2022年8月9日: 难以想象的事情在地平线上吗?|星际飞船地球

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 August 9, 2022 2022年8月9日

2022年8月9日: 难以想象的事情在地平线上吗?|星际飞船地球

I’m certain I don’t need to fill you in on what transpired on the afternoon of August 8th at Donald Trump’s residence, Mar-a-Lago, Florida. This is quite a movie, isn’t it?

我确定我不需要告诉你8月8日下午在佛罗里达州马阿拉歌的唐纳德 · 特朗普家里发生了什么。这部电影很精彩,不是吗?

There have been substantial Google and Twitter outages reported since and the blogosphere is a-buzz with the astonishing cojones of the control freaks who sicced their federal agents on a former President of the United States without grounds; only a bogus warrant signed off by a judge formerly employed by pedo-monster Jeffrey Epstein.

从那以后,谷歌和推特上就出现了大量的宕机报道,博客圈里充斥着控制狂们令人震惊的胆量,他们毫无根据地将联邦探员指向一位美国前总统; 只有一份伪造的搜查令,由一位曾受雇于儿科怪物杰弗里 · 爱泼斯坦(Jeffrey Epstein)的法官签发。


Today, there are a LOT of Trump fans and patriots collected at Mar-a-Lago again in support of their fearless leader. We hear there will be/is an impromptu rally of some sort.


The world is watching. This travel advisory originated with Romana Didulo in Canada. Link to Telegram.

全世界都在关注。这条旅游建议源于加拿大的 Romana Didulo。链接到 Telegram。

Notice: 注意:
Urgent and Important – Travel Advisory 紧急及重要事项-旅游忠告

To the Attention of The We People of the Kingdom of Canada,


Due to most recent developments in the US…


Please, read above repost of post by @USAFCC.


Unless emergency I strongly recommend you please postpone your travels into the US until further notice.


Thank you all. 谢谢大家

And so it is. 的确如此

Yes, the deep state sent their alphabet agency thugs to Donald Trump’s home in a raid but the FBI don’t like the term so don’t call it a ‘raid’. They call it “executing a search warrant”. The interesting thing about the search warrant is that Governor Ron DeSantis wasn’t involved, did not sign off, and found out after the fact. And, they did NOT arrest Donald Trump. It was more typical deep state thuggery, and no doubt distracted a lot of people from other important developments.

是的,美国深层政府派遣他们的字母机构暴徒去唐纳德 · 特朗普家进行突袭,但联邦调查局不喜欢这个词,所以不要称之为“突袭”。他们称之为“执行搜查令”。搜查令的有趣之处在于州长 Ron DeSantis 没有参与,没有签字,事后才发现。而且,他们没有逮捕唐纳德 · 特朗普。这是更为典型的深层国家暴行,毫无疑问,它分散了许多人对其他重要发展的注意力。

Supposedly the feds were looking for documents they were told the President removed from the White House when he vacated the position. I hope you’re not falling for that one, but what do the dirty cops on TV do? They plant evidence.



I think we can see the dominoes being set up for international travel to be restricted and more due to strained diplomatic relations world wide in an already volatile, simulated, potential world war scenario we are lead to believe will be used to awaken the nearly dead; those living in a trance or zombie-like state and mostly unaware of the true situation on the planet.

我认为,我们可以看到为国际旅行设置的多米诺骨牌受到限制,更多的是由于世界范围内的紧张外交关系,在一个已经动荡不安的、模拟的、潜在的世界大战场景中,我们被引导相信将被用来唤醒那些濒临死亡的人; 那些生活在恍惚状态或僵尸状态中的人,大多数不知道地球上的真实情况。

Of course the Speaker of the House had to weigh in. Listen to what this 82 year-old piece of reclaimed wood had to say—if you can stomach her: Link to Telegram video.

当然,众议院议长必须发表意见。听听这块82岁高龄的回收木头说了些什么ーー如果你能忍受她的话: 链接到电报视频。

Of course this evil witch denies knowing about it, but listen to what she says at the 33 second mark….

当然,这个邪恶的女巫否认知道它,但听听她说,在33秒标志... 。

“No one is above the law, not even a president or former president of the United States”


I’m telling you, the precedent is being set.


2022年8月9日: 难以想象的事情在地平线上吗?|星际飞船地球

The thing is, it’s not only because of what just happened in America. While this three ring circus holds everyone enthralled, thousands of troops are being deployed around the world, setting the stage for the biggie. The takedown. We assume it’s about the mass arrests because we know the Earth Alliance comprises many nations all working together who want to set their people free and embrace NESARA/GESARA to launch us into our Golden Age.

问题是,这不仅仅是因为刚刚在美国发生的事。当这个三环马戏团让每个人着迷的时候,成千上万的军队正在世界各地部署,为这个大人物搭建舞台。抓捕行动。我们认为这与大规模逮捕有关,因为我们知道地球联盟由许多国家组成,他们共同努力,希望释放他们的人民,拥抱 NESARA/GESARA,让我们进入我们的黄金时代。

In the mean time, we have “the show”. Show-and-tell for the normies so they can see for themselves what befell their America the Beautiful while they slept.


The Deep State will never have anything on Donald Trump. He is squeakie clean because he knew what was coming and would never give the enemy grist for their mill. That is why they have to concoct shameless stories built on lies; imaginary crimes they cannot prove or litigate without the army of corrupt, bribed and blackmailed cronies who support their system of tyranny. He has forced their hand and enticed them through the labyrinth to the guillotine all along with irresistable bits of cheese; Trump being the cheese.

“深层政府”永远不会有唐纳德 · 特朗普的把柄。他非常干净,因为他知道接下来会发生什么,而且绝不会给敌人利益。这就是为什么他们不得不编造建立在谎言之上的无耻故事; 如果没有支持他们暴政体制的腐败、受贿和勒索的亲信大军,他们就无法证明或诉诸法律。他强迫他们的手,引诱他们穿过迷宫走向断头台,一路上还有无法抗拒的奶酪碎片,特朗普就是那块奶酪。


Dec 17, 2019 5:03:45 PM EST
Dec 17,20195:03:45 PM EST 2019年12月17日东部时间下午5:03:45
Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 4e4d4a No. 7538264 
Q! ! Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 4e4d4a No. 7538264
First indictment 第一份起诉书[unseal] [解封] will trigger mass pop awakening. 会引发大规模的觉醒
FIRST ARREST 第一次逮捕 will verify action and confirm future direction. 将核实行动,并确定未来的方向
They will fight but you are ready. 他们会战斗,但你已经准备好了
Marker 记号笔[9].

We have long pondered the possible meaning of the Q Team’s statements [two days in a row] that the first arrest will shock the world, and many speculated it could be Trump. That line of thinking has re-emerged after yesterday’s outrageous fiasco at the hands of the FBI. Rest assured, however, this will boomerang like every other stunt they pulled and it will further the agenda of the Earth Alliance.

我们长期以来一直在思考 Q 小组(连续两天)声明的可能含义,即第一次逮捕将震惊世界,许多人猜测可能是特朗普。在昨天联邦调查局令人发指的惨败之后,这种想法再次浮出水面。然而,请放心,这将像他们所做的其他特技一样自食其果,这将进一步推进地球联盟的议程。

Trump knows exactly what he’s doing.

Trump 很清楚自己在做什么。

This Q post appeared on David Nino Rodriquez Telegram and makes a good point. Trump and the White Hats set it up. It’s a trap; an invitation. Why didn’t Trump eviscerate his entire staff. Why didn’t he remove all the Obama-era hold-overs? Why did he allow so many to stay? Because it was a trap. He wanted them to show the People what they have been doing and continue to do so they can see it for themselves.

这篇 Q 帖子出现在大卫 · 尼诺 · 罗德里格斯电报上,说得很有道理。特朗普和白帽帮安排的。这是个陷阱,一个邀请。为什么特朗普不把他所有的员工。他为什么不把奥巴马时代留下的东西全部去掉呢?他为什么让这么多人留下来?因为那是个陷阱。他希望他们向人民展示他们一直在做什么,并继续做下去,这样他们就可以亲眼看到。



Did ‘Impeachment’ provide a platform to discuss findings of Ukraine?




Did ‘Impeachment’ harm or help POTUS [public]?


How do you introduce [D]s high crimes [corruption] to the public?

你如何向公众介绍[ D ]的高犯罪[腐败] ?

Why didn’t POTUS remove [Hussein] holdovers from NSC?


Do you really believe that POTUS & team trusted [Hussein] holdovers to remain within the admin and work to enact POTUS’ agenda w/o bias or confrontation?


How do you ‘awaken’ the ‘induced coma’ public [FAKE NEWS control] from their long sleep? Sometimes allowing your enemies to [openly] attack……. Logical thinking.

你如何“唤醒”“诱导昏迷”的公众[假新闻控制]从他们的长期睡眠?有时候允许你的敌人[公开地]进攻... ... 。逻辑思维。


Did you happen to see Dan Scavino’s posts about Q+? Yes, Trump is Q+ and signs off that way on Q drops.

你有没有碰巧看到 Dan Scavino 关于 Q + 的帖子?是的,Trump 是 Q + ,在 Q 下降时以这种方式结束。

Would Trump sacrifice himself for the cause? He already has—countless times. He will continue to roll out the Great Awakening and do anything necessary to ensure its success. In this epic and final battle between good and evil, we will experience things we never thought possible. The scope of this operation has to reach deep inside every man, woman and child to leave an indelible mark on their psyche so they never forget, and this is never allowed to happen again.


Commentary from Good Dog: Link to Telegram.

好狗评论: 链接到电报。

Not sure of date – but, if we use the Ukrainian phone call/sham impeachment as a ‘guide’ – POTUS will be arrested (https://wp-media.patheos.com/blogs/sites/572/2016/03/JudgmentDay.jpg) sometime in December. Since the evidence will be manufactured (according to reports – POTUS’ Safe was empty) – and the Corrupt FBI/DOJ will shop the case to an Obama Judge. 不确定日期——但是,如果我们用乌克兰的电话/假弹劾作为“指导”——总统将在12月的某个时候被逮捕( https://wp-media.patheos.com/blogs/sites/572/2016/03/judgmentday.jpg )。由于证据将被伪造(根据报道——总统的保险箱是空的) ,而腐败的 FBI/DOJ 将把案件交给一位奥巴马法官

The whole world will watch this case. Most foreign leaders (and US Allies) who are also on “the take” will publicly proclaim the shame of the trial – but, gleefully support any sham conviction. Domestic leaders will poo-poo claims that the 2022 election was stolen – even as they seat their ill-gotten electoral gains – and align the show trial for maximum psychological impact. Their objective is to destroy the United States – to be sure they get away with their many thefts.


This will be our darkest hour. We must watch China and Russia movements – and proxy attacks (NK, ANTIFA, BLM, ISIS, MS13) at this time.

这将是我们最黑暗的时刻。此时此刻,我们必须密切关注中国和俄罗斯的动向,以及代理人攻击(朝鲜、 ANTIFA、土地管理局、伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国、 MS13)。

But, have faith. God Will Redeem Us. And God Will Save Trump.


The enemy always makes the prideful mistake of believing his own rhetoric. And God’s Winning Move will be absolutely spectacular. All the precedents these fellers are setting right now (thinking they cannot lose) will come back to bite them in the most horrendous ways. These wicked ones – and all from their families to the tenth generation – will be a cautionary byword – a curse and slander against the family of man. Their heirs will try to change their names – but, this will not be allowed.


God’s Judgement Is Perfect. It is coming.


What other than the arrest of President Donald Trump could have the impact of the most sensational story that would be the shot heard ’round the world? What else could have the amperage to jolt the somnambulant public out of their hypnotic trance?

除了逮捕唐纳德 · 特朗普总统之外,还有什么能够产生全世界听到的最轰动的故事的影响呢?还有什么东西能有这么大的电流,把昏迷的公众从他们的催眠状态中惊醒呢?

Alternatively, some are saying that TODAY is the day for Trump to announce he is running for the office of POTUS. Supposedly that would offer him some protection from these lawless psychopaths. It’s what the American people want; to re-elect their champion.


2022年8月9日: 难以想象的事情在地平线上吗?|星际飞船地球

Many were wondering why the FBI would raid the former President’s home. The answer is the same as always; to find something they can use to render him unfit for office so he can never be elected again. They will do whatever they can to disqualify him, but they don’t seem to understand who they’re dealing with.

许多人想知道为什么联邦调查局要突袭前总统的家。答案是一如既往的: 找到一些他们可以利用的东西,使他不适合担任公职,使他永远不能再次当选。他们会尽一切可能取消他的资格但他们似乎不明白他们在和谁打交道。

It involves criminal law 18 – 2071. Link to Telegram.


Of course the MSM is turning it into a circus of lies. Forgive Twitter for having a mal. It’s tough to deal with all the nonsense these days.

当然 MSM 把它变成了一个谎言马戏团。请原谅我在推特上的失误。这些日子很难处理这些乱七八糟的事情。


In the Great White Gulag, the problem is this:


2022年8月9日: 难以想象的事情在地平线上吗?|星际飞船地球

This gentleman below points out the blind justification in his short video about globalist Stephen Harper, former PM. People believe what they want to believe and won’t look at facts, evidence to the contrary—even logic. They are locked into the liberal – conservative party system and can’t escape the confines of their minds.

下面这位先生指出了他关于全球主义者、前首相斯蒂芬•哈珀(Stephen Harper)的短视频中的盲目辩护。人们相信他们愿意相信的东西,而不会去看事实、相反的证据,甚至逻辑。他们被困在自由保守的政党体系中,无法摆脱自己思想的束缚。

On to another favourite topic; as with most days, we have news of another bloodsucker testing positive.



This bears repeating. For those who think we’re all conspiracy theorists and Covid was a killer virus gone viral and we needed to stop it—read this article below and know that most of us who survived that monstrous hoax have been snatched from the brink of extinction and personal persecution.


For those of you who took the swabs [fake Covid tests], your DNA could be your undoing. Me, I’m very glad I’m in the control group and won’t allow anyone in the medical industrial complex to touch me in any way.

对于那些接受了棉签检测(假冠状病毒疾病检测)的人来说,你们的 DNA 可能是你们的致命伤。至于我,我很高兴自己属于对照组,不会让医疗产业中的任何人以任何方式碰我。

THEY are the plague. The globalist/New World Order/Illuminati really believe they are tasked and qualified to control the population of this planet; to decide who will procreate, and who will live and who will die. It’s their whimsical decision to expedite the death of the elderly, unproductive segment of society, to exterminate races they want removed, and to reduce the overall population to a number they feel is manageable.

他们是瘟疫。全球主义者/新世界秩序/光照派真的相信他们有责任和资格来控制这个星球的人口; 来决定谁将生育,谁将生存和谁将死亡。这是他们异想天开的决定,加速老年人的死亡,社会中没有生产力的一部分,消灭他们想要去除的种族,并将总人口减少到他们认为可以控制的数量。

‘You can take someone’s DNA and design a weapon that can kill them’: House intelligence committee member warns people not to share health data with sites like 23andMe because it can be used to program new bio-weapons to target them

众议院情报委员会成员警告人们不要与23andMe 这样的网站共享健康数据,因为这些数据可能被用来编写新的生物武器来瞄准他们

What have we been saying for years?


2022年8月9日: 难以想象的事情在地平线上吗?|星际飞船地球

Donald Trump is just one man. They know they can deal with him but they have to get through him to get to us. He has spent the last five or more years educating the brainwashed across the planet as to who has been running the world and why things get worse instead of better and how we’ve been utterly deceived and betrayed by those who claim to care about us. Now, it it US; We, the People these murderers fear. Link to Telegram.

唐纳德 · 特朗普只是一个人。他们知道他们能对付他,但他们必须通过他才能找到我们。在过去的五年或更长的时间里,他一直在教育这个星球上被洗脑的人,让他们知道谁在管理这个世界,为什么事情会变得更糟而不是更好,以及我们是如何被那些声称关心我们的人彻底欺骗和背叛的。现在轮到我们了,我们,这些杀人犯害怕的人。链接到电报。

Just a couple days ago @TrueGenFlynn reminded us of the unchecked power of the 4th branch of government… the weaponized intel community.

就在几天前@TrueGenFlynn 提醒了我们政府第四分支不受约束的权力... 武器化的情报社区。

Today America sees this 4th branch of government desperately still trying to “get Trump”, by raiding his home looking for a TECHNICALITY… some document they can claim was classified, even though Trump had absolute power to declassify whatever he wanted.

今天,美国看到这个政府的第四分支仍然拼命地试图“抓住特朗普”,他们突袭他的家,寻找一个技术... ... 一些他们可以声称是机密的文件,尽管特朗普有绝对的权力解密他想要的任何东西。

All a set up to claim Trump is no longer eligible to run. 所有这些都是为了声称特朗普不再有资格参选
It’s YOU they fear. 他们害怕的是你

They DO fear us. That’s why they have umpteen schemes to eliminate us. How do they kill us? Let me count the ways. This whistleblower has astonishing revelations about chemtrails; the aerosols and “lingering contrails” we see in our skies. He says the NSA filled him in on a few details and he tells us that 95% of the pilots spraying this toxic fog over our heads believe they are spraying to reflect the sun’s radiation and heat to prevent global warming. The fact that they need treatment from this doctor speaking because of their hazardous job supports that statement.

他们确实害怕我们。这就是为什么他们有无数的计划来消灭我们。他们怎么杀我们?让我来数数。这位告密者揭露了我们在天空中看到的化学痕迹、悬浮微粒和“挥之不去的痕迹”。他说,国家安全局告诉了他一些细节,他告诉我们,95% 的飞行员喷洒这种有毒雾在我们的头上认为,他们喷洒反射太阳的辐射和热量,以防止全球变暖。事实上,他们需要从这个医生说,因为他们的危险工作治疗支持这一说法。

He also speaks of Morgellons and the fact that it is intelligent and did not originate on this planet. It’s a fascinating 2 minutes to learn why they have been spraying us like bugs for decades.


I came upon an interesting photo today. Qincidence?


2022年8月9日: 难以想象的事情在地平线上吗?|星际飞船地球

2022年8月9日: 难以想象的事情在地平线上吗?|星际飞船地球

This is Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson from Vancouver with a recording of a father on the phone with a pharmacist, ripping them a new one because his wife took their seven year old son to the pharmacy for a Covid shot and the boy is now in hospital with myocarditis; a prognosis of probably death in 5 years or so. The pharmacy did not inform the mother that myocarditis is a side-effect because as the pharmacist on the phone relates, they don’t want to scare parents into not getting their children jabbed. The father is beside himself and says the recorded conversation is now going to an attorney.

这是来自温哥华的劳拉 · 林恩 · 泰勒 · 汤普森的录音,录下了一位父亲与一位药剂师通电话的情形。他们给儿子换了一个新的冠状病毒疾病,因为他的妻子带着他们7岁的儿子去药房打了一针增强剂,现在儿子因心肌炎住院,预计5年左右就会死亡。药房没有告诉母亲心肌炎是一种副作用,因为正如电话中的药剂师所说,他们不想吓唬父母不让他们的孩子接种疫苗。这位父亲情绪失控,说录下来的对话现在要交给一位律师。

Other items of note: another grocery store in flames; this one in Montevideo, Uruquay, owned by the dark fleet. Link to Telegram.

其他值得注意的事项: 另一家着火的杂货店,这家位于 Uruquay 的蒙得维的亚,隶属于黑暗舰队。链接到电报。

@ToreSays this shopping in Uruguay (Punta del Este) is on fire. The Grocery store where the fire allegedly started is owned by Goldman Sachs –

@ ToreSay 乌拉圭的购物热火朝天。据称起火的杂货店归高盛所有

Watch the water? What is it with so many corpses coming out of lakes? I know you’re thinking it, so I’ll just say it: Is the COD Arkancide?


Arkansas Judge Found Dead, Suspected Cause of Death Is Accidental Drowning


Goodness me, it’s almost 4 o’clock. Time to go poolside with my pup.


Back later.  ~ BP 一会儿回来

2022年8月9日: 难以想象的事情在地平线上吗?|星际飞船地球

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