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韩国正在发送 EBS 警报,警告居民准备撤离!然后他们被告知躲起来。

 May 30, 2023
星际飞船地球: 大图2023年5月30日


What’s happening this week? There isn’t a week goes by without an earthquake somewhere, it seems. Link to Telegram.

这个星期发生了什么事? 似乎没有一个星期不发生地震。

NEW: A 3.2 magnitude earthquake shook the coast off Ventura County early Tuesday afternoon, according to the USGS.

最新消息: 据美国地质勘探局称,周二下午早些时候,一场3.2级的地震袭击了文图拉县沿海地区。

The quake struck offshore about 9 miles south-southeast of Port Hueneme. It was recorded at 1:24 p.m. with a depth of about 7 miles.


Forget the earthquakes—South Korea is sending EBS alerts to warn residents to prepare to evacuate! Then they were told to take cover. Good grief. Link to Telegram.

忘记地震吧ーー韩国正在发送 EBS 警报,警告居民准备撤离!然后他们被告知躲起来。天哪。链接到电报。

And that is after a Chinese jet made a provocative move in front of a US surveillance plane over the South China Sea. WWIII or IV or whatever it will be doesn’t sound far off.


Seoul city issues text alert telling citizens to ‘prepare to evacuate’ after North Korea launch


And now for the update—after everyone is terrified of an attack.


The Japanese Coast Guard has stated that the Long-Range Ballistic Missile which was reportedly carrying a “Space Launch Vehicle” containing a Spy Satellite has already crashed into the Ocean.

日本海岸警卫队表示,据报载有间谍卫星的“太空运载火箭”的远程弹道导弹已经坠入大洋。@ SGTnewsNetwork


Some of this news is getting old—fast. We see the trends. Aren’t Kohl’s in receivership or up for sale to another corporation or…???  They’re toast but boycott them anyway.

有些消息已经过时了,而且很快。我们看到了趋势。Kohl 的公司不是在破产管理中,或者准备出售给另一家公司,或者... ? ?他们完蛋了,但还是抵制他们。

Kohl’s is latest retailer to face backlash for marketing LGBTQ clothes to children

科尔是最新一家因向儿童推销 LGBTQ 服装而面临强烈反对的零售商


I just had to get up at 1:30 this morning to see the Alberta, Canada election results. I pulled up an article from the Edmonton Journal that was not friendly to Premier Danielle Smith, harping on a remark they attributed to her about people taking the Covid jabs being like Hitler followers. Well??? Can we honestly dispute that? Millions of awake and aware people across the planet who understood the hoax would agree. It’s due to brainwashing and herd mentality; lacking common sense and critical thinking. Most of all it is due to the fear campaigns launched and repeated for months and possibly years by the lying, treasonous, compromised, mockingbird media. Canada’s is the worst I’ve heard.


But I digress. Thankfully, there were significantly more voters in Alberta this time with record-setting advance poll results and Danielle Smith’s United Conservative Party was the clear favourite. Hopefully she and the People can gain some ground in the battle for sovereignty against the tyrannical, commie Turdeau administration.

但我跑题了。值得庆幸的是,这次艾伯塔省的选民人数显著增加,预先民意调查结果创下了纪录,丹尼尔•史密斯(Danielle Smith)领导的联合保守党(United Insurance Party)显然最受欢迎。希望她和人民能够在反对专制的共产主义图尔多政府的主权斗争中取得一些进展。

It seems the bug what bit America crept over the 49th parallel and infected the Alberta election. It ‘s going to take ten days to mess with the numbers and deliver the official vote counts. Must have a word with my sister-in-law who was working the election in Calgary from dawn till dark on May 29th—her birthday.


Elections Alberta will announce official results on June 8.  Source


That’s not the end, and already there is talk that the election in Toronto, Ontario may be less than honest. Link to Telegram.


Disturbing potential for #Toronto election. Something smells very much bad ?

# 多伦多选举的可能性令人不安,有些东西闻起来很糟糕

Chuck and I will be covering this story and a lot more tonight on Last Week Today, tune in at 7:00 eastern on LGM.news or rumble!

查克和我将会报道这个故事,今晚的《上周今日》将会有更多的报道,请在东部时间7点收看 LGM.News 或 Rumble!

Rumble (https://rumble.com/v2qszml-early-signs-of-potential-fraud-in-toronto-mayoral-election.html)
Early signs of potential fraud in Toronto Mayoral election!
David “The Menzoid” Menzies of rebel News speaks with Chris about some of the election irregularities he is discovering as a Candidate for the #toronto Mayoral election, they are concerning!

( https://Rumble.com/v2qszml-Early-signs-of-potential-fraud-in-Toronto-Mayoral-election.html )多伦多市长选举潜在舞弊的早期迹象!反叛新闻的 David“ The Menzoid”Menzies 和 Chris 谈论了他作为 # 多伦多市长选举候选人发现的一些选举违规行为,他们令人担忧!

How many countries have experienced election fraud in the past ten years?


Captain Seth Keshel is at the “Four Corners” and is making his findings known publicly: Link to Telegram.

赛斯 · 凯舍尔船长在“四角”,他正在将他的发现公之于众: 链接到电报。

I’m Captain Seth Keshel, and I believe the 2018, 2020, and 2022 elections were unlawfully conducted and have resulted in illegitimate office holders, from the highest office in the land to state and local offices.

我是 Seth Keshel 队长,我相信2018年,2020年和2022年的选举是非法进行的并且导致了非法官员的出现,从国家最高官员到州和地方官员。

This statement is given from San Juan Co., Utah, San Juan Co., New Mexico, Apache Co., Arizona, and Montezuma Co., CO, and should put me in the record books as the first fraud affirmer to deny elections in four different states at the same time.


Because those who do not represent or care about the People have walked into positions of power in rigged elections, we are seeing the fallout of their policies and fake science used to harm us rather than help us. They never stop trying to vilify our safe, natural healing modalities. They make shit up and create excuses to control it, ban it, and make it impossible to get.


You just can’t make this up. It’s okay to kill and maim with fake vaccines and destroy our society with scamdemics but we’re not supposed to have safe, natural remedies for what ails us.


Industry blindsided by Ottawa’s plan to track ill effects of natural health products


Perhaps someone you know needs to see and hear this, below. It’s the premiere of an important documentary about the Genocide that was Covid. It’s still almost impossible to fathom that despite our attempts to warn people and share the facts and common sense that they could still fall for the BS and submit to tyranny and the stripping of their civil rights regardless of Constitutions and Charter of Rights; that they would willingly get an injection that would alter their DNA.

也许你认识的某个人需要在下面看到和听到这个。这是一部关于种族灭绝的重要纪录片的首映冠状病毒疾病。尽管我们试图警告人们,分享事实和常识,但我们仍然几乎不可能理解,他们仍然可能陷入废话,屈从于暴政,剥夺他们的公民权利,而不顾宪法和权利宪章; 他们会愿意接受注射,改变他们的 DNA。


现场直播! 早期独家访问


全球首映: 最后几天

Covid-19 was intentionally released to propagate FEAR in order to introduce a new vaccine template.

为了引进一种新的疫苗模板,故意释放2019冠状病毒疾病来宣传 FEAR。

Nobody told us we were being injected with a BIOWEAPON.


This was premeditated MASS GENOCIDE.


Watch FINAL DAYS Now??????





This is not surprising considering the Premier of Nova Scotia province believes the way to protect people there from wildfires is to ban everyone from going into the woods. It’s staggering, folks. Who can take these clowns seriously? Does anyone wonder why a crisis always results in the theft of the Peoples’ rights and freedoms? It’s sinister.


Whether or not these edicts are about military ops clearing out DUMBs, monsters and demons, or what have you… people should be hunting that guy down and reading him the riot act. See the video from Raging Dissident on Telegram.

不管这些法令是不是关于军事行动清除笨蛋,怪物和恶魔,或者其他什么... 人们应该追捕那个家伙,然后告诉他如何防暴。请看“愤怒的持不同政见者”节目中的视频。



Now that we are aware of the hijinx the US mafia in Washington DC engage in, we can make change.


The cabal’s mouthpieces in the legacy media have had their say and should shut up while they’re ahead because they are sinking fast. The awakened know what they like, what they want, and what they don’t want. They know how to send a message, too. Never underestimate “people power” because there are millions of us.


Fox News Made a Huge Mistake: Over One Million People Have Stopped Watching Since Tucker’s Ouster

福克斯新闻犯了一个巨大的错误: 自从塔克尔被罢免后,已经有超过100万人停止收看



Most of what I see today I don’t feel like sharing but here’s an interesting one from Doreen Agostino.

我今天看到的大多数东西我不想分享,但这里有一个来自 Doreen Agostino 的有趣的东西。

Does Your Airbnb Have Hidden Cameras? Here’s How to Check

你的 Airbnb 有隐藏摄像头吗

SGAnon did another interview with the Truthstream guys you might want to hear to get solid analysis of current events. 1 hr. 29 min.

SGAnon 做了另一个采访,采访对象是 Truthstream 的人,你可能想听听他们对当前事件的可靠分析。1小时。29分钟。

(05/27/2023) | SG Sits Down w/ Joe and Scott at “TruthStreams” Podcast Series(05/27/2023) |

With all the paranoia about parasites, it seems like a good time to share this fun fact. Even Eli likes walnuts.

由于对寄生虫的偏执,现在似乎是分享这个有趣事实的好时机。就连 Eli 也喜欢核桃。

Time to close for today. I am not seeing any comments at all to moderate today so something must be up. Hopefully it will be rectified without intervention. Apologies if you were blocked. Not sure what’s going on.


Tomorrow is hump day. See you then.  ~ BP



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