2020年4月30日08:55:27大量新的Q下降——Sierra(NZ)已关闭评论 6203460字阅读11分32秒

Action is heating up-there were 19 new Q drops today....


Some of the new drops are very detailed and complex.I recommend following Lisa Mei Crowley's Twitter thread-she does an excellent job of decoding this latest batch...

一些新的下降是非常详细和复杂的。我推荐丽莎··克劳利的 Twitter 帖子——她在解码最新一批信息方面做得非常出色


Q drop number 3989 features an image of a house and three US flags.Anons believe the three flags represent three star General Flynn who is set to be exonerated this week.President Trump has not ruled out bringing General Flynn onto his team.Imagine the delight of World Patriots to see General Flynn being interviewed by the MSM-the same corrupt MSM that broadcast the lies that led to his dismissal.Vindication is sweet.

3989Q降落点展示了一座房子和三面美国国旗的图片。无名氏们相信这三面旗子代表了本周即将被宣布无罪的三星将军弗林。特朗普总统没有排除让弗林将军加入他的团队。想象一下,当世界爱国者看到弗林将军接受 MSM 的采访时,他有多么高兴——就是这个同样腐败的 MSM 传播了导致他被解职的谎言。辩护是甜蜜的

Scroll down Lisa's Twitter feed until you find a tweet by Beer at the Parade.The tweet refers to Q drop number 3998...

向下滚动 Lisa Twitter feed,直到你找到 Beer 在游行上的 tweet。这条推特提到了第3998Q....




The tweet:'Countdown from 5 dots to 1 dot.ALL CAPS.One dot!'As you will see from the image in the tweet,Q has used the phrase'The Silent War Continues'before,each time with fewer dots at the end of the sentence.Have we reached the end of the countdown??


Q drop number 4000 refers to the Deep State using Playstation and X Box video game chat for secret communications.They were using Star Wars Commander until discovered by NSA.James Comey tweeted pictures of himself in his living room surrounded by Star War toys belonging to his seven year old grand son.Subtle.No wonder Q often says, 'THESE PEOPLE ARE STUPID'.

Q下降4000指的是使用 Playstation X Box 视频游戏聊天进行秘密通信的深层状态。他们一直使用星球大战指挥官,直到被国家安全局发现。詹姆斯·科米在推特上发布了自己的照片,照片中他的起居室里摆满了星际战争玩具,这些玩具是他七岁的孙子的。微妙。难怪Q经常说, "这些人很愚蠢"

Lisa Mei Crowley does a great summary of Q drop number 4003 which discusses the Deep State plan to take over the world...


'POTUS pushing decision to States re stay-at-home orders exposes Dem's tyranny.They want to keep us afraid to go out,keep death toll high,ban unsanctioned COVID-19 discussions(eg cures),force vaccinations and force mail-in voting to regain power.'(Lisa Mei Crowley tweet).


Remember what COVID stands for-Certificate of Vaccination Identification.Bill Gates PATENTED the Corona Virus so he could force mandatory vaccinations/ID chips on the entire world population.He and his fellow satanists have FAILED.President Trump is encouraging Governors to open their States and get people back to work.

记住 COVID 代表什么-疫苗接种鉴定证书。比尔·盖茨申请了冠状病毒的专利,这样他就可以强制全世界的人接种强制性疫苗和身份识别芯片。他和他的撒旦崇拜者们已经失败了。特朗普总统正在鼓励州长们开放他们的州,让人们重返工作岗位

Finally,Q has often referred to 5:5 in Q drops.We are coming up to 5th May(5:5).Interestingly the sequel to the hugely successful Truth documentary'Out of Shadows'will be released on 5th May.And the Senate re-opens on 4th May.It could be an interesting week,especially if General Flynn is finally free to talk about'where the bodies are buried'.


'Out of Shadows 1'was released on 10th April and to date has had nearly 11 million views and 58,000 comments.If'Out of Shadows 2'has a similar impact,it could be the final nail in the coffin for the Deep State.


Message to Deep State:Afraid,much?


Where We Go One We Go All.


Love and Light




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