地球的守护者| 大爆炸

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地球的守护者| 大爆炸The powder keg


Blessed are you people who are wholeheartedly committed to change and who want to help goodness break through with all your might.


Blessed are you who do your part in the transformation, who redeem your own issues and participate in the redemption of humanity as a whole.


You are the star that shines in the darkness, you are the light that many people look to for guidance.


This world is a powder keg and at any time the unconditional will of people for freedom can trigger an explosion, an explosion that will sweep away the system of oppression, an explosion after which no institution and no person who has participated in the viral tyranny can ever regain significance. Nothing remains as it was after this explosion.


This explosion causes the disintegration of this matrix, the old structures that have oppressed people and polluted the planet. The suffering that comes from the rulers of this matrix, the responsibility for unbearable injustice and for fateful negative developments will have to be taken over by these entities – and this happens in the time of reappraisal.


Disclosure and reappraisal


What is happening is that everything is being revealed and that the actors who were invisible in the fog of their lies are being brought out.


The faces behind the faces are revealing themselves and they will have to answer to humanity. There is no way around this. The new, united and peace-oriented humanity is being built on the foundation of truthfulness, and for this it first needs revelations and reappraisal. Only by recognizing and naming those who are responsible for it, healing can happen.


The NEW humanity does not seek revenge but justice and it practices forgiveness after those responsible have been called to account.


Only when the old circumstances are recognized in all their depth and expression, only when the course of time becomes comprehensible to man, forgiveness is possible.


Thus, everything will be revealed to you, revealed so that you can see the meaning in this earthly game and place your lives and what happened to you in a larger, a cosmic context.


This will liberate you internally and your painful experiences in time will heal.


A deep understanding of all that was and all that is will open your hearts, open also for those who brought so much suffering upon you and the earth.


Forgiveness instead of retribution


So I say to you: After the explosion, at the moment when at a predetermined breaking point of the system the system collapses, reappraisal and forgiveness follow – after that the healing is complete. On this basis the NEW humanity arises. This is the level of collective and individual responsibility.

所以我要告诉你们: 在爆炸之后,在系统预定的崩溃点,系统崩溃的那一刻,重新评价和宽恕随之而来——在愈合完成之后。在此基础上,新人类诞生了。这是集体和个人责任的层次。

So go and make sure that even in the biggest storm there is peace in your heart and that you can forgive when many people call for retaliation.


Love is born in a heart that is without vengeance, and true peace comes from the ground of forgiveness.


This great healing is the desired goal, which is achieved with your devotion and with the help of light-filled powers.


Together we shake from the tree of life everything that weakened it, so that it can again bear healthy fruit.


We are the great family of light.
We are the guardians of the earth


**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

* * 频道: Jahn j Kassl

**Translation to English by EraofLight.com


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