X22报道|第3082集: 中央银行系统是问题,特朗普反击边境入侵

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英国正面临着一个问题,食品价格正在上涨,现在他们正在对此进行包扎;[DS]正在恐慌,证据正在出来指向[ JB ] ,他们需要除掉他,他已经成为一个负担。

X22报道|第3082集: 中央银行系统是问题,特朗普反击边境入侵

Ep. 3082a – The [CB] System Is The Problem, Everything Else Is Noise

[ CB ]系统是问题,其他一切都是噪音

Ep. 3082b – Trump Counters The Border Invasion, How Do You Sneak One In, Change Of Batter


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Streamed on: May 30, 5:29 pm EDT

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The UK is having a problem, the food prices are rising and now they are putting a bandaid fix on it, they want the supermarkets not to raise prices. The debt ceiling negotiations are falling apart, the deal is terrible, but this is noise, we need to go to the root of the problem. The [CB]/[JB] are bringing manufacturing back and they don’t realize what they are doing.

英国正面临着一个问题,食品价格正在上涨,现在他们正在对此进行包扎,他们希望超市不要提高价格。债务上限谈判正在破裂,协议很糟糕,但这是噪音,我们需要从根本上解决问题。[ CB ]/[ JB ]正在把制造业带回来,但他们没有意识到自己在做什么。

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Streamed on: May 30, 5:56 pm EDT

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The [DS] is panicking, the evidence is coming out against [JB] and they need to remove him, he has become a liability. They are prepared to replace him. Trump announces how we can fix the border and how we can stop the illegals. One way for the [DS] to bring in a candidate is to remove a senator and replace them with [MO]. Then use this as a spring board into the Presidency, Trump is most likely counting on this to put [BO] in the spotlight.

[DS]正在恐慌,证据正在出来指向[ JB ] ,他们需要除掉他,他已经成为一个负担。他们准备取代他。特朗普宣布我们如何修复边境,如何阻止非法移民。一种方式为[ DS ]引进一个候选人是免除参议员和取代他们的[ MO ]。然后利用这个作为进入总统任期的跳板,特朗普很可能指望这个把[ BO ]放在聚光灯下。


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