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Black Lives Matter Was Put In Place To Get Rid Of Police


深层国家的16年计划几乎摧毁了美国The main goal of the Deep State is to take back control.They had a 16-year plan in place which would have ended up with HRC and even though she lost,they are doing everything they can to move ahead with their plan.


The pandemic was ignited to destroy the economy.The Deep State hoped the economy would remain shut down until November.If people were afraid to go out,mail-in votes would have been mandated.We know they are a shoe-in for fraud and can be manipulated either way.President Trump countered this by encouraging businesses to begin opening in April.


Hillary's lawyers,Rod Rosenstein,Andrew McCabe and others are testifying before congress.We knew the more people called in to testify,the more they would'out'one another.In so doing,the DS does not want the public to know what they are up to,so to clog the news cycle,they will push more'events.'

希拉里的律师罗德·罗森斯坦、安德鲁·麦凯布和其他人正在国会作证。我们知道越多的人被传唤去作证,他们就越会互相揭发。这样做,DS 不想让公众知道他们在做什么,所以为了阻碍新闻周期,他们会推动更多的"事件"

When people wake up,they will begin asking questions.This is why we were given the information from Q in the first place.The Q team asked us questions so we could do our own research.This has proven vital to our very existence.Now,we will know how to help those who are just now wondering why all this is happening.

当人们醒来时,他们会开始问问题。这就是为什么我们首先得到了来自Q的信息。Q 团队问了我们一些问题,这样我们就可以自己做研究了。事实证明,这对我们的生存至关重要。现在,我们将知道如何帮助那些刚刚想知道为什么会发生这一切的人。

In Germany,investigators'busted'a child abuse ring.Investigators found extensive footage of young children being brutally raped.We have good teams of people gathering this information.Exposing the perpetrators and their crimes will bring everything to light so people can understand.The word,'Treason,'has been attached to many politicians and when people learn what they have done,they will finally be able to understand that Trump has really been fighting for them and the DS has been fighting against them.

在德国,调查人员"破获"一个虐待儿童团伙。调查人员发现了大量幼童被残忍强奸的镜头。我们有很好的团队来收集这些信息。揭露犯罪者及其罪行将使一切公之于众,以便人们能够理解。"叛国"这个词已经被许多政治家所熟知,当人们知道他们的所作所为时,他们最终会明白特朗普一直在为他们而战,而 DS 一直在与他们作斗争。

Black Lives Matter was put in place to get rid of the police.The kneeling events led by the radical left in regard to George Floyd's death,doesn't satisfy the mob.People are being shamed into believing they are un-American for not bending the knee.Even mobs tire of subservient behavior.Kneeling won't be enough to cause the real fear they have planned.


深层国家的16年计划几乎摧毁了美国Qmap.pub on post 570 would be worth exploring as it explains the Deep State's 16-year plan to destroy America.They never thought she would lose.We didn't enter in to WWIII,but they are still launching their events.Trump,being steps head,keeps cutting them off.They will keep trying to take America down,and Trump will keep countering.The Patriots have their playbook.

570后的 Qmap.pub 值得探索,因为它解释了深州16年来摧毁美国的计划。他们从没想过她会输。我们没有参加第三次世界大战,但是他们仍然在开展他们的活动。特朗普走在前面,不断地切断他们的联系。他们将继续试图扳倒美国,而特朗普将继续反击。爱国者队有他们的战术手册。

Last year,Youtube began banning Anti-Nazi documentaries.Why hide history?Q Post 839 asks,"Do you think Antifa was grown organically?Purpose?"We know they were created to create chaos and confusion.Who are the true facists?Why does the Antifa flag resemble the Nazi flag?It's been on purpose.Study Nazism and Antifa.Note the similarities.

去年,Youtube 开始禁止播放反纳粹纪录片。为什么要隐藏历史? Q839:"你认为 Antifa 是有机生长的吗?目的?"我们知道他们被创造出来是为了制造混乱和困惑。谁是真正的面具师?为什么反法国国旗看起来像纳粹旗帜?这是故意的。研究纳粹主义和 Antifa。注意这些相似之处。

The 16-year plan would have worked under Hillary.They need America to be divided for their 16-year plan to work.American is supposed to be united,not divided.The people are asking questions.Why would we scrap the whole country for one corrupt cop?Does that make sense?Their design was for them to have her in place,working with the media and corrupt politicians.They don't have that and their events are backfiring.


Each time they are planning an event,Q will expose their plan and once exposed,their plan cannot move forward.The Patriots are in control.



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