向前看..|Teri Wade

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向前看..|Teri Wade

Many of you know this but we did not incarnate on this planet for a vacation of avoidance. We incarnated on this planet to participate in this transition. We are experiencing a realm split meaning what was once an emulsified cohesion of layers is now separating and we are seeing those lower density layers go down the drain. The old guard is on its way out.


We're seeing mutual interests/disinterests of individuals with uncommon paths. Meaning, I would have never in a million years thought I would be talking about and experiencing the things that I do now. I always believed in UFOs but if you would have asked me about frequencies, vibration and consciousness back in the day I would've had no clue. I see a timeline split meaning all won't be on the same trajectory moving forward towards the future. The contradictions and learning requirements of this transition moving forward will cause separation (timeline split). The resistors will pay are harsher consequence. Soooo, what tilts the cup is yet to be seen.

我们看到了不同寻常的个体之间的共同利益/不利益。也就是说,我永远不会想到我会谈论和经历我现在所做的事情。我一直相信 ufo 的存在,但是如果你问我频率,振动和意识的问题,我会毫无头绪。我看到了一个时间线的分裂,意味着所有人都不会在同一条轨道上向着未来前进。这个过渡向前的矛盾和学习需求将导致分离(时间线分裂)。反抗者将付出更严厉的后果。所以,倾斜杯子的东西还有待观察。

These off world predators are counting on mass frequency suppression to lock humanity into these lower densities and retain control. Again, I believe there will be a timeline split. They are trying to do this through mass loss of life, genetic assimilation and spiritual enslavement etc. They want to solidify control before the split. But remember we are frequency anchors so the vibration we anchor determines the realm we establish.


There will be those that will be crushed by these low frequency fields and to all of you fighting these low vibrations well it's extremely commendable. You are clearing the path for others to follow. This Light which is information, higher frequency insight and wisdom will cause friction for those fighting the current. We're seeing this now. This Light, these higher frequencies are bringing up everything that is not in alignment hence the friction and in these lower realms we see friction as fear, anger and chaos. Hence, the term I use resistors and we all have felt their wrath.


These higher frequencies are burning away everything that is false. It's definitely not a comfortable process to say the least. We're transitioning into future time. We will experience volatile times in this transition as you can all see but remaining stagnant would only destroy us. Everything is in constant movement and those who remain stagnant are losing their minds. The ones that are energetically stagnant/regressive are being forced and they're resisting which causes friction. Again, you can take a gravel road or the paved road your choice.


So, basically the ones who remain in this lower vibrational reality will experience an unstable reality and again we're seeing that play out. The pressure forcing this change is being amplified and many are not dealing with it well. They're becoming volatile. The ones who are surrendering to this transition... are flowing with the current so to speak. Again, we have gradually been fed these higher frequencies. If humanity wasn't being slowly fed these higher frequencies we would lose our minds, our physical bodies would never be able to handle the transition it would burn out our central nervous system etc.

所以,基本上那些留在这个低振动实相中的人们将经历一个不稳定的实相,我们再次看到这种情况的发生。迫使这种变化的压力正在被放大,许多人并没有很好地处理这种变化。他们变得反复无常。那些屈服于这种转变的人们... ... 可以说是随着潮流而流动。再一次,我们逐渐被灌输这些更高的频率。如果人类不是慢慢地被灌输这些更高的频率,我们就会失去我们的思想,我们的身体将永远无法处理这种转变,它将烧毁我们的中枢神经系统等等。

So, what we're seeing now with the ones who are resonating at a higher frequency are gravitating towards each other, a group consciousness and again we see this happening. It's an attraction of gathering realities and will be spread throughout our planet. As this similar resonance and areas of matched frequency continues there will be hubs across the globe of both ascending and descending realities. This will cause massive challenges in the external world because so many are not aware of the cosmic shift going on. Many do not understand Ascension nor have the tools to deal with what's happening. Many have a very unclear mental/emotional state and are lacking active higher sensory awareness. We're seeing the friction between the physical external world and the internal spiritual world but there is no doubt where Mankind is going.


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