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新闻周期被 DS 故意阻塞,这样公众就不会知道真相。2020年2月,他们说档案是真的,克里斯托弗·斯蒂尔被誉为英雄。通过最近解密的备忘录,我们现在知道克里斯托弗·斯蒂尔没有针对特朗普的证据,他没有欧洲的秘密消息来源,他对整件事情撒了谎!

The Enemy Of The People Keeps Proving Their Allegiance



X22 Report(C-VINE Vetted)

X22报告(C-VINE 审核)



Christopher Steele 克里斯托弗·斯蒂尔

The news cycle is purposely being clogged by the DS so the public won't know the truth.Back in February,2020 they said the Dossier was real,and Christopher Steele was hailed a hero.Through recent declassified memos,we now learn Christopher Steele had no evidence against Trump,he did not have European secret sources and he lied about the whole thing!

新闻周期被 DS 故意阻塞,这样公众就不会知道真相。20202月,他们说档案是真的,克里斯托弗·斯蒂尔被誉为英雄。通过最近解密的备忘录,我们现在知道克里斯托弗·斯蒂尔没有针对特朗普的证据,他没有欧洲的秘密消息来源,他对整件事情撒了谎!

The media lied to the American people giving a false story about something that never happened.Will the media retract their gross inaccuracies of the Steele Dossier?If they do not,they prove to the world they are the enemy of the people.


A new George Floyd video has surfaced and people who have watched it believe the media had fanned a narrative which simply may not have existed.In recent leaked bodycam footage,it is clear George Floyd was under the influence and toxicology reports confirm his body had lethal amounts of fentanyl in his system.Did he die from being pinned by Derek Chauvin's knee or did he die from an overdose?


The DS's plan is to create chaos around the elections.If they can mandate mail-in ballots,they can shut down the counting process.If they can shut down the counting process indefinitely,they can place an acting president in the White House and forcibly remove Trump from office.This is why we must know who wins the night of elections.


If they place an acting president in position,will it be Nancy Pelosi?Obviously the DS is far left-leaning,so we know it won't be Pence.We know Biden is not competent.Is this why The New York Times is reporting we should scrap the Presidential Debates?X22视频2240解读|暴风雨就在眼前,选举日之前什么必须被曝光?The DS is terrified of Biden's mental issues being exposed.It's unthinkable that the United States of America would not have a Presidential debate prior to an election,yet,the media's narrative has begun!

如果他们安排一位代理总统就职,会是南希·佩洛西吗?显然 DS 是极左的,所以我们知道它不会是彭斯。我们知道拜登不能胜任。这就是为什么纽约时报报道我们应该取消总统竞选辩论吗?副总统害怕拜登的精神问题被曝光。不可思议的是,美利坚合众国竟然没有在选举前举行总统辩论,然而,媒体的叙述已经开始了!

How many people did Obama spy on back in 2016?We know there was President Trump,and General Flynn.Rand Paul sent out a tweet in May of 2017 formally requesting information from the White House asking whether or not he was spied on.Who else?Ted Cruz.Q tells us there were more,many more!This cover-up is all coming out!

2016年奥巴马监视了多少人?我们知道有特朗普总统和弗林将军。20175月,兰德·保罗在推特上正式要求白宫提供信息,询问他是否被监视。还有谁?泰德·克鲁兹。Q 告诉我们还有更多,更多!掩盖真相的事情就要曝光了!

If we have followed the Epstein story even a little,we know Prince Andrew has been named as one of the perpetrators.In the beginning,Prince Andrew said he would cooperate fully with authorities.Since then,he has not but has still been under investigation.


Since he is a prince,wouldn't there be strong security detail surrounding him,along with documentation stating his whereabouts on any given day or night?Investigators searched for the records,but found they had been destroyed.Don't they realize when they destroy evidence,all guilty fingers point toward them?


Many of the people are going to hospitals to see if they are really crowded as the media says they are.The findings are they are mostly empty.Many nurses and staff were laid off,so now the hospitals cannot work at full capacity.When they say they are full,it's simply because they are short-staffed.


Tom Fitton from Judicial Watch,tweeted the following,"We are told coronavirus is a public health emergency and yet emergency measures such as acting on acceptable observational studies and clinical observational support for Hydroxychloroquine to protect lives is forbidden?"Let that sink in for a moment!


Once this fake pandemic is over with,and all is known that Fauci and others in government lied about the healing properties of HCQ,they're going to be charged with murder!Class action lawsuits will go through the roof.Does he know this is coming?Last week,Fauci said we should wear goggles.Was this a signal to the DS that it's time to launch the 2nd wave of a virus?Could it be chemical warfare this time?

一旦这场假传染病结束,而且众所周知,福奇和其他政府官员在 HCQ 的治疗特性上撒谎,他们将被指控谋杀!集体诉讼将会达到顶峰。他知道这会发生吗?上周,福西说我们应该戴上护目镜。这是给 DS 的信号,是时候启动第二波病毒了吗?这次会不会是化学战争?

The head of the CDC,Dr.Robert Redfield,is urging schools to reopen in the interests of the child,for public health.It's time for the truth to be revealed.It's time we learn why HCQ has been kept from the people.It's time we are told why masks have been mandated despite no science to back it up.It's time for the truth to be revealed!

疾病控制和预防中心主任罗伯特·雷德菲尔德博士敦促学校为了儿童的利益和公共卫生重新开学。现在是揭露真相的时候了。是时候让我们知道为什么人们不知道 HCQ 了。是时候告诉我们为什么口罩被强制使用了,尽管没有科学依据支持它。是揭露真相的时候了!


Lightning striking over ocean 闪电划破大海

Trump said in his recent press release,"My administration will be here for you,every single step of the way.We've done everything we can do and now we're just waiting for the storm.And…it's right behind me,it's following me."


Trump knows the playbook of the Deep State and is allowing all this to be seen.The storm is here.Masks,the shutdown,Governors who banned HCQ because of'hoarding,'the rioting,Ghislaine Maxwell,everything is coming together.What must be exposed before election day?The truth…for the whole world to see!WWG1WGA

特朗普知道"深州"的剧本,并允许所有这一切公之于众。暴风雨来了。面具,政府关门,因为"囤积"而禁止 HCQ 的州长,暴乱,吉斯兰·麦克斯韦尔,所有的一切都汇聚在一起。什么必须在选举日之前曝光?真相...让全世界都看到!WWG1WGA

Opinion:JoLynn Live,C-VINE Contributor(Based on the X22 Report)

观点:JoLynn LiveC-VINE 贡献者(基于 X22报告)



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