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Starship Earth:The Big Picture 星际飞船地球:大局

July 10,2021 2021710


The only way we will be able to complete this mission is by mixing a lot of positive with the negative.


Trump rallies are positive.


Kab on Twitter: "Israel's former Space Security Chief:There's a Galactic Federation waiting for humans to wake up. They're working on projects (preparing for the Shift). They won't reveal themselves until we're ready (expanded consciousness at the Shift). Trump knows everything.It's all true. pic.twitter.com/iJbSPF0lQn / Twitter"

Israel's former Space Security Chief:There's a Galactic Federation waiting for humans to wake up. They're working on projects (preparing for the Shift). They won't reveal themselves until we're ready (expanded consciousness at the Shift). Trump knows everything.It's all true. pic.twitter.com/iJbSPF0lQn

Some very difficult days lie ahead,but we've been waiting a long time for the right time to do this,my friends.No matter what happens,know that we have to do it.It's the only way.Remain calm,and know we will come through the other side to a glorious new world.A golden future of unimagined delights.


The Assassination of Jovenel Moise the President of Haiti was silenced for working with NSA and giving information to U.S.MILITARY INTEL and direct Evidence on The Clinton foundation and all the gold stolen from Haiti through the Clintons and CIA…President Moise had all the evidence on the Submarines the Clintons and Epstien had on the island to transfer hundreds of thousands of children trafficked across the world.Moise had given collected/evidence the past four years on mother Teresa human trafficking networks in collision with The Clinton foundation/FBi and 90 Billion dollar payment to the VATICAN who headed the operation.In the evidence/files/servers given to Trump/NSA>>the CIA had used weather modification and TECTONIC WEAPONS to cause earthquakes and Floods to cover up the story of 800,000Missing children.

暗杀海地总统乔弗内尔·莫伊斯的行动被封口,因为他与 NSA 合作,向美国军方提供情报、克林顿基金会情报局的直接证据以及通过克林顿夫妇和中央情报局从海地偷走的所有黄金......总统莫伊斯掌握了克林顿夫妇和艾普斯汀在岛上的潜艇上的所有证据,用来转移世界各地数十万儿童的贩运。在过去的四年里,莫伊斯收集了关于特雷莎修女人口贩卖网络的证据,这些证据与联邦调查局和克林顿基金会发生了冲突,并且向梵蒂冈支付了900亿美元,梵蒂冈是这次行动的领导者。在提供给特朗普/国家安全局的证据/文件/服务器中>中央情报局使用人工影响天气和构造武器制造地震和洪水来掩盖80万失踪儿童的故事。

The sealed indictments touches on all these facts.And All evidence and testimony are recorded.

Unfortunately the Deep State CABAL of the WORLD are running lowest on Adrenochrome in the world wide market…Sources believe the upheaval in Haiti is the same deep state play book..

>>send in the UN[DS]

Take over the country

The Children…


//Things are getting heavy my friends…Summer on 🔥

Many countries[DS]ARE MAKING THEIR MOVES..Desperate moves to stay Alive..


Keep the FAITH…



Link to Telegram


It IS about the children.


The translation from Swiss-German,I assume,from a Telegram post is:


Federal Bern has an adrenochrome fountain.Pedophile Satanists are all hanged.Say goodbye to hypocrisy.


They love to flaunt their lifestyle,thinking we don't know.Now we know.It's over.



It's going to get ugly,folks.There is ugliness here,below.Steel yourself if this is new.Children are currency and these aberrations of Creation believe their essences can give youth and vitality to those who ingest them.


We have to ensure that Humans understand we have been prey.We have to reveal the hideous,ghastly shadow world;the pain and suffering so it can never be allowed to happen again.There is no true God who would permit this butchery.


I don't know if the following are real or fabricated for the education process but regardless,it's not easy to stomach or to understand how these demonic creatures who appear Human,could do what they do.


Remember"Wilson"?They think it's funny to dangle it in front of us for entertainment while they smirk in the shadows.Who is smirking now,Mr.Hanks?




With respect to all the graves and skeletal remains of children recently unearthed we can understand why the Canadians are burning churches.I can't blame them.It's hard to know what to do to end the grotesque reality and the suffering.Some no doubt feel the need to exact revenge.


When decade after decade goes by with no accountability and hideous acts are covered up by authority figures,what is left but vigilantism?


Not everyone understands the scope of the problem on this planet and if they do not,might condemn too easily.The Church,globally,will be exposed for what it is.The Vatican,included.The positive remnants will go on in some way for awhile but organized religion as we know it will probably fade away.


In the mean time,the violence and extreme measures will cloud the issue.Conversely,perhaps it will get the attention we need on the real truth about creatures who have preyed on mostly but not solely children for hundreds of years.



The situation is up for discussion,which is progress,but there are parties who will steer the direction of the dialogue away from the heart of the matter.We trust that the distractions will quickly fall away so we can finally get to the whole truth,and nothing but the truth.


We forced this discussion by airing it,relentlessly,year after year.We're stirring the pot and bringing the bottom of the swamp to the surface where the swirling,grisly contents are now visible.


An"alt news"source in Canada glazes over facts and seems to look for ways to minimize the reality.Perhaps they don't know,but in the mean time they are like the globalist-controlled corporate media;skewing the details,trying to tone down the glaring facts,and presenting a really disappointing attempt to inject rational commentary.


No,we don't want violence and destruction,but neither do we want anyone making further excuses for the torture,rape,murder,butchering,satanic ritual sacrifice and slaughter of Canadians—of any gender,religion,or race.This isn't only about Canada—it just happens to have begun here.


To suggest the children died of natural causes is more than stretching the truth.A small number may have.If so,why hide the fact in an unmarked grave?There have been three revelations in a month about nearly a thousand children yet they want to make it sound like it's all blown out of proportion,misquoted,and sensationalized for ratings.What kind of person generalizes about the deaths of children at a school or church when they were taken away from their families?


This gets far worse,folks,when the whole story is told.Mark my words.


A lie which is half a truth is ever the blackest of lies.


~Alfred Lord Tennyson~丁尼生

Band members are speaking out about their experiences and those of their family members over the years.There is no excuse for not knowing.I just lost all respect for this news source.True North.When all you do is read the articles from the corporate media and critique them,that's not research,or journalism.You needn't be concerned about the"truth"you're publishing because it poses no threat to the establishment.


It's so easy to distract and shame everyone.Well,shame on you,Candice Malcolm.Canada has been a den of horrors for decades and you either learned nothing about it or you're trying to cover it up.

很容易分散注意力,让每个人都蒙羞。真为你感到羞耻 Candice Malcolm。几十年来,加拿大一直是恐怖之地,你要么对此一无所知,要么试图掩盖事实。

Talk to David Hawkins of Abel Danger about the abductions,torture,and dead pool betting.Talk to Kevin Annett who's life was destroyed by those trying to cover all of this up when he exposed it along with members of the British Columbia tribe members back in 2012 in Brantford,Ont.


Do some research and learn that these"mass graves"are found in far more places than Canada.Go deeper—underground—to the tunnels and deep underground military bases(DUMBs)globally where Humans and non-Humans are bred in captivity for these disgusting purposes.



You're right;it's not ALL about the indigenous,but a lot of it is because the marauding"elites"wanted to end the cultures of the spiritually strong people on the planet;usually the Indigenous,who never lost their connection to their Creator.


Pedophilia and pedovoria are global problems and special investigators have banded together in many countries to end the Human Trafficking which is ultimately for far more revolting purposes than sex.


What has surfaced in Canada is merely the tip of the iceberg and Indigenous people have also been bought off to cover it up.They betrayed their own people so excuse us if we don't automatically take the word of a chief.


This is deep.Everything is connected,and the paths lead to places and things we won't want to see or hear but we must.Our darkest days still lie ahead and the world will be stunned.


This rhetoric below is half-truths—or less than.This is why we need an army of digital soldiers to combat what passes for truth.


Video at the link.


Churches burned on Canada Day long weekend,and the media is partially to blame 




As we resist the distractions and aim to keep our eye on the ball,we continue to monitor the election situation in America.


BREAKING:Another MI Lawmaker Requests Forensic Audit of 2020 Election:"Benson recounts are not enough…We must examine ballots,tabulators,and chain of custody…All of it"


We've seen Fox waffling for some time now,but when the moment of truth came,they betrayed us.Here are the details.


New Details Emerge on Election Night 2020,Revealing Another Jaw-Dropping Betrayal From Fox News 2020年大选之夜,福克斯新闻再次揭露背叛


And when we're not thinking about how"Trump won",we're now watching this merry-go-round.


THIS IS NOT RANDOM!President Trump's Cases Against Big Tech Assigned to Two OBAMA Judges and One HW BUSH Judge


There are so many sellouts!But as we said,we are at the point where no one can sit on the fence.We have to pick a side and the traitors will reveal themselves.


Trump Joins Rumble,Rumble Changes Terms of Service to Ban'Hateful'Speech 



Michelle Walling presents really interesting topics in her writing and this article below is no exception.Why would souls leave NOW,of all times?Hell,why would they stay?This is like hand-to-hand combat.It's vicious.You have to be a warrior.You have to know the facts and stand in your truth.If you can't,then by all means leave.We have free will here,supposedly.Michelle gets into the many reasons why some souls may leave us at this momentous time in Humanity's history.


Massive Walk Out of Souls In Preparation for The Shift 


Signing off with a smile.Until next time,my warrior friends.~BP




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