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Starship Earth:The Big Picture 星际飞船地球:大局

September 6,2021 202196


You'd never know it from the cabal's lamestream media,but there are historic events unfolding all over the world.News is censored and purposefully blocked.More lying by omission.And the White Hats,too,are keeping certain illusions going.


Simon Parkes has an important 10 minute update today you can see at his new website and he says it's one of the most important announcement he's done.


He provides a link to a"foundation statement"he and Charlie Ward have been asked to read to the public now that it's approved by the attorneys,White Hats,etc.


He says he hopes this will be the catalyst to wake up those who open one eye and keep rolling over and going back to sleep.


Rumble Version of Simon's video:



Please click and read the following PDF which is 5 1/2 pages long.请点击并阅读以下5.5页的 PDF 文件

MAN OF GOD—Declaration of the People of the United States for Global Peace and Prosperity—FINAL 


Perhaps that is a way to reach out to Humanity without alarming the deep state which might prompt them to shut it down.I'm going to save it in its entirety in case it becomes mysteriously unavailable.


It's happening,folks.The show is about to begin.





Threats of an Internet shutdown are making their way around the WWW and you may find yourself unable to access certain information,at best.A more extreme approach could be a complete Internet shutdown.Isn't it just like them to blame it on the sun?Even Mr.Pool was giving us"sol"signs.So are they going to blame it on the sun simulator?

互联网关闭的威胁正在互联网周围蔓延,你可能会发现自己无法访问某些信息,最好的情况。更极端的做法可能是完全关闭互联网。怪罪于太阳不就是他们的作风吗?连 Pool 先生都给我们做了"sol"的标志。那么,他们会把这归咎于太阳模拟器吗?


Internet Shutdowns:The New Authoritarian Weapon-of-Choice 


DownDetector.com shows us who has been down,when,and for how long all over the world.


The outrageous tyrannical moves by the dark cabal are so blatant now that people are waking up more quickly but still not responding as desired.The apathy is astonishing.


Many believe the horse manure shoveled out by the treasonous mainstream media and seem to think that if they wear their masks,adhere to the corrupt fake federal mandates from the cabal lackeys,and get their vaccines that we can all go back to normal soon.


The globalists'plan was to continue this tyranny for years by extending the fear campaigns endlessly.It's exasperating to have to wake up the snoozers but the process can't be rushed.It's been a very long ten years from my place at the helm and I'm ready for a shore leave and some true R&R.



We know the script and many of us are so done with this endless,horror show of a mini-series but too many are addicted and keep tuning in every week for more.By complying they are extending the pain for all of us.


What a horrible Father's Day for the Aussies.


Australia is building a Berlin Wall between two of its states - for your health. https://t.co/qDxeEG17EK

The legacy media is refusing to cover the trucker blockades in Australia,protests in the Netherlands,Montréal,Québec,and other places.Only social media shares the truth,and so many citizen journalists are covering the activity they can't stop it.


Hopefully the walking dead epidemic will be over in Oz soon but we're told the UK is about to be hit with the insanity very soon.


The crew told us there was a gargantuan protest in Amsterdam in Holland—a peaceful protest—almost no police.There's lots on Twitter if you search on"Amsterdam protest".

机组人员告诉我们,荷兰阿姆斯特丹发生了一场规模巨大的抗议活动ーー一场和平抗议ーー几乎没有警察。如果你搜索"阿姆斯特丹抗议"Twitter 上有很多内容。

NEW: Thousands of people gather to protest against vaccine passports in Amsterdam, Netherlandspic.twitter.com/qWruGCR6d1

Sunday,in Montréal,Québec…in the rain.C'est domage.


NEW: Thousands of people gather to protest against vaccine passports in Amsterdam, Netherlandspic.twitter.com/qWruGCR6d1

Historic in Toronto…


Thank you @TorontoPolice for joining with the protestors today pic.twitter.com/8BLyrwREV5

My mother used to live in Kingston and was treated at the KGH a few times.They were very caring people.

我的母亲过去住在金斯敦,在 KGH 接受过几次治疗。他们是非常有爱心的人。

FYI , Kingston, Ontario, health workers being let go for not agreeing to forced shots. Rally Sept. 7 Kingston General. Please support our Constitutional Freedom by supporting freedom of choice for our Nurses.

The People's Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier spoke to the people of the Okanagan region of British Columbia on Sunday on his campaign tour.Quite a turnout in Kelowna.Looks like the People have realized they have to do something different or they can expect the same old problems.

加拿大人民党领导人 Maxime Bernier 周日在不列颠哥伦比亚省 Okanagan 地区发表竞选演讲。基洛纳的出席人数相当多。看起来人们已经意识到他们必须做一些不同的事情,否则他们会遇到同样的老问题。

Rally w Max in #Kelownahappening right now!#VotePPC pic.twitter.com/stAz61UaPa

Despite what some folks may believe,it's not okay down under.Even Fox is reporting on it.


Australia debuts'Orwellian'new app using facial recognition,geolocation to enforce quarantine 


Here's a little on the trucker blockade protests in Australia.These dudes are serious.Despite their radios and social media being shut down,they persist but the globalists are doing whatever they can to prevent the news from getting out of the country.



We can visit the following website to learn more about the activity in Oz.They're camouflaging the problem areas with labels to hide what's really happening.


www.roadconditions.racq.com.au Click on the red"Road Closures"button at top right and see the list.The blockades are listed as"police incidents"and then they had to give some other excuses so they used"long-term flooding".We understand Melbourne is affected now,as well.

点击右上角的红色"道路封闭"按钮,查看 www.roadconditions.racq.com.au 列表。封锁被列为"警察事件",然后他们不得不给一些其他的借口,所以他们使用"长期洪水"。我们知道墨尔本现在也受到了影响。

Australia Truckie Protest Update–Road Closures Across the Country&Entrances to Sydney Blocked 


I found this indication of success.Will the dictators honour their concession to the truckers?


South Australia to Exempt Truck Drivers from Covid Vax after Big Rigs Block Highways 


WWRF in 13 locations across Australia. This is going to be epic 💥💥💥Townsville and Darwin locations just added. RT, share, be there 👇 pic.twitter.com/GrbpI9d1av

If Australians don't wake up and smell the tyranny,this may be their fate:


"One day when the food delivery carts rumbled in, I peeked into our row and noticed that we were all craning our necks, leaning over our little balconies, like animals in a zoo."https://t.co/u5HxZz3Omt

David Icke has a comprehensive dot-connector video wherein he discusses the past terrorism of the New World Order gang like 9/11 and where we are today.Video at the link.


Different Faces,Same Cult–The David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast 



Just when you thought it couldn't get any more extreme,the degree of insanity continues to increase.Where does it end?And do sports really matter in the grand scheme of things?Will the world end if overpaid athletes can't have their match?


Brazil vs Argentina game has been stopped because Brazil had 9 players absent cos of Covid rules while Argentina fixed in 4 players in who are from the UK, Emiliano Martinez, Giovani Lo Celso and Cristian Romero. pic.twitter.com/m42uyrHdBt

This is encouraging,however.


College Football Returns:A Sea of 70,000 Fans,No Masks In Sight!


Is this related to the dog comms?Link to Telegram. Another career politician who should have retired a long time ago.Most of the damage control out there got ahead of this and states she is alive and well.Like Robert David Steele.And George Soros.And Tom Hanks.And Joe Biden.

这和狗狗的通讯器有关吗?链接到 Telegram。另一个早就该退休的职业政治家。大部分的损失控制措施都在这之前,并声称她还活着,而且活得很好。比如罗伯特·大卫·斯蒂尔。还有乔治·索罗斯。还有汤姆·汉克斯。还有乔·拜登。

4chan&8kun boards are split half and half on Feinstein.Some think msm won't release news of her death because it would devastate CA on the Democratic side,and others are waiting on msm confirmation.

4chan 8kun 板在 Feinstein 上分成一半一半。一些人认为MSM不会发布她去世的消息,因为这会在民主党方面摧毁 CA,其他人则在等待MSM的确认。

Keep an eye on it,remember if we are watching a movie,timing is everything.Especially for those that are white hat controlled.Just because their social media is buzzing,doesn't mean they are still around.


From some recent hours, social media is flooded with Death news of Dianne Feinstein. But our team has found strong evidence that shows that Dianne Feinstein is still alive. It means people were just spreading Dianne Feinstein Died rumors everywhere on the internet.


If you thought that inflatable C-17 photo op in Afghanistan was weird,check out these inflatable tanks the Russian army is using.Is anything real any more?Everything in this simulation we live in is simulated.Go figure.

如果你觉得在阿富汗拍摄充气式 C-17照片很奇怪,那么看看俄罗斯军队正在使用的这些充气式坦克。还有什么是真实的吗?在这个模拟中,我们生活的一切都是模拟的。想想吧。


The Russian Army Is Inflating Giant Dummy Tanks


The crew brought us a refresher from Yellow Rose for Texas on our imminent exit.Crew member Sarah Tonen brought this one back and we're glad she did.As I stated before,Rose knows the pilot of ISON and she gets very interesting information from outside the dome to share from time to time.YouTube has censored some of her videos.6 min.

在我们即将离开的时候,船员们从德克萨斯州的黄玫瑰给我们带来了一杯提神饮料。机组成员 Sarah Tonen 把这个带回来了,我们很高兴她这么做了。正如我之前所说,罗斯知道国际光学网络的试点,她从圆顶之外获得非常有趣的信息,以分享不时。已经删除了她的一些视频。6分钟。

Edited Exit protocols Thank you Sarah Tonen!!!


I like the images of ISON which show it's not a comet,but a ship.



Saw this on Telegram.



The psychopaths always glorify their own.Be sure to give this production a thumbs down because it will be burgeoning with lies and propaganda.I believe the real Fauci,like so many others,has already been"dealt with"for his crimes against Humanity.


Crafted around unprecedented access to Dr. Fauci, National Geographic Documentary Films' FAUCI is a revealing portrait of the nation's top infectious disease...

The appalling state of our planet will soon be exposed for those who refused to see.


Black Market Baby Trafficking Organization Exposed by Civilian in China 


Scott Mowry told us in his Miracles Intel Conference Call last night that the Afghanistan shit-show was orchestrated to end the conflict there so they would be compliant for the NESARA/GESARA programs about to be announced.One of the stipulations is that nations must be at peace to participate.

斯科特·莫里昨晚在他的英特尔奇迹电话会议中告诉我们,阿富汗的狗屎表演是为了结束那里的冲突而精心安排的,这样他们就会遵守即将宣布的 NESARA/GESARA 计划。其中一项规定是各国必须和平共处才能参与。

You can listen to the recording of that call by dialing this number:


1-712-770-5402 Access code:767664#and#again.

After the announcements Scott's sources say are expected on September 11,the Ten Days of Disclosure will come later to inform the world what has transpired with respect to the hijacking of governments by the Illuminati,the genocides,the creation and control of the financial slavery system,Human trafficking and child sex organizations,the role of Big Pharma and Big Tech,manipulation via religion,corruption in the courts,the peddling of drugs and arms by the deep state,etc.,etc.,etc.


September 11 is less than a week away,folks;next Saturday,so…it sounds like we're about to get this show on the road.Let's hope the announcements do come because the psychopaths'plans in some places(like Australia)are taking peeps to the precipice.



A lot of people are fussing over Vitamin D when all they need to do is take NANO SOMA and drop all their other supplements.It enables the body to regulate its own Vitamin D receptors for optimal delivery AND manufacture its own Vitamin C,like animals do.NANO SOMA is revolutionary but unfortunately until just recently,was only helping small numbers of people over the past 10 years as it wasn't formally marketed globally.

很多人都在为维生素D大惊小怪,他们所需要做的就是服用 NANO SOMA 并放弃所有其他的补充剂。它使身体能够调节自己的维生素D受体,以达到最佳的传递效果,并像动物一样制造自己的维生素C。NANO SOMA 是革命性的,但不幸的是,直到最近,它在过去10年里只帮助了少数人,因为它没有在全球正式销售。

Health conditions and diseases previously considered incurable have resolved after the introduction of NANO SOMA. Surgeries have been preempted and viruses blocked when the body is triggered to boost it's own immune system.The testimonials speak for themselves and there's a flood of them now with all the new customers.

在采用 NANO SOMA 之后,以前被认为不可治愈的健康状况和疾病得到了解决。手术已经被抢占,当身体被触发以增强自身免疫系统时,病毒被阻断。这些推荐信不言自明,现在随着所有新客户的涌入,推荐信如潮水般涌来。

Response to the COVID-19 vaccine effects,graphene oxide and the"protein shedding"|2 September 2021 


Yesterday I shared the the news that our bodies have 39 mechanisms with which to heal themselves.Apparently NANO SOMA is the key that unlocks many,of not all of those remarkable,innate abilities our Creator gave us.

昨天我告诉大家,我们的身体有39种机制可以自愈。显然,NANO SOMA 是解开许多秘密的钥匙,而不是我们的造物主赋予我们的那些非凡的、与生俱来的能力。


Pets are enjoying the benefits,too.I was going to have to take my 7 year-old Golden Retriever,Mica,for dental cleaning but after 3 months on NANO SOMA his gums have almost fully returned to their natural,uniform pink again.

宠物也享受着这种好处。我本来打算带我7岁的金毛寻回犬米卡去做牙齿清洁,但使用 NANO SOMA 3个月后,他的牙龈几乎完全恢复了原来的粉红色。

The news of NANO SOMA has spread to so many,so fast in the spiritual/awakened community now that my friend,Dr.Richard Presser,PhD.,who has been marketing it has run out twice but that problem is about to be eliminated.New stock is already rolling out to customers in Europe,the US store should be replenished around September 13,and Australia and UK stores at some point after that.

NANO SOMA 的消息在精神/觉醒的群体中传播得如此之快,以至于我的朋友、博士理查德·普雷瑟(Richard Presser)已经两次宣传 NANO SOMA,但这个问题即将被解决。新的库存已经在欧洲推出,美国店铺将在913日前后补充,澳大利亚和英国店铺在此之后的某个时候也会补充。

Dr.Presser shares this with his customers:


Ten years of testimonials gathered by Raghu can be found at http://raghutestimonials.thenanosoma.com and those gathered by me over the last year or so are at http://testimonials.thenanosoma.com,with a US only subset at http://ustestimonials.nanosoma-usofa.com.Also,these testimonials can now be found in French,Italian,Spanish and German at www.thenanosoma.com.

我收集的10年的推荐信可以在 http://raghutestimonials.thenanosoma.com 网站上找到,我去年左右收集的推荐信可以在 http://testimonials.thenanosoma.com 网站上找到,只有美国人才能在 http://ustestimonials.nanosoma-usofa.com 网站上找到。此外,这些证词现在可以在 www.thenanosoma.com 的法语,意大利语,西班牙语和德语中找到。

The demand is huge with all the COVID scares,viral shedding,vaxx horror stories,and the myriad serious health conditions plaguing Humanity at this point.The body can and will heal itself if it gets what it needs—even DNA and organs.

由于所有的COVID 恐慌、病毒散播、疫苗恐怖故事,以及此时此刻困扰人类的无数严重的健康状况,需求量是巨大的。如果身体得到了它所需要的东西,甚至 DNA 和器官,它就能够而且将会自愈。

This has been the clinical experience of Dr.Raghavan,the developer of NANO SOMA who brought us this all-natural,safe,and highly potent"food".No FDA approval required.That's how safe it is.You can't overdose,and not one negative side effect surfaced in over 10 years of clinical use.Every single health condition studied cleared from the body.No exceptions.

这是拉哈万博士的临床经验,纳米 SOMA 的开发给我们带来了这个全天然,安全,高度有效的"食品"。不需要美国食品药品管理局的批准。这就是它的安全性。你不能用药过量,在过去10年的临床使用中,没有一个负面的副作用浮出水面。所研究的每一种健康状况都从体内清除。没有例外。

We don't need to be sick.We don't need to suffer,and we don't need to live in fear.I used to fear choking on vitamin horse pills and capsules.I don't miss that at all.I also don't miss the pain deep in my hip or stuffy allergies.Five sprays on the tongue per day…it doesn't get any easier than that.The gel will soon be available in the US,too,which is fantastic news.


You can visit the NANO SOMA store here.Orders will be fulfilled as soon as the new stock arrives at fulfillment centres.Because new shipments have been sold[spoken for]before they even arrived this summer,it's a good idea to get orders in early.

你可以在这里访问 NANO SOMA 商店。一旦新的库存到达订单履行中心,订单将被执行。因为新的货物在今年夏天到达之前就已经预定好了,所以尽早接到订单是个好主意。


Thanks to the crew for keeping us apprised of the news and entertained via the comments,from all over the world.We love hearing your NANO SOMA success stories,too.

感谢工作人员通过评论让我们了解最新消息,并从世界各地为我们带来欢乐。我们也喜欢听你们 NANO SOMA 的成功故事。

Enjoy the remainder of your Labour Day weekend if you're in USA/Canada.The White Hats have been labouring for years to get us to this point and the Quantum Financial System and NESARA/GESARA are ready to roll.Are WE ready?~BP

如果你在美国/加拿大,那就好好享受剩下的劳动节周末吧。多年来,白帽子们一直在努力让我们走到这一步,量子金融系统和 NESARA/GESARA 已经准备好了。准备好了吗?~BP




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