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By Rinus Verhagen,Contributor


On October 30th the Farmers go back to The Hague to undermine the unlawful coercion to undermine their right to exist on false grounds and assumptions by ignorant persons and politicians who have their own Bilderberg NWO Nazi Agenda.


Rinus Verhagen|我们马上就来

Several interest groups have announced that they will take part in the 3rd Protest of the Farmers,together with the Transport sector,Earthmoving companies and the Construction sector.


I would like to express the wish that all motorcycle enthusiasts,their clubs,are forbidden by politics,to join forces in order to express the displeasure of this mafia government.


It has always been most effective if you divide and rule politics,a society that stands up to the NWO puppets like a man will frighten them.


After all,it is politics with its state terror that carries out false attacks in order to frighten the population in order to be able to push through their nefarious plans,in which the population has to give up its freedom in the face of totalitarian control.


All of them are severely affected by the illegal legislation that silly NWO Puppets wants to impose on the population.


Transgender Neutral Mark Rutte:


Oct.9,2019-Prime Minister Mark Rutte has received an important Australian award for his performance And share in this crime from the air disaster MH370/17 Genocide


Mark Rutte this Psychopath,overcome with arrogance and pride,he came out of the closet,and let the world know that we must be prepared for the New World Order of the Uncrowned Globalists.


The Archonten Cabinet of Bilderberg Mafia Gangsters Cartel,has set itself the goal of destroying the heritage of the real Dutch inhabitants in order to transform the 4th Reich the EU into a fascist communist super police state.


The lie propaganda plan of Georg Soros,which is propagated by a mentally deprived child of 16,to urge the stupid left-wing people to give up their raison d'être,and allow themselves to be completely expropriated by a corrupt Bilderberg Mafia in the Politics and Dutch Royal Family.

格奥尔格索罗斯(Georg Soros)的谎言宣传计划是由一个16岁的智障儿童宣传的,目的是敦促愚蠢的左翼人士放弃存在的理由,让自己完全被腐败的彼尔德伯格黑手党(Bilderberg Mafia)剥夺政治和荷兰皇室的权力。

At the expense of the afflicted population,more than 100,000 migrants a year are brought in to destroy our culture,people who are unwilling or unable to work,or do not want to integrate into Dutch society.


People want to expropriate farmers in order to build rennet trauma for the uninvited migrants at the expense of the working Dutchman.


What many do not realize is that Dutch food production is second Large in the world.


If this is destroyed,as the Nazis in The Hague are planning,then the food prices will rise even more,with the underclass of the population starting with the Hunger Games.


The Dutch legislation was abolished on May 13,1940,just like the Kingdom,the current form of government was introduced by the Nazis on May 18,1940.


Wilhelmina,together with civil servants and political parties,gave a coup d'état after the Second World War as she was no longer entitled to the throne according to article 21 of the constitution in force at the time.


This can be read in the letter to maxima:https://lettertomaxima.blogspot.com/,with completed more crimes and Genocide that the post-war Hitler Cabinets against the Dutch and world population have committed.


Therefore I would like to share the following information with you:


Rinus Verhagen|我们马上就来

Justice van Allen meeting great success


On October 20,the first meeting of Justice van Allen was held.This time Kevin Annett was the guest speaker and because he couldn't be there physically,he participated via a live stream video.In the first hour two themes were discussed:


The difference between statutory law,common law of natural law and international law.


How can we make politicians and top officials personally liable?


Kevin explained that the generally accepted legal system(statutory law)is based on statutes(laws)introduced by governments.These do not need to be followed up if they have not come about in a democratic way,or if they do not have a basis in society,as long as this does not harm anyone.


The foundation of our legal system is based on customary law,'the law of the country,'also known as the'unwritten law'."The things that we know to be just by nature."Natural law,our naturally given right,is a higher right than statutory law.As free men and women,we have the right to govern ourselves,to form laws that protect our community and to hold meetings.


International law are statutes that are laid down internationally(e.g.in the Geneva Convention).They can work to our advantage when it comes to protecting human rights.


The EU model of governance is essentially a Corpocracy and a modern variant of the Monarchal and Roman system,with a small elite club setting the rules.The only remedy for this is to reclaim our own authority.


One way of doing this is to hold politicians and civil servants personally responsible for the damage caused by the policies they impose on us.This can be financial or criminal liability.


It is important to do this with a group and to make it very public.We have to have a realistic prospect that such a notification will be ignored in the first instance.So,in addition to a notification of liability,you also offer them an offer and an invitation to do the right thing,so that they will not be held liable in that case.It is very effective to get supporters on our side,also within the police.


At the end of the afternoon,people went home very enthusiastically and indicated that all kinds of'hatches'of possibilities had opened up for them.They said they were very interested in this alternative legal system and the aim is to invite another guest speaker for the next meeting who can tell us more about it.


Anyone who has read this will realise that this is no longer possible and that change is needed,a new self-governance system in which the population is in control and no unscrupulous narcissists can exercise more power over the free population.


There will have to be a cleansing in the top of Officials,Police,Law System,MSM Media,and Politics.


It is time for the police and the army to arrest these people for their actions against the population,a population that has been systematically and surreptitiously robbed of its labour fruits and built up pension rights.


More than 55%of the Dutch gross national product is spent on a corrupt government,in order to systematically suppress the people with illegal legislation by the Hitler Cabinet,invented in order to push through the NWO plans and genocide on their own population.


The Massa who will be up and running on the 30th of October in The Hague and the rest of the country will have to order the police to make a civilian arrest,pending military tribunals,so that this Bilderberg Mafia will be tried for their crimes.


Apart from the removal and dis-Power-ment of the current administration and the Ia Un-legal System,we have the time with us,as the current Debt Money System will be replaced by a Gold Covered Money System.


This New Money system is there for the world's population,so that the artificially created poverty will be eradicated.


It was the Dutch Central Bank that made this public,albeit with a different goal in mind,so that they can keep the power,which is not going to happen.


This Gold-covered value will surely benefit the entire world's population and has the ability to freeze the accounts of criminals and return the assets to the world's population.


All suspicious account transactions for money laundering of Drugs,Weapons or People and organ trafficking are seized.


This has been hidden for years,with the help of the MSM propaganda.


Know that through operation paperclip the Nazis in the US have continued their empire,that Nazi Prince Bernhard von Lippe,the Bilderberg group has founded with the money and cooperation with the CIA.


The CIA was created by the merger between the OSS Operation Secret Service and the Nazi Gestapo immediately after the Second World War.


The CIA is an agency of the private FED Bankers owners,who spend 1 billion dollars a year to get the MSM media all over the world to proclaim their propaganda.


By replacing the old to the new Gold covered Money System,these payments can no longer be made unseen,also the false attacks on own population will be visible,so Interpol can immediately arrest the perpetrators.


Realize what power and freedom we are going back to by replacing the debt money system,all study debts and loans that were created by the Fiat debt money system will be cancelled,because no counter-value of the Bankers has been brought in for these loans where money was created out of nothing.


In the U.S.,over 127,500 charges will be unsealed,bringing these criminals to justice for their crimes and corruption against humanity.


Make the 30th of October a new Liberation offensive the day we can liberate ourselves from Evil and order the police to arrest our Cabal Nazi tormentors from Political The Hague and Fake Nazi Royal Family.


Remember,the Demons 66 Nazis Party have legalized organ theft.


And the Labour Party have stolen our pension money,€140,000 Billion Euro from the people.


A nice anecdote from the Most Corrupt VVD Politics:Henry Keizer,accused of corruption,had bought a crematorium worth 36 Million Euros for 12 Million Euros.


He was far-sighted because he used it himself,now it is time for the rest of the gangsters are still using it.


Oct.6,2019-Former VVD chairman Henry Keizer died on Saturday after a short illness in The Hague.



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