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QTSR from 12th January has some excellent background intel. As usual I have not altered any spelling/grammar irregularities.
从1月12日开始的 QTSR 有一些非常好的背景信息。像往常一样,我没有改变任何拼写/语法上的不规则。

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McCarthy/< [ McCARTHY]麦卡锡TRUMP pushed for McCarthy for a reason ( we all know McCarthy is [ DS] and supporting Ukraine and getting BILLIONS to the Ukraine  money laundering system that returns the money to the U.S. military industrial complex system< ... In short 70% of the money going to Ukraine is being sent back to the 33 degree free masons ROCKEFELLERS Jesuits ROTHSCHILDs BLACKROCK who run the U.S. military industrial complex who create weapons and wars for the world for money profit, money laundering operations), Trump is playing a game to EXPOSE> McCarthy and the deep state REPUBLICANS ( RINOs)..... In the moment TRUMP must be the The person who seems to unite the Republicans ( even though TRUMP knows the U.S. Is captured operations and the COURTS ARE CAPTURED BY CABAL DEEP STATE...... TRUMP knows a huge EXPOSURE of the CIA PENTAGON FBI DOJ IS COMING > NCSWIC< ....... and this has already began with PENTAGON IN CHAOS INFIGHTING... As Leaks LEAKS LEAKS continue and PENTAGON is deep involved in the 2012_2013 Creation, funding of the COVID 19 virus.. And bioweapons and > VACCINES funding and their connections to CDC nih FAUCI , DASZAK ect ect特朗普支持麦卡锡是有原因的(我们都知道麦卡锡支持乌克兰,并把数十亿美元送到乌克兰洗钱系统,把钱返还给美国军事工业复合体系统)简而言之,流向乌克兰的资金有70% 被送回33度自由共济会会员洛克菲勒(rockefeller)耶稣会会员罗斯柴尔德(ROTHSCHILDs)布莱克洛克运营着美国军事工业复合体,他们为世界制造武器和战争,以获取金钱利润,进行洗钱操作) ,特朗普正在玩一个游戏,揭露麦卡锡和深层国家共和党(RINOs) ... ..。此时此刻,特朗普必须是那个似乎能够团结共和党人的人(尽管特朗普知道美国已经被控制了,法院也已经被阴谋集团控制了... ...)。特朗普知道中情局五角大楼的巨大曝光 FBI 司法部要来了。这已经开始于五角大楼的混乱战斗... ... 随着泄密事件的继续,五角大楼深入参与了2012-2013年的创造,为冠状病毒疾病19病毒提供资金。.生物武器和 > 疫苗基金及其与疾病预防控制中心的联系..... It's all connected to WAR. MONEY LAUNDERING and >> U.S. MILITARY INDUSTRIAL WAR COMPLEX SATANIC SYSTEM//////... . . 都和战争有关. 洗钱和 > > 美国军事工业战争复杂系统///////To DRAIN THE SWAP means..排空掉期意味着. 。REPUBLICANS MUST EXPOSE REPUBLICANS< ( but this happens only through GRAY HAT MOVES. .. Good guys playing TRIPLE AGENTS)////共和党人必须曝光共和党人(但这只能通过灰帽子行动... ... 好人扮演三重间谍来实现)////[PENTAGON] CAN NOT BE EXPOSED WITHOUT THE.             ]  PENTAGON. [[五角大楼]不能暴露没有五角大楼。[going after their own追求自己的目标>>> That's why the LEAKS and the SEASON OF THE WHISTLEBLOWERS LINING UP TO COME FORWARD<这就是为什么泄密者和告密者排队站出来的原因[ FBI] will be EXPOSED BY THE[ FBI ]将会被].  FBI. [联邦调查局CIA WILL ATTACK THEMSELVES中情局会自己动手的good vs. Bad好对坏____ALL these moves already being made..... These are the Q ops. FOLLOW the white rabbit operations. THE STORM OPERATIONS.. THE REAL > NCSWIC< MILITARY OPERATIONS... The fall of the cabal DEEP STATE military intelligence agencies that protect the deep state players, their system<所有这些行动都已经开始了... ..。这些是 Q 特种部队。跟踪白兔行动。风暴行动。.真正的 NCSWIC 军事行动... 阴谋集团“深州”军事情报机构的垮台,这些机构保护“深州”的玩家,他们的系统TRUMP is playing a very important CHESS game ,TRUMP 在下一盘非常重要的棋,>Keep your friends close but your enemies closer > McCarthy> 亲近你的朋友,更要亲近你的敌人 > 麦卡锡TRUMP CAN NOT DIVIDE THE PARTY< he must seemingly unite. ( Later this role he played in seemingly unite for McCarthy WILL come into he favor as MCCARTHY FALLS - . the TRUTH is MCCARTHY is also playing a role and a TRIPLE AGENT... He must play the part for tens of millions of Republicans who support the Ukraine war and vaccine agenda ...... LATER this year McCarthy is EXPECTED FALL or PUBLICLY FLIP and his division of followers WILL RED PILLED ... As CONGRESS goes after UKRAINE MONEY LAUNDERING EXPOSURE.特朗普不能分裂党(他必须表面上团结起来)。(后来他扮演的麦卡锡似乎团结的角色将进入他的青睐麦卡锡瀑布-。事实是麦卡锡也在扮演一个角色,一个三重间谍... ... 他必须为数千万支持乌克兰战争和疫苗议程的共和党人扮演一个角色... ..。今年晚些时候,麦卡锡预计会在秋季或公开场合抛出橄榄枝,他的追随者将遭到红色轰炸... ... 国会正在追查乌克兰的洗钱。CRYPTO.BIDEN REGIMEN拜登养生法ect ect ect ect ect等等,等等>>>> Like CARDS Twitter.....>> FACEBOOK Google. Microsoft is going to be EXPOSED<<<喜欢卡片,推特,脸书,谷歌,微软将被曝光> [ PENTAGON]<> [五角大楼]___Your watching a very highly complicated PLAN that is connected to EXPOSING the world Military complex system你看到的是一个非常复杂的计划这个计划与揭露世界军事复杂系统有关And the deep state///和深层国家///This PLAN involves EXPOSING>THE UNITED STATES BEING CAPTURED BY FOREIGN OPERATIONS AND DOMESTIC OPERATIONS...这个计划包括揭露美国被外国军事行动和国内军事行动俘虏..。I have been telling as Q has been telling.. Everything leads to我一直在告诉,正如 Q 一直在告诉. . 一切都指向MILITARY PUBLIC OVERT INTERVENTION OPERATIONS军事公开干预行动///11.3 CONGRESS WILL EXPOSE国会将揭露CAPTURED OPERATIONS IN抓获的行动23FOLLOW THE WHITE RABBIT跟着白兔MUSK. TRUMP IS ONLY WARNING UP. ?- 马斯克-TRUMP 只是在警告。____>]CABLES:  EXPECT > FLYNN TO BE INDICTED THIS YEAR.预计 FLYNN 今年将被起诉。( FLYNN is playing a huge part....(FLYNN 扮演了重要角色... ..。A TRIPLE AGENT....... since 2001从2001年开始是三重间谍....... FLYNN cannot disclose Mil. Intelligence operations in public or private life due to National Security laws, protocols and pedicures...... BUT in the court of law he can give up where all the DEAD BODIES ARE< ( INTEL information on OBAMA CLINTONS. Epstein operations.......FLYNN 不能透露 Mil。由于国家安全法、规章制度和足部护理,公共或私人生活中的情报活动... ..。但是在法庭上,他可以放弃所有的尸体都在哪里。Epstein 行动ECT ECT ECT....).....电休克疗法,电休克疗法,电休克疗法,电休克疗法,电休克疗法。////You have more than you know.你拥有的比你知道的要多。♟️ Chess ♟️象棋

This year you WILL see the removal of POPE FRANCIS the今年你会看到教皇弗朗西斯33Rd degree MASONIC POPE.33度共济会教皇。This important removal of the current Pope,  as the death of the Queen. ROTHSCHILDs and recent death of the pope Benedict is connected to Military COMMs < that single the end of the 33RD degree masons现任教皇的这次重要罢免,作为女王的去世。罗斯柴尔德和最近死亡的教皇本笃十六世是连接军事指挥官 < 那单结束的33级泥瓦匠That control the world for a thousand years.控制世界一千年。Right now through military intelligence operations in ITALY are currently finding a way to remove the MASONIC POPE and his evil influence that supports the FALSE climate agenda ( DS military weapons that control manipulate the world climate) , his support for leftist ideology as pushing transgender agenda for kids and pushing the bioweapons vaccines upon the spiritual world.//)/目前,通过意大利的军事情报行动,正在寻找一种方法来消除共济会教皇及其支持虚假气候议程(控制世界气候的 DS 军事武器)的邪恶影响,他支持左翼意识形态,推动儿童跨性别议程,推动生化武器疫苗进入精神世界。//)/White HATS in ITALY with mil . INTEL and including Good Cardinals inside the VATICAN are getting ready to remove the意大利的白帽子。情报部门和梵蒂冈内部的红衣主教们正准备移除33rd degree masons JESUITS POPE.33级共济会会员,耶稣教皇。> THIS MESSAGE IS TO THE WORLD THAT 33RD MASONS JESUITS HAVE NO LONGER CONTROL AT THE HIGHEST LEVELS OF COMMANDS<这个信息是给世界的,共济会第33级耶稣会士不再控制最高级别的命令_ALL[ DS] 33RD DEGREES>The COMMUNITY OF 300所有 [DS] 33级>300人的社区the Future 500 , > BLACKROCK未来500强,> BLACKROCKVANGUARD STATE STREET. CIA.t ect ect ect ect ect ect ect are ? ALL being put on notice THEIR END IS NEAR<Hundreds of thousands of companies run by 33rd degree masons ( when you see a STAR on their logo is a sign of the Masons like CONVERSE. STARBUCKS. ON STAR. and hundreds of other brands and companies that use the STAR is a deep state symbol for 33rd degree members to do business only with these trade marks brands with the symbol)成千上万的公司由33级共济会员经营(当你在他们的标志上看到一颗星星时,就是象 CONVERSE 这样的共济会员的标志。星鹿。在星星上。以及其他数百家使用 STAR 的品牌和公司,对于第33级会员来说,STAR 是一个深深的国家象征,只能与这些带有该象征的商标品牌做生意)_ CURRENTLY The bringing down of the Jesuits 33rd masonic pope is MILITARY OPERATIONS and COMMs that they are at and END.目前,扳倒耶稣会33级共济会教皇是军事行动,他们已经到了尽头。。_______2023 is the year the 33rd DEGREE MASONS ,JESUITS  AND KAZARIAN mafia try everything to cause war and death and chaos to escape their2023年是33级共济会,耶稣会和可萨黑手党试图用一切手段来逃避战争,死亡和混乱的一年COLLAPSE.. THEIR IMMINENT DEATH. ARREST......崩溃. . 他们即将死亡. 逮捕..。THE STORM风暴_____Buckle up buttercups系好安全带,毛毛虫Q:___It all leads to military intervention这一切都会导致军事干预..INSIDE THE COLLAPSE<倒塌的内部

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☝️ Wow very interesting!!!Something 哇非常有趣! ! !What I just Dropped<  is also being confirmed by other sources我刚刚丢掉的东西也得到了其他消息来源的证实?https://youtu.be/RXXOXqoslc4Https://youtu.be/rxxoxqoslc4 

Post 4

The 33rd Degree Jesuits/Khazarian mafia are in deep PANIC as FIAT SYSTEM COLLAPSE and UKRAINE money laundering system is  COLLAPSING and not enough money from U.S is flowing to the their system......////)随着菲亚特系统的崩溃和乌克兰洗钱系统的崩溃,33级耶稣会/可黑手党陷入了深深的恐慌,没有足够的美国资金流入他们的系统... ...////)> Now the removal of the 33rd degree MASONIC POPE is a huge military COMMs to the deep state that their top Leaders as Rothschilds Queen. Benedict and now 33 Jesuit Pope Francis to be removed as a signal to their DEEP STATE COLLAPSE is causing PANIC<现在,33级共济会教皇的下台是一个巨大的军事通信深层国家,他们的最高领导人作为罗斯柴尔德皇后。本尼迪克特和现在的33名耶稣会教皇弗朗西斯被撤职,作为他们深层次国家崩溃的信号正在引起恐慌The Freemasons CONTROL several thousands of airports around the WORLD and they plan to create CHAOS but stopping flights and blaming Cyberattacks ( FALSE FLAG)共济会控制着世界各地数千个机场,他们计划制造混乱,但却阻止了航班,并指责网络攻击(FALSE FLAG)2021_2022 were only beta test Cyberattacks OPERATIONS<2021 _ 2022只是网络攻击的测试版_ NOW 2023 IS THE YEAR OF THE CYBERATTACKS<现在2023年是网络攻击之年________It's all planned to head to NUCLEAR STANDOFF...这一切都是为了前往核对峙..。But I have told you many times..但是我已经告诉你很多次了。Their will be no NUCLEAR WAR他们不会发动核战争perhaps a blast in remote region near the coast north Korea ( but not a real nuke.. Just tons and tons of TNT to simulatr a NUCLEAR detonation)...也许是朝鲜海岸附近的偏远地区发生的爆炸(但不是真正的核武器)。.只有成吨的 TNT 炸药来模拟核爆炸)。>I have dropped the truth of origins of Space FORCE intelligence created by the Air Force and how after 2010 they have energy weapons that stops NUCLEAR Detonation across the Globe...../////我已经揭露了空军创造的空间力量情报的起源,以及2010年之后他们如何拥有能阻止全球核爆炸的能量武器的真相... .../////But the deep state Will try everything to escape THE STORM of the Mil. Operations但是深层国家会想尽一切办法逃离军事风暴。操作( [ DS] They are fighting for their lives and their system from being EXPOSED)... Everything everything leads to military INTERVENTION an TRIBUNALS EXPOSURE of the PLANDEMIC. Bio-weapons.< Vaccines. World DS AGENDA.([ DS ]他们正在为他们的生命和他们的系统被暴露而战斗) ... 一切都导致军事干预和法庭暴露的计划。生化武器。< 疫苗。世界警察议程。____STAY SAFE MY FRIENDS AND PATRIOTS. ANONS IF YOU FLYING LONG DISTANCE.注意安全,我的朋友和爱国者。



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