X22报告|第2970集: 是时候让工作岗位和制造业回归,是时候释放特朗普摧毁深层国家的计划了

2023年1月12日14:05:37最新动态X22报告|第2970集: 是时候让工作岗位和制造业回归,是时候释放特朗普摧毁深层国家的计划了已关闭评论367字数 1405阅读4分41秒阅读模式

[ DS ]现在被困在他们的叙述中。他们想对特朗普做的一切现在都回到他们身边了。

X22报告|第2970集: 是时候让工作岗位和制造业回归,是时候释放特朗普摧毁深层国家的计划了

Ep. 2970a – Trump Showed Us, Now It’s Time To Bring Back Jobs & Manufacturing, It Has Begun


Ep. 2970b – It’s Time To Unleash Trump’s Plan To Destroy The [DS], The Narrative Shift Trap

是时候释放特朗普摧毁[ DS ]叙事转移陷阱的计划了



The GND is falling apart. The study to ban gas stoves is going to be proven wrong, this study was driven by the WEF. The House is now creating a committee to bring back jobs and industry to the US. This is the beginning stages, you need to lay the foundation first and prepare everything.

GND 正在分崩离析。禁用煤气炉的研究将被证明是错误的,这项研究是由世界经济论坛推动的。众议院目前正在成立一个委员会,将就业和工业带回美国。这是开始阶段,你需要先打好基础,准备好一切。


The [DS] is now trapped in their narrative. Everything they tried to do to Trump is now coming back around at them. They projected their crimes onto Trump but it was all propaganda and now the truth and facts are going to show they were all in on these crimes. Every step of the way the [DS] is feeling pain and Trump is exposing their crimes. Biden is now trapped in the classified document narrative. Trump put out a video explaining how we need to destroy the [DS].

[ DS ]现在被困在他们的叙述中。他们想对特朗普做的一切现在都回到他们身边了。他们把自己的罪行推到了特朗普身上,但那都是宣传,现在真相和事实将会证明他们都参与了这些罪行。每一步都让民主党感到痛苦,而特朗普正在揭露他们的罪行。拜登现在被困在机密文件的叙述中。特朗普发布了一个视频,解释我们如何需要摧毁[ DS ]。


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