COVID 疫苗接种者首次尸检发现体内各器官均有RNA病毒

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COVID 疫苗接种者首次尸检发现体内各器官均有RNA病毒The first-ever postmortem study of a patient vaccinated against COVID-19 has revealed that viral RNA was found in every organ of the patient's body,meaning that the vaccine is either ineffective or the coronavirus actually spreads faster in vaccinated individuals.


The scientific report out of Germany published by the International Journal of Infectious Diseases in June examined the autopsy of an 86-year-old man who had received a single dose of the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine but died 4 weeks later after becoming infected with the virus by a nearby patient at a hospital.

6月,《国际传染病杂志》发表了一篇来自德国的科学报告,对一名86岁男子的尸检进行了研究。这名男子曾接受过一剂 SARS-CoV-2疫苗注射,但4周后在一家医院被附近的病人感染后死亡。

From the"First case of postmortem study in a patient vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2":

来自"首例接种 SARS-CoV-2疫苗的病人的尸检研究":

We report on an 86-year-old male resident of a retirement home who received vaccine against SARS-CoV-2.Past medical history included systemic arterial hypertension,chronic venous insufficiency,dementia and prostate carcinoma.On January 9,2021,the man received lipid nanoparticle-formulated,nucleoside-modified RNA vaccine BNT162b2 in a 30μg dose.On that day and in the following 2 weeks,he presented with no clinical symptoms.

我们报告一名86岁的男性居民谁接受了 SARS-CoV-2疫苗养老院。既往病史包括全身性动脉高压、慢性静脉淤血、痴呆和前列腺癌。202119日,该男子接受脂质纳米粒配方,核苷修饰 RNA 疫苗 BNT162b230微克剂量。在那天和接下来的两周,他没有出现任何临床症状。

On day 18,he was admitted to hospital for worsening diarrhea.Since he did not present with any clinical signs of COVID-19,isolation in a specific setting did not occur.Laboratory testing revealed hypochromic anemia and increased creatinine serum levels.Antigen test and polymerase chain reaction(PCR)for SARS-CoV-2 were negative.


But the study notes that by day 25,that vaccinated patient had tested positive for COVID-19,presumably from a nearby COVID-infected patient in his hospital room,and died of kidney and respiratory failure the following day.

但是研究指出,到第25天为止,接种疫苗的病人已经被检测出2019冠状病毒疾病呈阳性,可能是来自附近病房里一个被 covid 感染的病人,第二天死于肾脏和唿吸衰竭。

High viral RNA loads were present in nearly all the vaccinated patient's organs.

几乎所有接种疫苗的病人器官都存在高病毒 RNA 载量。

"In summary,the results of our autopsy case study in a patient with mRNA vaccine confirm the view that by first dose of vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 immunogenicity can already be induced,while sterile immunity is not adequately developed,"the study concluded.

"总之,我们对一名接种了 SARS-CoV-2疫苗的病人的尸检结果证实了这样一种观点,即接种第一剂 SARS-CoV-2疫苗就可以诱导出免疫原性,而无菌免疫力尚未得到充分发展,"该研究得出结论。

In other words,although the COVID-19 vaccine triggered an immune response within the body,it didn't appear to stop the spread of the virus throughout the body.


This is just more bombshell scientific evidence that the COVID-19 vaccine likely does more harm than good,and may actually even accelerate the spread of the coronavirus.


**By Jamie White

作者:Jamie White



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