被埋葬的重磅炸弹: 网球世界震惊了15个“完全接种”的球员无法完成迈阿密公开赛

2022年4月5日13:00:03新闻被埋葬的重磅炸弹: 网球世界震惊了15个“完全接种”的球员无法完成迈阿密公开赛已关闭评论7022字数 4266阅读14分13秒阅读模式


被埋葬的重磅炸弹: 网球世界震惊了15个“完全接种”的球员无法完成迈阿密公开赛

Tennis fans are upset and the sporting world is reeling after an unprecedented number of players either withdrew or retired from the Miami Open this week. A total of 15 players were unable to finish, including the male and female favorites to win.


According to Free West Media:


The tennis world reacted with shock after favorites Paula Badosa and Jannik Sinner had to retire during the quarterfinals of the Miami Open. Badosa, soon to be the number three in the world, became unwell during her match against Jessica Pegula and left the court in tears.

热门网球选手宝拉 · 巴多萨和詹尼克 · 辛纳在迈阿密网球公开赛的四分之一决赛中退赛,网球界对此表示震惊。很快成为世界排名第三的巴多萨在与杰西卡 · 佩古拉的比赛中身体不适,泪流满面地离开了球场。

Badosa, who was comforted by her American opponent, decided to stop after consultation with her physiotherapist. Pegula reached the semifinals of the Miami tennis tournament for the first time in her career after Badosa’s resignation, reported Yahoo Sports.

在美国对手的安慰下,巴多萨在咨询了她的理疗师后决定停止比赛。据雅虎体育报道,在 Badosa 辞职后,佩古拉职业生涯中第一次进入了迈阿密网球赛事的半决赛。

In the men’s tournament, the Italian phenomenon Jannik Sinner was forced to withdraw. He gave up after 22 minutes in the game against Francisco Cerundolo, the number 103 in the world ranking. “When I served at 3-1 and 30-0, I saw him bend over. It was very strange,” Cerundolo said during an interview. “I hope he’s okay, he’s a great player.”

在男子锦标赛中,意大利奇才詹尼克 · 内内因被迫退赛。他在对阵世界排名103的弗朗西斯科 · 塞伦多洛的比赛中出场22分钟后就放弃了。“当我在3-1和30-0服役时,我看到他弯下了腰。这非常奇怪,”切伦多洛在接受采访时说。“我希望他没事,他是个伟大的球员。”

The 23-year-old Argentinian surprisingly reached the semifinals with his first participation in the master tournament in Miami.


It was the second game in a row that ended prematurely for the tennis fans. Fans reacted with shock to the bizarre tennis day. “What is going on?” someone asked.


Nobody is pointing to the obvious. All of the players must be “fully vaccinated” in order to compete. Just as we’ve noted for several months, most major sports have been hit with “inexplicable” medical conditions popping up in young and otherwise healthy athletes, including our report that three cyclists fell in March alone.


Folks, this is the jab. There is no other viable possibility, especially when we consider how even the CDC and other agencies have acknowledge the Covid “vaccines” cause increases in heart problems for young people, including myocarditis, pericarditis, and heart attacks.

伙计们,这就是注射。没有其他可行的可能性,尤其是当我们考虑到甚至疾病控制和预防中心和其他机构都承认 Covid 疫苗会增加年轻人的心脏问题,包括心肌炎、心包炎和心脏病发作。

There has never been as much gaslighting and propaganda geared towards covering up the truth than with these injections. Leaders across the country and around the world have so much wrapped into the vaccines, one has to wonder who’s pulling the strings. Some of it is personal; any politician who comes out with the truth about the jabs will be pushed out of office faster than Will Smith’s exit from Hollywood’s elite club. The same is true for journalists. Corporate media is just as invested and possibly even more complicit in spreading the lies.

为了掩盖真相,从来没有比这些注射更多的煤气灯和宣传了。全国乃至全世界的领导人都对疫苗投入了大量精力,人们不禁要问,到底是谁在幕后操纵。其中一些是私人问题; 任何政客如果说出关于疫苗的真相,都会比威尔 · 史密斯从好莱坞精英俱乐部退出的速度更快地被赶下台。同样的道理也适用于记者。企业媒体在散布谎言方面也同样投入,甚至可能更为串通一气。

But it may be worse than that. Like so many things we’ve witnessed over the last three years, there appears to be a coordinated effort to suppress the truth. Pandemic Panic Theater is still in action despite the odd February push by Democrats to lift most face mask and vaccine mandates. There are already talks of 5th and 6th jabs even as the 4th jab gets rolled out in the United States.


Is this all part of The Great Reset agenda? Is it all about control? Depopulation? The answer to all three questions is very likely, “Yes.”


These injections are dangerous. Athletes across the globe are falling. Average people are experiencing horrible adverse reactions. Tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands of people are dying from them. It could even be millions; the data is so obscured. All the while, politicians and corporate media are pretending it all away is if there’s nothing to see here.

这些注射是危险的。全世界的运动员都在下降。普通人正在经历可怕的不良反应。成千上万的人死于这些疾病。它甚至可以达到数百万; 数据是如此模糊。与此同时,政治家和企业媒体一直假装这一切都没有发生,除非这里没有什么可看的。

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