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拜登刚刚一头扎进了巧妙设计的”特朗普陷阱”,旨在揭露他吸毒成瘾的儿子亨特•拜登(Hunter Biden)的罪行,并拉动了美国所有左翼主流宣传媒体的支持。所有这些都涉及前副总统拜登非法迫使乌克兰停止对其儿子亨特的刑事调查,否则美国将失去10多亿美元的援助。

An interesting new Ministry of Foreign Affairs(MoFA)report circulating in the Kremlin today noting that Russia will have to carry out additional analysis of threats to national security and strategic stability with regard to US plans to arm its military forces with short-and medium-range missiles as soon as possible,states these measures are needed after the Pentagon announced it was deploying military forces and new missiles to Saudi Arabia—a response coming in the face of the Saudis not even believing the fiction of Iranian attacks on its oil plants—but the Saudis knowing that they are not able to defeat Iran in a full-blown conflict by themselves—a conflict,though,that's a sideshow as President Donald Trump's real war is with the Deep State,not Iran—and whose latest victim of is President Barack Obama's former Vice President Joe Biden—who has just plunged headlong into a masterfully laid"Trump Trap"designed to expose the crimes of his drug addicted son Hunter Biden and dragged the entire leftist American mainstream propaganda media along with him—all of which involves former Vice President Biden illegally forcing Ukraine to stop their criminal investigation into his son Hunter,or face losing over$1 billion in US aid.[Note:Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

俄罗斯外交部(MoFA)今天在克里姆林宫发布了一份令人感兴趣的新报告,指出俄罗斯将不得不对美国计划尽快为其军队配备中短程导弹对国家安全和战略稳定构成的威胁进行进一步分析,在五角大楼宣布将向沙特阿拉伯部署军事力量和新型导弹之后,沙特需要采取这些措施。沙特甚至不相信伊朗攻击其石油工厂的虚构,但沙特知道,他们无法在一场全面爆发的冲突中打败伊朗。不过,这只是一个小插曲,因为唐纳德·特朗普总统的真正战争是与"深层国家"的战争——不是伊朗,而是美国总统巴拉克奥巴马(Barack Obama)的前副总统乔拜登(Joe Biden)。拜登刚刚一头扎进了巧妙设计的"特朗普陷阱",旨在揭露他吸毒成瘾的儿子亨特拜登(Hunter Biden)的罪行,并拉动了美国所有左翼主流宣传媒体的支持。所有这些都涉及前副总统拜登非法迫使乌克兰停止对其儿子亨特的刑事调查,否则美国将失去10多亿美元的援助。:本报告引号中的一些单词和/或短语是英语中俄语单词/短语的近似形式,没有准确的对应词


Former US Vice President Joe Biden plunges into"Trump Trap"designed to expose crimes of his son Hunter that the leftist mainstream media has kept hidden from the American people.


According to this report,Hunter Biden is the second son of former Vice President Joe Biden—who publicly admitted that he started casually drinking as a teenager,and then began using cocaine in college—not just any college,but the United States Naval Academy who kicked him out for cocaine use—after which his life of drug addiction and debauchery saw him returning rental cars filled with crack pipes and white powdery substances and his being sued for not supporting his"love child"—all of which led,in 2016,to his wife Kathleen filing for divorce—who in her court filing said that Hunter"created financial concerns for the family by spending extravagantly on his own interests…including drugs,alcohol,prostitutes,strip clubs,and gifts for women with whom he has sexual relations".

根据这份报告,亨特·拜登是美国前副总统乔·拜登的第二个儿子。拜登公开承认,他从十几岁开始偶尔喝酒,然后在大学里开始吸食可卡因——但是,美国海军学院(United States Naval Academy)因为他吸食可卡因而把他开除了。在那之后,他的毒瘾和放荡生活让他退还了装满快克管和白色粉末的租车,并因为没有支持他的"私生子"而被起诉。这一切导致他的妻子凯瑟琳(Kathleen)2016年申请离婚。凯瑟琳在法庭文件中表示,亨特"为了自己的利益挥霍无度,为家里制造了经济问题......包括毒品、酒精、妓女、脱衣舞俱乐部,以及为与他发生性关系的女性送礼物"

Where one would think that a morally failing and drug addicted man like Hunter Biden would be placed in a medical setting where he could receive the professional mental care he obviously needs,this report continues,this didn't occur—with Hunter,instead,being enlisted into his father's global criminal enterprise—best exampled by Hunter receiving millions-of-dollars from a corrupt Ukrainian energy company for reasons never explained—as well as his receiving a staggering$1.5 billion from the Communist Chinese government just weeks after his father Vice President Biden made some kind of deal with them no one knows about to this very day.

人们可能会认为,像亨特·拜登(Hunter Biden)这样道德败坏、吸毒成瘾的人会被安置在医疗机构,在那里接受他显然需要的专业精神治疗,但本报告继续写道,这种情况并没有发生——相反,亨特被招募进了他父亲的全球犯罪集团——最好的例子是,亨特从一家腐败的乌克兰能源公司接受了数百万美元的资金,原因却从未解释——而且,就在几周前,他的父亲副总统拜登(Biden)刚刚与中国政府达成了某种没人知道的协议,他从XXX政府获得了惊人的15亿美元。

With the American leftist mainstream media being so consumed with foreign interference into their elections,this report details,left strangely uninvestigated by them was the largest occurrence of this to have ever happened in modern times—and was the well documented plot undertaken by Ukraine to help Hillary Clinton get elected as president—a plot which toppled Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort that courts in Ukraine have ruled was meddling in the US election—and saw Ukraine further admitting that Democrat Party officials sought from them dirt on Trump.



Over the past few months,this report notes,President Trump held telephonic conferences with both President Putin and newly installed Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky—the result of which led to the historic Russia-Ukraine prisoner exchange on 7 September—the true facts about the leftist mainstream media didn't deem worthy to inform the American people about—but who are now hysterical to the point of insanity about Trump's talks with Zelensky—not because of this historic prisoner exchange—but is due to Trump having asked Zelensky about the Biden Family crimes in Ukraine.

报告指出,在过去几个月里,特朗普总统与普京总统和新上任的乌克兰总统沃洛德米尔·泽伦斯基(Volodymyr Zelensky)举行了电话会议,会议的结果导致了97日历史性的俄罗斯-乌克兰囚犯交换。关于左翼主流媒体的真实情况,美国民众认为不值得了解,但他们现在对特朗普与泽伦斯基的谈话表现出歇斯底里的疯狂——不是因为这一历史性的囚犯交换——不是因为这次历史性的囚犯交换,而是因为特朗普向泽伦斯基询问了拜登家族在乌克兰的罪行。

Simply by Trump asking Zelensky about Biden Family crimes,this report continues,the insane leftist mainstream media have formed a propaganda cordon around the Bidens—with the leftist minions at CNN deeming it a conspiracy theory to even question Biden's ties with Ukraine—followed by the leftist idiots at MSNBC screaming"This is the Big One…Democrats Need to Storm the Gate"—thus leaving normal and sane Americans in perplexity and their stating:"Stop The Tape!How Has Joe Biden's Scandal Suddenly Become President Trump's Scandal?"

这篇报道继续写道,仅仅通过特朗普向泽兰斯基询问拜登家族的罪行,疯狂的左派主流媒体就在拜登一家周围形成了一道宣传封锁线——CNN 的左派奴才甚至认为质疑拜登与乌克兰的关系是一种阴谋论——之后是 MSNBC 的左派白痴,他们尖叫着"这是一个大问题......民主党人需要冲进大门"——从而让正常而理智的美国人陷入困惑,他们说:"停止录音!"!乔·拜登丑闻如何突然成为特朗普总统的丑闻?"


Far from President Trump talking to any world leader about anything he so chooses being a scandal,this report concludes,what is being evidenced in America right now is yet another"Trump Trap"—which is a specifically created story fiction leaked to the leftist media designed to suck them into a make believe world of Trump wrongdoing—and once sucked in,will have it explode to full force exposing their lies and hypocrisy—and in this case sees them having to actually report on the same Biden Family crimes they've kept hidden from the American people,but are now being forced by Trump to report on—and while occurring sees Trump's popularity continuing to rise despite everything that's thrown at him—now sees Trump having just made a deal with El Salvador to keep illegal migrants from coming to the US—sees Trump appointing more federal judges to destroy leftist power—thus making it no surprise at all when,this past week,CNN traveled to the Deep Blue state of Minnesotawhich no Republican Party presidential candidate has won since 1972,but Trump only lost by 44,765 votes in 2016—to discover to their shock and horror these peoples are all planning to vote for Trump in 2020.

这份报告的结论是,特朗普总统与任何世界领导人谈论任何他选择成为丑闻的事情远远不同,目前在美国被证实的是另一个"特朗普陷阱"——这是一个专门编造的故事小说,泄露给左翼媒体,目的是把他们吸入一个假想的特朗普不法行为的世界——一旦被吸进去,在这种情况下,他们不得不真正报道拜登家族的罪行,他们一直向美国人民隐瞒这些罪行,但现在却被特朗普强迫报道这些罪行。尽管发生了一切,特朗普的支持率仍在继续上升,但现在看到特朗普刚刚与萨尔瓦多达成协议,阻止非法移民进入美国,看到特朗普任命更多的联邦法官来摧毁左翼势力,因此毫不奇怪,上周,CNN 前往明尼苏达州深蓝州——1972年以来没有共和党总统候选人赢得过该州,但特朗普在2016年只输掉了44765张选票——发现这些人都计划在2020年投票给特朗普,这让他们感到震惊和恐惧。



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