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The transcript of a conversation between a US Navy Vice Admiral and a leading scientist discussing a failed attempt to gain access to a highly classified program involving a crashed extraterrestrial craft has been recently released online.The conversation took place on October 16,2002,and involved the retired Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency,Vice Admiral Thomas Wilson,speaking with Dr.Eric W.Davis,a scientist working on the feasibility of exotic propulsion systems with EarthTech International,an advanced technology think tank established in Austin,Texas.


In the 15 page document comprising the transcript,summary notes and an accompanying letter,Davis describes what Wilson told him about an April 10,1997"briefing"where he(Wilson)received information from former Apollo astronaut Dr.Edgar Mitchell and Dr.Steven Greer(founder of the Disclosure Project)about a classified UFO program that they had codeword information about.At the time,Wilson was a Rear Admiral(upper class);Deputy Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency;and Vice Director for Intelligence(VJ2),for the Joint Chiefs of Staff,a position he held from November 1994 to September 1997.

在这份15页的文件中,包括文字记录、摘要和附带的一封信,戴维斯描述了威尔逊告诉他的关于1997410"简报"的内容,当时他(威尔逊)从前阿波罗宇航员埃德加·米切尔博士和史蒂文·格里尔博士(披露项目的创始人)那里获得了关于一个机密 UFO 项目的信息,他们对这个项目有密码。当时,威尔逊是一名海军少将(上层阶级);国防情报局副局长;情报副局长(VJ2),任职于参谋长联席会议,从199411月至19979月。

When Wilson inquired into the program's existence from a regulatory body created for Special Access Programs,he learned it involved a corporate Research and Development effort involving a retrieved extraterrestrial craft but was denied access by three corporate officials working for a major US aerospace contractor.


The 1997 briefing was first publicly discussed by Greer and his associate Shari Adamiak only a month after it occurred and was corroborated by Mitchell over a decade later.In a May 1997 interview with Art Bell on Coast to Coast AM Greer said:

1997年的简报会是格里尔和他的助手莎丽·阿达米亚克在事件发生一个月后首次公开讨论的,并在十多年后得到米切尔的证实。19975月,在接受《海岸至海岸》杂志(Coast to Coast AM Greer) Art Bell 采访时,格里尔表示:

Joint Chiefs of staff level fellow that I briefed while I was in Washington about a month ago…After he looked at all this and heard the witness,he turned to us and said:'Well I have no doubt this is true but I am horrified that I hadn't known about it'…Because of his position.And very,very senior…I can't say who it was but a very,very senior position…And then they begin to come to grips with well:'Who the hell does know about it,what is going on here?'And then they become frighten[ed].


Years later,Greer released a National Reconnaissance Office (NRO)document containing code words and locations that sparked Wilson's failed attempt to gain access to the classified UFO program.In a workshop Greer explained the NRO document's contents and what happened when Wilson investigated it:

几年后,Greer 发布了一份包含代码和地点的美国国家侦察局文件,引发了 Wilson 试图进入机密 UFO 项目的失败尝试。在一次研讨会上,格里尔解释了 NRO 文件的内容以及威尔逊调查时发生的事情:

"It's the National Reconnaissance Office document.…..The reason it's important is not so much for its content……..Take note of the distribution list,please.…..…….'Blue Fire',which is a code name,1991,Commander's Net,Royal Op's,Cosmic Op's…so,cosmic clearance…you've heard of this?It's not a myth.It's real.Maj Op's,MAJI…It's MAJIC Op's.It goes through a whole bunch of them…Nellis Division,all these code numbers and you get down to some really interesting things.…this secret document went to the admiral[Admiral Tom Wilson]prior to our meeting,and he actually recognized one of these entities and made an inquiry,and it was being run by a contractor.…..And the contractor…one of these corporate contractors…when he called them up,he said,'I'm Admiral Tom Wilson…at that time he was Head of Intelligence for the Joint Chiefs of Staff…I want to be read into this project.'Guess what happened?They said,'Sir,you don't have a need to know.'This is the guy who's supposed to give the intelligence briefings for the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the United States.He was told,'You don't have a need to know'…and Admiral Wilson said,'Goddamn it,if I don't have a need to know,who does?'They said,'Sir,we cannot discuss this with you further'and they hung up and blocked his line.This all happened before the stand-up meeting I did for[him with]Edgar Mitchell…6th man to walk on the moon…myself,my military adviser,and a few other people met with the Admiral in what's called a'stand-up'briefing.I was doing the presenting.It was supposed to be 45 minutes.

"这是美国国家侦察局的文件。它重要的原因不在于它的内容.....。请注意分发清单。..."蓝色火焰",是一个代号,1991年,指挥官网络,皇家特种部队,宇宙特种部队...那么,宇宙特种部队...你听说过这个吗?这不是神话。这是真的。Maj Op'sMAJI... MAJIC Op's。它经过了一大堆...内利斯分部,所有这些代码数字,你得到了一些真正有趣的事情。在我们会面之前,这份秘密文件交给了海军上将[汤姆·威尔逊上将],他确实认出了其中一个实体并进行了调查,而且这个实体是由一个承包商经营的。.....还有那个承包商......其中一个公司承包商......当他给他们打电话时,他说,'我是海军上将 Tom Wilson......那时他是美国参谋长联席会议情报局的情报主管......我想了解一下这个项目

In 2007 Mitchell began publicly confirming that the briefing had indeed taken place,corroborating what Greer had revealed a decade earlier.




A detailed chronology of articles and interviews referring to the 1997 Wilson briefing is provided by Croatian UFO researcher Giuliano Marinkovic.

克罗地亚 UFO 研究人员朱利亚诺·马林科维奇提供了1997年威尔逊简报的文章和采访的详细年表。

The transcript of the 2002 conversation between Wilson and Davis was first discussed in radio interviews by UFO researchers Grant Cameron and Richard Dolan in December 2018.Cameron said he was given the 15 page document,which he shared with Michael W.Hall a former lawyer and Superior Court judge.Hall has given several interviews in March 2019 discussing the document's origins and authenticity.

201812月,UFO 研究人员格兰特·卡梅伦和理查德·多兰首次在电台采访中讨论了威尔逊和戴维斯2002年的谈话记录。卡梅伦说,他收到了这份15页的文件,他与迈克尔·w·霍尔分享了这份文件。霍尔曾是一名律师,也是高等法院的法官。霍尔在20193月接受了几次采访,讨论文件的来源和真实性。

Cameron,Dolan,and Hall believe the document is authentic,and its consistency with what Greer and Mitchell had earlier revealed does point to this.I contacted Dr.Eric Davis to comment on the document's authenticity,and he replied saying:"I have no comment on this."If the document was a hoax,I see no reason why Dr.Davis would not have said so.


All this leads me to conclude that the document is an authentic transcript of what Dr.Davis and Admiral Wilson discussed back in 2002 about the April 1997 meeting and Wilson's subsequent investigation.The transcript was very recently released online and are available for public viewing.


The transcript,summary notes,and accompanying letter provide compelling documentary support that the 1997 briefing had occurred,exactly as Greer and Mitchell had reported up to two decades earlier.Importantly,the notes substantiate one of Greer's major claims that he was regularly briefing senior officials in the Clinton Administration about the UFO coverup–something many UFO researchers had previously dismissed or ridiculed.

文字记录、摘要和随附的信件提供了令人信服的文件证据,证明1997年的情况介绍会正如格里尔和米切尔20年前所报告的那样发生了。重要的是,这些笔记证实了 Greer 的一个主要声明,即他定期向比尔·克林顿总统任期的高级官员汇报 UFO 掩盖事件——这是许多 UFO 研究人员以前否认或嘲笑过的事情。



The transcript provides a fascinating insight into how a US Navy admiral who was Vice Director for Intelligence(VJ2),for the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the time,was denied access by corporate officials to a classified UFO program,which he firmly believed fell under his field of responsibility.


The briefing and unsuccessful investigation did not negatively impact Wilson's career.Two years later,in May 1999,Wilson was promoted to Vice Admiral and became the 13th Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency(DIA),a position he served in until July 2002.


Three months after his retirement,Wilson met with Davis to discuss the 1997 meeting and its aftermath.In the transcript,we learn about Wilson's perspective on what had happened.


Presumably,the recording and transcription of Wilson and Davis'conversation were intended for a small audience at EarthTech International,founded by Dr.Hal Puthoff,which was studying exotic propulsion systems,and releasing feasibility studies of them to interested scientists and journals.


In 2009,Davis and EarthTech included some of these exotic propulsion feasibility studies as Defense Intelligence Reference Documents,two of which were first leaked online in December 2017 by Corey Goode who says a confidential DIA source gave him them.


In the transcript,Davis(EWD)describes how Wilson(TW)began by confirming that the April 1997 meeting did take place and involved Greer,Mitchell,and US Naval Reserve Commander Willard H.Miller,who was Greer's top military advisor.

在记录中,戴维斯(EWD)描述了威尔逊(TW)是如何开始确认19974月的会议确实举行了,参加会议的有格里尔,米切尔和美国海军预备队指挥官威拉德·h·米勒(Willard h.Miller),他是格里尔的首席军事顾问。

Miller played a critical role in the various"UFO briefings"Greer gave senior officials and politicians during the Clinton administration:

在比尔·克林顿总统任期期间 Greer 给高级官员和政治家的各种"UFO 简报"中,Miller 扮演了一个关键角色:

TW:Confirmed Greer/Miller/Mitchell gave talk in Pentagon Conference room.Adm Mike Crawford,Gen.Pat Hughes(Hughes his boss)were present(others too.)Date April"97.(Ed Mitchell said 4/9/947.)After group broke up,Miller/Wilson talked(privately)2 hours on UFOs,MJ-12,Roswell,crashed UFOs/alien bodies,etc.TW intrigued–knew about intelligence on US mil/intel UFO close encounters–and foreign gov't encounters.Seen records.Told Miller.[Transcript/Summary p.1]

Tw:经证实,格里尔/米勒/米切尔在五角大楼会议室发表演讲。麦克·克劳福德上将、帕特·休斯将军(休斯的上司)也出席了会议日期"97(埃德·米切尔说94794日。)小组解散后,miller/wilson(私下)谈了2个小时的 ufoMJ-12、罗斯韦尔、坠毁的 ufo/外星人等。Tw 对美国军方/英特尔的 UFO 近距离遭遇以及外国政府的遭遇感兴趣。见过的记录。告诉米勒。[谈话内容摘要第1]

Wilson was here acknowledging that the serving Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency,Lt.General Pat Hughes,also sat in on the meeting.After the meeting broke up,Miller and Wilson continued to discuss issues that had been raised:


TW:Yes,Miller asked the question on MJ-12/UFO cabal–crashed UFO.Confirmed he called Miller ca.late June'97 and told that he/Miller was right–there is such an organization in existence.[Transcript/Summary p.1]

是的,米勒在 MJ-12/UFO-坠毁的不明飞行物上提出了这个问题。证实他给米勒打了电话。19976月下旬,他被告知他/米勒是对的——现在存在这样一个组织。[谈话内容摘要第1]

Wilson was here acknowledging that after being informed about the existence of the classified UFO program by Greer and Mitchell in April 1997,he had inquired into the program's existence,and discovered that MJ-12 was real and that there indeed was a UFO cabal running classified operations involving crashed UFOs.This accounted for why Admiral Wilson later failed to gain access to the crashed UFO program,as explained later in Davis'summary notes.

威尔逊在这里承认,在19974月被格里尔和米切尔告知存在机密的 UFO 项目后,他调查了该项目的存在,并发现 MJ-12是真实存在的,确实有一个 UFO 阴谋集团在进行涉及坠毁不明飞行物的机密行动。这就解释了为什么威尔逊上将后来未能进入坠毁的不明飞行物项目,正如后来戴维斯总结笔记中解释的。

Miller subsequently told Greer and Mitchell about what Wilson had revealed to him in June 1997,after he[Wilson]was denied access to the classified program that Greer and Mitchell had told him about earlier in April.Admiral Wilson[TW]was furious that Miller had told Greer and Mitchel about Wilson's failure to access it,as Davis'[EWD]transcript make clear:

米勒随后告诉格里尔和米切尔,威尔逊在19976月向他透露了什么,当时他[威尔逊]被拒绝进入格里尔和米切尔在4月早些时候告诉他的那个机密项目。威尔逊上将(Admiral Wilson[TW])对米勒告诉格里尔和米切尔有关威尔逊未能获取信息的事感到愤怒,戴维斯的(EWD)记录清楚地表明:

TW:Very furious–very angry about Miller(facial expression tense,angry voice)


Violated personal and professional trust–especially among intelligence colleagues/Navy officers


There's Navy camaraderie among officers–brotherhood


    Violated that and confidentiality




TW:Miller told Greer their conversation


Who knows whom else he and Greer told.谁知道他和格里尔还告诉了谁(EWD note–Miller told Ed Mitchell who only told me in 1999)(EWD 记录——米勒告诉埃德米切尔(Ed Mitchell),他直到1999年才告诉我)

The significance of all this is that Admiral Wilson did not want the details of what he learned during his investigation of the classified program that Greer and Mitchell had first brought to his attention becoming public.By telling Greer,Commander Miller had in Wilson's opinion broken trust shared between naval intelligence officers to keep the information confidential.That is why he was so angry.


However,if it were not for Miller taking the risk he had,Greer and the world would probably not have learned the truth of what happened,and how corporate contractors had sidelined Wilson and US naval intelligence over a classified reverse engineering program of a crashed extraterrestrial vehicle.

然而,如果不是 Miller 冒着这样的风险,Greer 和整个世界可能都不会知道发生了什么事情的真相,也不会知道企业承包商是如何把 Wilson 和美国海军情报部门排除在一个机密的逆向工程计划之外,该计划涉及一个坠毁的外星飞行器。

In part two, I review what Admiral Wilson told Dr.Davis about the classified UFO crash retrieval program and its significance.

在第二部分,我回顾了海军上将威尔逊告诉戴维斯博士关于机密的 UFO 坠毁回收计划及其意义。



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