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Q 和特朗普团队在 Soundcloud 上直播

How this all started


An all powerful group called'Q'was founded in 2012.The name Q was chosen so no one would ever know their true identity,unless they would reveal themselves to the world.This alliance wanted to operate as an all-powerful,all-knowing,but anonymous group,working in secret without fear of retaliation by the Deep State.


最后的警钟|Q和特朗普团队从内到外击败深州(1/3)They selected Donald Trump as their best candidate for the next President after Obama's second term.Trump was not told anything about the Q-team itself,nor was he told that the go-between was a member of the Q-group.Trump was only told that a small secret group of rich and powerful people would secretly cooperate with him.He was told that he even had to spend his own money on his own election campaign.


Even the messengers that Q sends to Trump,do not have any direct contact with Q.Every piece of information is communicated through a middle man.The Q management team consists of'ten creators',all designated by"Q".They are"The circle".They recruited ten more trusted associates who together form"The inner circle".These members hold positions in the White House and in Trump's administration.

甚至Q发给特朗普的信使也没有和Q有任何直接联系。每一条信息都是通过一个中间人传递的。Q 管理团队由"十位创作者"组成,全部由"Q"指定。他们是"圆圈"。他们又招募了十个可信赖的同事,他们一起组成了"核心集团"。这些成员在白宫和特朗普政府中担任要职。

All these appointees bolster great power and influence.They are all 100%loyal to the constitution,like Trump,and they fully support his undertaking regarding this monumental enterprise.None of these players are familiar with any details of the Q-circle plans,nor do they even know who they are.The main objective is to break away from the Globalist fundamentals.


最后的警钟|Q和特朗普团队从内到外击败深州(1/3)President Donald Trump went through the very difficult and dangerous process of testing the"state of mind"of thoseclosest to him,with the aim of determining who is telling the truth,who is compromised,who is corrupt,who is a viable ally,and most important,who is a deceitful enemy.


The powerful forces within the Deep State are massively organised against Trump and the population.They control most of the mainstream media and most of the Security Community.Even Donald Trump's administration has a nest of warmongers that together constitutes a full-blown war cabinet.


The Deep State Shadow Government wants war.Consequently,their puppets in Congress promote war.The impression that is given,is that the Trump administration is preparing for war,which isn't the case.Remember there are two different governments at work;the Deep State Shadow-and the Trump administration.This makes it very difficult for the not fully awakened outsiders to understand what really is going on.As both are acting as though they are the legal Government at almost the same time and level.


最后的警钟|Q和特朗普团队从内到外击败深州(1/3)President Trump's goal is to completely"drain the swamp"in Washington,D.C.But it has been a legal nightmare for the Trump administration,as officially,there's not much the president can do.There are hundreds of thousands of employees that work inside the government and many are Deep State operatives that diligently work against the Trump Team at every turn.


The world is going to need many more Patriots,people that have woken up and are hungry to join in this battle and assisting President Trump's team,his patriots and the Q-movement to liberate planet Earth from the Deep State globalists.The book THE GREAT AWAKENING is therefore a good guide,with numerous links for in-depth individual research,to understand where we are going and how we can reach our goal.We need over 50%of the populace being awake,before the final move can be made,in order to avoid chaos and riots.

这个世界将需要更多的爱国者,那些已经醒来并渴望加入这场战斗的人们,他们将协助特朗普总统的团队、他的爱国者和 q 运动,将地球从"深州"全球主义者手中解放出来。因此,《伟大的觉醒》一书是一本很好的指南,有许多链接可供深入的个人研究,以了解我们要去哪里,以及如何才能达到我们的目标。我们需要超过50%的民众保持清醒,然后才能采取最后行动,以避免混乱和暴乱。

Sleeping masses delay the Q-Plan


Take into consideration and understand how difficult it is to live in a world of people who are fast asleep.Most of Trump's time is spent waking up the masses by speaking repeatedly about the Federal Reserve Bank,the Clinton Foundation,the fake news media,exposing the phony political partisan games and many more important fraudulent activities,such as PizzaGate paedophilia.This is all done on purpose with the aim of people becoming familiar with the reality of that which has been going on for far too long.

考虑并理解生活在一个人们熟睡的世界是多么的困难。特朗普的大部分时间都花在反复谈论美联储、克林顿基金会、假新闻媒体、揭露虚假的政治党派游戏和许多更重要的欺诈活动上,比如 PizzaGate 恋童癖。这一切都是有意为之,目的是让人们熟悉已经持续了太久的现实。

最后的警钟|Q和特朗普团队从内到外击败深州(1/3)All taxpayers'hard-earned money is transferred through the Rothschild-owned Central Bank to their privately-owned Bank of London,where it is then given to the privately-owned Vatican Bank and from there it is dispersed over their other Central Banks across the globe.In the process,insiders'pockets are lined handsomely and those of large corporations.Thereafter,these tax monies have to be borrowed back to finance their own governments with interest attached.In other words;taxpayers have to borrow back their own previously paid tax money,but now with interest charges added.Isn't that FRAUD?

所有纳税人辛苦赚来的钱都通过罗斯柴尔德家族拥有的中央银行(Central Bank of London)转移到他们私有的伦敦银行(Bank of London),然后交给私有的梵蒂冈银行(Vatican Bank),从那里分散到全球各地的其它央行。在这个过程中,内部人士和大公司的口袋里都装满了钱。此后,这些税款不得不被借回,以资助他们自己的政府连带利息。换句话说,纳税人不得不借回他们以前缴纳的税款,但现在加上了利息费用。这不是欺诈吗?

Be convinced,almost every allied government has been involved in this scam,which will be proven once the central bank books are independently audited worldwide.


The Q-Plan includes taking down the Deep State,together with the Rothschild Banker Cabal's money system,that owns and runs the Federal Reserve,and all other central banks worldwide,the IRS,tax agencies,treasuries,the IMF,BIS,World Bank,UN and countless other cabal-owned institutions.With the black money drug cartel practically eradicated,this together will end the Deep State's financial resources,their funding and thereby ultimately,their influence.

Q 计划包括摧毁"深州"(Deep State),以及罗斯柴尔德银行家阴谋集团(Rothschild Banker Cabal)的货币体系。罗斯柴尔德阴谋集团拥有并管理着美联储(Federal Reserve),以及全球所有其它央行、美国国税局(IRS)、税务机构、国债、国际货币基金组织(IMF)、国际清算银行(BIS)、世界银行(World Bank)、联合国(UN)和无数其。随着黑钱贩毒集团实际上被根除,这将结束深州的财政资源,他们的资金,从而最终,他们的影响力。

最后的警钟|Q和特朗普团队从内到外击败深州(1/3)The Vatican Bank has been underwriting a corrupt banking system under its ancient'Ruling Laws Act'pertaining to ownership of unoccupied commonwealth properties.Multi-national banks are operating as security investment firms,whereas each bank controls patents and certain portions of the overall system.


The roots of today's problems,clearly show that history has not been a random series of events,but rather a carefully planned'design'of land,wealth,resource grabbing,and the seizure of our freedom through Corona-quarantining,accomplished by a small number of wealthy and privileged individuals bent on world domination.This has been undertaken on such a massive scale that it seems almost incomprehensible,but as the old saying goes,"The best kept secrets are the ones hidden in plain sight."


All that is seen is manipulated illusion all over the world.Global finance,including banking,stock markets,currencies,or whatever is simply a confidence trick.


Their plan to completely take over Planet Earth has until recently been extremely successful by hiding their manipulation behind financial and government cronies;through bribes they control humans like puppets on strings and so they became the wealthy rulers and dark lords throughout countless ages.


All of these interferences have been going on over hundreds of thousands of years.As long,things go well for a long period of time–empires grow and grow–and then they don't go so well,and finally everything collapses.Most likely in today's society,the global central bank economy is for all nations close to the peak of the curve at present,and soon to collapse.


Any comment that President Trump is a tool of the Deep State is absurd,and absolutely ridiculous;it confirms little or no research has been done by the criticiser.To set the record straight:President Donald Trump has confronted the Shadow Government known as the Deep State more than any other president in history,and that includes President John F.Kennedy who was murdered by the Deep State during his re-election tour in 1963 in Dallas Texas.

任何关于特朗普总统是深州政府工具的评论都是荒谬的,绝对荒谬的;它证实了这位批评者几乎没有做过任何研究。为了澄清事实:唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)总统与被称为"深州"(Deep State)的影子政府的对峙,比历史上任何一位总统都要多,其中包括约翰·f·肯尼迪(John f.Kennedy)总统。1963年,肯尼迪总统在德克萨斯州达拉斯连任期间被"深州"谋杀。

Deep State's satanic control is the result organised long-term conspiracy


最后的警钟|Q和特朗普团队从内到外击败深州(1/3)The Deep State is the source of all that is evil and negative on planet Earth.To survive the coming rough times,it's essential to understand what it is all about.The Deep State is organised of top-echelon employees of over a dozenpowerful agencies,like the CIA,FBI,NSA,IMF,CFR,BB,BIS,WHO,IMF,WB,top generals,admirals,and other military operatives,long-term congressmen,senators,members of parliament,Lords,directors of important supervisory agencies and CEO's of most of the big multinationals,of which the majority of shares is owned by the DS.Whereas,all government agencies are what could be called their running dogs.


The Deep State's satanic control is the result of a very well organised long-term conspiracy with the purpose to establish the New World Order,based on the Luciferian revolution against God and Nature.


These are the Pharaonic Templar Bankers of Switzerland with their 5th Column Masonic minions and criminal Jesuits.They form the ruling Oligarchy around the world.The Ruling Pharaohs originate from Lucifer's occult mystery religions that came out of Babylon and Egypt.They now are identified as the Global Elite or Deep State-cabal,who see us as their slaves and assets,to do with us as they please.


Edward Snowden,the American whistleblower who had to flee the country after revealing the unconstitutional and unethical practices of the National Security Agency where he worked,reveals that security forces in every major country in the world now have real-time access to every conceivable function of your smartphone–including your microphone,camera,text messages,locations visited,and people with whom you have spoken on the street–even when you think your phone is turned off.He concludes that this is a tool of tyranny.He ends with the question:What are we going to do about it?To remain silent and do nothing is acquiescing to evil.

美国告密者爱德华·斯诺登(Edward Snowden)揭露了美国国家安全局(National Security Agency)违宪和不道德的行为后,不得不逃离美国。他透露,世界上每个主要国家的安全部队现在都可以实时访问你的智能手机的任何功能——包括你的麦克风、摄像头、短信、所访问的地点,以及你在街上与之交谈的人——即使你认为自己的手机已经关机。他的结论是,这是一个暴政的工具。他以一个问题作为结尾:我们该怎么做?保持沉默,什么也不做,就是默许邪恶。

Only our Mass Awakening Liberates Planet Earth


Our overwhelming,uncontrollable and unstoppable mass awakening is what the world's ruling elite fears the most,since we greatly outnumber them and their associates.In that event,they do not know how to deal with us,even with their advanced technologies.


If the masses,the vast majority of the population who are now out of work,left alone and are expressing their anger,somehow become aware of their power they don't even need a conspiracy.They just have to get up and shake themselves like a horse shakes off the flies.If they choose to,they could defeat the Deep State cabal by tomorrow.


So,the real question is,how do we become conscious?Actually,it is quite simple;you become conscious by choosing it,by acting on meaningful coincidences.Act on all that moves and inspires people.Act on and take action by listening to your inner-voice,coming from your soul;pay attention to your intuitive feelings and drive.


Choosing to become conscious means detaching from the mind control programming and escaping the effects of the physical,mental,emotional and spiritual prison woven around us by governmental oppression.


Their vocabulary is used to discredit people who shine a light on the dark.It has been quite effective for those who are still asleep,sailing through life in blissful unawareness.It seems to strike fear in these people,so they walk away from anyone trying to show them or tell them the truth by shining a light on the dark.


最后的警钟|Q和特朗普团队从内到外击败深州(1/3)The"un-awakened"and"unaware"even become angry and critical of those trying to show them the truth.They have been very well-trained to be faithful"sheep",even to being warriors of the grand deception,thanks to frequent"mind-control"techniques.Most of the people go to work on a daily basis and come home to watch their brainwashing TV to persist inside the perpetual cycle of their debt slavery system,which is a far cry from reality to say the very least.


Wake up and observe;do that always and everywhere,to discover the real purpose of government,which is enabling the few to exploit the many.Never before in world history has such a great responsibility fallen onto the shoulders of a single person as was accepted by Donald Trump.Never before have'We the People'been called upon to act in unison with deliberation to prevent the outbreak of another world war.


Unfortunately,many people don't want to hear the truth! The best thing one can do at this point in time is to inform oneself by undertaking the necessary research.A good guide with detailed explanations and countless links for in-depth research,can be found here.Share this information with anyone who is,or can be,awake you know about.The earlier we all are liberated,the better it will be for everyone.Although many of us are silently awake,for the time being,the sleepers are still in the majority.They are the first obstacle in the way of the success of this historic revolution.For this reason,the Deep State and MSM are being openly trapped into educating the public drop by drop.They show how responsible leaders and politicians have committed treason,sedition and crimes against humanity,and strike before the public realises what is really going on.

不幸的是,许多人不想听到真相!在这个时候,一个人能做的最好的事情就是通过进行必要的研究来告知自己。在这里可以找到一个很好的指南,里面有详细的解释和无数的深入研究的链接。把这个信息告诉任何你知道的、或者可能醒着的人。我们越早获得解放,对每个人来说就越好。虽然我们中的许多人都是静静地醒着的,但目前,睡着的人仍然占大多数。他们是阻碍这场历史性革命取得成功的第一个障碍。基于这个原因,深州和 MSM 正被公开地困在一滴一滴地教育公众的工作中。它们展示了负责任的领导人和政客如何犯下叛国罪、煽动叛乱罪和反人类罪,以及如何在公众意识到真正发生了什么之前进行罢工。

最后的警钟|Q和特朗普团队从内到外击败深州(1/3)To encourage the Trump team and the patriots fighting the Globalist Mafia,any awake person can fly the national flag until after the upcoming elections on November 3.This is the very best visual demonstration of our solidarity for Q and Trump Team.

Q and Trump Team streamed on Soundcloud

Q和特朗普团队在 Soundcloud上直播

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Stay tuned there is more inside information to come, being continued in Part 2/3




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