2023年6月7日: 真实的现实会站起来吗|星际飞船地球

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 June 7, 2023
星际飞船地球: 大图2023年6月7日

2023年6月7日: 真实的现实会站起来吗|星际飞船地球

As predicted, the mainstream media is publishing more and more truth, and May-June are proving to be very enlightening in many topics of discussion. Evil and criminality are highlighted, the law is guiding the process, and while not perfect, is serving a purpose.


It’s an information war, and those disseminating information are putting out what they’re told to put out. Don’t take everything literally and use discernment. “Disinformation is necessary.” Expect it. It’s important to remember that there are military operations in progress all over the world. Things are not what they seem. It’s “unreal”. Sometimes it’s surreal. It’s time to “get real” and face the situation on our planet. War.


Apr 09, 2018 8:33:59 PM EDT
Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 0cd760 No. 974537

1114 Apr 09,20188:33:59 PM EDT Q! xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 0cd760 No. 974537

No Such Agency.没有这样的机构。
The hunter becomes the hunted.猎人变成了猎物。
Operations underway.行动正在进行。
Operators active.操作员启动。
DISINFORMATION is real.消息是真的。
DISINFORMATION is necessary.必须要有假消息。
Silent war (some gets out).无声的战争(有些人出去了)。
The Great Awakening. 大觉醒。

If the patriots were not in control over the most important aspects of our planet we wouldn’t be seeing anything happening because they would not risk the bloodshed of millions of people. The fact they are moving forward with these aggressive, strategic and tactical operations is proof they are in a very strong position. There will be casualties, yes. It’s inevitable.


If you are awake, then you should realize by now that the alternative would mean our extinction; mass murder of the Human Race. It will go as it’s meant to go. Stay out of judgment and be grateful. Be optimistic. Good things are coming we would never have imagined we could expect. Life for us will be reinvented.


Until then, we will see and hear crazy, unexplained things. Don’t panic. The Alliance has to anticipate and prevent the cabal’s booby traps and they might not always be successful but providence seems to be on our side. And there may be other forces at work on our planet, as well. Read on.


We were tipped off that this week would probably be incendiary. White House Grampa, Mr. Pool, and Capt. Kyle at least have dropped indicators. And there’s this from Yorkshire Lass on Telegram.


I’m being told it’s about to get wild, and prepare. It’s going to hit like a Tsunami. I can already tell from the news coming out yesterday there’s another big shift coming. Eyes on BRICS.


And this… Link to Telegram and image showing sun activity.

还有这个... 链接到电报和显示太阳活动的图像。

BUCKLE UP !!!系好安全带! ! !
HOT HOT HOT !!!热,热,热! ! !
THE START … 开始..。

This decode of a Trump post might alert the patriots to an imminent false flag event. Link to Telegram.


DJT (https://truthsocial.com/@realDonaldTrump/110504130524282517)?? Wow, this is turning out to be the greatest & most vicious instance of ELECTION INTERFERENCE in the history of our Country. Remember, I’m leading DeSanctimonious BIG in the Polls but, more importantly, I’m leading Biden by a lot. Also, & perhaps most importantly, they are launching all of the many Fake Investigations against me RIGHT SMACK IN THE MIDDLE OF MY CAMPAIGN, something which is unheard of & not supposed to happen. DOJ, FBI, NEW YORK A.G., NEW YORK D.A., ATLANTA D.A. FASCISTS ALL!

( https://truthsocial.com/@realdonaldtrump/110504130524282517)哇,这是我们国家历史上最大和最恶毒的选举干预事件。记住,我在民意调查中领先“反圣洁的大人物”,但更重要的是,我领先拜登很多。此外,也许最重要的是,他们正在发起所有的许多假调查对我的权利在我的竞选活动的中间,这是闻所未闻的事情,不应该发生。司法部,联邦调查局,纽约检察官,亚特兰大检察官都是法西斯!

Timestamp: 1:33 ET>13:33 MIL时间戳: 1:33 ET > 13:33 MIL
(FF incoming (FF 来电 ?)

Here is something to consider:


Twitter featured this one early today. Whoa! Click to see the details. Bad, bad news for the pedos.

今天早些时候,推特上出现了这个。哇! 点击查看细节。对于小儿科来说,坏消息,坏消息。

The Wall Street Journal just published a bombshell story on how the Instagram algorithm connects a "vast pedophile network" using emojis of maps which are code for minor attracted persons, and cheese pizza to designate Child Pornography. ?

Maxime Bernier, leader of the People’s Party of Canada suggested the media was untruthful about the fires there—and Covid.

加拿大人民党(People’s Party of Canada)领导人马克西姆•伯尼耶(Maxime Bernier)暗示,媒体对加拿大大火以及冠状病毒疾病的报道不真实。

Translated from French 
The whole little clique of media talkers in Quebec is freaking out today because I speculated that the forest fires could have been deliberately started by green terrorists rather than being caused by global warming (which does not hold water because there are fewer and fewer fires, as official data shows). These are obviously the same ones who fed us lies and propaganda about covid for two years! 

Toute la petite clique de parlotteux médiatiques du Québec pète une coche aujourd'hui parce que j'ai spéculé que les feux de forêt auraient pu être délibérément allumés par des terroristes verts plutôt qu'être causés par le réchauffement (ce qui ne tient pas debout parce qu'il y...

The smoke from the many fires in North America is making for Armageddonesque photo ops AND there is a new twist to the fires from our earth watcher Dutchsinse you will want to know about. Scroll down for more.


Geez, Canada gets blamed for everything; for Blue Northers and now smoke from fires that are also burning right there in Jersey.

天哪,加拿大因为所有的事情而受到指责; 因为蓝色北方军,现在又因为新泽西州的大火而冒烟。

PHOTO ? The New York Skyline has almost disappeared due to massive Canadian wildfire smoke pic.twitter.com/QEViaMWG63

Wow, New York City is a rough place to be. The other day the mayor said it was time the residents started housing the illegal immigrants in their own homes, and now this: Link to Telegram.

纽约这地方可不好过。前几天,市长说是时候让居民们把非法移民安置在自己家里了,现在又是这个: 链接到电报。

NYC Mayor Eric Adams tells ENTIRE city to stay indoors to avoid ‘nicotine yellow’ wildfire smoke containing toxic nanoparticles – as air pollution in Big Apple becomes the worst on EARTH.

纽约市长埃里克 · 亚当斯告诉全市的人都呆在室内,以避免含有有毒纳米颗粒的“尼古丁黄”野火烟雾——因为纽约的空气污染已经成为地球上最严重的。

2pm: the air quality index in the NYC region was 324– the worst since the Environmental Protection Agency began recording air quality measurements in 1999. It shattered the previous record of 174, set on Tuesday. The region’s previous highest reading, 167.

下午2点: 纽约地区的空气质量指数为324,这是自1999年环境保护署开始记录空气质量测量以来最差的一次。它打破了周二创下的174的纪录。该地区此前的最高读数为167。

Advice from a Californian:一位加州人的建议:
-Wear an N95 mask if going outside.如果要出去,戴上 N95口罩。
-Maybe wear a facial mask even inside.也许在里面也要戴个面罩。
-Keep all doors sealed shut.把所有门都关上。
-Use a HEPA air filter. 使用高效空气过滤器。

BREAKING ? Is it Doomsday? Video of wildfires smoke from the George Washington Bridge, the bridge connecting New Jersey and New York City pic.twitter.com/Q3L2E5S5du

Just another day in the life of a conspiracy analyst… Link to Telegram.


So, the skies in New York are completely covered in smoke, blocking out the sun. It’s so bad that they closed down LaGuardia Airport and you can’t even see the New York skyline. But, there’s a B-52 bomber flying into New York?
That’s all, carry on….

因此,纽约的天空完全被烟雾所覆盖,遮住了太阳。糟糕的是,他们关闭了拉瓜迪亚机场,你甚至看不到纽约的天际线。但是,有一架 B-52轰炸机正在飞往纽约?就这样,继续..。

Having said all that, it could be more than a few arsonists at work. Dutchsinse is saying… Link to Telegram.

说了这么多,可能不止几个纵火犯,荷兰人说... 链接到电报。

The rare M3.3 earthquake in the Gulf of Mexico was just 26 miles away from the BP Oil Spill “Deepwater Horizon” platform which blew up and released all that oil from the salt domes in the Gulf of Mexico.

墨西哥湾发生的罕见的 M3.3地震,距离英国石油公司(BP)漏油“深水地平线”平台仅26英里。

Now a rare new ‘earthquake’ at a different Salt Dome to the East by just a few miles.


Keep an eye on it. The craton is shifting.


Fires, now oddities by drill points… and mystery booms / rumbles in the Northeast. This is all right on schedule for the plate shift and should be followed by significant earthquake activity in each location showing all the weird symptoms now.

火灾,现在奇怪的钻点... 和神秘的隆隆声在东北部。这对于板块移动是正确的时间表,并且应该紧接着在每个位置显示所有奇怪的症状的重大地震活动。

Symptoms of a greater problem…. the greater problem now appears to be nailed down to plate shifting. The heat releases, the fires, the weird weather to some extent, and the quakes…. all tied together.


If you want to keep an eye on the fires, smoke, etc. you can watch this map which is updated regularly.


Some believe the fires were set by psychos who are bent on convincing us that “climate change” is a desperate situation and must be addressed by paying more taxes—or we’re all gonna die.


Maybe not all those news items about arresting arsonists are true. Maybe the legacy media is covering up the real cause of most fires.


The face of legacy media is changing weekly with personnel changes like never before. None of this is an accident, folks. There are no coincidences.


Chris Licht steps down as CEO of CNN after scathing mag profile https://t.co/nOvca9fSsA

One way or another, the cabal is being systematically eliminated. Last week it was Walensky and Whitmer.


“A” Antony Blinken Executed During Secret Visit to China

A: 安东尼 · 布林肯在秘密访问中国期间被处决

Elections are still a hot topic in America and Canada, with the CBC – Canadian Broadcasting Corporation [Trudeau bribe recipients making it the Cabal Broadcasting Corporation] running interference for the deep state operatives to keep journalist Anthony Furey out of the Toronto mayoral race. The Toronto election will be a very significant one as the largest city in the nation with nearly 5.5 million people in the GTA.

在美国和加拿大,选举仍然是一个热门话题,加拿大广播公司(CBC)和加拿大广播公司(Trudeau 贿赂受贿者,使其成为阴谋集团广播公司)为了让记者安东尼•弗里(Anthony Furey)退出多伦多市长竞选而干预深层政府的工作。作为全国最大的城市,多伦多的选举将是一个非常重要的选举,因为这里有将近550万人口。

Mayoral candidate Anthony Furey's campaign has been gaining support in recent weeks as shown by recent public opinion polls, passing other Toronto politicians with name recognition.https://t.co/nUO4ccduKf

Hawai’i is hotting up as Kilauea erupts on the Big Island.


2023年6月7日: 真实的现实会站起来吗|星际飞船地球

Someone told us the Three Gorges Dam in China is significant to the big picture and we’re seeing fire there now [see below] after the dam in Ukraine was breeched. Are these strategic moves by the cabal or the White Hats? We understand the Three Gorges dam on the Yangtze River has questionable integrity after the major flooding in China. So many aspects on our planet seem to be ticking time bombs and we heard that dams are something the Alliance keeps an eye on to prevent bad actors from sabotaging them to bring harm to the People.


The really interesting stuff about Three Gorges perhaps sounds a little out there…for some.  Link to Telegram.

关于三峡的真正有趣的东西也许听起来有点离谱... ... 对某些人来说。

Three Gorges Dam slowed time.


Also wonder what they were trying to cover up/ hide with the water?



Confirmed, large uncontrolled fire at outlying buildings at the three gorges damm. pic.twitter.com/wPCtuD14Dh

And what of this? Is this a current photo of a breach in the damn? Sometimes I don’t trust information coming out of China. I cannot confirm this breech for June 2023. It may be earlier footage from the last time this happened. I think the fire is current, however.


Unconfirmed looks like massive breach on the east end of the three gorges damm. pic.twitter.com/vw8v3Zv4Bh

It must be the end times [for the cabal] because we have fires, floods, volcanoes, earthquakes, the sun disappearing… like I said, crazy stuff.

这一定是(阴谋集团的)末日,因为我们有火灾、洪水、火山、地震、太阳消失... ... 就像我说的,疯狂的事情。

In a bid to deprive Crimea of drinking water & distract from their faltering counteroffensive, #Ukraine sabotaged the Kakhovka hydroelectric dam in Russia's Kherson Region, flooding towns & villages along the path of the Dnieper River - dramatically escalating the 16-month war. pic.twitter.com/ZJZH21Yk8B

There were a number of anomalous details about the Cessna crash in Virginia on June 4 and I like to check in with Juan Browne at Blancolirio channel whenever there is an unusual aerial incident. He is NOT in any way a conspiracy theorist and politics does not cloud his thinking. His 16 minute analysis from extensive experience as a pilot and the industry in general is very interesting as is the video footage he shares.

关于6月4日在弗吉尼亚州发生的塞斯纳坠机事件,有许多不寻常的细节。每当发生不寻常的空中事故,我都会联系 Blancolirio 频道的胡安 · 布朗。他绝不是一个阴谋论者,政治也不会蒙蔽他的思想。他的16分钟分析从广泛的经验,作为一个飞行员和行业一般是非常有趣的,因为是他分享的视频片段。

If this incident had not involved a major Trump donor it wouldn’t raise an eyebrow for me but there is a war going on and so it is possibly significant.


Juan concludes the ultimate problem was incapacitation of the pilot, and sees problems with the craft during the flight but has insufficient data to determine why, of course, so the saga is still open-ended as the Cessna exhausted its fuel supply and crashed, killing the three female passengers and pilot. The fighter jets did exactly what they should have and it would have been a sad event to witness. Sometimes we need the feedback from those who really know what’s going on and I’d love to hear what Field McConnell has to say about this. 16 min.

胡安得出结论,最终的问题是飞行员丧失了行动能力,他看到了飞机在飞行过程中出现的问题,但没有足够的数据来确定原因,当然,这个故事仍然没有结束,因为塞斯纳飞机耗尽了燃料供应,坠毁,造成三名女乘客和飞行员死亡。战斗机完全做了他们应该做的,这将是一个悲伤的事件目睹。有时候我们需要那些真正了解情况的人的反馈,我很想听听菲尔德 · 麦康奈尔对此有什么看法。16分钟。

But then… some people are going in another direction. There were questions about the wreckage—or lack thereof.  So what is this really about? Link to Telegram.

但是后来... 有些人走向了另一个方向。有人质疑飞机残骸ーー或者说没有残骸。这到底是怎么回事?链接到电报。

Some sort of false flag is happening in Virginia right now.


Definitely not a plane crash



9/11 Information

9/11信息 https://t.me/phoilhats/115


Since we have our eyes to the skies, it’s a good time to share the recent whistleblower testimony that the US government has in its possession, non Human origin space craft which they have reverse engineered. I know—not news—but being publicly discussed for the normies. I have been expecting Disclosure this year, at least partially. Everything is connected, so we can’t leave anything out. 14 min.


“We have ALIEN craft in our possession” – Govt. UFO whistleblower admits BOMBSHELL | Redacted News

“我们拥有外星飞船”-政府。 UFO 告密者承认炸弹壳 | 编辑新闻

You can read about it here:


Ex–Intelligence Official Says Government Is Hiding Alien Technology From Congress


2023年6月7日: 真实的现实会站起来吗|星际飞船地球

The child trafficking revelations are going to get worse for the pedos and satanists. There is untold and endless evidence of their crimes and it will come out. And then there are the witnesses in protective custody. Link to Telegram.


This was a few months ago. First time I’ve seen it, but wow!


Tim Ballard says Mel Gibson is making 4-part docu-series on the $34 billion global child sex trafficking market, and Tony Robbins is the Executive Producer.

蒂姆 · 巴拉德说,梅尔 · 吉布森正在制作一部关于价值340亿美元的全球儿童性交易市场的4集纪录片系列,托尼 · 罗宾斯是执行制片人。

Pay attention to EXACTLY what he says…


At 1:23 Tim says he knows exactly how children are forced into child sex trafficking…


• The aftermath of a HURRICANE
• The aftermath of an EARTHQUAKE
• During & After WARS


What “disasters” have occurred that immediately come to mind?


What wars that have occurred (still happening) come to mind that they never seem to want to end?


For all of these Trafficking Films to be coming out, especially during the times we find ourselves in, there is no doubt in my mind that God is using his children here on earth to bring awareness to the masses regarding crimes against humanity, against children.


#SaveTheChildren ?

# 拯救孩子

Here’s the full 19 Video

这是完整的19个视频 https://rumble.com/v2sknte-tim-ballard-mel-gibson-to-make-4-part-docu-series-on-global-child-sex-traff.html

The truth about Hollyweird is all going to come out.

Hollyweird 的真相会大白于天下的。

So not surprised that .@RealJamesWoods‼️ bringing the truth! Thank you! You're Patriotism and sense of right is amazing because I know you've spoken out at a personal cost! Hollywood elite is never kind to people stating facts!#Respect pic.twitter.com/cm80qC4riV

Hopefully the normies wake up soon because I don’t have another scamdemic in me. Some believe there will be another plandemic.


One last thing: Trump’s new campaign ad.

最后一件事: 特朗普的新竞选广告。

? MUST SEE- New Ad from the Trump Campaign: "Wolves" pic.twitter.com/JaHeD1uUUx

Hopefully the 3D ungrateful, critical people/trolls grow up sooner rather than later. In the mean time, any comments that don’t enhance the experience will be deleted. Since I do this work FOR FREE, as I am guided and as a service to Humanity, readers have no input as to who and what we publish here—unless they supply it themselves. Anyone not happy with the material is FREE to go elsewhere. Bon voyage!

希望那些忘恩负义、挑剔的3D 人物能早点长大。与此同时,任何不能增强体验的评论将被删除。由于我免费从事这项工作,因为我受到指导并为人类服务,读者对我们在这里发表的内容和人物没有任何意见ーー除非他们自己提供。任何人不满意的材料是免费去其他地方。一路顺风!

Ciao for now, folks. Live long and prosper.  ~ BP

暂时告别,伙计们。长寿和繁荣。 ~ BP

2023年6月7日: 真实的现实会站起来吗|星际飞船地球


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