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In the case of Afghanistan it is clear that not every Western country had an exit strategy to get their staff,family of staff and assistants out when the Taliban would take over.But it seems the Taliban is not interfering with the withdrawal and letting all those who don't feel safe go.Most likely funds are being pulled out of the country as well,but the revenues from the lucrative opium trade will not be flowing into the coffers of the Cabal any longer and instead be invested back into the country.Surely the producers will not stop growing poppies,the country needs the income.The Taliban leaders promise that they will respect people's rights within the framework of the islamic laws and that the harsh rule of 1996 to 2001 will not return;we will have to see how that works out in practice and whether the central leadership has sufficient authority to restrain the hardliners.


It seems to me that the world at large is also in a process of shaping an exit strategy out of the tired old ways that no longer work,out of tyranny for whatever reason or justification,out of misconduct based on feigned superiority and out of lies and deceit.In my professional life I have learned that when you face a big problem it's best to break it up into smaller issues that you can deal with more easily,and that is obviously also what the light forces are doing.Individual issues can then be resolved in parallel or consecutively.This is all done in stealth mode as much as possible in order not to make the counterparty any wiser.So we may not hear an update anymore on the remaining Chimera,negative military bases and toplet bombs until the Event is kicked off.On an individual level I am also defining my exit strategy out of things that were not working for me,from troublesome relationships with the opposite sex,the consciousness of lack and limitation and unsupportive social environments to repeating patterns of pain and trauma.


After the Event we may find out that we have many more close friends than we realized,not only starseeds but also Earth natives who haven't had direct past life experiences with cosmic beings and life on other planets.Even Cabal members may find that there are friends from the past before they went astray who are willing to forgive and help them for old times sake.Those with a Draco soul origin are in the most problematic spot,and they know it.That's why they are lashing out like wild animals caught in a corner and punishing freedom fighters and truth advocates for their predicament,for which they only really have themselves to blame.Take care and refrain from needlessly provoking the lost ones.


On August 22 there is a new 144K mass meditation you may want to participate in:

822日,你可能会想参加一个新的144K 群体冥想活动:

144K Full Moon&Intense-Phase Mass Meditation-August 22

144K 满月和高强度阶段大规模冥想-822



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