exercising your first amendment right to peacefully state your dissatisfaction?Do we have everyone leave their weapons at home and take their licks from the cabal's mercenary cops,Black Lives Matter,ANTIFA,etc.?I don't know the answers but it appears that the Patriots are trying to enrage the civilians enough to respond positively to the outrageous things they see unfolding.

我们不希望在美国的街头发生任何暴力事件,就像我们在法国、德国、澳大利亚和加拿大(2010 G20峰会),或者在波特兰、华盛顿等地看到的那样。当一个防暴警察因为你在街上行使宪法第一修正案赋予的和平表达不满的权利而要殴打你时,你的底线在哪里?我们是不是让每个人都把武器留在家里,然后被秘社雇佣的警察,BLMANTIFA 等等打一顿?我不知道答案,但是看起来爱国者们正在试图激怒平民,以便对他们所看到的令人发指的事情做出积极的回应。

Is it time to activate the"general militia"in America?What's the Plan—because there most certainly IS a Plan.


Having said that,Juan O'Savin stated recently that we do NOT want Americans to take this to the civil level on the streets or it defeats the whole purpose of the MAGA movement.Maybe he means they don't want civilians making citizen's arrests of politicians,banksters,etc.

话虽如此,胡安·奥萨文最近表示,我们不希望美国人把这件事上升到民事层面,否则就会破坏 MAGA 运动的整个宗旨。也许他的意思是他们不希望平民逮捕政客、银行家等等。


The Canucks are spittin'mad and let Turdy know it again.Link to Telegram.


They're all the same.The only candidates that will change anything are the PPC party.Maxime Bernier.But wait—they don't mention him in this article at all.What does that tell you?

他们都是一样的。唯一能够改变任何事情的候选人是 PPC 党。马克西姆·贝尔尼埃。但是等等ーー他们在这篇文章中根本没有提到他。这说明了什么?

Singh seen as most likeable leader in election as Trudeau's popularity craters:poll 



While there are many positive things unfolding,we are aware of the potential for casualties and we hold our military personnel closely in our thoughts and prayers as they are in harm's way all over the world.I don't even want to know what's really going on in Kabul.For those who choose to leave us now,congratulations;you escaped the matrix.


These are the US service members killed in the Kabul airport attack 


I think our biggest stumbling block if we are having difficulty assimilating the information provided is that we are civilians.We simply don't think like a military strategist or even a soldier.We don't understand secrecy,following orders,signals intelligence,infiltration,propaganda,The Art of War,espionage,ciphers,Gematria,numerology,how the US government and others were set up by the psychopaths running the world—and we don't know what technology is actually in use by the cabal and the Earth Alliance.


The crew found something interesting on Romana Didulo.I don't take her at face value at all and I don't believe you can truly vet her.I get the feeling she might not be from around here.She jokes about being Trump's boss and I enjoy her spunk and sense of humour.I don't feel threatened by her at all and if she doesn't turn out to be who she claims,oh well.She certainly appears to be having a positive influence so how can you fault her?Take this for what you will.She isn't collecting any money,so…why would she do it?


JFK:Caring and Compassion Abound!



Dr.Lee Merritt is a former military doctor and makes this short address about the plandemic and the vaxx of the military.What's your worldview?Link to Telegram. 2 min.

·梅里特博士以前是一名军医,他就军队的计划、学术和军事行动发表了这篇简短的演讲。你的世界观是什么?链接到 Telegram2分钟。

When I'm doing so much cheerleading I can't share as much information so that concludes our post for today.Thank you to the crew for the support of all kinds and positive feedback.It means a lot.The crew is savvy and provides a great deal of pleasant accompaniment for the journey so I hope new folks know to look for more great material in the comments.We got a heads up to watch for"Evergiven"for updates and continue to'watch the water'.


Just happened to see this pop up.


The comms from Telegram as I shut down the post:Link to Telegram:

当我关闭这个帖子时,来自 Telegram 的通讯:链接到 Telegram:













I need to take a day off soon so if you don't get a post notification one day,don't panic.Sometimes life beckons.~BP





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