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You will defend the MATRIX with Your Last Breath,I know I have SEEN It


I have been thinking about writing this blog for the last several days.


I wanted to write about a story that is true,a fact that I experienced in my life first-hand account.


I am now 51 this account takes place during an apprenticeship I had for about a year with a Lakota Sioux Medicine woman who worked on me and others,I was about 23 to 24 during this time.


I am not going to ramble on,maybe on the next blog about my teacher and her being kidnapped off her rez when she was a late teen.NASA saw her talents,abilities and her rez was in inner conflict and she felt that she never really fit in since her skin was much lighter than the people in her tribe.It was not hard for NASA to offer her a job which she could then leave and create her own new life,years later she would find out this is not the exact case and eventually,she would have to escape them which she did.That is a whole other story I might write about later.


My teacher had out of this world abilities to fix people,not heal people but fix them.Her abilities were increase and developed by NASA by putting machines,healing and new frontier health machines in her space,teaching her how to use them on the NASA people who were sick.Many of these people were the top scientist that was part of project paperclip.These scientists were exposed to high levels of all kinds of nasties that give you cancers of epic standards during them working on who knows what,multidimensional technologies,energy,time travel along those lines.She could without use of machines actually reach into their fields and remove anything that was no apart of the original genetic structures such as tumors,cancers and other things I will not mention here.Literally in seconds curing them of whatever the problem was.

我的老师在这个世界上有能力去修复人们,而不是治愈他们,而是修复他们。她的能力得到了 NASA 的加强和发展,在她的空间中安装了机器、治疗设备和新的前沿健康设备,教她如何在 NASA 生病的人身上使用这些设备。他们中的许多人都是顶尖的科学家,也是回形针项目的一部分。这些科学家在他们研究多维技术、能量、时间旅行的过程中,暴露在各种各样的令人讨厌的东西中,这些东西会给你带来史诗般的癌症。她可以不用机器就可以进入它们的领域,移除任何与原始基因结构无关的东西,比如肿瘤、癌症和其他我不会在这里提及的东西。毫不夸张地说,几秒钟就能治好他们的病。

She escapes and is in hiding in the mountains of northern USA.She after a period of time makes contact with trustworthy people in a telepathic sort of way.Traveling the dreaming worlds I call it and then communicating in a telepathic way put images into their heads that they will in the near future think are visions or a da-za-view experience.When she showed up in their physical world they would accept her without question,get healed by her and be loyal to keep her secrets and allow her spaces to work on other people.Please note:that my teacher wanted to educate people,heal them and help them to free themselves from the system starting with medicine and the healing arts.If she had the ability to do this,then can you imagine what kind of things the govs of the world use to mind control people in a bad way.That most of what people see,hear,think about,dream about is not even real at all.


In comes Bridgette myself.About age 23 I had a friend who had moved up north to Coeur'D Alene area.He said I should consider moving up there.I was raised in Nevada and like most people here I suspect I would have never left,I would have had a local system of beliefs and would have never expanded aspects of myself if I had not moved.I felt like I was possessed during that time to move up north.I had never had people support me in anything however they were all supporting me in moving from Reno,Nevada to Idaho.Even willing to pack my stuff and drive it up there with me.I know know that My Teacher had traveled the dreaming plains and found me and was moving me one step at a time towards her using thought or mind control systems in myself and others.

进来的是 Bridgette。大约23岁的时候,我有一个朋友搬到了 Coeur'D Alene 北部地区。他说我应该考虑搬到那里去。我在内华达州长大,和这里的大多数人一样,我怀疑我永远不会离开这里,我会有一个本地的信仰体系,如果我不搬家,我永远不会扩展自己的方方面面。在那段时间里,我觉得自己像着了魔一样,想要搬到北方去。我从来没有人支持我做任何事,但是他们都支持我从内华达州的里诺搬到爱达荷州。甚至愿意打包我的东西和我一起开车去那里。我知道我的老师已经穿越了梦境的平原,找到了我,并且利用我自己和其他人的思想或者精神控制系统,一步一步地将我带向她

Once I move to Idaho within a month I was meeting extremely awake people who were involved with my teacher.They all had suffered terrible events or illnesses and my teacher healed them.I was moving from the locations I originally moved to when I arrived in Idaho to another location with a roommate and it turned out that she was having a session with my teacher and that is how I met my teacher.My roommate set up an appointment for me with her.It was a very close-knit community surrounding my teacher one in which she created.


My teacher had other people she had trained to help her with her sessions,some of the sessions would last around 3 hours,especially the first one you had with her.She would travel down ever rabbit hole in you and out of you,clean them up,cure,fix,rebuild,restore that when you walked out you were the highest grade version of you.During my first session was when I learned many things about myself and why my teacher was so interested in me and why I became the only apprentice she ever had.


One,she saw that I had also been attempted kidnapped by NASA when I was about 19.第一,她看到我在19岁的时候也被美国宇航局绑架了

Two,She and I can from the same star place.Though she said that she had never met another living person from this star place there had been a few in the history of the planet who came here that was not living.


Three I had abilities like hers,however,mine were particularly dormant and would she said surpass hers.


I was not easy,she was a hard teacher on me,she had to be,she had to break me free from the systems,like Neo I suspect in the Matrix,What I have found since the time I studied with this teacher is that she was right and the movie the Matirx was spot on.Mostly about the people will defend their enslavers,their enslavement and what I learned from my teacher down to their biology they will defend it.It is embedding in our layers so much so you cannot even really believe your thoughts,they are not your own.


There are many things that I have alluded to and not always been direct in what I know and what I understand.No one wants to hear or see the truth and they will defend the lie,their lies,it is what it is.I have spent almost 30 years working on ways to wake people up,sadly that even a miracle you perform for someone is not even enough to hold them conscious very long.


I would like to leave you with this story.


When I first started working with my teacher I could not stay awake,energy shifts would force me to pass out,blackout.It is a very shaman type of work that was happening with her.The mind likes to shut down,turn off,even systems of the body can completely meltdown in the process of becoming fully conscious.There were many days I would come to help her work on people over that year and she would open the door,use a type of testing she did with her fingers and then either let me in or ask me to leave with no explanation.She knew that turning me away was going to destroy me at the start but would force me to wake up and become aware of my emotional systems that we controlled through PTSD events in my life,patterning,repetitive daily structures and on autopilot derived emotional responses that keep me in a looping state.She was forcing me by not giving me approval,not explaining my behaniors to me and cutting me off which cause embarrassment and insecurity,she would not feed the auto-responses of my emotional body.Over time with me staying in it we would get my emotional body to come closer to my physical body and unify it with my other bodies.Making me a unified field of my own with my own systems all together.It felt like the worst abuse I have ever weathered in my life.I had to do the work,I would cray before turning away from the door of the location where she was working on people for that day after I was asked to leave.I would by the time I got to my car cry hysterically,my car would run badly on the way back home since my energy fields were literally frying and frying the physical world systems as well.After I would spend days in bed in emotional distress without sleep,I started to see that the reason I was being asked to leave had a lot to do with what I was engaged with at the time of showing up.I started to see patterns of drama that I was feeding though I was not conscious of it.Once I could put these things together I could stop the inner looping process and thus from that point in was always let in to assist.


As I am writing this the tv turned on its self!


When I first started helping with sessions I was given the task of note-taking,waiting for my teacher to talk and then writing these things down over three hours.This helps the patient to know what had happened during,many time they were put into another state which they were not connected to the body of the physical world,this was necessary so that the autopilot of the peoples programming did not stop or create some kind of emotional nonsense during the sessions.Once I worked through all my emotional blocks and could stay fully conscious during and after all the sessions then I was directly trained in my teachers to work,taken places,show things,given tools and enhanced my abilities that once I left her teaching and she did after a year kick me out to go do my own work.


Once I started helping her to work on people she would then discuss with me during and after about the person and how they will operate,what their future will produce,how many times they come back which lead to me being able to read thoughts,energies and see the patterns people were in and under.


After one such session the person who was a woman,she had I think like pancreas cancer in a tumor form and she had come to my teacher after hearing about her great abilities.We worked on many of her structures,patterns that cross 64 layers in this world and out into other worlds,along with DNA,RNA,genetics,cells,spinal alignments,everything you can imagine.Her sessions were lock,stock,and barrel,nothing was left unturned!At the end of the session,our grounder brought the woman back into her body into the room.We sat her up and my teacher told her that we had done everything in all the places and spaces to get rid of her current cancer,but there was just one more thing left to be done.My teacher took her hand into the woman's energy field and grabbed the tumor and removed it and tossed it into an energy jar which after sessions were over we would energetically incinerate.


My teacher told the woman she should go to the doctor the next day and get tested and she will find that cancer will be gone and never come back.The woman did what she said and the tests came back that the cancer was gone but the doctor kept wanting to run tests of all kinds to get that cancer back on the radar,there was no way in his view cancer could vanish.Which is another thing about making"things real"for you in the system,proof of something by physical world sets things in stone and makes it much harder and in some cases impossible for you to get out of the controls of your energy,your power,your thoughts by using beliefs,biological systems,feelings,economic and a whole host of structures in this reality you think is real,live by the sword die by"their sword".


The next time I saw my teacher she wanted me to have a discussion about the woman with cancer,the session that was done,the proof the woman got about it being gone and what was going to transpire in the future of the woman's health.Basically what my teacher said is that people cannot have miracles,they also cannot accept them as real and so their fractured personalities will arise to control their reality.She said because of the doctors freaked out response to the fact her cancer was gone will aid in the future and what the woman conjures for her self and thus return to us again for yet another miracle and this will be a pattern until the woman finally dies,because she cannot free her mind,body,energy or emotions from the Matrix systems,if she could she might live forever in the same body.Sure enough,six months later the woman was back and she now had lupus.This woman had created another disease that was equally deadly by the physical world systems standards.Again my teacher fixed the systems that had created it in her and then removed lupus from her biological system.My teacher decided after that to no work on the woman anymore,because every time she would come back in the future it would be something worse and worse until she finally died.


What I want to leave you here with is:that this Matrix is not just controlling your mind,you energy,your thoughts,feelings,economically but because of the embedding in all of those parts of you,it controls you biology and when you are about to break free of some of the control on whatever level it appears it will cause a very serious catastrophic biologically related event to scare you right back into the prison and a health treatment that will further punish you for trying to shift out.我想留给你们的是:这个矩阵不仅仅在经济上控制你的思想,你的能量,你的思想,你的感受,而是因为它嵌入了你身体的所有这些部分,它控制着你的生物学,当你打算从某种程度上摆脱控制时,它会导致一个非常严重的生物相关的灾难性事件,把你吓回监狱,并且一个健康治疗会进一步惩罚你试图转移


Update:a follower sent me this today after my blog sent them down a rabbit hole.This man is saying things very similar in a medical way that my blog was basically explaining.Enjoy~





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