X22报告|第3042集: 美联储做得越多,情况就越糟,深层政府发动了一场信息战

2023年4月11日15:40:42最新动态X22报告|第3042集: 美联储做得越多,情况就越糟,深层政府发动了一场信息战已关闭评论3362字数 1461阅读4分52秒阅读模式

[ DS ]他们在特朗普身上倾尽所有,他们不在乎特朗普是否遵守法治,他们知道,如果他们不全力以赴,游戏就结束了。

X22报告|第3042集: 美联储做得越多,情况就越糟,深层政府发动了一场信息战

Ep. 3042a – The More The [CB] Does, The Worse It Gets For Them, Economic Awakening


Ep 3042b – [DS] Makes An Information War Move, Criminal Syndicate Just Put Themselves In Legal Jeopardy

[ DS ]发动信息战,犯罪集团将自己置于法律危险之中

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The economic system is breaking down, people are now resorting to credit and when the there is no more credit to use the people are going to have a very difficult time making ends meet. During the process the [CB] will push their agenda and it will get worse for them as the people wake up.

经济体系正在崩溃,人们现在诉诸于信贷,当没有更多的信贷可以使用时,人们将很难维持收支平衡。在这个过程中, [CB]会推动他们的议程,而且随着人们的觉醒,情况会变得更糟。

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Streamed on: Apr 10, 7:44 pm EDT

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The [DS] they are pushing everything they have left at Trump, they don’t care if it doesn’t follow the rule of law they know that if they don’t go all out it is game over. During this period of time the people are seeing these people for who and what they are and the people are rejecting them. They [DS] is pushing hard and they have now put themselves in legal jeopardy. Everything they are doing will boomerang on them.

[ DS ]他们在特朗普身上倾尽所有,他们不在乎特朗普是否遵守法治,他们知道,如果他们不全力以赴,游戏就结束了。在这段时间里,人们看到了这些人的真面目,他们是什么样的人,人们拒绝接受他们。他们[ DS ]正在努力推动,现在他们已经把自己置于法律的危险之中。他们所做的一切都是自食其果。


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