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Hello Cobra,


TY for accepting our invitation for another interview


It's been 6 years already since our first one




As we approach the final stages of planetary and galactic liberation, we felt that the time is right for this interview.





Q. On 26 November 1977 in parts of southern England, during the ASHTAR Galactic Command Southern Television broadcast interruption and disarming warning to Earth population, was the galactic confederation aware of the EARTH's negative exotic tech?

: 19771126日,在英格兰南部部分地区,在阿什塔银河司令部南方电视台播放中断和解除警告地球人口,银河联盟是否意识到地球的负面外来技术?

A. They were aware of some of it but not all of it.


Q. Galactic Confederation and RM members are able to telepathically <read> the surface (and not only) beings THOUGHTS, yet HOW cosmos at large was unable to detect ahead of time the creation and complex spread of the massive negative tech, throughout millions of years?

: 银河联盟和 RM 的成员能够通过心灵感应读取地表(而且不仅仅是)生命的思想,然而宇宙是如何无法提前探测到大规模负面技术的创造和复杂传播的呢?

A. OK, first, the Resistance Movement is not able to telepathically read the surface population thoughts. The Galactic Confederation can do that, but when darkness was created millions of years ago, there was a very, very drastic negative situation in which the dark forces threatened the whole universe with dark technology and they demanded that the Source does not give intel about that technology to the Ascended Beings, to the Galactic Confederation, so the Galactic Confederation was aware that something's wrong, but they didn't have all the details. The details have all been released within the last few years, because we are coming to the end of the cycle and all of that needs to be cleared.


Q. About the recent years' MASSIVE spread fires all over the world: why is that the Galactic Confederation is unable to put out those massive fires by advanced tech?

:关于最近几年在世界各地蔓延的大火: 为什么银河联盟无法用先进的技术来扑灭这些大火?

A. OK, there are 2 factors here:

: 好的,这里有两个因素:

-first, the Galactic Confederation does not intervene on the surface of the planet directly, because that would trigger topletB which would be much worse


-second, part of the answer is, there is a lot of the primary anomaly near, next to the surface and the Galactic Confederation does not yet completely handle that much anomaly with their technology


Q. During the solar flash evacuation: besides the Earth humans, the tens of billions of non-human sentient beings living in nature and in farms, will also be evacuated?

:太阳闪焰疏散期间: 除了地球上的人类,生活在大自然和农田中的数百亿非人类有情众生,也会被疏散吗?

A. Many animals, especially the larger animals will also be evacuated and at least a few members of each species will be evacuated also, except for those species that are intended to become extinct, because some of the species have been genetically manipulated and the purpose for them is not to exist anymore. So I would say most of the large, advanced animals will be evacuated.


Q. Where will they be evacuated and REHOMED?


A. First, they will be evacuated on the ships, many of them will be transported to the planet in the Pleiades star system where humanity will live and some of them will go to other planets where they will be able to have a pure, pristine natural environment.

: 首先,他们将被疏散到飞船上,其中许多人将被运送到昴宿星系的行星上,在那里人类将生活在那里,其中一些人将前往其他行星,在那里他们将能够拥有一个纯净、原始的自然环境。

Q. Post EVENT, will some of them be returned on the NEW EARTH?


A. Very few select ones, yes…most of them no but some of them yes.


Q. Will we be able to take our pets with us during the EVACUATION and further WHEREVER else we'd chose to go after the Earth goes through the EVENT?


A. OK, basically each individual human being will need to make their own choice about the evacuation and the pets will be evacuated on their own accord and if there is a higher purpose then they will be reconnected, the current approach that is on the surface of the planet will be changed because most of the animals will choose to live in natural environments. The emotional bond that was created between the animals and humans will remain but most aspects of that connection will be gone.

: 好的,基本上每个人都需要对疏散做出自己的选择,宠物们将自行疏散,如果有更高的目的,它们将重新连接起来,目前在地球表面的做法将会改变,因为大多数动物将选择生活在自然环境中。动物和人类之间建立起来的情感纽带将会保留下来,但是这种联系的大部分方面将会消失。

Q. So we could take our dogs if we choose, or not?


A. You will have to make your choice regardless of your dog. Most of the dogs will be evacuated regardless of your choices.


Q. How long after the EVENT will we be able to reunite with/see our old Earth relatives and friends who passed years before the EVENT?


A. This will be a very individual situation…there will be individual variations with this…those within the surface population who are more aware, more awakened, will be given access to technology to be able to visit the astral plane quite soon after the EVENT and then the rest of humanity will have to wait for the EVACUATION but I would say that the awakened part of the population can expect to have that within months after EVENT

A.这将是一个非常个人的情况... ... 将会有个人的变化... ... 那些在地表人口中更有意识,更觉醒的人,将会获得技术,能够在事件发生后不久访问星体层面,然后其余的人类将不得不等待撤离,但我要说,觉醒的人口中的一部分可以预期在事件发生后的几个月内会有这种情况

Q. Is there an even 1% chance that the EVENT will happen AFTER 2030?

问:在2030年之后,这个事件发生的可能性有1% 吗?

A. I cannot give any dates…I can just give my speculation or I would say orientation date 2025 but that is just an orientation date. I don't know when the EVENT will happen. We are all working for it to happen, the Light Forces are working for it to happen and it will happen when it needs to happen.

: 我不能给出任何日期......我只能给出我的推测,或者我会说是2025年的定向日期,但那只是一个定向日期。我不知道这个事件何时会发生。我们都在为它的发生而努力,光明力量也在为它的发生而努力,它将在它需要发生的时候发生。

Q. How long post liberation will we still use money for?


A. OK, at the moment of the EVENT there will be a reset of the financial system, then the financial system will be slowly phased out, then completely gone at the moment of the POLAR SHIFT and the FINAL EVACUATION.

: 好的,在事件发生的那一刻,金融系统将被重新设置,然后金融系统将慢慢地被淘汰,然后在极移和最终撤离的那一刻完全消失。

Q. How long post liberation will we have before the entire planet will use ONLY free energy and replicators?


A. Again, this will happen when the transformation will be complete at the POLAR SHIFT and FINAL EVACUATION.


Q. Aprox. how long post liberation will ALL Earth humans have new, young, healed bodies?


A. Most humanity will be evacuated and after being evacuated they will go through a certain alignment and healing process on the Motherships and then they will have youth, healed bodies. Most humans will have quite dramatic healing before the EVENT but I would say the final transformation will happen on the Motherships.


Q. Due to the many delays for Liberation, will there be some sufficient time between liberation and EVENT for unawakened humans to process all the shocking new reality and suppressed disclosures?


A. There might be or there might not be but the time is running out so people will be exposed to quite accelerated process which might be quite overwhelming for many beings because most of humanity has chosen to neglect and deny so much. But we cannot wait for the masses anymore, the transformation needs to happen…it will be a bit shocking for many but there is no way around it anymore.

A.可能有也可能没有,但是时间正在流逝,所以人们会暴露在相当快的过程中,这对许多人来说可能是相当压倒性的,因为大多数人类已经选择忽视和否认这么多。但是,我们不能再等待群众了,转变需要发生... ... 对许多人来说,这会有点令人震惊,但是已经没有办法了。

Q. By the time the liberation announcements will be made, will ALL kidnapped children have been safely rescued worldwide?


A. I would say the vast majority yes, because some of the rescue operations will still be ongoing for a few days after the EVENT.

: 我认为绝大多数是的,因为一些救援行动在事件发生后的几天内仍将继续进行。

Q. Immediately post liberation, will we have enough time to also rescue, liberate, heal and relocate to safe natural sanctuaries the tens upon tens of billions of sentient beings we call animals, currently being held captive throughout the world?

: 解放之后,我们是否有足够的时间去拯救、解放、治疗和迁移到安全的自然庇护所? 这些被我们称为动物的数以百亿计的有情众生目前正在世界各地被囚禁着?

A. OK, immediately after the EVENT, there will be certain specific rescue teams that will liberate them from the farms, from the processing facilities, from the slaughterhouses, this will be started immediately after the EVENT.


Q. How many evacuated humans can comfortably be accommodated in PLEIADES?


A. All human souls which are about 70 BILLION…there is more than enough space

答:所有大约700亿的人类灵魂... ... 都有足够的空间

Q. What dimension the PLEIADES' NEW HOME for humanity is in?


A. It is a physical planet but regarding about the vibrational frequency it is somewhere between the 4th and 5th dimension.



Q. Will all humans unwilling/unable to ascend soon after Event remain in the Pleiades or some will choose to go elsewhere?


A. OK, most of humanity will need to go through a certain realignment and healing process on that particular Pleiadian planet and those who go through that transformation after they go through that transformation they will be able to travel to other locations.

: 好的,大多数人类将需要在那个特定的昴宿星球上经历一定的调整和愈合过程,那些经历过这种转变的人在经历了这种转变之后,他们将能够前往其他地方。

Q. Are the Pleiadians 5th dimensional?


A. I would say they are 6th dimensional


Q. Is the Galactic Confederation 5th dimensional?


A. 6th dimensional, 7th dimensional and up.


Q. Are ALL Resistance Movement members humanoid looking?


A. I would say almost all of them. There are very very few that are not. I would say that 99.9% are human beings.

答:我会说几乎全部。很少有人不是。我认为99.9% 是人类。

Q. Are they 5th to 6th dimensional?


A. Yeah, that's exactly correct, the description.


Q. Does the Galactic Confederation have many exotic looking cosmic races members?


A. Yes, I would say the vast majority of races are humanoid but there are some that are quite exotic.


Q. What would the shortest and tallest height of a Resistance Movement and Galactic Confederation member be?


A. Well, the Resistance Movement is quite the same as the surface population humans but the Galactic Confederation span is much greater, I would say roughly, most of the species are between 10 cm which is about 4 inches up to, I would say 10 or 20 meters.

: 嗯,抵抗运动与地表人口人类非常相似,但是银河联邦的跨度要大得多,我粗略地说,大多数物种都在10厘米,也就是大约4英寸到1020米之间。

Q. From the anatomy perspective, are the Galactic Confederation members similar to human race?


A. Again, I would say most of them are humanoid in appearance and even greater percentage they have the central spinal system, they have the vertebrae, most of them…there are some which have different anatomy but most of them are quite similar to humanoid beings on Earth.

: 同样的,我想说他们大多数在外表上是类人生物,更大的比例是他们有中央脊髓系统,他们有脊椎,他们中的大多数... 有一些有不同的解剖结构,但他们中的大多数是非常类似于地球上的类人生物。

Q. Are they procreating and giving birth similarly to human race?


A. Most of them no…



Q. As big fans of 80's music as the decade with high vibrational music infusion, was 80's music inspired by the Pleiadians?


A. Many of it yes…actually I would say since roughly 1983 until roughly 1987 there was big influence by the Pleiadians inspiring musicians throughout the world.

A.其中很多是的... 实际上我会说,从大约1983年到大约1987年,昴宿星人对全世界的音乐家产生了巨大的影响。


Q. Is DANCE a big part of the Resistance Movement and Galactic Confederation leisure activities?


A. Yes, definitely


Q. About humans' current soul mates partners...will they split after event to reunite with their respective twin flames?

问:关于人类当前的灵魂伴侣... 他们会在事件之后分开来与他们各自的双生灵魂团聚吗?

A. OK, here, each individual being will make their own choices, so some of most awakened beings will reconnect with their twin souls, some of them will still keep their connection with their soul mates and some of them no, so it will be very individual.

: 好的,在这里,每个个体都会做出自己的选择,所以一些觉醒的个体会与他们的双生灵魂重新连接,一些人仍然与他们的灵魂伴侣保持连接,一些人则不会,所以这将是非常个体化的。

Q. Whether some of us will be able to ascend or not, shortly after the EVENT, will we also be able to freely travel between the New Earth, PLEIADES' new home for humanity and/or elsewhere we'd be?

: 在大事件发生后不久,我们中的一些人是否能够扬升,我们是否也能够在新地球——昴宿星团人类的新家园和/或我们将要去的其他地方之间自由旅行?

A. OK, each individual will have to go through purification and cleaning process and when that particular being reaches certain vibrational frequency, goes through certain process, then would receive that freedom of movement throughout the galaxy.


Q. Will there still be another planet similar to EARTH conditions where there will be suffering, wars, etc?

问:还会有另一个类似地球的星球吗? 那里会有苦难、战争等等?


答:不,不... 这一定会完成的,绝对的

Q. Post EVENT, will EARTH still have a PHYSICAL BODY?


A. Yes

: 是的

Q. What dimension will the NEW EARTH be in, right after the SOLAR FLASH (EVENT)?


A. The vibrational frequency will be aligned to the 5th and higher dimensions


Q. Was ever any other planet in known Universe and known cosmic history in similar situation as EARTH is?


A. No, no, this is very unique, something like this has never happened anywhere before




Q. Has the EARTH experience been able to show Cosmos at large that things are in need to be managed in a very different way from now on, than it was until now?

: 地球的经验是否能够向宇宙大体显示,从现在开始,事情需要以一种非常不同的方式来管理,而不是一直到现在?

A. Yes, definitely, actually this was and still is a big lesson for all of the Universe

: 是的,当然,实际上这对整个宇宙来说都是一个很大的教训

With much GRATITUDE and LOVE, thank you so much for this much needed uplifting interview and for everything you did and continue to do on behalf of the entire Creation. You will eternally remain our Cosmic SuperHero


We love you, THANK YOU!


C. Thank you very much!



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