On the evening of November 1, my US Army source JP told me about another giant in a stasis chamber that had been discovered in Iraq who was a king in ancient times. He explained that there was a significant connection with the giant in the stasis chamber found in Florida, who was also a former king, and JP made a further connection to a third sleeping giant in an underwater city in the Bermuda triangle that he visited in during one of his covert missions in late August 2022.

11月1日晚上,我的美国陆军线人 JP 告诉我,在伊拉克发现了另一个巨人,他是古代的国王。他解释说,这个巨人与佛罗里达州发现的静止室中的巨人有着重要的联系,这个巨人也是前国王。 JP 还与第三个沉睡在水下城市的巨人有着进一步的联系。2022年8月下旬,JP 执行一次秘密任务时造访了这个百慕达三角。

JP also said that the seeds from a Tree of Life located next to the sleeping giant in Florida, later identified as Ningishzida, which had been stolen from US military control and taken to England on the orders of the new British sovereign, King Charles, had been found and would be returned. The seeds, however, needed to be first taken to Iraq for an activation of the newly discovered giant there.

JP 还表示,佛罗里达州一棵生命之树的种子已经被找到,并将被归还。这棵生命之树位于沉睡的巨人旁边,后来被确认为宁吉斯达。这颗生命之树是在英国新君主查尔斯国王的命令下,从美国军方控制下被偷运到英国的。然而,这些种子需要首先被带到伊拉克去激活那里新发现的巨人。

As was discussed in a previous video, the activation process for the giant in the Florida cave had taken place at the recently completed Galactic Spiritual Informers Connection event in Orlando.


What follows is the recording of the conversation I had with JP on November 1 [starts at 1:45] .

下面是我11月1日和 JP 的谈话录音(1:45开始)。

After informing Elena Danaan about JP’s latest update, I asked her if Thor Han Eredyon from the Galactic Federation of Worlds had any additional information to share about the sleeping Iraq giant. This is what Elena wrote to me:

在把 JP 的最新消息告诉了埃琳娜 · 达纳安之后,我问她世界银河联邦(消歧义)的索尔 · 汉 · 埃里迪翁是否还有关于这位沉睡中的伊拉克巨人的其他信息可以分享。这是埃琳娜写给我的:

I asked TH about JP’s intel and he replied that he believes that this Iraq giant is another of Enki’s scientist team. He said this Iraq “giant” guards the Hall of Records linked to the Bucegi and Tibet, and that there is an Ark there as well, with highly advanced and powerful technology. He employs the term: “quantum holographic” for some of the tech there. The Earth Alliance military has it secured since only recently.

我问 TH 关于 JP 的情报,他回答说他认为这个伊拉克巨人是 Enki 的另一个科学家团队。他说,这个伊拉克“巨人”守卫着与 Bucegi 和西藏有关的记录大厅,那里还有一个方舟,拥有高度先进和强大的技术。他用“量子全息”这个词来形容那里的一些技术。地球联盟的军队最近才拿下它。

TH added that the war in Iraq was about it. He said that more “giants” should come to our awareness soon but he does not have clearance to disclose precise locations. … Thor Han just added that I need to tell you that this place in Iraq is “the center of the web”.  

TH 补充说,伊拉克战争就是为了这个。他表示,我们应该很快会意识到更多“巨人”的存在,但他无权透露具体位置。... Thor Han 刚刚补充说,我需要告诉你们伊拉克的这个地方是“网络的中心”。  

Thor Han’s information corroborates key aspects of what JP was told about the importance of the newly discovered sleeping stasis giant in Iraq.

Thor Han 的信息证实了 JP 被告知的关于新发现的伊拉克沉睡巨人的重要性的关键方面。

Significantly, JP was given the geographic coordinates of the sleeping giant in Iraq, which are 32°07′35″N 45°14′0″E. Google maps show that this is adjacent to the ancient Sumerian city of Nippur which was known as a center for the worship of Enlil and his son Ninurta.

值得注意的是,JP 得到了伊拉克沉睡巨人的地理坐标: 32 ° 07’35’n 45 ° 14’0’’e。谷歌地图显示,这里毗邻古苏美尔城市尼普尔,该城市以崇拜恩利尔和他的儿子尼努尔塔而闻名。


Nippur geographical coordinates: 32°07′35″N 45°14′0″E.

尼普尔经纬度: 32 ° 07’35’’N 45 ° 14’0’’’e。

This would mean that any technology hidden there would have been among the most sophisticated and advanced possessed by the Anunnaki. The geographic coordinates given to JP corroborates what Thor Han said about the place in Iraq being “the center of the web”.

这将意味着任何隐藏在那里的技术都是 Anunnaki 人所拥有的最精密和最先进的技术之一。给 JP 的地理坐标证实了 Thor Han 所说的伊拉克是“网络中心”的说法。

Thor Han revealed in a previous communication that there were a total of seven Anunnaki scientists that went into stasis chambers to await a new cyclic era or the return of their leader, Enki (Prince Ea). It’s possible that one of these was previously associated with Enlil or Ninurta, and had defected to Enki’s faction thereby choosing to go into a stasis chamber located in the hub of where the most advanced Anunnaki technology was located.

Thor Han 在之前的通讯中透露,总共有七名 Anunnaki 科学家进入静止舱等待新的循环时代或者他们的领袖 Enki (Ea 王子)的回归。有可能其中一个人之前和恩利尔或者 Ninurta 有关联,并且已经投靠了恩基的派系,因此选择进入一个位于最先进的阿努纳基技术所在地的中心的静止室。

My analysis above was subsequently confirmed by Thor Han who gave the name of the sleeping Iraq giant as “Arunna”, and gave the following information about him as relayed through Elena:

我的上述分析后来得到了 Thor Han 的证实,他把沉睡中的伊拉克巨人的名字命名为“ Arunna”,并通过 Elena 提供了以下关于他的信息:

Chief engineer for advanced craft technologies, who worked for Enlil at first. He switched side in the end to join Enki’s cause and work with him. The technology kept there is very important and much prized. There is also a buried stargate not far. There is a tremendous lot of military presence around this area. Nippur was the center of operations for Enlil during a long period and there was a spaceport there. Some ships are still there.

先进工艺技术的总工程师,最初为 Enlil 工作。他最终转变立场,加入了 Enki 的事业,并与他合作。保存在那里的技术是非常重要和非常珍贵的。不远处还有一个被掩埋的星门。这个地区有大量的军事存在。在很长一段时间里,尼普尔是恩利尔的作战中心,那里有一个航天中心。有些船还在那里。

It does appear that humanity has arrived at a critical historical point where the stasis giants are being activated. The scientific, alchemical and historical knowledge possessed by these Anunnaki scientists is highly likely to make a very significant contribution to humanity’s development and integration into the galactic community.

看起来人类已经到达了一个关键的历史时刻停滞巨人正在被激活。这些 Anunnaki 科学家所掌握的科学、炼金术和历史知识极有可能为人类的发展和融入银河社会做出非常重要的贡献。

Michael Salla, Ph.D.

Michael Salla 博士。


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