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A chilling new Ministry of Foreign Affairs(MoFA)report circulating in the Kremlin today noting Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov responding to the hysterical claim made by top socialist Democrat Party leader Nancy Pelosi that Russia has a hand in her nation's Trump impeachment charade by his saying"It's paranoia,and I think it's obvious to everyone",states that for anyone wanting to find out what Pelosi and her socialist comrades are really in terror about,all they need to know is that after making her wild claim against Russia,she followed it by screaming that US Attorney General William Barr"has gone rogue"—whose stunning truth behind what's placing these demented socialists in fear shows Barr hasn't gone"rogue",but rather is in Italy on"official business" investigating and interviewing its spies who conspired with Obama's CIA Director John Brennan to start the Russiagate coup plot against Trump—and explains why bookmakers are taking more bets on Hillary Clinton being the 2020 Democrat Party nominee than any of the announced candidates—because as everyone knew was going to happen,Clinton and her socialist forces are using this impeachment plot to put her in power before Trump and his forces can destroy them—that Trump is responding to by going to war with the rogue US intelligence operatives involved in this impeachement plot supporting Clinton and her socialist forces—and is a war between Trump and Clinton that former Republican Party South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford is now warning"Could End Our Republic"—a grave warning needing to be heeded because Sanford is a member of the most powerful and secretive organization in America known simply as"The Family"whose ultimate goal for the United States is"Jesus plus nothing".[Note:Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

克里姆林宫今天流传着一份令人不寒而栗的外交部(MoFA)报告,指出外交部长谢尔盖·拉夫罗夫(Sergei Lavrov)对社会主义民主党领袖南希·佩洛西(Nancy Pelosi)歇斯底里地声称俄罗斯通过说"这是偏执狂,我认为这对每个人来说都是显而易见的"参与了她的国家弹劾特朗普的行动做出了回应——她说,对于任何想知道佩洛西和她的社会主义同志们到底在担心什么的人来说,他们需要知道的是,在她对俄罗斯发出疯狂的指控之后,她接着尖叫着说,美国司法部长威廉巴尔(William Barr)"已经变成了流氓"——令这些疯狂的社会主义者陷入恐惧的惊人真相表明,巴尔并没有变成"流氓",而是在意大利进行"官方公务",调查和采访与奥巴马的中央情报局局长约翰·布伦南(John Brennan)密谋策划俄罗斯政变、反对特朗普的间谍,并解释为什么博彩公司押注希拉里·克林顿(Hillary Clinton)将成为2020年民主党提名人的赌注比任何已宣布的候选人都多,因为众所周知,克林顿和她的社会主义势力正在利用这个弹劾阴谋,在特朗普及其势力摧毁他们之前让她掌权——特朗普正在通过与参与其中的流氓美国情报——这个支持克林顿和她的社会主义势力的弹劾阴谋是特朗普和克林顿之间的战争,前共和党南卡罗来纳州州长 Mark Sanford 现在警告说"可能会终结我们的共和国"ーー这是一个需要注意的严重警告,因为 Sanford 是美国最强大、最神秘的组织"家庭"的成员,该组织对美国的最终目标是"耶稣一无所有":本报告引号中的一些单词和/或短语是英语中俄语单词/短语的近似形式,没有准确的对应词


According to this report,a plot is a plan made in secret by a group of people to do something illegal or harmful—and for those trying to destroy President Trump,sees them being defined as"Snitches,Rats And Backstabbers"—but in spite of,has seen Trump continually defeating their efforts to bring him down—while at the same time,the staggering list of accomplishments Trump has showered on the American people today sees their nation being the most economically and militarily powerful ever witnessed in modern human history.


In knowing that Trump can't be defeated in the 2020 election because of this staggering list of accomplishments he's done for the American people,this report continues,the prospect of him having four additional years in power to dismantle and destroy the socialist forces trying to overthrow him has proven too much for these leftists to bear—one of the most important of whom to note in this current impeachment charade is an Americanlawyer and public official named Daniel K.Webb—the Chairman of the powerful law firm Winston&Strawn who was recently appointed as the Special Prosecutor to"investigate"the anti-Trump hoax crime case against leftist Hollywood actor Jussie Smollett—but whose most important historical position was when he served as the Special Counsel in the Iran-Contra affair that tried to topple top President Ronald Reagan officials—but who was soundly defeated when then US Attorney General William Barr had President George H.W.Bush pardon everyone Webb had charged and was investigating.

由于知道特朗普为美国人民取得了一系列惊人的成就,他在2020年的选举中不可能被击败,本报告继续写道,他还有四年时间来解散和摧毁试图推翻他的社会主义势力,这种前景已经证明,这些左派人士承受不了ーー他们中最重要的一个人值得注意——目前这个弹劾伪装是一位名叫丹尼尔·k·韦伯(Daniel k.webb)的美国律师和政府官员。韦伯是实力雄厚的律师事务所温斯顿&斯特朗律师事务所(Winston&Strawn)的董事长,最近被任命为特别检察官,负责"调查"好莱坞左翼演员朱西·斯莫莱特(Jussie smollett)的反特朗普骗局案。但是,他最重要的历史地位是在伊朗门事件中担任特别检察官,该事件试图推翻罗纳德·里根(Ronald Reagan)总统。布什赦免了韦伯指控并正在调查的所有人。


The Chicago-based law firm Winston&Strawn headed by its Chairman Daniel K.Webb,this report details,saw many of its lawyers being placed into the Obama-Clinton administration—such as Winston&Strawnlitigation partner Eric Hirschhorn being given by Obama a top position in the Department of Commerce—and Winston&Strawn partner Michael K.Atkinson who joined the Obama Justice Department where he rose to the position of Senior Counsel to the Assistant Attorney General under the command of Sally Yates whom President Trump fired for insubordination.

这份报告详细介绍了总部位于芝加哥、由其主席丹尼尔·k·韦伯(Daniel k.Webb)领导的律师事务所 Winston&Strawn 的许多律师被安排进入奥巴马-克林顿政府,比如温斯顿&Strawn 的诉讼合伙人埃里克·赫施霍恩(Eric Hirschhorn)被奥巴马任命为商务部高级职位,温斯顿&Strawn 的合伙人迈克尔·k·阿特金森(Michael k.Atkinson)进入奥巴马司法部,在萨利·耶茨(Sally Yates)的指挥下升任助理总检察长高级顾问。

By early 2018,this report notes,Michael K.Atkinson was giving testimony before the US Senate after President Trump nominated him to be the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community(IGIC)—a nomination the US Senate confirmed and saw Atkinson assuming his new position on 17 May 2018.

该报告指出,到2018年初,特朗普总统提名迈克尔·k·阿特金森(Michael k.Atkinson)担任情报界监察长后,他在美国参议院作证。美国参议院确认了这一提名,并在2018517日看到阿特金森担任新职位。

The position of Inspector General of the Intelligence Community was created by the Obama-Clinton administration in 2010,this report notes,and its sole function was to investigate what are called whistle blower complaints—the most serious of which sees a whistleblower filling out what is called a"Disclosure of Urgent Concern"form that clearly states:"If you think that wrongdoing took place,but can provide nothing more than second-hand or unsubstantiated assertions,[the Intelligence Community Inspector General]will not be able to process the complaint or information for submission as an ICWPA".

报告指出,情报界监察长的职位是奥巴马-克林顿(Obama-Clinton)政府在2010年设立的,其唯一职能是调查所谓的举报投诉,其中最严重的是举报人填写所谓的"紧急关切披露"(Disclosure of Urgent Concern)表格,上面清楚地写道:"如果你认为存在不当行为,但只能提供二手或未经证实的断言,[情报界监察长]将无法作为 ICWPA 处理这些投诉或信息。"

Sometime in late August-2019,this report continues,the language on this"Disclosure of Urgent Concern"form was inexplicably changed by Inspector General Michael K.Atkinson to the language"I know about the information I am disclosing here and I heard about from others"—an unacceptable legal standard under United States law called"hearsay evidence"not allowed to be used by any prosecutor or presented in any court---and just days after Atkinson made this change,saw the first in American history whistleblowing complaint being filed using nothing but"hearsay evidence"—that of course was filed against President Trump—and is based entirely on"hearsay evidence"alleging that Trump conspired in a phone call to have Ukraine dig up dirt on his political opponent Joe Biden—who is an actual criminal who covered up his son Hunter Biden's crimes in Ukraine.

20198月下旬的某个时候,本报告继续写道,总监察长迈克尔·k·阿特金森莫名其妙地将"紧急关切披露"表格中的措辞改为"我知道我在这里披露的信息,我从其他人那里听说的"——根据美国法律,这是一个不可接受的法律标准,称为"传闻证据",不允许任何检察官使用,也不允许在任何法院出示——就在阿特金森作出这一改动的几天之后,美国历史上第一次仅凭"道听途说的证据"(当然是针对特朗普总统提起的)提起举报,而且完全是基于"道听途说的证据",即特朗普合谋打电话,让乌克兰挖出他的政治对手乔·拜登(Joe Biden)的丑闻。拜登实际上是一名罪犯,他掩盖了儿子亨特·拜登(Hunter Biden)在乌克兰的罪行。


Above is the original Disclosure of Urgent Concern form prior to the unexplained August-2019 revision.



Above is the revised Disclosure of Urgent Concern form following the August-2019 revision made by Inspector General Michael K.Atkinson allowing hearsay evidence.


Anyone reading this first in American history "hearsay evidence"laden whistleblower complaint against President Trump,this report points out,first notices that it's written in obfuscating legalese language not unlike one sees when clicking to accept website"Terms and Conditions"notices because they're not able to be understood by normal people—which is the entire point in both of these instances,as it leaves one to interpret what they're reading any way they so choose—but among whose most critical and glaring absurdities,includes this whistleblower complaint directly conflicting with the actual transcript of Trump's call—as well as US government whistleblower experts asserting that it was written with the help of leftist Democrat Party members of Congress.


As to who this"hearsay evidence"whistleblower is,this report continues,he has been identified as a CIA operative who is documented to have"some indicia of an arguable political bias"against President Trump—but though unknown to the American people—this cannot be said about his Deep State supporters who have amassed for him over the past 24-hours a nearly$150,000 fortune on the GoFundMe site they created for him—and is the way these Deep State operatives are paid for their lies as evidenced by the GoFundMe campaigns that raised$452,248 for fired FBI operative Peter Strzokraised$566,836 for fired FBI Assistant Director Andy McCabe—and raised$647,610 for vile Judge Kavanaugh liar-accuser Christine Blasey Ford.

至于这名"道听途说的证据"告密者是谁,该报道继续写道,他已被确认为中央情报局特工,据记录,他对特朗普总统"有一些可论证的政治偏见的迹象"ーー但尽管美国人不知道ーー这不能用来形容他的"深州"(Deep State)支持者,他们在过去24小时里为他积累了将近150美元——在他们为他创建的 GoFundMe 网站上,他们获得了4000美元的财富。GoFundMe 为被解雇的 FBI 特工 Peter strzok 筹集了452,248美元,为被解雇的 FBI 助理局长 Andy mccabe 筹集了566,836美元,为邪恶的法官 Kavanaugh 骗子原告 Christine Blasey Ford 筹集了647,610美元。


As to if the American people will support this new plot to destroy President Trump so Hillary Clinton can take power and rule over them with her socialist iron fist,this report concludes,no person of normal mind can even contemplate—most particularly because none of them would ever accept themselves or their family members being destroyed by anonymous intelligence operatives being paid hundreds-of-thousands-of-dollars to concoct"hearsay evidence"lies only able to be heard because government rules allowing such a travesty to happen were secretly changed—and is why the leftist mainstream propaganda media in America is doing everything in their power to keep these truths from being known—but who fail to remember that these people aren't as dumb as they think they are—and is why they elected Trump in the first place—and in the past 48-hours alone,have showered him with an astounding over$13 million in emergency donations to defend himself and their nation.

至于美国人民是否会支持这个摧毁特朗普总统的新阴谋,以便希拉里·克林顿(Hillary Clinton)能够掌握权力,用她的社会主义铁腕统治他们,这份报告得出结论,正常人甚至连想都不敢想——最主要的原因是,他们中没有一个人会接受自己或家人被匿名情报人员破坏的事实,这些情报人员收取了数十万美元的报酬,只为捏造"道听途说的证据"因为政府允许这种滑稽的事情发生的规定被秘密改变了,这就是为什么美国的左派主流宣传媒体正在竭尽全力不让这些真相被人知道,但是他们忘记了这些人并不像他们认为的那样愚蠢,这就是为什么他们一开始选举特朗普为总统,而且在过去的48小时里,他们向他提供了超过1300万美元的紧急捐款,以保卫他自己和他们的国家。



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