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Starship Earth:The Big Picture 星际飞船地球:大局

September 5,2021 202195


The Floridians are having a party this last long weekend of summer with another MAGA boat parade.The YouTube version suddenly disappeared.

佛罗里达人在这个夏天最后一个漫长的周末举行了一个派对,还有一次 MAGA 游船游行。YouTube 上的版本突然消失了。

LIVE:Trumparilla MAGA Fest Boat Parade in Ft.Myers,FL-9/5/21


Our very own @RedWhiteTruth interviews American PATRIOT, Roger Stone."The Trump movement is alive and well and we are PISSED!" FACT CHECK: TRUE ✅ pic.twitter.com/ZDSTJbeNQB

There was another military"accident"off the coast of California recently that didn't end well.The military is clearly in the sights of the cabal.


5 Missing Sailors in California Helicopter Crash Deceased:Navy 


We have more dog comms,too.


It is its deep sadness that I have to let you all know that Jasper passed away today. Full post here - thank you for loving him and his Twitter presence. https://t.co/o7Cj0CDuo2 pic.twitter.com/CulLJUBOlA


Juan O'Savin,Negative 48/Michael Protzman,Pryme Minister,and Charlie Ward had an interesting discussion about numbers,of course,and Gematria as part of the"natural"language,but also how the dark engineer numbers and phrases as part of their programming and"spells"when linked to events.Obviously 9/11 is a perfect example and they don't even try to hide it.

Juan o'savinNegative 48/Michael ProtzmanPryme Minister,和 Charlie Ward 进行了一次有趣的讨论,当然是关于数字,以及作为"自然"语言一部分的 Gematria,还有关于黑暗工程师的数字和短语如何作为他们程序的一部分,以及与事件相关的"咒语"。很明显,911事件就是一个很好的例子,他们甚至没有试图掩饰。

Juan explains some of the most basic tenets of the spells ie.x 3 and mirroring.Something I haven't heard before is that the Human body has 39 ways to heal itself and that is one reason they gave Christ 40 lashes.He says we need to use our utmost discernment when analyzing events and their numbers.They also discuss RDS and the conflicting stories about him.

胡安解释了咒语的一些基本原则。X3和镜像。我以前从未听说过人类的身体有39种方法来治愈自己,这也是他们给基督40鞭的原因之一。他说,在分析事件及其数字时,我们需要运用最大的洞察力。他们还讨论了 RDS 和关于他的相互矛盾的故事。

Charlie and Juan also explain why this process is taking so long;suitcase nukes,etc.and remind us of the games both sides play.A fascinating hour,as always.Video at the link.


The View on The World 


Jetson White has Episode 5 of'The Ankh Star'for us.If you're new to Jetson's work this will sound pretty"out there"but there is a great deal of information supporting his theory and we listen with open minds.He continues to bring new details to consider so it's a lot to think about.


The Story of the Ankh Star-Ep5 


Choices at the time of our exit?


Do we get choices of where to jump? Yes briefly.

Indeed,we have never been alone.


The work of primitive nomadic tribes?Or clues from Friends to remind us that we've never been alone? pic.twitter.com/kYzAYWHBqm

About that"graphene oxide"…the next concern is:


Hydrogel,fibres in drinking water resembling the ones detected in the blue surgical masks.Another rabbit hole?


What Are These Particles in Bottled Water?


We've mentioned this before.Rachel Madcow is an obvious"he".

我们之前提到过 Rachel Madcow 显然是个""

Rachel Maddow is a threat to humanitya traitorand CIA operative.I'm overjoyed he has already been arrestedand used for controlled-opposition. https://t.co/uJcv1EV5db


Will this wake up the zombies?Link to Telegram.

这会唤醒僵尸吗?链接到 Telegram

Canadian education minister tells parents that THE GOVERNMENT OWNS THEIR CHILDREN,not parents,and their children WILL receive the COVID death-shot despite their protests!


Michael Jaco's recent update included a bit about RDS as well,but more notably the exposure of someone who has been controversial over the years;Kimberly Ann Goguen.She sounded fairly good in the beginning when she brought unique information and we gave her the points partially based on who supported her,but over time her criticism of Trump and her treatment of some members of the truther community began to point to a darker agenda.Now she has laid her cards on the table and shown herself to be on the other side.Thank you Kerry and Michael for closing the file on another deep state operative.

最近的更新也包括了一些关于 RDS 的内容,但更引人注目的是曝光了一个多年来一直备受争议的人物:金伯利··戈根。一开始,当她带来独特的信息时,她听起来相当不错,我们给了她部分基于支持她的人的观点,但随着时间的推移,她对特朗普的批评以及她对真相揭露社区一些成员的处理方式,开始指向一个更加黑暗的议程。现在她已经把牌摊在桌子上,表明自己站在另一边。谢谢克里和迈克尔关闭了另一个深层国家间谍的档案。

Kimberly Ann Goguen gets caught in massive lie as she attacks me with false claims 



Will the vaxxx news ever end?Not any time soon,perhaps.Why would you want anything made in China?The C×P wants to kill us all.They've lied from day one about the Kung Flu bioweapon and you want to buy their jab?Insane.


Brazil Suspends 12 Million Doses of China's Sinovac Vaccine 


For those who like to dig,have at'er.It's far too much to wrap my little mind around.I'm taking NANO SOMA to protect against everything and I'm not going to worry about it.The European store is open and shipping backorders,and the US store should be restocked by September 13.

对于那些喜欢挖掘的人来说,。这太多了,我无法理解。我正在服用 NANO SOMA,以防万一,我不会为此担心。欧洲的商店已经开业,正在积压订单,美国的商店将在913日之前重新进货。

2. Not sure it can be any more clear!? @aime3verde ?? finds research article where it LITERALLY states ?? "Graphene/GO hydrogel." GO.Qlue 452 ENOU[G]H IS EN[O]UGH[G][O] = GO.Remember National security laws prevent Patriot leaders from disclosing. It's OUR job to uncover it! https://t.co/jDvk8SJkLO pic.twitter.com/yLzhGcIQho

The remainder of September will likely be electric.WhipLash347 gives us his prognostication:Link to Telegram.

9月份剩下的时间可能会是电气化的,WhipLash347给了我们他的预言:链接到 Telegram

Feast Of Trumpets 6th to 8th
Queen has to be announced dead shortly.


Sep 6 to 17(911 Military Tribunal)
Sep 10(EO13848)deadline day before Jesus Bday


Trucks have blockaded Sydney
Will only escalate today for Monday.


There is very little anywhere in the English news about the Aussie's trucker blockades but Germany is sure talking about it.


Die Trucker in #Australia haben alle Eingänge bei #Sydney blockiert!?!So geht Widerstand! Die Regierungen auffordern RÜCKTRITT! #Queensland #WednesdayMotivation #protest pic.twitter.com/kDVM4hd23s

Als ze niet reageren, wordt de politie er persoonlijk op afgestuurd. Australië is volledig Orwelliaans geworden. Verspreid het nieuws. Maak de mensen wakker. https://t.co/HkU7RB53ng

And this reminder more long term…Link to Telegram.

还有这个更长期的提醒...链接到 Telegram

Basically where we are going.
A combo of all.
1776–Constitutional Common Law WorldWide.
1950s Prices
Quantum Technology.
Suppressed Tech.
Med Beds,UV therapies,6000 cures


Treasury Notes backed by metals&Iso20022 coins

以金属和 Iso20022硬币支持的美国国债

This dog is priceless,if not a little paranoid so I'm sharing again—the video this time.Most of us are a little paranoid at this point but it helps to keep us safe.


Biden voters turning on the news 7 months into the Biden presidency: pic.twitter.com/Lawf7svsns

Eyes on,folks.Maintain situational awareness at all times and take care of each other.


Enjoy your Labour Day weekend.Our friend is home and feeling much better after the Ivermectin,HCQ,Zinc,Vit C&D and his own house so we're relaxing a little.

享受你的劳动节周末。我们的朋友回家了,吃了伊维菌素、HCQ、锌、维他命 c&d 和他自己的房子后感觉好多了,所以我们放松了一下。

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